25 Best Gifts for 3 Year old Boys

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Children are bundles of joy, watching them run around with smiles on their faces is sure to make every parent happy. As little boys grow, they want more of everything, more food, more time playing with mum and dad, and more time playing with his toys.

Boys at the age of 3 love toys, your son is likely to have outgrown the toys he played with when he was younger, or maybe he just wants more toys. More is always better. If you are unsure about what would be ideal gift idea for a 3 year old boy, keep reading! At the end of this article, your choice would be made easy.

Considerations when choosing toys for boys aged 3 


You want to get the right toy for your kid, you would need to get the perfect fit. And to ensure that happens, there are some factors you have to consider to ensure you have a happy kid. These factors are highlighted below

Safety: The most important thing to have on your mind when buying toys or gifts generally is the safety and the well-being of the child in question. You have to make sure that the item being purchased poses no threat to the child.

The gift item being bought must not have tiny pieces that the child can slow, it must not have considerably large pieces of nylon that may be a choking hazard. Other things to look into are the materials from which the gift items are made from.

Price: Prices are quite important when making a purchase, not just toys. You want to make sure that you get your money’s worth. To ensure that you are on the right side of the bargain, we have compiled a list of gifts and toys at relatively affordable prices.

Available Play Area: When getting a toy for kids 36 months old and above, you have to make sure they have enough space in the home to explore and enjoy the best the toy has to offer. The size of the play area would determine what kind of gift would be ideal for you little boy, for him to have the most fun.

The 25 Best Gifts for 3 year Old Boys

There are many toys out there, and it could be a hard choice to decide which your kid would love. To simplify that decision, we have compiled this detailed list to help you make your son happy.

1. Prextex Radio Controlled Car

Your son’s first radio-controlled car has to be these Prextex cartoon vehicles. It comes complete with one police car, a removable policeman action figure, a race car with a race car driver removable action figure and remote controls for both cars.

This is one of the best toys for boys 3 years of age, as it introduces them to a world of fun and action. They get to chase or be chased down in their speedy cars. He and his friends can take a turn playing police or the bad guy. Toys like these build-up social traits in children, as it makes them interact more with people and objects in their surroundings.

The beautiful cars and their controllers are designed to be baby-friendly, durable and made from non-toxic materials. The vehicles are powered by 3 AA batteries, and the remotes 2 AA batteries.


This is an image of kid's car toys with remote control


2. Lil Gen’s Dinosaur for Boys

Allow your kids a wonderful journey to the prehistoric times, when the giant lizards roamed the earth. The little gen’s dinosaur would not only enable your son to have fun, but it will also be a history lesson as it shows him the elegant creatures that once dominated the earth. Toys like this usually see kids asking lots of questions, they want to know why and understand where they were. And this is where parents swoop in to answer them, building trust between child and parent.

This is one of the best toys for 3 year old boys, with a sound book that paints a vivid, visual picture of the colorful landscapes and habits of your favorite dinosaur. With 12 realistically looking dinosaurs featured in the pack, your little boy would have endless fun playing with this toy.


This is an image of kid's dinosaur toys figurines


3. LEGO DUPLO Construction Toy Set

The LEGO DUPLO set comes with truckloads of fun. Kids would be allowed to create a perfect town using their construction gear. The set comes with two construction worker action figures to give them a hand, a dump truck and an excavator, a roadwork sign, extra bricks, safety helmets, and a shovel.

This LEGO DUPLO construction set teaches children to see patterns and connect the dots. It develops their builder minds, making them more imaginative and enabling them to develop mentally. It also allows them to play builders with their friends, which makes them more socially conscious and aware. This is a popular toy for boys aged 3 and above.


This is an image of kid's LEGO Duplo building kit in colorful colors


4. Harry: The electronic pet dog

He could be a pet, he could be a friend. All we know is, he is called Harry. This cute Dalmatian puppy and friend for the family can bark, sing, walk, talks and makes other interesting dog sounds. The Bump n’ Go feature in harry enables him to walk, and can play chase on smooth surfaces.

With batteries included in the pack, your friend Harry is ready to go as soon as the box is opened. Your child would have fun petting him, as he reacts to touch. If it would be too much responsibility to get a dog, this toy would be ideal for your kid.


This is an image of kid's ELectronic pet dog in white and black colors


5. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Reader

Your son’s favorite cartoon characters have been personalized just for him. Why not let him take a tour with the PAW patrol on the amazing adventure bay. Included in the package are Eight illustrated books with all your favorite rescue pups and a reader module that reads the books aloud.

You simply choose one of the books to read, and navigate to the matching book on the reader module and watch the story come alive with interesting sounds. Your kid can listen and follow along for a truly immersive, one-of-a-kind experience.

This multisensory learning experience stimulates and improves the imagination and creativity of young readers. With the inclusion of Paw Patrol characters Chase, Skye, Marshall, Rubble, Ryder, Rocky among others. Your son is sure to have a blast.


This is an image of kid's paw patrol electronic reader in red color


6. Play22 Piano Playmat

Your little boy deserves the best when it comes to gifts. A gift that makes your kid happy and creates lasting memories is the Play22 keyboard playmat. Play22 is a kids Keyboard playmat that comes with 24 keys that can be touched with hands and feet.

The playmat can also be used to play music on the blanket. This is a great opportunity for your boy to have lots of fun and at the same time make good music and learn from the keyboard playmat. The keyboard playmat comes with an On/Off switch that controls the colorful light on the mat. Since it can be easily folded for easy travel, your kid can virtually play with it anywhere.


This is an image of kid's keyboard playmat


7. John Deere Boy’s Backpack

A useful gift that would really make your three-year-old boy the envy of his classmates in school is the John Deere boys toddler backpack. This high-quality bag features nice graphics and a strong aesthetics design that your boy will instantly fall in love with.

Like several John Deere backpacks, the front backpack is fully lined with a sturdy design and padded straps to aid comfort. The backpack also features a hanger loop, two mesh pockets with an elastic top edge to hold a water bottle. The front area of the backpack also includes a spacious area where your kid can keep his school supplies. The John Deere bag offers depth, comfort, and security.


This is an image of kid's backpack with john deere graphic in green color


8. LINCOLN construction logs

Looking for the perfect gift for your little boy aged 3, that would really inspire your son and give him a fun experience? Look no more! Just go for Lincoln logs. This is an all-wood piece construction education toy that helps your boy build toy cabins and other log buildings. Lincoln logs come with 111 all- wood pieces that are made of real, high-quality maple wood.

These wood pieces have indentations that make it easily connect to each other and pieces are included for roof eaves, roof slats, fences, and several others. The toy is also packed with a manual that assists your kid in building with the Lincoln wood pieces.


This is an image of kid's Lincoln logs construction kit


9. Obuby Binoculars for kids

It is time to make your little boy more adventurous with the Obuby binoculars for kids. Obuby binoculars is a high-resolution real optics mini compact binocular toy that is just perfect for your three-year-old boy. With amazing features like shockproof, waterproof andBAK4 prisms, your kid would really have a lot of fun using this toy.

Obuby binoculars are safe to use and this has been guaranteed by the soft rubber surrounded eyepieces for eye protection. These high-quality kid’s binoculars are compact and can be used efficiently for several functions such as watching birds, spying, exploring, summer vacations and so on.


This is an image of kid's binoculars waterproof in purple color


10. Lascoota scooters for boys

If you have a fun-loving three-year-old boy and you want to complement that fun, it is best to get him a scooter. Lascoota is a 2-in-1 kick scooter with removable seat great for Children from 2-14 Years Old.

The advanced scooter has several amazing features that make it your no.1 choice gift for your kid. The T-bar has adjustable height options to fit the height of your child. It also features a low-to-the-ground deck and stable steering which makes it safe and perfect for your little boy. With the scooter, you will be expanding and improving your child’s motor skills, as well as imbibing confidence in them.


This is an image of kid's Scooter with removable seat in black and green colors


11. Play22 kids rocket launcher

Looking for the best toys for a three-year-old boy? Think about what little kids need right now. They need fun and more fun. The only toy that can give you this is the Play22 toy rocket launcher.

This is a jump rocket set toy that includes a launcher and 6 colorful rockets that can be adjusted to soar in all directions. The rockets are made with foam and such they are safe and very lightweight. The process of launching rockets is simple too. All your kid has to do is to jump up and stomp on the pump launcher set. Very good for outdoor play


This is an image of kid's rocket jump set in colorful colors


12. STEM dinosaur toys

One fantastic gift that you can give your three-year-old kid on his next birthday is Kidstatic Dinosaur toys. This is a good construct and play-based learning game that helps your kid develop fine motor skills, problem-solving and creativity skills.

Kidstatic Dinosaur toy features a set of 3 large dinosaurs with 3 kid-sized screwdrivers and a bonus coloring book. Kidstatic dinosaur toys encourage hours of imaginative and creative play for your kid, by taking apart these dinosaurs and using tools to build them again. This toy has been rigorously tested by a third-party service and is considered safe for your kids to play with.


This is an image of kid's STEM learning toys in colorful colors


13. Fisher-Price Tough Trike

A perfect gift idea that you can give your three-year-old boy on his next birthday is Fisher Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike. This bike has amazing features that would make your boy fall in love with it at first sight. The Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike features cool aesthetics modeled after Harley-Davidson styling and graphics.

There is a secret storage compartment where your kid can store his snacks and other important gear. The bike comes with rugged and durable tires, easy-grip handlebars and big foot pedals to ensure the safety of little children riding on it. This kid-powered tricycle helps to improve the motor skills, balance, and coordination of your kid.


This is an image of kid's Harley davidson tough trike bike in black color


14. Little Tikes T-Ball Set

If you want your child to be interested in baseball or softball then the best gift you can give him is the Totsports T-Ball set. This amazing ball set features an adjustable height T that can be adjusted to fit a child’s developing skills, five oversized baseballs and an easy to use oversized bat.

This T-Ball set helps improve the batting skills, coordination and motor skills of your child. The bat and the balls are very lightweight thereby making it easy and safe for your kid to play the balls. Teeball sets are an ideal outdoor game and it can be played alone by your child or with others.


This is an image of kid's T-Ball toy set


15. ToyVelt Camping Set

Camping has never been better with ToyVelt kids camping tent set toys. Reviewed as one of the best kids camping toys in the market, ToyVelt camping set toys have all the gear your kid will ever need for camping.

This is an all-inclusive camping set that features accessories such as a Beautiful tent, flashlight, thermometer, compass, shovel, 2 walkie-talkies and so on. This is the perfect gift you can give your child to encourage more outdoor activities, nature exploration, and adventure. ToyVelt camping set helps teach your kids survival and the essence of careful planning and preparation. These camping accessories are made with high-quality materials and as such durable.


This is an image of kid's Camping set toys in blue and orange colors



16. KKONES Dinosaur Play Set

Creativity is in every child, but to bring it out, you need to give them the right set of toys to play with. KKONES Dinosaur toys are one such toy that can bring out the creativity and imaginative capability of your child. It is a 237 pieces dinosaur track playset in which your kids use their imagination and the dinosaur pieces to create new tracks.

With KKONES, children can build a realistic Jurassicdinosaur park. The KKONES Dinosaur toys feature colorful accessories such as cars, dinosaurs, signposts, balls, trees and so on. It is easy to assemble and very flexible. There is no doubt your kids will have hours of fun playing with this toy set.


This is an image of kid's Dinosaur world road race toys set


17. Gilobaby Robot Toy

Provide your ward with hours of fun and give your children experience with robotics and advanced technology. Equipped with LED eyes, the light color change often when the robot is working. This little guy becomes your 36 months old kid’s new dance partner to brighten their day and thrill friends.

When short touched, the robot go forward, go back, walk in a circle with sound; when long touch, it enters the voice repeat mode and repeat what the child says.

Kids can interact with the robot, speak to it like: “Hey, “Come here”, “Are you happy?”, “Can you dance?”, “I love you” etc it will respond and carry out actions.


This is an image of kid's robot toy in black and green colors


18. LUKAT Construction Bulldozer

The Take Apart Toy Truck by Lukat is a fun and exciting STEM toy for 3 year old boys. STEM toys are designed to help kids develop in 4 vital areas: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM toy car is a construction bulldozer that is fun to play with. The toy truck requires boys to build from scratch which helps expand their imagination and their engineering skills.

The assembled bulldozer toy truck for boys has lovely lights and makes cool music that attracts little boys and keeps them entertained. The bulldozer truck toy has 24 pieces which are easy for boys to assemble and disassemble.


This is an image of kid's take apart toys truck in colorful colors


19. Soyee Magnetic Building Blocks

Another lovely STEM toy for boys that are over 3 years of age is theSoyee Mathematical Blocks. The toy for boys is a fun educational toy that helps children develop in STEM areas such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Investing in children’s education is the best kind of investment possible, this toy brings an educational and creative value that boosts a kid’s knowledge and understanding.

The toy kit has 24 unique pieces. Boys will learn skills such as teamwork and collaboration, shape recognition, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking. It is a lovely educational toy that encourages parent to child bonding.


This is an image of kid's Magnetic blocks STEM in colorful colors


20. Kids Workbench Set

The workbench construction tool bench set for boys that have celebrated 3 birthdays on earth is the perfect engineering toy set for kids. The 100 pieces kids construction workbench toy is the perfect gift idea for boys who show an early passion for building and engineering activities. It is a nice gift for wonderful occasions such as birthdays, a good gift for visitations, and the holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter and New Year celebrations.

It is a safe and beautiful engineering workshop for creative minds. The toy set is made up of safe and durable ABS, polypropylene and polystyrene plastic materials.


This is an image of kid's construction toy building kit


21. Boys Play Tent

The play tent for boys by USA Toyz is a great gift idea for age 3 boys. It is designed in the form of a cool rocket ship and has lovely yellow stars on its blue design that makes it attractive and irresistible to kids. It is a lovely indoor play tent for both boys and girls seeking to explore and create fun and fulfilling moments.

It has a projector that projects 24 cool images of the universe. The tent is spacious enough for up to 3 kids to dwell in. The play tent is the perfect gift for boys that aspire to become astronauts.


This is an image of kid's rocket ship tent


22. VTech Children Tablet

The black little apps tablet is a cool, fun and exciting toy tablet for little boys with just under 3 years living experience on earth. It is available in 2 color formats: black and pink. The software Cody the Smart Cub is designed to make learning more interesting for little boys.

The play tablet has a lot of fun activities and skills to offer young boys such as learning skills like counting, solving a basic maths problem, learning new words and the English alphabets. It had a keyboard that kids can use to create lovely melodies. It is fun for learning and has 4 in-built fun games.


This is an image of kid's little apps tablet by VTech, gray color


23. LEGO DUPLO Town Airport

The Town Airport toy set by LEGO is another wonderful and awesome toy for 3 year old boys. It has 29 pieces of building toys that kids can easily assemble to create a town airport experience. The airport toy set is a lovely present for kids who are interested in aviation and wants to learn about how the airport functions. The toy set helps develop skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, imagination and creativity skills.

Boys love adventures and exploration, and toys that involve construction, exploring and cool adventures are automatic boy favorites. In the toy set are the following action figures: a pilot, dad, and a child.


This is an image of kid's LEGO duplo building kit


24. ToyVelt Golf Club Set

The Kids Golf Club set by Toyvelt is the perfect golf tournament set for boys that age of 3 who are interested in golfing. It is a nice beginner gold tournament set for little boys. The golf set helps kids develop sports skills and learn about the golf game. It helps to promote both mental and physical development in boys such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination skills, problem-solving and communication skills.

The sport toy kit has a lovely and colorful design and its materials are safe to use. It is ideal golf set for parent-child bonding. The toy set for little boys is portable.


This is an image of kid's golf toy set in colorful colors


25. Lewo Wooden Ramp Racer

The wooden ramp racer by Lewo is the perfect toy gift for boys that have celebrated 3 birthdays on earth. Boys this age are fascinated by card and racing which makes a car racing toy the perfect gift idea for them. The racing toy by Lewo is designed to inspire kids’ imagination, encourage exploration and creativity.

The quality racing toy for boys had 7 car ramps, 8 mini cars and a parking lot to make it more exciting for kids. Kids learn through playing and this wooden ramp racer for kids will help them develop cognitive skills, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination skills.


This is an image of kid's wooden car race in colorful colors

Overall Best Buy

All the above listed gifts and toys for boys aged 3 would make any kid happy. But if you are looking to answer the questions, what do you give a three year old on his birthday or what are the best gift ideas for boys aged 3? If you want to get your little boy a present he is not likely to forget anytime soon. Then the answer to all those questions is the Harley Davidson Tough Tricycle.

Tricycles are the ultimate little boy’s toy, and no one does it better than Fisher-Price. With their state of the art kid-friendly tricycles that would melt any kid’s heart at first glance. They are durable and would guarantee a safe ride anywhere your son wants to go.



This is an image of kid's Harley davidson tough trike bike in black color


Best Budget Buy

When buying a gift or toy in general for your son, you have to consider how much it would cost the family. You want to get a thoughtful gift and not hurt the family finances, you can do this easy with the purchase of the John Deere Boy’s backpack.

Elegant, Spacious, made from 100% polyester. It has a name tag inside, so your son would be able to identify his bag. the bag can be hand washed and has plenty of space for all his school supplies. This is the best bag for boys you can ever buy.



This is an image of kid's backpack with john deere graphic in green color


Where to buy toys for boys aged 3?