Best Diaper Cakes for Boys

cake made from diapers standing on wooden table

Have you been invited to a baby shower and looking for an amazing diaper cake bundle? Maybe your curious about what kind are available to buy? Well if this is you then you are in the right place. We have curated the best of the best of these cakes which we are sure will solve your worry. We have also included some tips and guide in this piece which will help you choose the right product and if you want to make one yourself, we have a step by step tip.

Considerations Choosing Baby Diaper Cakes


When buying a cake or planning on what cake kit to buy there are some factors you would need to consider before making a purchase. These factors will guide you to making the right choices and picking the perfect product. Some of these factors are:

Budget: Your budget would highly determine what kind of cake you get. The higher tiers are more expensive so the amount you budget becomes the determiner for the kind of cake you will buy. Ensure you have your budget ready before shopping so you can be guided properly.

Gender: The gender of the baby is also important as there are male and female gender cakes. Male cakes tend to have masculine add ons while females have the opposite. If the celebrants have not revealed the gender of their child, it is best to get gender neutral cakes to be on the safe side.

25 Best Diaper Cakes for Boys

Seeing as there are too many options to choose from, we have gone through the multitude and selected 25 which we believe are the best of the best. Here 2 of the best products on the market:

  1. Teddy Bear Diaper-Cake

Your friend is expecting a baby boy and you are thinking about that gift you can give to the soon-to-be parents for their baby boy’s shower? Your best bet is QBabyShowering 3 Tier Cake. This is a very beautiful cake that is made using diapers stage 1.

It comes in an attractive blue color and is decorated with cupcakes made out of newborn socks and washcloths. This product is multi-functional and will be very appreciated because the accessories that come with this cake will be useful for the parents. Also, the teddy bear that comes with this product can be a plaything for the baby boy.

This is image for blue teddy bear diaper cake for boys


  1. Frog DiaperCake

Looking for a perfect gift idea for that baby boy shower?  A gift that would be beautiful, well-meaning and appreciated by the new parents to be? Then purchase this frog themed cake and you will be glad you did. This 3-tier Frog Diaper masterpiece comes in two attractive colors of blue and green.


Sitting atop a 10-inch silver cake board, it is designed with coordinating fabric, ribbons, and bows. It is made with 62 sizes 1 (8-14lbs.) Parents Choice diapers. What’s cool about this cake is that all of the diapers are usable when the cake is taken apart. This diaper frog cake comes with a  4in. custom cardstock Frog Cake Toppera and a 4in x 3in. custom cardstock “Little Prince” sign.

This is the image of Frog Diaper Cake


  1. Fox Diaper-Cake

When shopping for a cake, there are some factors you should put into consideration such as its design, usability accessories. This cake checks all these essential requirements is Fox 3-Tier DiaperCake by Sunshine. This product is made with 62 sizes 1 (8-14lbs.) Parents Choice diapers. All of the diapers are usable when you take the cake apart.

This product has several features that make it a top choice in the market. Some of these features include custom 5in. cardstock cake topper, ribbons, and bows. The top layer has an “Adventure Awaits” 4in. x 3in. custom sign. For decoration, it is wrapped in coordinating fabric, ribbons, greenery, and bows. Your gift would be the centerpiece attraction and would have all the other guests wondering why it was not their idea.

This is the image of Fox Diaper Cake


  1. Tricycle DiaperCake

Are you looking for the perfect gift to send to a friend, co-worker or loved one to open and enjoy while awaiting their new baby boy? Look no more! Tricycle DiaperCake for Boys is what you seek. This product by Alder Creek Gifts is adorable and comes with a lovely design that the parents to be would love.

This adorable Motorcycle cake for baby boys is the perfect gift for the Mom-to-be & Dad-to-be. Designed mainly for functionality, it features  22 diapers, a baby blanket, a baby bib, a baby bottle, baby plush, and baby socks. It is great for centerpiece decorations and would add some color to any event.

This is the image of Tricycle Diaper Cake


  1. Deluxe Diaper-Cake

Want to make that Mom-to-be baby bash memorable? Then give her this Cake Decor Kit and you will be rewarded by the smile on her face. Apart from being a cake, amcan deluxe diaper decoration kit can also be used to decorate your other baby boy shower cakes. It can as well match other baby decorations.

The product comes with a cardboard base, ribbons and fabric pennants that make it a perfect cake. This boy diaper decor kit can be used to easily assemble a three-tier, two-tier cake or any type you prefer. The attractive features of the cake make it the ideal table centerpiece at any event.

This is the image of deluxe diaper cake for boys


  1. Little Peanut Diaper-Cake

Want to surprise a Mom-to-be with a great gift? Elephant DiaperCake by Sunshine Gift Baskets will do the job. Made with 50 size parents choice diapers, this product is a 3-Tier cake it is beautifully designed. The cake is decorated with coordinating gray chevron ribbons and bows.

It is assembled on a 10 in. silver cake board before being wrapped in beautiful gray tulle and is then tied with a cute ribbon, in order to wow your recipient upon delivery. From its name, this adorable item comes with 5 in. custom cardstock elephant cake topper which serves as the focal item. Another adorable feature is the  “A little peanut is on his way” (3in. x 4in.) custom sign on the middle layer.

This is the image of little peanut diaper cake for boys


  1. Plain Diaper-Cake

Are you in the market for a baby boy cake that will be a great baby bash gift or a nice table centerpiece? This decorates It yourself cake by Rubber Ducky is your best choice. This product allows you to make your own unique cake which will be as good as the fancy ones you have been seeing online.

This DIY cake comes with an impressive 60  stage 1 Pampers Swaddlers, Wilton cake board, and gift wrapped in tulle. With these essential items, you don’t need to do the hard work of buying cake boards or have problems with cake wrapping. All you have to do is to purchase this item and get started.

This is the image of plain diaper cake for boys


  1. Classic Pastel DiaperCake

Make your cake the talk of the baby jamboree with Rubber Ducky Classic Pastel Baby DiaperCake. This adorable cake is made with Ultra Pampers Swaddlers Stage 1 Diapers, which fit babies up to 14 lbs. It is a 3 Tier cake and comes with 60 diapers that are fresh and ready to use with the snip of a ribbon.

The diapers used to decorate the cake are super soft and will fit the baby comfortably. Because of its beautiful design, you can either give this cake diaper as a gift or use it as a classy centerpiece for your next baby shower. Any way you choose to use it, you are sure to get value for your money.

This is the image of classic pastel diaper cake


  1. Elephant Diaper-Cake

This cake is a fun and functional gift for any new baby. Surprise the new parents in your life, by sending them a beautiful baby cake. We recommend this cake by Sunshine Gift Baskets. There are a lot of reasons why you should go for this 62 size cake and one of them is that it comes in an attractive gray color, with the focal item being a 3in. x 4in. cardstock elegant elephant cake topper.

A 4in. x 3in. “A little Peanut is on the way” custom sign complements the beauty of the cake. To complete the design, the cake is assembled with care on a 10 in. silver cake board. It is wrapped in tulle and then tied with ribbon, making it a perfect gift to send to a loved one for his/her baby bash.

This is the image of elephant diaper cake for boys


  1. Sunshine DiaperCake

DiaperCcakes are all about the diapers, that’s why when gifting your loved ones baby diapers for their baby jamboree, you need to consider the diapers that these cakes are made of. This Teddy Bear 3-Tier cake by Sunshine Gifts really has nice diapers and comes with an impressive 60 size 1 Parent Choice baby diapers that are super soft, cute and will be useful for the parents even after the event.

With an attractive brown and white color, the Teddy bear cake comes designed with ribbons. The focal item is the Teddy bear sitting on the top of the cake. Colorful ABC letters written on little square shapes at the low center of the Teddy bear completes the beauty of the cake.

This is the image of sunshine diaper cake for boys


  1. Gift Baby Diaper-Cake

Everybody loves cakes, it has become a birthday tradition. A birthday or wedding without it is not complete. This cake (2 Tiers) by Alder Greek Gifts is a fun and exciting gift for boys. It is a very adorable and lovely cake that baby boys are doing to love playing with.

The cake is decorated in a blur and to suit the taste and preference of baby boys. The cake for baby boys is not an edible cake, it is perfect as a centerpiece for baby bashes and birthday celebrations. The toy cake for boys is filled with 40 diapers and other baby items.

This is the image of gift baby diaper cake for boys


  1. Amscan Cake Kit

The cake kit by Amscan is a lovely and adorable cake kit for baby showers and birthdays. It is suitable for baby boys. The cake has 6 game kits and each kit contains the following: 1 base, measuring 13.25″ and 3 paper strips with 4 paper embellishments. It is the perfect cake for baby showers and baby announcements including naming the child.

The cake kit does not contain an edible cake, it is perfect for a centerpiece role in baby boy baby showering. It matches with other baby decorations, giving the room a beautiful look. The kit is decorated with fun animal stickers that are suitable for baby boys.

This is the image of amscan’s diaper cake kit


13 Hilton DiaperCake

The Wilton multi-colored cake kit for boys by Simplicity is a beautiful and adorable gift idea for baby showers and other baby announcements such as naming ceremonies. The cake kit is easy to assemble and a great way to create a lovely and beautiful cake for baby boys.

It has a well-detailed instruction booklet that parents or adults can follow to create the perfect cake. This product is a lovely centerpiece at baby showers that is sure to generate attention and more than a glance. The cake is a wonderful gift for baby boys and new parents.

This is the image of hilton diaper cake for boys


  1. Simplicity DiaperCake

Another lovely cake kit by Simplicity, this baby shower diaper kit has 27 pieces which are easy to assemble to create the perfect cake for baby boys. In the kit are the following items: 1 base, 3 blocks, 10 paper feet, 3 ribbons, and 10 adhesives. It has a well-detailed instruction booklet that adults can follow to create the best diaper baby boy cakes.

It makes a charming and adorable centerpiece during baby showers and other baby-related celebrations. It is also a cute gift idea for baby showers and an exciting baby shower game. The cake made with this kit can replace the traditional cake although it is not edible.

This is the image of simplicity diaper cake for boys


  1. Blue Teddy Diaper-Cake

This cake by QBaby Showering is another lovely baby shower gift for baby boys. The cake is adorable and beautifully designed to shine in a baby shower event and other baby announcements. It is decorated with cool items such as cupcakes made out of baby socks and newborn wash clothes.

It can be used as a centerpiece in a baby shower event to draw attention and make the event appear more glamorous. It is also a lovely gift item for baby boys to gift parents. It is a perfect gift idea to welcome a new baby boy.

This is the image of blue teddy diaper cake


  1. Baby Boy DiaperCake

Another product for boys by QBaby Showering, the 3 tier decorated and the well-designed product is the perfect cake for a baby shower. The 3 tier cake has at the top lovely blue roses and on other layers small sock items. The blue and white decorated cake is perfect for the center stage during baby showers and other baby announcements.

The decoration tool is designed to enhance the baby shower for baby boys. It is made using stage 1 Diapers. The product is decorated with baby socks and bodysuits. It is not an edible cake, it functions as a replacement or representation of the normal cake.

This is the image of Baby Boy Diaper Cake


  1. Nikki’s Gift Set

The blue motorcycle baby boy gift set by Nikki’s Gift Basket is a wonderful gift idea for celebrating the arrival of a new baby. The motorcycle which has a cute elephant riding on it is made of high-quality materials and the designs are beautiful and attractive to baby boys.

It is a lovely gift idea for new parents who are about or have just welcomed a new child to earth. The adorable baby motorcycle for boys is a fabulous gift for baby boys. It can serve as a centerpiece for baby showers and make essential baby materials such as socks and blankets.

This is the image of Nikki's Gift Set


  1. Crib Critter DiaperCake

The yellow and Gray babycakes from diapers for boys by Crib Critters is the perfect baby shower gift. The cake has 3 layers and its yellow color has a shiny and radiant quality that makes the cake a perfect centerpiece for baby showers and other baby announcements or ceremonies. It is wrapped in tulle with nice coordinating ribbons.

The cake is made of baby essentials such as 3 blankets, feeding spoon, 2 pairs of socks and 2 washcloths. It also comes with a lovely gift card which you can use to address the cake to the person you are gifting the cake.

This is the image of Crib Critter Diaper Cake


  1. EZ Diaper-Cake

Cakes are loved by all; it is difficult to find someone who does not like cake. The Baby Shower DiaperCake by EZ is an exciting and beautiful birthday cake kit for boys. The product is made up of three layers. It is easy to build (within a minute) and portable to carry.

The cake kit is durable and can be reused as many times as possible. It is made up of long-lasting acrylic and polycarbonate materials. The cake can be used to show off at boys’ birthdays and baby showers.This is the image of EZ Diaper Cake


  1. Decorations DiaperCake

The Baby Shower ‘We Can Bear-ly Wait’ cake Kit by Decorations is the perfect cake for boys for baby showering and birthday celebrations. It is made up of 8 interesting pieces that are easy to assemble and portable to carry. Kids love teddy bear and teddy bear toys often serve as sleep companions for babies.

The cake is made up of three layers and each layer has an animal design on it. It is a good and top quality cake for baby showers and it is the perfect gift idea for parents who are expecting an issue and for baby boys.

This is the image of Decorations Diaper Cake


  1. Lil Baby Diaper-Cake

This monkey themed cake is one that we know your friend or family would love as a gift on her baby shower. Made with 72 pieces of the diaper, the diaper came is sturdy and beautiful and each of the diapers used is re-usable for the baby when it is born. The product is 100% hand made from start to finish which gives it a richer appeal and more attention to detail.

The cake has a rich four-tier design which gives it the much-deserved height and characteristics which leave it to be desired. The cake is wrapped inside the box so you can present this gift straight out of it.

This is the image of Lil Baby Diaper Cake


  1. Giraffe Diaper-Cake for Boys

If you are attending a safari themed baby shower, what better way can you show that you care than coming with this Giraffe DiaperCake. Bring smiles to the expectant Mum and Dad as they this well made and crafted cake. As a bonus, it is decorated with newborn socks and washcloth and these would serve as extra pieces of clothing for the unborn child.

The diapers are made from scratch by hand and it is an excellent baby shower gift for boys. It is built using stage one diaper and it comes prepackaged when you order so you can gift it. Make a couple happy today, buy this cake for them.

This is the image of Giraffe Diaper Cake for Boys


  1. CSM Diaper Baby Boy Cakes

This well-packaged gift is sure to bring joy and excitement to any baby shower. It is highly recommended for boys and it is fully decorated to reflect this. If you do not like the color blue, you can have it changed to green, red, or any other color which suits you. It is wrapped with a ribbon that goes around and keeps the diapers in check.

The cake comes in 42 diapers which have all been crafted to fit and look presentable. The Dialer cake is made in a clean environment and the diapers can be used once the baby is born.

This is the image of CSM Diaper Cake


  1. Bloomers Diaper Boy Cakes

If you are buying a gift for a flower lover, it is best that you buy this because it is well adorned with flowers. The cake is well crafted giving the best designs on the market and a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable cake houses. Their forward and modern styles usually captivate and intrigue anyone who sees it.

The product is great for gifts to expectant relations and their spouses. The cakes are ready to go hence, they do not need any extra packaging once they are bought. This cake will be as excellent as a centerpiece as it will attract attention and applause.

This is the image of Bloomers Diaper cake


  1. Baby Boy Diaper Cake

The baby boy diaper cake is one very simple yet bold centerpiece. It is a quad bike which will make a great gift at a baby bash for baby boys. This product is made by CSM who has a reputation for having the best ideas in the business. The cakes are made from the finest materials and the diapers are reusable.

Get this product today if you want to light up that baby bash and steal the show as the best cake in town. This product comes pre-packed so you can present it straight out of the box to your very happy friend.

This is the image of Baby Boy Diaper Cake



Best Budget Buy

Our best budget buys for this list is the Baby Boy diaper cake which comes in the shape of a quad bike. This is a budget-friendly product if you want something affordable but attention-stealing. We might always be able to deliver the most expensive gifts for the ones we love but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to get them nice. This quad bike shaped cake is everything you need to impress your host on a budget.

This is the image of Baby Boy Diaper Cake



Overall Best Buy

Our overall best buy for this list is the Teddy Bear diaper cake. This cake is packed with a number of diapers as it is a three-tier cake. It is also a toy for the unborn child as the teddy bear is an extra gift that comes with this magnificent centerpiece. You could easily kill two birds with one stone with this product as you provide and practical materials for use when the baby is born.

This is the image of Teddy Bear Diaper Cake


How to Make DiaperCakes for Boys

Making a cake for your friends can be fun and exciting. You will need a couple of diapers depending on the size you want to make. You would also need various decorations such as an animal or a teddy bear depending on the theme of the baby bash.

To make the cake you would need to stack layers of diapers like you would a normal cake depending on how many diapers you intend to use and how high you want it to be. These stacks could be two-tier, three-tier or even four tiers depending on you and your budget for diapers. Hold these stacks together with a fancy ribbon and you are all set.