Best ideas for decorating your teen’s bathroom

a young woman stands in the bathroom looking in a mirror. She is trying everything to fix her hair but it doesn't seem to be working.

Kids become more self-aware in their teenage years and start paying more attention to their looks. Therefore, it’s essential to make their bathroom as personal to them as possible. In addition, teenagers are known for their expressiveness and creativity. As such, their bathroom decor should also express this. 

Here are our top 5 hacks for redecorating your teenager’s bathroom. 


  1. Graffiti walls
  2. Colorful wallpapers
  3. Bright lights
  4. Creative storage space
  5. Minimalist vanity 

5 Cool Teenage Bathroom Decor Ideas

Graffiti walls

There are many cool teenage bathroom decor ideas, and prominent among them is Graffiti on bathroom walls. Graffiti brightens spaces and lends walls a new life.

This can even be a project for your teen, all you need is spray paint cans, and your young one is free to let their ideas out on the walls. Cheap and creative, your teenagers would surely love this. 

Colorful wallpapers

Still playing on teenagers and their propensity for creativity and imagination. Colorful wallpapers, among other teenage bathroom decor inspirations, are a surefire way to lighten bathrooms. Depending on your teenager’s sex, personality, and likes, you can get sport, anime, or barbie themed wallpapers as decor in their bathroom. 

Bright Lights 

Who doesn’t love bright lights? Bright lights are sure to make any bathroom look better. Chandeliers and other light decor ideas will give your teenager’s bathroom a new life and a breath of maturity. Of course, not all teenagers want their bathroom to look like a high school changing room. If your teenagers have a propensity for acting like a grown-up, then they’ve earned the right to be treated like a grown-up. Treat them to an adult-themed bathroom, and you might as well start with lightning.


Creative Storage Space

This is another teen bathroom decor inspired by adolescents’ creativity. Regular storage spaces like drawers and cabinets are considered for grown-ups. However, teens want to revel in their youthfulness and ability to be spontaneous—spice up their storage spaces with ideas like cabinets behind mirrors. Use adhesive hooks on smooth bathroom walls, organizers, or storage baskets for wet room needs. 

Minimalist Vanity 

Since teens are still in their early formative stages, their style isn’t yet defined. However, they ensure that the bathrooms are simple, clutter-free, and require minimum maintenance. 

You can’t go wrong with plain vanity items like plain mirrors, showers, and countertops.


Setting up the ideal bathroom for teenagers should not be a struggle. With proper planning and execution, simple hacks like Graffiti, minimalist vanity, colorful wallpapers, and more decor ideas at your discretion will reinvigorate your teenager’s bathroom.