25 Best Gifts for 4 Year old Boys

Four years old boy play with red wooden plane outdoors, horizontal

Wondering what to get a four year old for his birthday? We know that finding gift ideas for boys can be sometimes fun and other times a challenge, there is a lot of choice out there. We recommend considering all types of presents and toys on the market, it’s worth comparing loads of different great ideas to make sure you have picked a popular gift!

Children are so cute when they are born, their snugly little feet and tiny cute hands. But as time goes by your little guy starts growing into a fine young boy, as he grows so would his tastes. He would want new things and tire of old ones. It is our duty as parents as guardians to ensure that he keeps having fun, that he never has a dull day. We have to ensure that as he enjoys his playtime he also develops mentally and socially. This is where the need for the ideal gift for boys at least of the age of 4 come in.

Considerations choosing gifts for boys


When you look to purchase a gift for your favorite little kid aged 4, there are some factors you have to look into. The following have to be considered to ensure that you get that gift just right and at the end have you a happy child.

Safety: He might be growing, but he is still a kid and children can be quite playful. So when buying a gift or toy for him you have to make sure that the present poses no threat to the little boy. 

You have to look our for plastic coverings and other choking hazards, like small moving parts and removable parts to name a few. The materials from which the gifts are made must not be hazardous, and toys like bikes must have harnesses to keep him safe at all times.

Size of the toy: When buying toys for 4 Year old boys, you have to put in mind the size of the play area available for him to effectively make use and enjoy the toy. Tighter spaces demand smaller toys. And children with bigger play areas and a sizeable backyard can get relatively bigger toys.

25 Best Gifts for 4 Year old Boys

1. 3 in 1 construction set

If you are looking for the ideal gift for a boy aged 4, look no further than Stem’s construction set. With the electric drill included in the package, he can move around parts and switch between three available variants. The dump truck, the cement truck and a crane. The Stem Construction set encourages imagination and ingenuity. And with many parts to play with -about 44 pieces- he can have all the fun in the world playing pretend with friends.

This toy is especially perfect for boys as they love racing around with their remote control cars, in this case, trucks. Made with child-friendly materials, your son is going to be safe all the time.

This is an image of kid's toys truck building kit in colorful colors


2. Play22 Car Transport Truck

Does your son have too many toy cars? If yes, get him a transport truck. Nothing looks cooler than a bunch of sports cars parked in a much cooler truck. The play22 transport trucks come with 6 racing cars, construction cones, construction signs, and roadblocks.

Suitable for kids aged 3 and above, this beautifully made toy is sure to become favorite at first glance. With many cars to choose from, and other parts to enhance the experience, your son is sure to have a lot of fun playing with this elegant toy.


This is an image of kid's toy truck transport in black color


3. Dig Up Dino Eggs

From the very first time, children learn about the discovery channel, one of the few things that catch their attention is the extinct giant lizards. Dinosaurs! Kids are fascinated by them, they can’t stop talking about them. But if you want to take their love for dinosaurs up a notch, then this toy would do just that.

With a dozen dino eggs included in the package, you would hide them and your son would help us with the important discovery of these eggs. He could play alone or with his friends, and you would have a couple of paleontologists running around in the house dino-egg hunting.


This is an image of kid's dino Eggs kit


4. LINCOLN Construction logs

This toy has 111 reasons to make your son happy. With 111 pieces of high-quality maple wood in the pack, which he can use to construct whatever he can imagine in his mind. With the manual offering three building ideas: a large cabin, 2 small houses with a bonfire and a tall tower.

The beautiful maple wood is correctly stained to give a realistic cabin finish. All the pieces are to be stored in the set’s collectible tin, and the logs are easy to clean.

With a toy like this, the limit is your child’s imagination. He would have fun playing with both friends and family alike.

This is an image of kid's construction building kit by Lincolin Logs


5. Marvel Superhero Memory Game

With the most popular cartoon characters on TV, namely Loki, Black Widow, Falcon, Venom, Captain Marvel, Doctor Octopus, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Man to name a few. It goes without saying that your son would love this toy.

Included in the pack are 72 tiles and a clear set of instructions, this toy is sure to improve the focus, memory and mental alertness of the child. For the perfect blend of fun and child development, this is the toy to buy.


This is an image of kid's matching card game


6. 9-in-1 Kid’s Explorer Kit

Adventure is all four year old kids crave for. The 9-in-1 explorer kit for kids by Mini Explorer is suitable for kids. For young children, it is advised to encourage their insatiable thirst for adventure.

The Mini Explorer kit for kids contains the following items: kids binoculars, fan, magnifying glass, and a crank flashlight. Also contained in the kitchen is a 5-function multi-tool which consists of the compass, thermometer, whistle, instant flashlight, and magnifying glass.

The mini explorer toy helps inspire creativity in kids. The toy is safe to use, encourages appreciation of nature and heightened scientific knowledge.

This is an image of kid's Explorer kit


7. Easuntec Remote Dinosaur

Easuntec offers an amazing toy for 48-month-old boys and above, it is an amazing 3D Dinosaur toy that will spark the imagination and excitement of four year old boys.

The 3D dinosaur makes use of night light 3D technology to produce a realistic-looking dinosaur. Without doubts, your little boy is sure to be charmed by it and make it one of his best toys. You can get this toy as a gift for special occasions such as birthdays.

This cool toy comes with its own remote which allows you to change the color of the 3D dinosaur to 16 different options.

This is an image of kid's 3D night light in blue color with remote control


8. National Geographic Big Book of Why

This is a fun browsable interactive book, with a question and answer format. The book delivers crafts, simple recipes, hands-on games, and lively information. It excites your kid with answers to questions like, “what makes a car go? What does the doctor see in my eyes?”. This intelligently crafted book helps prepare children for school in the most interactive way possible, it fosters learning st his age. This highly explorative book allows your kid to blend fun with learning.

This is an image of kid's National geographic book


9. Stomp Rocket Planes for Kids

Rocket Stunt Planes are suitable outdoor toys for 4 year old boys. At this age, their incredible energy level pushes them to run and jump everywhere.

The Stomp Rocket Stunt Plane is rated among the best toy for kids and can be given as gifts during birthdays, New Year, Easter and Christmas celebrations. It consists of 3 foam plane toys and can be used by both boys and girls.

The Stomp rocket stunt planes is an excellent toy for little boys who just started to dream about becoming a pilot or aeronautical engineer. Let your child dream soar like the plane rocket.

This is an image of kid's Stomp rocket


10. John Deere Monster Tractor

The beautifully designed Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor is one of the best toys for boys who love tractors. Let your kids aged 4 gets some farming education from a very young age. More than imparting knowledge about farming, the tractor is one of the best toys for four-year-old boys to play with.

The 48 month old boy’s toy is a wonderful toy that can be played within all locations be it indoors or outdoors. It is easy to use and operate. All you have to do to move the tractor is to roll it and watch it move quickly while flashing Green LED lights.


This is an image of kid's John Deere wheels tractor in black and green colors


11. Children Outdoor Kit

Adventure kids offer exciting toys for little boys aged 4. Inside the adventure kit are all the materials needed by little boys to have fun outdoors and make good use of their camping experience.

The materials included in this adventure kit are the outdoor exploration kit, backpack, toy binoculars, compass, flashlight, whistle, and magnifying glass. It is a wonderful toy choice for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. It is also a great learning tool, helps stimulates the mind and the creative capacity of of little boys. The toy has a high educational value and it simply can’t be ignored.


This is an image of kid's exploration kit in orange color


12. PROGRACE Camera for Kids

Everybody enjoys taking pictures today, even little kids. Getting a camera is an excellent gift idea for four-year-old boys. Prograce kid’s camera is available in four colors: blue, green, black and Christmas red.

The camera is a multi-function kids camera that not only takes pictures and record videos but also has exciting puzzle games. Focused on delivering enough quality even for little kids, the quality of pictures and videos is topnotch. It is easy to use and very portable to carry around. Inspire your little boy to take interest in photography by getting this amazing toy for him.

This is an image of kid's digital camera in blue and yellow colors


13. STEM Construction Blocks

The STEM toy kit which has 101 pieces is a good toy selection for 4 year old boys. It is a wonderful learning set that trains the child in areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The toy for little boys helps the child develop cognitive skills and enhances creativity.

It is recognized as a great toy for high-quality learning. This toy alone develops your boy aged 4 in areas such as imaginative capacity, social skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork and cooperation, logical thinking skills and motor skills. Four kids can play together at once.

This is an image of kid's 101 pieces STEM toys kit


14. Dinosaur Toy Cars

The pull back dinosaur toy cars are exactly what a toy for 48 months old boys should look like, sturdy and obstacle crushing. The toy cars are designed with high-quality materials that make it almost impossible to break.

It is a wonderful toy choice for little boys and other kids because it is completely safe to play with and it encourages parent-children interaction. It is the perfect gift for four year old boys.

The best toys suitable for boys are creative and multifunctional. They are crash resistance and made of durable, non-toxic materials.

This is an image of kid's Dinosaur car toys pack


15. iPlay Golf Set

The golf toy set is a playing and learning tool recommended for all kids. It is one step in the right direction of producing the next Tiger Woods.

The toy which is suitable for four-year-olds is designed for the small hands and less powerful grip of boys aged 4. It is a learning opportunity for young boys to develop sporting skills.

It helps develop skills such as teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, imagination and motor skills. It is also an interactive and bonding tool for parents and children. Impact the younger kids with your golf knowledge and watch them grow.

This is an image of kid's Golf toys set in grey and orange colors


16. Aqua Drawing Mat

Experts recommend a safe learning environment and educative toys to aid the development of the child. The best toys are toys that are exciting to play with and leave an educative impact.

The large size dinosaurs aqua drawing mat for kids is a quality toy for boys aged 4. It is made up of the drawing booklet and drawing template.

It does not use ink, paint or any toxic non-chemical that are prone to make a mess when drawing and painting. Instead of those messy tools, it uses water to draw and paint. It is a safe and fun toy for your boy.

This is an image of kid's large drawing mat


17. Sopu Robot Toys

At age 4, your kid is learning the art of communication and how to interact well with his surroundings. The perfect toys you can give him at this age, are toys that will help improve this developmental process. One such toy is the Sopu talking robot toy.

Sopu robot toy is a mini interactive toy that repeats what you say. By tapping the button on the head of the robot twice and talking to it, your kid will find this robot repeating everything he has said. Some amazing features of this Talking Robot include360 rotatable joints, durable battery life, Flashing LED Light Eyes and ability to record and repeat long conversations.

This is an image of kid's Robot toys in green color


18. Marvel Quartz Watch

All little boys have different superheroes that they admire and want to be like. If your kid is a Spiderman fan, then how about you take a step closer in supporting your kids’ fantasy by giving him a Marvel Spiderman digital watch. The Spiderman digital watch is a fun watch for kids, with several features that make it unique from other watches. As the name implies the watch is designed with a picture of Spiderman on the dial.

The watch also features a fun LED light and a flashing LED light that illuminates when you press the side button. Spiderman digital watch comes with a long-lasting battery and a high-quality casing build that guarantees durability.


This is an image of kid's Quartz watch with spider man design in red and blue colors


19. Kid’s Tactical Gear

Looking for the perfect gift for a 4 year old boy? Give him one that allows him to pretend play actively and creatively. He will thank you forever. No other gift is best in this category than UWANTME kids tactical vest kit. This is a fun vest kit with several accessories that promises hours of exciting play for your kid.

UWANTME Tactical vest helps your kid carry along enough firepower needed to win pretend play nerf wars. Some of the gear in this tactical vest kit includes a dart pouch, 30 refill darts, a protective glass, tactical mask and so on. The Tactical vest kit is great for enjoying outdoor games with friends.


This is an image of kid's tactical vest


20. VTech Creative Center

A good toy will not only give your little boy a fun experience, it will also help him in the development of skills. The good toy we are talking about is Vtech Write and Learn creative center. This is a learning toy magnetic drawing board that helps your kid practice his writing and drawing skills with on-screen instructions and interactive activities.

The creativity center provides children with an interactive and fun way of writing and drawing. It teaches letters, shapes, objects, drawing and so on. Another nice perk of the Vtech write and learn creative center is that it is great for parent and children play. You can customize the creative center with your child’s name, as well as choose a drawing activity for your son.

This is an image of kid's magnetic board in white color


21. DreamBox Night Light Projector

One of the best toys for four year old boys that you will find in the market is the Dreamingbox Star Night Light Projector for kids. With an attractive aesthetic design, it looks like a gift a fairy in a fairytale would gift its loved ones. The DreamingboxStar projector features a bright Star and moon night light, romantic light dream color modes, light circling and rotation.

This popular cosmos star projector lamp can be used for different functions. It can serve as a night light to keep children from being afraid in the night. It is also great for new moms to use when breastfeeding their baby at night. Why go outside to stare at stars when you can watch them glow in your room.


This is an image of kid's Light projector in black color


22. Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality

Imagine a toy that enables your little kid visits and see other regions in the world right in the comfort of his home. Imagine Shifu Orboot. Orboot is an award-winning augmented reality interactive globe for kids. The Orboot globe is very unique in the sense that it contains no borders and names and can be connected to a fun and interactive Orboot app.

With this app, your kids can explore the world with 400+ wonders and 1000+ cool facts across six categories which include: animals, inventions, cuisines, monuments, maps, and cultures. Orboot helps sensitize young minds to people and cultures around the world, as well as improve their imagination and curiosity.


This is an image of kid's shifu orboot


23. Fisher-Price Batcopter

Boys love watching superhero cartoons and DC’s Batman is one of such superheroes 4 year old boys love to watch. The Batcopter by Fisher-Price is a lovely DC batman toy that little boys are going to fall in love with at first sight. The Batcopter comes with no other action figure but batman himself, making it an irresistible double combo for any boy that is over 4 years of age.

The batman themed toy for boys is a lovely toy buddy for kids. It helps develop the imagination and creativity of boys as they play with their star hero batman and his Batcopter.


This is an image of kid's LEGO DC toys


24. Activ Life Flying Rings

if you are looking for fun and an easy way for your kid to spend more time playing outside and less time sitting in front of a screen, then you will love Activ Life Flyers. Activ Flyers are flying discs that guarantee a lot of fun hours for your kid. There is no limit to the type of game you can play with Activ Flyers. Ring toss, playing catch, if you can think it, you can do it with Activ Flyers.

There are several features unique to these flying discs that make it one of the best toys for four-year-old boys. These features include very lightweight, safe and easy to use.


This is an image of kid's fly straight pack


25. Melissa & Doug Art Box

The scratch art box which contains mini notes of the rainbow by Melissa & Doug is a lovely art and craft you for boys aged 4. There are over 125 pieces of rainbow mini notes and a wooden stylus in the package. These mini notes encourage your kids to get creative as they can perform a lot of art choices such as jotting notes, making beautiful designs, creating brilliant illustrations and etching doodles on it.

It is a lovely toy to encourage kids to develop fine art skills. It is a creative toy that helps to enhance the creativity and imagination of kids.


This is an image of kid's Art box of rainbow mini notes


Overall Best Toy

Children are one of the best things to happen for anyone, and for the best, you must get only the best. All the above-listed toys are excellent gift ideas for boys aged 4 and above. But from all the gifts and toys mentioned, the Marvel Superhero Memory Game is the best option.

Featuring interesting familiar characters your little boy would love, and enabling games that would help your child develop. It is a win-win situation for both parent and child. This is the ultimate boy toy.



This is an image of kid's matching card game


Best Budget Toy

When buying toys for your children, one factor to consider is the price of the toy and how much has been budgeted. If you want to buy a gift for your handsome boy but you are working on a budget, the ideal toy is the VTech Creative Center.

This magnetic drawing board provides kids a way to learn and have fun at the same time. It keeps your son occupied and encourages them to develop creativity and improve their imaginative ability. 


This is an image of kid's magnetic board in white color


Where types of gifts are suitable for boys aged 4?

Boys generally like being active, they like running and jumping around. Toys that offer a certain level of adventure and intrigue would be favored by most boys aged 4. Bicycles, tricycles, race cars and construction sets would make most 4 Year old boys happy.