25 Best Gifts For 17 Year Old Boys

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Wondering what gift ideas are the best for a boy turning 17 years old? With birthdays and Christmas always around the corner its a good idea to find the perfect present. Gifts have been part of culture for a very long time. They are a way for people to show that they love and care for their partners, children, friends, and family. If you have ever bought  gifts for your loved ones, you will know that it is quite hard to get items that they would love. You will need to sieve through a lot of gifts to find the perfect one for your child. In this guide, we will show you the best gifts you can buy for your child and the factors you should consider when buying gifts for your child.

Considerations choosing Gifts for 17 Year Old boys


Before buying a gift for your child, you will need to consider some important factors. These factors will influence the type of gift you buy. It is important to consider these factors because they will determine if your kid will fall in love with what you buy. Here are the two major factors to consider:

Age: The age of your child will determine what kind of gift you buy. Every item or product comes with a manufacturer’s age recommendation. You should ensure you check this so you do not buy the wrong gift for your child. If you buy a gift that is below your child’s age, it will be quickly discarded because they will become easily bored. If you buy a gift that is above their age, it will be too complex and they will abandon it all the same. Ensure you buy a gift that Is perfectly suited to your child. 

Space: The amount of space you child has will determine how food a gift will be. If they have ample space to move around and place their things then buying huge gifts will be appropriate. If they have a more confined space to themselves then you should consider buying smaller gifts that will be easier to manage is better in this situation.

25 Best Gifts for 17 Year old Boys in 2020

  1. Lightning Reaction Game

This is a fun multiplayer game in which each player tries to get the best of the others by getting the best timing and the quickest draws while the player(s) with the slowest timing gets zapped. It’s an “electrifying” and thrilling game that is guaranteed to offer hours of entertainment and fun with each player standing an equal chance of being zapped. It is a safe game with variable shock control offering 4 different levels of intensity. The different modes: normal and extreme modes bring another level of excitement, guaranteed to liven up any party or event. This is a great gift for  17 year old boys.


This is an image of boy's reaction shocking game


  1. Slimfold Leather Wallet

This is a nice gift for 17 year old boys. The wallet is a very good choice because it symbolizes your trust in them to make the right decisions about finances. The timberland men’s wallet is an excellent choice, with its high-quality leather and slim design that is guaranteed to fit perfectly in jeans and shorts. It offers a large billfold pocket, an ID window, 2 slip pockets and 4 credit card pockets. Available in 4 different colors and with a size of 4.25” x 3.5”, it embodies the style and class of the bearer as it complements their fashion choices perfectly. Coming with a unique thin design makes it possible to serve as a front or back pocket wallet, this really is an excellent choice.


This is an image of boy's Timberland leather wallet in black color


  1. Sphero Programmable Robot Ball 

This is an exciting educational gadget that serves to transform the way kids learn through science, coding, art and music. It is a tiny programmable robot that is made of colorful interchangeable material and equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope and LED lights. It offers several gaming options, educational tools and advanced coding and java script possibilities when connected to the Sphero Edu app, all coming in a box containing the sphero ball, a micro USB cord, 3 mini traffic cones and 6 mini bowling pins serving as an obstacle course. It is the perfect gift for that tech-savvy child.


This is an image of boy's Mini orange app programmable robot by Sphero


  1. Otamatone Synthesizer

This is an electronic musical instrument that generates and modifies sounds. It is made of a rubber material and shaped like the eighth note. It is easy and fun to play creating different sounds and pitches with buttons to increase or decrease the sound and pitch situated at the back of the ‘head’. Weighing in at 7.8 ounces and with dimensions of 5 x 3 x 14 inches, it is very light and easy to handle, and with its 3AAA batteries this is one product that is guaranteed to offer several hours of entertainment.


This is an image of boy's Japanese otamatone instrument in blue color


  1. How Not to be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

People have bad days; we all have those days when nothing seems to go our way, when our mood goes sour and we tend to take out our frustration on others. This book from a wonderful illustrator in Meghan Doherty explains and enlightens about how to keep the customary code of politeness and acceptable behavior, formalities, niceties and courtesy even on not so good days. This is not your regular book, it is a guide on etiquette that thoroughly touches all the small things that one would normally not bother about, but which can go a long way in affecting other people within our space.


This is an image of boy's how not to be a dick book


  1. Custom Engraved Vintage Watch

This watch is a portable timepiece with a design that is simple yet appealing. It is handcrafted and made with 100% natural wood coming with a glass dial window. It comes with a beautiful laser engraved message “To my son, always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think & loved more than you know, love MOM” that goes to show what special place the child has in your heart.


This is an image of boy's Wooden costum quartz in brown color


  1. Katie Doodle Birthday Decorations

This is a personalized chalkboard sign with a ‘BACK IN 2003’ print on an 8” x 10” unframed premium cardstock.  It is a beautiful birthday milestone decoration that gives an idea of events and the general way of life in the year the child was born. It includes movies, popular music, cost of things, famous people born that year, events, the reigning president, world population and major sporting events serving as a reminder of how far you’ve come as a family.


This is an image of boy's 17th birthday decoration


  1. Nicewell Bluetooth Beanie

This is a Bluetooth beanie with a microphone and an integrated set of earphones that provide a wonderful listening experience while keeping you warm and cozy, all with a tremendous amount of style and class. It comes equipped with a rechargeable 100mAH lithium battery that can last for more than 5hours and a V4.1 Bluetooth technology making it easily pairable to cell phones, laptops, and other devices. It has an excellent sound quality, can be used to pick calls and the beanie supports hand or machine wash. It really is a beautiful gift to get your child.


This is an image of boy's wireless beanie hat in gray color


  1. High Ball Puzzle Game

This product is a highly interactive electronic puzzle. It is a handheld game designed to provide an exciting party experience with each round revolving around how quickly you can move a colored side to the top with the colors relatively harder to tell apart as you move through subsequent rounds, the window of time for success also gets smaller as you progress. Each pattern also comes with an original 10-second loop track adding to the overall adding to the excitement and thrill of the game. It comes with a charging cable, instruction manual and a stand.


This is an image of boy's Puzzle game high ball in colorful colors


  1. Not parent Approved Card Game

This is a beautiful multi-award-winning card game designed to provide a hilarious, easy-to-learn, fun and attention-grabbing alternative to screen time for children and their families. It is based on simple gameplay where one player picks and reads a question card while everyone else tries to answer with the funniest answer card. It has 455 cards each of which can be combined to give a ‘snot-out-of-your-nose’ kind of laughter it allows kids to have fun without getting in trouble and offers effortless entertainment at sleepovers, parties or any event.


This is an image of boy's not parent approved card game for kids


  1. Feelin Good Humor T-Shirt

Clothes are a good gift choice for teenage boys; it is a safe gift when you are not sure of what to get for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine Day and even normal occasions. A T-Shirt is always a great cloth for boys. The Sarcastic Comment T-Shirt by Feeling Good Tees is a quality black T-Shirt for boys. The T-Shirt has a cool design and funny letters and images printed on it. It is an awesome gift for boys.  The T-Shirt for boys is made of cotton and it is available in different sizes. It is a cool shirt that has a humorous, enjoyable message.


This is an image of boy's sarcastic comment loading graphic T-shirt in black color


  1. REMOKING RC Drone

Drones are brilliant toy gifts for 17 year old boys. Drones are predicted by science experts to increasingly become a greater part of everyday activities in the near future. With the advance in technology, it is looking more likely as the days go by. The RC Drone by REMOKING is the perfect drone toy for boys nearing adulthood. The drone quadcopter which can fly in the air can be played both indoors and outdoors. It is controlled through a control device, it has cameras that provide live video to the control device. It is a great sports toy for teens and has good battery power.


This is an image of boy's Remote control drone in HD. Blue and black colors


  1. Trekbest Money Maze Puzzle

Puzzles are great games that put the brain to taste. Puzzle games and other brain sharpening and developing games are recommended for boys at the age of 17. The Money Maze Puzzle Box by Trekbest is one of such amazing brain games that requires great thinking. It is available in 4 colors: blue, green, pink and orange. It is an ideal gift for birthday celebrations and other occasions. The puzzle toy can also be used as a form of a piggy bank, where it is quite easy to slot money in but very difficult to bring money out. The puzzle helps boost overall intelligence.


This is an image of boy's maze puzzle box in blue color


  1. Men’s Shawl Bathrobe

Bathrobes are another cool clothing accessory that every boy needs to have in their wardrobe. Apart from its practical use for bathing purposes, it also has a cool design and makes boys look even more handsome than they were. The bathrobe which has a luxurious feel and looks is colored black and has a shawl collar. It is fantastically plush and incredibly soft. The bathrobe is cool for relaxation, especially after a long and tiring day. The waist belt can be easily adjusted. The designers placed front pockets in the robe that can be used to keep items. The robe is best washed with a machine to maintain its quality.


This is an image of boy's Shawl bathrobe in black color



  1. Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook

Notebooks are another useful gift choice for boys that have marked 17 birthdays on earth. The Smart Notebook by Rocket book which is reusable is a cool item that boys can use to jot and scramble down their thoughts and store important information they do not want to forget. It is available in 8 color formats: atomic red, beacon orange, deep space gray, infinity black, light blue, midnight blue, scarlet sky, and terrestrial green. The reusable notebook is eco friendly. The notebook comes with a pen and cloth. It is a useful tool for saving notes. It has an app that allows you to save your notebook online.


This is an image of boy's Reusable notebook in black color


  1. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon has a fantastic package for boys at the age of 17. The Echo Dot speaker by Amazon is a full package, it comes with a smart speaker that can be used to blast cool music, a clock for checking out the time and setting alarms and Alexa the sandstone. The echo dot set is available in 6 colors: sandstone, charcoal, heather gray, plum, kids blue, and kids rainbow. This version of Echo Dot has LED display functionality. It is a cool speaker assistant for teenagers, both boys, and girls. Just ask Alexa and get the news, weather report and even calls.


This is an image of boy's smart speaker with clock and alexa in white color


  1. Bear Butt Camping Hammock

Relaxation gifts can leave an instant mark in boys that are about to cross into adulthood. After a busy and hectic day, maybe from school or a random situation, boys need a platform to rest. Apart from the bed, the Bear Butt Hammocks is a cool relaxation option to soothe away stress and fatigue. It can also be used for camping. The set is, in fact, a complete camping gear consisting of the hammock, backpack and other camping gears. It is available in 12 colors: black and red, black and white, blue and gray, dark blue and beige, dark blue and charcoal, dark green and light green, and others.


This is an image of boy's camping hammock for outdoors and backpacking in blue color


  1. PowerNet Coaching Pack

Baseball is a fun and interesting sport that 17 year olds enjoy playing. Power Net has put together a brilliant baseball coaching set for boys under the age of 20 who love playing baseball. The set contains the strike zone, practice me, ball bundle for training and the deluxe tee. This set is fantastic for learners, it is a great self-coaching set to become better at the game of baseball. The set is designed to develop baseball enthusiasts in their pitch accuracy and raise their confidence levels in the game. The baseball training set makes a fantastic birthday gift for boys. The kit is available in different colors.


This is an image of boy's practice ball bundle pack


  1. Armitron Sport Digital Watch

Watches are one of the best gift items for youths. The Digital Chronograph Watch by Armitron Sport is a fantastic watch that 17 year old boys are bound to love. The watch has a cool design that is easy to fall in love with. The watch is chromatographed with alarm and lap time, tells time in military terminology, has multiple time zones and dual time zones. The watch has a backlight function that can be used to read the watch in the dark. It is a lovely sport for each gift for sport-loving boys. The red sports watch is water-resistant again to be worn when swimming.


This is an image of boy's digital chronograph watch in black and red colors


  1. Spalding Mini Basketball Hoop

Basketball lovers do not have to go to the basketball court before they can play basketball thanks to the basketball toy by Spalding. Boys the age of 17 who are lovers of basketball can enjoy cool basketball games in the comfort of their homes with the Mini Basketball Hoop toy. The set allows you to shoot at the net when it is all fixed. It is flexible and can be hung in the bedroom and other indoor locations. The mini basketball set is built for indoor fun. It is a great gift choice for special occasions such as birthday parties and Christmas celebrations.


This is an image of boy's spalding NBA basketball hoop


  1. Kenox Canvas Backpack

This backpack is a solid companion and will make an excellent gift for your son. Boys tend to do so much heavy lifting as they carry different items with them everywhere they go. Few backpacks can be as versatile as this one and that is why your son will never stop using this backpack. The bag has two compartments and it is quite secure for storing items and other personal equipment. If you have a son who needs a secure baggage carrier for personal items, this backpack is the perfect gift.


This is an image of boy's large vintage backpack in brown color


  1. Embrava Sports Water Bottle

Water is the language of the universal sport. When people engage in sports, no matter how many energy drinks they consume, they will always revert to consuming water as it is a natural replenisher. If you want to get a thoughtful gift for your athletic son, buy this water bottle so that he has a personal water carrier everywhere he goes. This gift will touch a special place in his heart because he will know you support him and want to be a part of his sporting career. It may be a water bottle but it can be used to store other liquids as need be.


This is an iamge of boy's Sport water bottle pack by Embrava


  1. Classic Slingball

This fun outdoor game places a twist on catch and makes players engage in a well-defined game of fun and adventure. If you want your son to spend more time playing outdoors than he does playing on his electronic devices then you will need to buy him this gift. It is safe, clean fun that he can have with his friends and with his family. Outdoor play is a known booster of cognitive and mental abilities. It also allows your son to get physical exercise outdoors. Buy this game for your son as a gift and you will be forever glad you did.


This is an image of boy's coolest game catch slingball by Djubi


  1. Stuff That Suck

Although you may not realize most times, teenagers worry about a lot of things and they easily become anxious. To help your son properly navigate the minefield that life becomes sometimes it is best to give them the tools to help them make the right decisions. This book is one of those guides that can help teens realize what they want to be in life. It will also help your son make the right decisions and avoid the obstacles of life.


This is an image of boy's Stuff that sucks book


  1. JBL Waterproof Clip Speaker

Everybody loves music and the only people who love music more than anyone else are teenagers. This portable Bluetooth speaker can be a personal heaven for your 17 year old son. Give him the ability to take his music wherever he goes and let him be free to express his taste in music. The speaker’s clip is useful for keeping the speakers safe and ganging them in cool nice spots. You can pair these speakers with a personal playlist of your choice that will make for a nice gift combo.


This is an image of boy's portable wireless bluetooth speaker by JBL


Overall Best Buy

Amazon Echo Dot is our overall best buy for this list. It is a nice item that any boy would love. You’ll get value for your money when you buy this product and you will get priceless smiles as an added bonus. This speaker with inbuilt Alexa assistant will give your son a new experience on the internet. He will be able to play his favorite songs, make lists, get the latest info and connect all with the use of this wonderful speaker.


This is an image of boy's smart speaker with clock and alexa in white color



Best Budget Buy

Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook is our budget buy for this list. It is easy to use and you can get a thoughtful gift for your son without breaking the bank. This notebook will allow your son to pen down his thoughts and ideas. It will also help him to create other wonderful projects by being his go to jotter.


This is an image of boy's Reusable notebook in black color

What are the Different Kinds of Gifts Suitable for kids

There is no one gift that is quite suitable for kids. To find a suitable gift for your child, you will need to take their personal preferences into account. This will allow you to buy a gift that will be perfect for them. Some preferences you will need to put into account include their color choices, introvert Vs Extrovert, and their hobbies. When buying a gift it is always best you take a personal rather than a general approach.