25 Best Gifts for 12 year old boys in 2020

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Celebrations are part of life as everyday we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions that require gifts. When it comes to children, parents have a hard time surprising their kids with gifts because they find it difficult to pick out amazing items their kids will love. We understand that this can be a problem so we have devised a fool proof plan for you. Here in this guide, we will show you the things to consider before buying a gift, picking a suitable gift and the the cherry on the sundae, 25 best gifts you can give to your son on his occasion.

Considerations choosing gifts for 12 year old Boys


There are various factor you need to consider before buying gifts for your son. Some of these factors directly affect the way and manner these gifts will be used by your son. These factors include:

Usage: The complexity of use is important because a product that is too simple to use because boring and a product that is too complex to use becomes tedious and will frustrate the child. The right thing to do is pick a toy/item that has been marked for by our sons age rage which is 12 years and buy that. Avoid buying items too low or too high for their age bracket. 

Play Area: The amount of space your child has to play will determine the kind of item you buy. If the area your child has to play is restricted them buying a product that requires ample space is counter productive. If the space your child has to play is extended, buying a limiting toy won’t be as fun. Look at the environment you son plays in and try to pick an item that will optimize that area. 

25 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

There are so many different types of gifts available to buy and it is a nightmare picking a gift out most times, and as the day of the ceremony draws closer, knocking and buying the first item you see won’t always end well. Here in this section, we have curated 25 of the best gifts available on the market. Now you do not have to contend with a multitude of products/items; you only have to pick one or two for the best of the best. The best part? Anything you pick will be top-notch. Here are the best of the best gifts:

  1. Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

Target games are great sports games for young boys. Throwing at a target is an exciting activity that boys can enjoy participating in. The Magnetic Dart toy for boys is a fabulous gift use for boys that are 12 years of age. The game kit contains a magnetic dartboard and darts of various colors (6 in total). The game is exciting to play and can be played by either a single-player or multiplayer (up to 4 players). The gameplay is simple; all you have to do is to hit the magnetic dartboard with the dart. The cool thing about this selection is that the dart is magnetic and does not leave holes on the wall.

This is an image of kid's magnetic dart board in black color


  1. Betheaces Soccerball Set

Football games are exciting games that capture the imagination, attention, and time of boys. The game is an Irresistible sight and a great outlet to burn hours on the game for boys. The hover soccer ball set by Beathaces Is a lovely soccer toy that is suitable for young lads. The hover ball set contains 2 goalposts and a hover ball. The goalposts are suitable for young boys and are not too full, while the hover ball has fantastic LED lights that illuminate when in usage. The game is safe and easy to play with. It is a cool game for multiplayer.

This is an image of kid's hover soccer ball set with 2 goals in red color


  1. Boy Craft Catapult Wars

The toy set for building your catapult by Horizon USA Is an excellent tool for boys that have spent a maximum of 12 years on earth. The set, which is made up of enough building materials to build two solid catapults, includes wood, rubber, bean bag, glue, and an instruction guide.

The toy is a significant engineering kit and helps boys understand the basics of motion. The gift set is highly engaging, and kids can spend many hours just playing games with the catapult set. Kids can compete with each other and know who has a better shooting range. The toy set encourages competitiveness among kids, builds excellent motor skills, teaches the basics of engineering and physics.

This is an image of kid's Craft catapult wars by horizon group USA


  1. Adventure Kidz Exploration Kit

Boys are naturally adventurous and love to make use of that ability quite often. It is almost impossible to surprise that inquisitive spirit in them. The outdoor exploration kit is a cold adventure toy kit for boys. It helps build their creativity, imagination, spirit of adventure, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Even if your child is not going to end up an explorer or adventurer, the kit is useful for other development. The kit contains tools such as a compass, toy binoculars, flashlight, backpack, magnifying glass, and whistle. All these items made an ideal gift set for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

This is an image of kid's outdoor exploration kit in orange color


  1. Stomp Rocket Kids Toy

Stomping is a fun activity for both boys and girls to engage in. It can serve as a way of exercising the body and aiding circulation. The Stomp Rocket kit is a fantastic gift idea for young boys. It has this awesome glow that makes pretend to play more exciting and real. The Stomp Rocket set contains a rocket launcher, an instruction book, and four cool rockets ready for take-off. The rocket kit is easy to use and assemble; all kids have to do after setting it up with the aid of the instruction book is to stomp on the rocket launcher and watch the rockets soar as high as 100 feet before returning to the ground.

This is an image of kid's Glow 4 rockets launcher in white and blue colors


  1. Threeking RC Robot

The world has come a long way in robotics development and so also the toy industry. Robot toys are guaranteed instant hits among boys. It is one of the best presents for 12 year old boys either on their birthday, casual occasions, and festive occasions such as Christmas. The RC Robot Toy is a beautiful toy for boys to have in their toy collection. 

The robot you, which is intelligently programmed as a fun companion, makes use of both gesture control and remote control. Kids can play with this toy for hours without getting bored. It Is available in two colors: blue and pink.

This is an image of kid's robot with remote control in white and blue colors


  1. LEGO Technic Kit

Toy cars are cool toys to get for boys. Boys from a very long age are already fantasizing about having and driving a car. The toy car can serve as a smart alternative until they get up to the legal age to own a license. The Technic Whack car by LEGO is an aesthetic consideration for the choice of toy cars for boys. The toy car can perform a lot of exciting stunts that will make children excited and anxious for more. It is the perfect engineering popular toy choice for boys. The car building kit is made up of over 135 pieces, which are very easy to assemble. 

This is an image of kid's LEGO technic WHACK building kit with 135 pieces, Green & black colors


  1. Woodcraft Kit for Kids

Toy cars are great toy choices for 12-year-old boys. Cars are every boy’s fantasy and a popular toy choice for boys all over the world. A boy’s toy collection is not complete without a toy car in it. Boys can build their car with the Made by Me toy car kit. The kit has enough food and craft materials to build up to 3 wooden cars and paint them. It is effortless to assemble and fun to build. The wooden toy car building kit is a lovely gift idea for boys birthdays, casual occasions, and special occasions such as Christmas.

This is an image of kid's wooden cras by horizon group



  1. Diggin Dodgetag Game Set

Dodgeball games are cool, very game boys to play. They are fun, exciting, and had a lot of action. The dodge ball set by diggin is a lovely game idea for boys that love playing dodgeball. The set, which is best played by two players, consists of 6 dodge balls and two target vests. The rules of the game are simple: players have to try and throw the dodgeballs at the other player’s vest and try to make it stick to the vest to win points and dodge the ball from sticking to their vest to prevent the other player from winning.

This is an image of kid's Dodgetag vests with balls of 6 pack in blue and red colors


  1. National Geographic Science kit

Kids love exploration games, games through which they can express their curiosity, inquisitiveness, and adventurous spirits. The National Geographic Science Kit is a great kit for teaching science to both boys and girls. The kit has 4 geodes, which kids have to break open to find cool treasures. The kit contains tools such as display stands for the geodes goggles and a guide book. It is a great STEM toy for kids. The kit is an excellent gift for young science enthusiasts and teaches geology and mineralogy concepts. Kids can pick up interest in geology with this cool STEM toy.

This is an image of kid's National Geographic break Geods science kit


  1. NERF N-Strike Target Set

Shooting toys are an exciting and engaging toy choice for boys that are 12 years of age. The N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set by Nerf is unlike any other shooting toy set. The set has both the nerf fire blaster and the target board. The color of the set varies from set to set.

The shooting set is a great toy idea for boys. It is an excellent tool for testing and developing target precision skills. The set contains the following: fire strike blaster, target board, and darts (10 in total). The set is sure to be loved by young boys.

This is an image of kid's Nerf N Strie target set in colorful colors


  1. Exploration Set for Kids

Exploration sets are great toy ideas for young boys. At such a young age, their curiosity and willingness to face new challenges make them a perfect fit for such toys. The outdoor exploration set by CharmUO is a complete exploration set for boys; everything needed for a fruitful exploration exercise is contained in the set. The set contains exploration tools such as a compass, flashlight, whistle, magnifying glass, backpack, and binoculars. The set is extremely useful as a camping and hiking gear. Boys can use it to explore outdoor environments such as parks and camps, use it to watch the birds, and with other exciting sights, nature has to offer.

This is an image of kid's Exploration set baby binocular flashlight set


  1. Kids Science Experiment Kit

The Mind Blowing Science Kit by Scientific Explorer is a brilliant gift for young science enthusiasts. It is an excellent present for birthdays, Christmas gifts and other celebrations. It is suitable for both boys and girls. The science experiment kit has 11 fun filled and educative activities for kids to choose from or try all at once. Some of the fun activities include erupting a color-changing volcano and creating their sunset. The kit is filled with many basic science lessons for kids. The items in the kit are not messy, and in the event of a spill, it is easy to wipe clean.

This is an image of kid's Scientific explorer blowing experiment kit


  1. Air-Walker Robot for Kids

The Air Walker Gravity Defying Robot is a lovely addition to a boy’s toy collection. The robot toy makes for hours of exciting pretend play. The robot toy by Thames and Kosmos is high-quality robotics that defies gravity and has wall-climbing abilities. The kit has enough items (75 pieces) to build 5 robots and is suitable for age 12 children. Inside the kit, there is a 24-page instruction manual to guide young boys and girls on how to use the robot effectively. It is an ideal gift idea to give to young boys on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas celebrations.

This is an image of kid's Air walker gravity walking robot science experiment kit


  1. Astroshot Shooting Game

Shooting games are super exciting games for boys to play with. Toy guns are an instant hit among young boys and great surprise gifts which they are going to love. The Astroshot Gemini Shooting set is a fantastic toy set for boys. The shooting set has two hot Astro gemini blasters, 24 foam balls (12 blue foam balls and 12 green foam balls), and a target stand. The game is suitable for two players and has a lot of actions. The gameplay is simple, use the blasters to hit the target. The toy builds skills such as target and precision skills and hand-eye coordination skills.

This is an image of kid's Shooting ball guns set of two and 24 foam balls in colorful colors


  1. HISTOYE Laser Tag Set

Toys that have shooting features are one of the most popular and in-demand toys for boys. Shooting toys are saturated with lots of fun and excitement; the kind boys want to enjoy during their playtime. The Laser Tag set by HISTOYE is a lovely shooting toy that has proven to be more than satisfactorily for boys. The laser set contains 4 laser guns and 4 laser vests. Kids get to have many memorable moments with the toy. Up to 4 players can play the game. It is a cool game for family bonding; both parents and children can compete against each other.

This is an image of kid's Large laser tag set with gun and vest in multi-colors


  1. Box Box Walkie Talkies for Kids

Walkie talkies are fun communication devices for both young boys and girls. The walkie talkie by USA Toyz is suitable for boys and girls that have celebrated or are celebrating 12 anniversaries on earth. The walkie talkie has a communication range of two miles. It is a fantastic tool for pretend play; kids get to be creative and use their imaginations to make good use of the toy communication device. The walkie talkie is available in 3 color combinations: green and blue, red and black, yellow, and blue. It is an excellent toy for both outdoor and indoor activities.

This is an image of kid's Walkie Talkies for kids in blue and green colors


  1. Force 1 Stunt RC

Drone toys are great toys that spark excitement and grab the attention of 12-year-old boys. Drone toys are the new wave in the toy-making industry in an increasingly artificial intelligence world. The stunt mini drone toy by Force 1 is the complete toy set to keep boys happy and engaged. The drone, which has flying abilities and can perform hosts of cool attention-grabbing stunts on the air, makes use of remote control. The toy set has a cool action figure which can be attached to the drone for more fabulous fun. It is a great gift idea for birthdays.

This is an image of kid's Stunt RC mini drone for kids in black and blue colors


  1. Shock Proof Binoculars for Boys

Binoculars are an essential tool for both explorers and wannabe explorers. Every explorer kit for kids and teens includes the binoculars in its collection. The compact binocular can be used to explore nature (watch birds fly). It is shockproof and does not hurt the eyes. It is suitable to wear outdoors and one of the must-have camping gear. It Is available in 7 colors: pink, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, and red. The binoculars are waterproof, and it can be adjusted to fit the specifications of different users. It is an excellent adventure gift idea for young explorers.

This is an image of kid's binoculars in black and green colors


  1. Astroshot Nerf Targets

Another wonderful shooting toy for age 12 boys is the AstroShot Zero-G Nerf shooting target set, which is compatible with any nerf blaster toy gun. It is an instrument that boys can use to gauge and perfect their shooting and targeting skills. The toy set for boys contains items such as the AstroShot Zero-G component, 12 darts, a dart holder, a dart gun, and 10 floating orbs for targeting. The toy set is the perfect toy companion for boys. It can be gotten on their birthdays and occasions such as visitations and Christmas. It is the ideal surprise package for a 12-year-old.

This is an image of kid's Nerf Targets for shooting in white and orange colors


  1. Fstop Labs Archery Set

Most boys love to play and have fun out in the open. Outdoor playing time has been linked to improved teamwork, enhanced cognitive function, and other good developments. If you are looking for a gift for boys that will spark their play and light their imaginations, this product will do just fine. The Archery set has been crafted with the finest materials that are sure to give your child a fun experience with his friends. Allow your son dash through the outdoors and play Robinhood with this fantastical play set made just for him.

This is an image of kid's with 2 pack set archery in colorful colors


  1. Dimy Walkie Talkies

Communication they say is key, and that is why this product is one of the best toys for 12 year old boys. The walkie talkie is sturdy and has a range of up to 3 meters. If you love to take your family on an adventure, this will be a great companion for you and your son. Have fun times having secret conversations away from mum, playing soldier outdoors, or reading a bedtime story from your room to his. 

This is an image of kid's Walkie talkies in camoflage green


  1. UWANTME Electronic Shooting Targets

Shooting at targets is part of what makes carnivals fun. Bring this fun carnival game into your home and watch your son light up with joy. The toy can be shared with friends in the spirit of competition, and it is ideal for boys aged 12 and above. To have a fascinating time, you can join in on the game and challenge your son giving your family wholesome entertainment. As a bonus, buy this item as a birthday gift for your son and make his day feel so special.

This is an image of kid's Electronic shooting target set in blue color


  1. Tactical Vest for Kids

Every little boy’s dream is to join the army someday and protect his country. Bring your son closer to this reality by buying him this awesome tactical vest with added on components that are suited for boys. The vests are top of the line and they are crafted with the finest materials to ensure your child’s safety. The vest will allow your child to live out his childhood fantasy while chasing his friends down the street and engaging in epic shoot outs with them.

This is an image of kid's Tactical vest kit for nert guns in black and blue/orange colors


  1. Bundaloo Duck Shooting game

Remember the electronic game where you had to shoot ducks on your TV screen? Well, now you can give your child that same experience except now, it is in real life. The duck shooting game will make your child a marksman in no time. The game is safe and can be played up to a distance of about 15 feet for good measure. Gift your son this wonderful gift that will allow him to enjoy his time outdoors with friends.

This is an image of kid's shooting game set


Overall Best Buy

Our overall best buy for this list is the HISTOYE Laser Tag Set. With it’s four in one package, it packs fun for four people at a go. This toy will give you value for your money as you can kill four birds with one stone. If your son loves playing outdoors, he can benefit from this toy, and his friends will thank you for it. 

This is an image of kid's Large laser tag set with gun and vest in multi-colors


Best Budget Buy

Our best budget buys for this list is the LEGO Technic Kitt. It is a well-priced toy for all the adventure and fun it brings. If you are looking to get a gift that will make an impact and not get your bank balance, this is the toy to buy. As a bonus, the toy fits almost any celebration. You can present the toy on birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, and it will fit right in. 

This is an image of kid's LEGO technic WHACK building kit with 135 pieces, Green & black colors


What are the Different Kinds of Gifts Suitable for Kids

There is no easy way to check what Christmas gift ideas will be suitable for kids, and as such, parents will have to resort to checking each gift personally to ensure that they match their child’s preferences. Each child is different from the next, and this means that what will be loved by child A may not be loved by child B. Parents will need to take individual preferences such as favorite color, personality (introvert, extrovert or ambivert) and other factors when they want to purchase a toy for their kids. Following this process will allow you to pick a gift that will be a tailored fit.