25 Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Boys

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You are wondering what would be the ideal gift for your friend, brother, boyfriend, or son. He has just turned 19, or maybe he would be turning 19 later in the year, and you want to make it special. There are many ways you can achieve this result, and one easy way to do this is by gifting. Gifting might seem easy, but as the recipient of the gift gets older, the more difficult it is to get the gift right. This is why this post exists to guide you and help you make the right choices. If you are wondering what the best gift to buy a boy aged 19, either on his birthday or come Christmas day, make sure to read on.

Considerations when choosing gifts for 19 year old boys


When shopping for the ideal gift ideas for a loved one, some important factors need to be considered, so you end up picking the right one. And these factors are:

Age: One common mistake made by most people is that they fail to internalize that birthday boy has grown; he is no longer that little boy they have always known in their head. He is your son; you remember when he played with his toys, he is your friend, and you remember riding bicycles home from school. But now he is an adult, and your choice of gift should show this. Respect for his new age and everybody would be better for that choice.

Available Space: You have to consider is living space; this would determine the extent to the size of his gift item. You do not want to purchase an item that is so small that it becomes forgettable, or so big that it needs to be stored away. You would need to find the sweet spot, where it is just right.

Preference: This option is only available to people that know the recipient personally. Gifts that fall under this category are always appreciated most because they show you care. They show that you have taken time to figure out the things they like and the things they need. Days leading to the big day, you can stylishly inquire what he would love to have. Pick on the clues and bread crumb he drops, and get him a killer gift he would not but fall in love with.

Budget: Do not let the exorbitant price tags in most malls and stores put you off. There are many options available that are sure to see him happy on his special day. Make sure to shop at reputable stores, and you would have many exciting options to choose from.


25 Best Gifts for 19 Year old boys

The following are the best gifts that are sure to make that boyfriend or son happy when he unwraps his gift box. And they are:

1. Manual to Manhood

This is a step by step guide that eases the transition from being a boy to a young adult male. This book features everything a young man would need to succeed as he grows and experiences the world. It touches all the important skills and traits he would need to acquire and develop to better appreciate the world around him. This collection covers everything from planning a date, writing a resume, managing finances, and wearing a tie. This book is the A-Z of being a man, and he would love to have a copy.

Image of Manual to Manhood


2. Calvin Klein Briefs

These briefs are very popular because of the quality and how comfortable they are when worn. They have superior elastic waistbands to ensure a snugly fit that would never wear out. It is made from 100% cotton, and the material can be machine washed. The soft and breathable material makes it ideal for the everyday commute, as it causes no discomfort. If you seek an ideal gift that is simple and, at the same time essential, this is the one to go with.

Image of Calvin Klein Briefs


3. Toughergun’s Premium Wallet

This men’s wallet is made from a tough quality, breathable, soft leather that is sure to stand the test of time. The wallet is a blend of aesthetic and functional as it comes with six card slots to keep your cash and ID cards. This would be a great gift idea for his birthday, Christmas, and even graduation.

Image of Toughergun's Premium Wallet


4. Horandes’ Cotton Socks

If he is a gamer, there are no two ways about this; you need to get this lovely pair of socks. The sock pair have the words DO NOT DISTURB. I AM GAMING printed in non-slip print to make the socks fun and exciting to wear. They are stretchy, comfortable, and beautiful to look at, as they are made from 3% spandex, 17% polyester and 80% cotton. You do not need to worry about getting a perfect size as it expands, and the one size can comfortably fit all.

Image of Horandes' Cotton Socks


5. Customized Driver Keychain

This is one awesome way to remind your loved one to be safe continually and that they matter to you. Every time he is on the way away from or on his way home, he would remember how special he is to you when his keychain jingles. It is made from premium steel that does not rust or tarnish; it is also nickel and lead-free. It comes packed in elegant velvet pouches to give that aesthetic feel.

Image of Customized Driver Keychain


6. Outdoor Multitool

This Outdoor Survival Gear is sixteen gifts in one because this compact tool replaces the functionality of sixteen different tools. These tools include a wood saw, a safety lock, a descaler, a hex wrench, a mini knife, a bottle opener, a plier handle, a file, a hammer, hatchet, plier, screwdriver, and a wire cutter. Weighing in at just 15oz, it is quite light and very handy. The compactness allows you to do a lot more in less time, and seeing as it is all one multitool makes it easy to store after use.

Image of Outdoor Multitool


7. Custom T-Shirt with Cool Text

You need to buy this shirt, and there is no argument there, i am telling you that i am right to tell you to buy this shirt. It is simple, cool, and would be happy to nest between your other clothes in your wardrobe. The shirt is made from 100% premium quality cotton and would be a perfect fit for that casual walk or visit. Other people that have made this purchase talk about how comfortable it is to wear and how gorgeous it looks.

Image of Custom T-Shirt with Cool Text


8. Cool Beanie with Bluetooth Headphones

We try to bring you gift ideas that would look good and, at the same time, work well, and this one sits comfortably in this category. The beanie is beautiful and would make an exciting accessory on a cold day, and the music feature makes it all the more exciting. This magical beanie comes fitted with a Bluetooth 4.2 chip that ensures a stable connection. Also, it has a 250 mAh Li- battery for up to 20 hours of listening time. If you worry that it would not be loud and immersive, be rest assured that you have nothing to worry about as the HD speakers deliver quality sound output up to 110 dB.

Image of Cool Beanie with Bluetooth Headphones


9. Game Themed Custom Shirt

The game reference makes this shirt even more exciting. The shirt reads level 19 unlocked, as it references the fact that he is just turning 19 and would have to look at the world through new adult lenses. The shirts are made from 100% cotton and can be machine washed inside out with non-chlorine bleach. The shirts look amazing and would add texture to your wardrobe.

Image of Game Themed Custom Shirt


10. Made in ’01 Mug Print

If he loves to start his day with coffee, you can get his this mug. The simple gestures are often the most important ones; everyday he takes a sip of his morning coffee, he would remember you for buying this excellent gift item and the thought that went into buying it. The mug poses no risks as it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Image of Made in '01 Mug Print


11. Shock Potato!

The Shock-Potato game for 19-year-old boys is one of the best party games for boys of that age grade. It is a hilarious and exciting game that draws out laughter from its participants.

The game is best played between 2 or more players. It has three game modes: extreme, normal, and lame. The extreme and normal mode have shocking features, while the lame has non-shocking features.

It can also be used to prank an unsuspecting victim when you put it on extreme or normal mode.

Image of Shock Potato!


12. TAVATO’s Neck Tie Set

In search of the perfect gift idea for a young man (son, brother, or boyfriend), get the lovely gift set by Tavato. In the set are clothing accessories for men such as ties, neckties, cufflinks, tie clips and pocket squares, or handkerchiefs.

The necktie set is designed to give young men that fashionable glow for any occasion is it a wedding, birthday, or formal outings. It is made of polyester material and mature non-fading colors. It is the perfect gift choice to celebrate young men.

Image of TAVATO's Neck Tie Set


13. Bumblebee Boomerang

Boomerang are fantastic toys for boys. This Boomerang by Bumblebee has quality precision, you throw the boomerang, and after going on its flight, it returns to the spot you threw it from.

Boomerang is also considered a healthy alternative to screen games. Note that this boomerang is suited for right-handed individuals.

New to Boomerang Technology? The yellow and white toy for boys has an instruction booklet to serve as a guide. It is great training for other throwing sports such as Javelin shot put, and discus.

Image of Bumblebee Boomerang


14. PUMA Soccer Pants

Another exciting gift pick for boys that have marked 19 birthdays is the Puma Soccer Pant. Boys, by nature, are passionate about sports and love wearing sport wears for both casual and sports occasions.

The Soccer Pant is made of polyester. It is extremely comfortable and flexible to wear. It is best washed using a washing machine.

The pant is an appropriate pick for boy’s birthdays and other celebrations. It is a lovely pant to add to boys’ wardrobes.

Image of PUMA Soccer Pants


15. Baseball Socks

Socks are fashionable gifts for teenagers. The sports sock by Mad Sports Stuff is a perfect fit for baseball or softball. The socks have multiple color designs that afford you the opportunity of selecting the best color fit. It is the best gift for male baseball or softball players.

The socks are available in different sizes for teenage boys. It is made with the following materials: nylon, elastic, and lycra spandex. It is made in the USA, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Image of Baseball Socks


16. Hydracy Water Bottle

Water is essential for anything regarding the body, funny but true, which means at all times we must be hydrated to keep our body working well, function well mentally, sustain energy, and keep fit all round. Now, what drink is better and as or more beneficial as water is natural fruit juice but could be stressful to produce. With Hydracy infuser water bottle, all the work is done for you. It comes with a filter for fruits, labeled to help you keep track of your intake, and comes in varieties—a very good gift for your 19 year old boy.

Image of Hydracy Water Bottle


17. Marvel’s Groot Bobble-Head

Whoever does not like Groot does not know Groot. Groot is from the marvel studios movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ It is one character with not a lot of dialogue but is still loved by all. . How bout you get it for your 19 year old son. He would be thrilled to have one of his favorite comic characters and would understand the value and importance of this simple dancing bobblehead Groot figure.

Image of Marvel's Groot Bobble-Head


18. Custom Pillowcase

Perhaps you are quite sentimental; you love a meaningful gift, a simple gift that yet speaks volume, wondering what to get your son, grandson, friend or family for his 19th birthday, then look no more as DesiDD pillowcase. Simple but meaningful comes with a short written statement, made from cotton and of a good standard, you can never go wrong with this gift as simple as it looks.

Image of Custom Pillowcase


19. 4X4 Rubiks Cube

The brain teaser for both adults and children. Not necessarily a toy for any particular occasion as thought, but this could be given to your 19 year old son not just for play but also to keep the mind and brain working, which is good because of boys fancy such things as these. Puzzles like this help keep the brain active, helps with relieving tension and pressure as an adult, keeps the mind working, and even increases arithmetic intelligence. For the most part, it is also fun to play. An easy, creative, engaging, and fun piece to always have around, highly recommended.

Image of 4X4 Rubiks Cube


20. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Boys are really big on gaming, and the chances are that he has a Playstation console. You can get him a new DualShock 4 controller with precision control and wireless charging to enhance his gaming experience. This controller offers revolutionary ways to properly enjoy gaming with features like the touchpad, built-in speaker, and the light bar. There are many color options to choose from, but whichever you choose would be just right.

Image of DualShock 4 Wireless Controller


21. Xbox Wireless Controller

And if he has the Xbox console instead, we got you and him covered. This beautifully designed controller is what he needs to bring his gaming alive; the hepatic feedback allows for immersive gameplay experience. It features a textured grip and Bluetooth technology that ensures it works fine, even on PC and tablets. 

Image of Xbox Wireless Controller


22. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

This beautiful headset is packed with exciting features. It is surround sound capabilities and offers the best game immersion due to its audio realism effects. It is comfortable to have on all-day with oval cushions that also prevent the build-up of pressure and overheating. The headset features a microphone with a noise cancellation feature and an analog control for the volume. The Razer headset ensures the ultimate gaming experience; as such, you can not go wrong with this choice.

Image of Razer Kraken Gaming Headset


23. Apple Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods are quite popular because it doubles as a fashion statement and really good wireless earphones. The style is simple and yet beautiful. Apple has done one better, the Airpods pro. These have soft silicone tips for a better fit. So you et te best value for your money, the AirPods are sweat and water-resistant. It features active noise cancellation and great sound quality. The AirPods case is wirelessly charged and delivers about a day’s worth of battery life.

Image of Apple Airpods Pro


24. Kodak Astro Zoom 

He would need a camera for those special moments he looks to forever capture, all those smiles and milestones he wants to have close to him on his shelf. And which better than the Kodak AZ252, which offers great quality to take crisp, clear pictures with 16 megapixels and he gets to record videos in 720P. This is one budget camera that goes over and beyond to give you that great shot. 

Image of Kodak Astro Zoom 


25. Never Have I Ever

If you have ever wondered why you did something crazy, i bet he has wondered that too. And so has his friends, why not make a game out of these crazy, wacky experiences. Well, we are way ahead of you. This card game allows him to understand himself, his friends, and better appreciate their friendship. The game can be spiced up with alcohol to make it into one awesome drinking game, but however way you choose to play it, you are sure to have loads of fun.

Image of Never Have I Ever


Overall Best Buy

All the gifts listed above are awesome, and he would be happy to have any of them. But from the list, one stands out undoubtedly as the best. One that would be appreciated and is less likely to be forgotten anytime soon and that is the Airpods Pro. 

Why? It s simply amazing; it is a gorgeous little device that makes your daily routine easier and smarter. You no longer have to worry about wires hanging here and there, or to get in your way when you are out on a jog. To cap it off, the sound quality brings all sounds to live. This, without any doubt, is the best bet in making anyone happy.

Best Budget Buy

A budget gift is not necessarily one that is cheapest but one that gives you the best value for your money, and in this case, it is the Outdoor multi-tool. This is because it finds a way of combining all the outdoor essentials into one compact tool that does everything effectively. This tool is efficient and, in the wild, could be the difference between life and death. To the outdoorsman, this would be one gift that would not be forgotten in a hurry.

Where to buy gifts for boys at least 19?

You can pick up one or more of these gifts at stores near you. It is advised that you shop with online stores for more options and so you can get the best deals on all your picks, Make sure to shop at stores with a vibrant online community so you would be able to get help in case you need it on your order.