25 Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

One year old baby lying in bed with a plush teddy bear

Are you wondering what toy would be perfect for a one year old boy? Is there a little boy running around at home? Or is he bored out of his mind? A good gift or toy would go along way in keeping him active and developing his social skills. There are many toys to choose from, but we have made sure we chose only toys that help your boy develop in many ways. From learning his ABCs and 123s, your boy’s psychological and mental development is guaranteed.

Considerations when choosing gifts for little baby boys


Boys love to have fun, even as babies you can see them scampering everywhere threatening to turn the house upside down. So when buying toys for exciting one-year-old baby boys you would need to consider the following

The Play Area: The gift you would be getting has to fit into his play area, some kids have the whole house to themselves and some a relatively smaller space. So this would come into play as the gift you would be buying has to fit easily into that space.

Level of Excitement: The whole point of buying a gift or the toy is for your baby boy to have the time of his life. So you do not want to get a toy that would be out of place and dampen spirits. You want one that sings, rattles, makes interesting animal noises, encourages to learn numbers and letters. You want to get a toy that would keep him excited and happy all the time.

20 Best Toys for One year old boys

The following are carefully selected toys that would aid and enhance your little boy’s development. Carefully compiled after many interactions with parents and guardians that have purchased one or more of the best toys for 1 year old boys.

1. CifToys workbench toy

Your kid is turning 1 and you are wondering what gift to give your little boy. You possibly want a gift that would make him happy, keep him occupied and at the same time, help him learn some basic skills. Yes, these multi-functional toys do exist and one of them is the Wolvol Educational toy.

The Wolvol Educational toy is one of the best toys for boys aged one in the market, with lots of functions and features that will keep your boy happily occupied such as a cube play center with lights, a detachable cell phone, a drum, a bell and more.

This is an image of kid's musical workbench toy, multi-colors


2. UTEX 3 in 1 Toy

Want your child to have loads of fun on his first birthday? Then get him UTEX and he will thank you forever. UTEX is one of the best and most unique toys for boys aged one with vital fun features like a pop-up play tent with a tunnel, ball pit for kids, and an indoor/outdoor playhouse.

The UTEX 3 in 1 toy is great for both indoor and outdoor house with diverse playing opportunities for your kid. There is no doubt that your kid will get maximum fun and lots of interesting memories when you gift him this toy as a birthday or Christmas gift.

This is an image of toddler's tent with tunnel in colorful colors


3. Jungle Animal Playset

Are you searching for the most creative playset for your kid that is turning 1 year in a few days? Look no further, your prayers have been answered with the Darling Jungle Animals play set by Kleeger. Designed with the best quality materials and your boy’s fun interests at mind, the Jungle Animal playset by Kleeger is one of the best educational toys for boys aged one

The fun toy has several features that would keep your kid captivated and stimulated, especially the safari-themed animals that make fun and real animal noises, which your child will surely love.

This is an image of toddler's plush toy set


4. Little Tikes Racer

The Little Tikes Racer for kids is a unique present, and one of the most popular gift ideas for 1 year old boys. It is ideal as a first year birthday gift, as your little boy would not be able to stop driving around the house on his birthday.

The tikes kid racer can be used indoor and outdoors, allowing your child a little bit of fun everywhere he goes. With durable, non-toxic plastic and no sharp edges on the elegant toy, your son is guaranteed all the safety every parent craves.

Want to give your child one more reason to smile, then get him this cool race toy.



5. Toy Toolbox

There is a lot of thought which goes into raising a child. What to feed them, what to buy for them, what toys they should play with and how they should play with them. We have solved one of your problems. If you have a boy this toolset would be a great addition to his toy collection.

The toolset comes with four distinct tools and a box all of which will help your child develop. From a young age, the materials your child interacts with will largely determine how fast or well they will develop.

Playing with this toolset will develop your child’s grip, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive ability. It also allows them to be more imaginative during play thereby helping them exercise and develop their mental capabilities.

This is an image of todder's tool toy set in yellow color


6. VTech Puppy

If you have a boy as a child, you should be very interested in this toy as it makes a great gift for boys aged 0-1. This dog toy will give your son the experience of a real-life animal.

When your baby pulls the cord, there are over 60 different songs that your child can sing along to. The dog also makes realist movements with its legs which will excite and engage. The dog has pre-programmed phrases that are meant to teach how to speak through repetition of words.

The early interactions your children have is of very significant importance as it affects their later stages of development. Research has shown that toys that encourage speech, movement and play are among the best for your child’s development.

This is an image of toddler's puppy toy by Vtech in black and white colors


7. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bike

If your baby boy’s birthday is coming soon and you are thinking of gifting him a bike on his first birthday then you won’t do wrong by buying him Ancaixin baby balance bike. Positively reviewed as one of the best ride-on toys for boys 12 months old and upwards, this bike is safe to use and guarantees fun and satisfaction for your little boy.

Ancaixin is a four wheels toddler bicycle and as its name suggests, it is a child development toy that helps your boy learn balance. It will also make your kid active and help him learn cycling at a young age.

This is an image of toddler's bicycle in pink color


8. Top Bright Ramp Racer

Imagine a fun, education, exploration and adventure in one toy and you will come up with Top Bright. Top Bright is one of the best wooden toys for boys 12 months old you will find in the market. It is an educational wooden toy brand, built with the European design and promises a fun experience for your kid.

Consisting of a wooden race track car ramp racer and four mini cars, your kid is taken through the fascinating continuous motion of colorful cars flipping from ramps to ramps to win the race. The toy will help your kid improve his thinking skills, hand-eye coordination and attention to detail.

This is an image of toddler's wooden race car in multi-colors


9. iPlay iLearn Organic Teether

The best toys for baby boy aged one, are toys that enable the boy to have fun and still learn basic skills set in the process. One such interactive learning toy that you can gift your baby on his  birthday is iPlay iLearn.

This fun toy is created to help children develop life skills such as collaboration, imagination, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. iPlay iLearn toy comes with hand grab sensory toys, organic teether, and shaker, farm stuffed animals, and shower gifts.

The animals are in colorful different shapes which will further help your baby know and understand animals. iPlay iLearn promises an overall fun for you and your baby.

This is an image of kid's plush soft rattle set in colorful colors


10. VTech Dump Truck

There are a lot of toys for boys 12 months old on the market but the best ones are the toys that make a boy have a lasting fun experience and learn one or two things at the side.

When choosing gifts for little boys especially boys upwards of 12 months, you need to put these into consideration and that’s why for your boy’s first birthday, the best toy you can give him is the VTech drop and go dump truck.

There are many reasons why your boy will love this truck. The truck has a hinged bucket, colorful boxes, and nice strings that move the truck. And yes, the truck talks too! through the smart response function.

This is an image of toddler's Drop and go dump truck in colorful colors


11. Gostock Construction Vehicle Set

Your baby boy is nearing one soon and that has got you thinking, what do you get a one-year-old boy for his birthday? Here is an answer for you – Gostock.

Gostock is the perfect gift idea to make your boy happy and have lots of fun on his 1st birthday. Gostock play kit includes four sets of truck toys, kids’ car toys, and multicolored cartoon friction toys.

These truck toys are lasting and durable and they require no battery to operate. Gostock helps cultivate your baby’s observation and attention. You can rest assured that your baby boy will have a fun experience operating this toy

This is an image of toddler's pozered car push toy in colorful colors


12. Magnetic doodle board

Looking for gift ideas for your 12 months old boy? A gift that would be good, fun and create lasting memories? Give him a magnetic drawing doodle board. This is a great chance for your boy to develop, draw and write out his imagination.

Made up of a magnetic board of four colors, magnetic drawing pen, and easy slide eraser, your boy is able to doddle all day and develop his creativity and color discrimination. Apart from painting and doodling, your child can also use the drawing board to practice his writing, and cultivate his patience for school work. There is no doubt that your child’s IQ will improve considerably from playing with this toy.

This is an image of toddler's magnet drawing board in green and red colors


13. VTech Flashlight

Positively reviewed as one of the best toys for boys 12 months upward, the Vtech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is making waves in the toy industry. The Vtech color flashlight has a lot of features that would really light up your child’s life.

These amazing features include a color-changing light with 5 colors, a toy flashlight that glows in five different colors and plays melodious songs and music.

That is not all, you can also learn animal sounds, hear fun sounds and phrases with this toy. This multi-functional interactive toy will give your kid fun moments anytime he plays with it, and will also serve as an early learning center for your kid.

This is an image of toddler's flashlight toy in colorful colors


14. Nuby Octopus Bath Toy

One of the times of the day most children dread is bath time. Seeing them running away, you would think they were allergic to water. The solution to this is making bath time fun. Seeing another happy friend take a dip in the water might be the difference between him running away or even having fun while he baths.

The Nuby Octopus bath toy is just the bathing companion you are looking for, with a happy expression sure to run off on your child and you. The floating toy is durable and is made from non-toxic, child-friendly material.

Get Nuby the Octopus for your baby boy today and watch him grin from end to end.

This is an image of toddler's octopus bath toy in purple color


15. VTech turn and drive toy

Does your little boy peep over when dad or mum is driving the car? Does he think he can do a better job than mummy or daddy? Well, we can finally put him to the test. With the new beautifully designed VTech turn and drive toy, your boy can do all the racing he wants to do in the comfort of his play area.

As he swerves and turns the steering wheel, an animated dog character responds to each movement. With 5 different buttons for him to push to learn about different animals and vehicles. The easy to use baby toy encourages imagination and creativity, as your kid plays with the traffic lights and signal levels that trigger music and other sounds.

Operating on 2 AA batteries, this durable toy has been tested and passed all our safety and security tests.

This is an image of toddler's driver toy in colorful colors


16. Little Tikes Pirate Ship

The 2 in 1 Pirate Ship by Little Tikes is a fantastic pirate set for a year old baby boy. The pirate ship toy is not the average one, it has wheels at the base and little boys can sit on it for a cozy and exciting ride. It has also little action figure pirates and pirate tools.

It is a fun pirate toy set in which young boys will enjoy playing and get engrossed in the thrilling adventure. Kids can store toys and other things in the deck hatch. The pirate toy set consists of three figurines, an anchor, a canon and a pirate flag.

This is an image of toddler's pirate ship toy in colorful colors


17.  Little Tikes  Mower

Another lovely toy for baby boys that are under a year old is the Gas ‘n Go Mower. This toy is a cool outdoor toy that little boys can use to practice gardening and mowing the lawn. It helps children of a year old and older have a liking for house chores and develop interests in gardening and keeping the lawn clean.

While age 1 boys are still too young to use the standard mover, this toy is a nice alternative for fun purposes. The mower by Little Tikes does not have a sharp side that cuts grass which makes it safe for kids to play with.

This is an image of toddler's push toy mower in Multi colors


18. Kids  Fire  Truck  Tent

The Fire Truck Tent for kids by Kiddey is a cool and exciting firefighting toy for boys that are yet to celebrate a year on earth. The toy is designed to introduce little boys to the work done by fight fighters. Kids at this age can develop the passion and begin to dream about becoming a firefighter sometime in the future. It is a cool toy for pretend play indoors or outdoors.

The firefighting toy for kids help improve their creativity and imaginations, it also helps them develop cognitive and problem-solving skills. The fire truck tent is easy to setup.

This is an image of toddler's fire truck tent in red color


19. Inflatable Sprinkler Mat

With Happy Luna Sprinkler Mat for Kids, your little ones get to enjoy streams of water shooting up in the air. The sprinkler mat is the perfect escape from the digital world, allowing your kids to interact with other children and have heaps of fun.

The flowing water helps develop your kid’s sensory signals such as touch, vision, and balance. By sensing the water’s movement, they get to fine-tune their motor skills and build those tiny muscles.

With just a couple of inches deep for splashing around, your kids can sit, jump or play together safely, under your supervision. It is great for children 12 months and up.

This is an image of toddler's luna sprinkler mat in blue color


20. Little Tikes Ride-On Giraffe 

A one-year-old boy has an amazing amount of energy that is sometimes difficult to keep up with. Why not channel that adventurous spirit in your one-year-old boy by getting him the amazing giraffe ride-on toy from Little Tikes? It is the perfect birthday gift to get any year old boy.

The riding toy which is shaped like a giraffe has a perpetually smiling face that will keep your one-year-old boy happy and jovial at all times.
It is designed to give little boy a comfortable riding experience.

This is an image of toddler's giraffe ride on in yellow and blue colors


21.  Wooden Activity  Cube

Each side of the cube offers a different kind of fun for your little boy. The 5 sides of this exciting cube offer fun activities like sorting shapes, spinning gears, a teaching clock, sliding inserts, and a 3D maze.

The many faced toy would attract and keep your child’s attention for hours. With this beautifully made durable toy, your son develops academically and mentally, and at the same time has fun.

The toy has an elegant design and bright colors to develop your child’s visual senses. For the right blend of fun and academic development, this is the toy to buy for your one-year-old boy.

This is an image of toddler's wooden cube


22. LeapFrog Alphabet Book

The best gifts boys aged one, are gifts that enable them to have a lot of fun and also develop them in the process. One of such gifts is LeapFrog Dino’s Delightful Day Alphabet book. This book comes with a lot of exciting features that are geared at giving your boy a fun time and helping him learn the alphabet better.

Some of these features include colorful pages, four light-up buttons, butterfly buttons, and story modes. The pages are covered up with colorful adventures of Dino and can either read the story or hear the story being read aloud. This interactive alphabet book will surely improve your boy’s performance in school.

This is an image of toddler's alphabet book with dinosaur design in green color


23. Top Bright Shape Sorter

The mixer truck with shape sorter from Top Bright is an excellent educational tool for little kids.

The wooden toy is targeted at enhancing your little boy’s creativity, shaping his understanding of different shapes and designs.

The wooden toy can be gotten for children under the age of 7 which means you can get it as a perfect gift for your one-year-old boy irrespective of the occasion.

The shape sorter toy enhances various skills in your one-year-old such as social intelligence skills, fine motor skills, and shape matching and color recognition skills.

This is an image of toddler's wooden sorter in colorful colors


24.  Dreampark  Toddler Stacks

These colorful and well-crafted building toys were designed with your child in mind. We give your child the ability to explore and develop their environment to the whims of their imagination. The blocks are quite colorful and this is because they are designed to stimulate your kid’s senses towards colors. The building blocks have their patterns and fittings and can be used to create a plethora of designs.

The blocks also help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities. This is a great gift for boys around the first year age mark as it is especially fun and engaging for them. This would be the perfect gift from your child and nothing says I love you better.

This is an image of toddler's wooden shape toy in colorful colors


25. iPlay Bowling Set

Give your little bowl the ultimate bowling experience for his age grade (1 year old baby boys) by gifting him the Kids Bowling Toys set by iPlay and iLearn. The toy set for kid bowlers is fun-filled and easy to learn. The bowling set is safe and made from soft foam materials for an easy throw by young boys.

It has a complete set of 10 pins and 2 balls. The toy set helps kids develop fine motor skills and sports skills. Boys are going to enjoy the sports activity of bowling. Boys (age 1) also get to start learning color recognition and numbering skills.

This is an image of toddler's bowling toys set in colorful colors



Overall Best Buy

All the above-listed toys and gifts would make any year old boy happy. But of all of them, one stands out for many reasons. The Wooden Activity Cube. No age is too young to learn, and nothing combines fun and learning better than the activity cube.

Durably made and certain to keep your son occupied and entertained. With only positive reviews from most parents we interviewed, the wooden activity cube is the top gift to buy.

This is an image of toddler's wooden cube



Best Budget Buy

The budget but toy does not necessarily mean cheap, although all the above-listed toys are affordable. But rather, it means a toy or gift to your 12 months old that would give him the most pleasure to play with and you would get the best out of your money.

And the toy that suits this description is the GoStock construction vehicle set, which comes with 4 different trucks for your son to play with.

This is an image of toddler's bowling toys set in colorful colors



Gift for a little boy that has everything

Is there such a thing as having everything? Some kids have a lot of toys but they never say no to more. For the 12 months old boy with everything, all you can get him is more of everything. So run down to the store, or pick up your computer and order him new action figures. And watch him light up with a smile.