Best Gifts for 5 Year old Boys

Portrait of 5 years adorable old boy playing with plastic brick toys

Looking for gift ideas for a kids birthday? Is the little boy turning five years old and your wondering what presents to get him? We have loads of toys and gift choices below, from easy to use toys to a little bit of a challenge. There many popular gifts and even Christmas toys to compare.

We all know kids are the joy and pride of any parent, and as a parent, getting the best gifts for your child is always the right way to show your love and appreciation. One major problem you might face when buying presents is the plethora of choices which parents are faced with and the corresponding worries you might have for the perfect toy you should buy.

For our piece, we have thoroughly examined the best gifts for five year old boys. If you have a child of this age or around this age, you are in luck. We have simplified your choices among a broad spectrum so that these gifts will satisfy a whole lot of different young boys. We understand what parents go through when shopping online and offline for gifts for their kids.

Considerations when choosing gifts for boys 


When you want to get a gift for your child, you might be wondering, what will he like? Will he be happy with this? What if this isn’t what he had in mind? When trying to buy a gift, there are some key things you should consider:

Age: The age of your child is a crucial factor when purchasing a gift for your child. A toy for a younger age will be too dull, and an older aged toy will be too advanced. Ensure to check the age range of the gift you are about to buy to see if it is appropriate for your child.

Safety: The safety of your child is an essential part of them growing up. Ensure that the toys or gifts you are buying are safe for your child. Check for all parts or parts, which might be a choking hazard or of the materials the toys are made from, are 100% safe for play. These details will help you make better choices when buying gifts for your kid.

25 Best Gifts for 5 year old boys

In this section, we will now discuss the best 25 gifts which you can buy for your five-year-old boys. These twenty-five gifts cut across different fun and engaging toys, which will make your son happy beyond measure. Here are our picks for the best gifts you can pick:

  1. FlyBar Pogo Jumper

Kids, especially little boys love to jump, hop, run and roll. They can do all these activities and more all day long as far as their amazing energy levels let them.

FlyBar has a wonderful product called My First Foam Pogo Jumper for kids that allow kids to do all the energetic activities they love. It comes with a safe pogo stick, durable foam and an exciting bungee jumper. It is a wonderful gift idea for little boys at the age of 5.

It is available in 13 amazing colors: blue, frog, orange, pink, red, blue led, fire, fox, monkey, panda, police, red led and unicorn. Your little five year old boy is going to love this top gift idea.This is an image of kid's pogo jumper in green and blue colors


  1. Lascoota Adjustable Scooter

Boys love to engage in high energy activities; riding, racing and scooting are a few examples of such activities. The Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter is the perfect gift idea for a boy that has seen five birthdays. The seat is removable which gives the boy the option of scooting while sitting or standing when playing with the lovely toy.

It is available in six existing colors: blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow. You can adjust the height of the toy to fit the height of your child.

It helps develop your child’s motor skills and builds self-confidence. The light-up wheels which flash different colors of light when in motion makes the ride more enjoyable.

This is an image of kid's kick scooter in black and green colors



  1. Paw Patrol Electronic Reader

The Paw Patrol Me Reader and 8-Book Library toy for kids by Nickelodeon are great learning resources. The electronic reader introduces your little kid to the world of computers. The reader exposes kids to a lot of books, most of which are interactive and features read and sing aloud activities. The reader also helps your little boy aged 5 to identify and recognize colors and shapes.

It also helps to develop the reading culture in both boys and girls. It also had 8 hardcover books which help stimulate the imagination and creative instincts of the child. Inside the books are many pictures which help build their vocabulary.

This is an image of paw patrol electronic reader book in red color


  1. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

This is another exciting toy for young boys from the age of 5 and above. The Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes which is not only for boys is an excellent gift idea for special occasions like birthdays and to mark New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations. Inside the box is 3 foam plane toys which are outdoor rocket toys for kids.

Running, jumping and stomping for boys promises to be fun-packed with this toy. The Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes performs a host of stunts in flight and can soar as high as 100 feet in the air. The toy is a great educational toy for kids who want to become pilots or aeronautical engineers and is considered one of the cool gifts.

This is an image of kid's stomp rocket


  1. Dreamingbox Binoculars

Another great toy for boys the age of 5 and above is the Compact Shockproof Binoculars by Dreamingbox. This exciting toy brings science closer to kids. It is the perfect gift for a young child who has a flair for discovering things and for careful observation. It is available in ten colors: blue, green, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, rose, sky blue and yellow.

This toy helps provide awareness for children about the beauty and wonders of nature. The binoculars for kids is made of quality materials and is comparable with the real thing. It is a safe toy for children and the soft rubber around the binoculars prevents eye and face hurts.


This is an image of binoculars in blue color


  1. Crazy Forts

The 69 piece purple crazy Forts are a wonderful toy for five-year-old boys and above to use for construction. It is a building toy and can be used to build anything the child can imagine.

The toy comes with 69 piers of toggles and rods which are safe for your kids, they are completely harmless. Your kids can build just about any structure with these toggles and rods. They can build a playhouse, cave, castle, igloo, barn, pirate ship, and a fort.

The toy allows your kids to create their own play space. It is a wonderful gift idea for boys who have marked five anniversaries. It helps develop creative skills and critical thinking skills.

This is an image of kid's forts purple pieces in green and purple colors


  1. Trivial Pursuit

This is a quality you for kids of all age grades. It is also an excellent family game to involve both parents and children. Boys, the age of 5 can easily fit into the game. The materials used are safe and harmless.

With over 1200 questions to answer, families can play this game all day long. The game is open for both team and individual play. The questions test the thinking capacity of kids and improve their problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking skills.

Contained inside the game set are the game board, 100 blue cards for adults, another 100 yellow cards for kids, 6 scoring tokens, 2 card holders, 36 scoring wedges, die and instructions.

This is an image of kid's trivial pursuit games


  1. Shifu Interactive Globe

Looking for a STEM toy for boys and girls who are five years of age? The Shifu Orboot is a wonderful pick for kids. The globe for kids connects to the fun, interactive and educative Orboot app. The app is filled with over 400 exciting places and wonders of the earth and 1000 fun and interesting facts about the earth.

Your little children get to travel the world from the comfort of their homes. It is a great learning tool to learn geography and history. Your kids will know more about the world, such as knowledge about the continents, oceans, important landmarks, cultures of different countries of the world and the names of many countries and places.

This is one of the most popular toys at the moment for kids and if they already have a tablet this is perfect choice.

This is an image of kid's interactive globe in white color


  1. Activ Life Discs

Five year old boys love toys that are exciting and the Activ Life Kids Flying Rings are one of them. It is available in 7 twin color packs: blue/red, cyan/yellow,  glow in the dark, green/orange, navy/teal, pink/purple and white/black.

The flying discs are completely safe and are made of little materials. Even when they hit young boys accidentally, it does not cause any slight bruise or injury.

It is the perfect gift idea for little boys either as a surprise birthday gift or to mark special occasions such as New Year, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas celebrations. These hot toys also helps enhance your kid’s imagination and can be played by a whole family.

This is an image of kid's kids flying rings in white color


  1. Piano Play Mat

Boys love the sound of music, toys with sounds are interactive and fun to play with. Play 22 offers an exciting Keyboard Playmat for boys the age of 5. The Playmat can be used to play demo music, perform record and playback functions. It is one of the best keyboard gifts for little boys who have successfully marked five birthdays.

The Playmat allows children to use any part of their bodies to make sounds and create music. They can use their hands, feet and even knee.

Playmat helps develop motor and coordination skills. It can be used as a practice for the real keyboard learning and makes this gift for 5 year old special.

This is an image of kid's keyboard playmat 71 in white and black colors


  1. Selieve Walkie Talkies

Gifting your kid toy walkie talkies on his birthday is a way of saying you love his adventures and wants him to have more fun. One of the best kids walkie talkies you will see on the market is Selieve Walkie Talkies. Selieve Walkie Talkies has several features that make it the top toy walkie talkie for your kid.

The toy comes with exciting features like 22 channels, Backlit LCD Flashlight, 3 miles range and so on. The 22 channels are protected with 99 CTCSS sub-codes to make sure you are the only one that can communicate with your kid on that channel. The Walkie Talkies also has a voice activation feature that allows you to communicate without pressing the PTT button. This is an image of kid's walkie talkies radio toy in blue and green colors


  1. WisToyz Soccer Set

Want to keep your kid sporty even during bad weather conditions? Then WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set is the perfect gift to give your child. Hover Soccer Ball set is a new conception soccer toy for your kids to play within bad weather.

This best-seller toy promises a whole lot of fun and laughs for you and your kids with its exciting features. Some of the features of this Hover ball set are an Inflatable ball, hover ball, two nets and built-in LED flashlight. The fan inside the disk produces a cushion of air that makes it hover and fun to kick by your child. Hover Soccer Ball allows your kid to play soccer and other games right inside the house.

This is an image of kid's soccer ball set with 2 goals in orange and blue colors


  1. OmWay Digital Camera

Looking for the best birthday gifts for a 5-year-old boy? Look no more. Just give him Omway Digital Camera and you would have given him the best birthday gift ever. This Kids digital camera comes with 32G SD card & USB cable and several other features that make it the top choice in the market.

It comes with a mini portable size/light-weight /lanyard design, that makes it easy and comfy for your kids to carry anywhere. Available options like Autofocus and customized frame make photo snapping and editing more fun for your kids. You can rest assured of its safety and durability with its protective shockproof silicone shell.

This is an image of kid's digital video camera with memory card in blue color


  1. Play22 Racing Car

The toys parents prefer to purchase for their little boys are toys that allow them to be creative while having fun doing so. One toy that gives you these perks is Play22 Take Apart Racing Car Toy Set.

As its name implies, this toy car set allows your kid to build his own toy car and apart using 30 pieces. The accessories in this Toy set includes 5 car parts, 5 modification parts, 8 tires, screws and so on. The toy car from Play22 gives off realistic sounds and lights that make your kid fall in love with it at first sight.

This is an image of kid's take aprt racing car in colorful colors


  1. ESSENSON Explorer Kit

If your kid loves adventures and exploration, then the best thing you can do for him at age five is to gift him an ESSENSON Outdoor Explorer Kit. This Kids exploration set is so loved by many customers because of the exciting learning opportunities it offers. The Exploration Kit comes in a beautiful gift box that will put smiles on the face of your little boy.

Some of the essential accessories include Binoculars, Compass, Magnifying glass, Critter case, Butterfly net, Bug Containers, Insect Book, Backpack and so on. There is nothing that would help your kid on his outdoor and hiking adventures that you won’t find in this explorer kit. This is an image of kid's explorer kit


  1. Roko Superhero Capes

All boys have superheroes they admire and nothing excites them more than getting to dress and pretend like these superheroes. A good gift you can give your boy that would suit his hero pretend play better is Roko 476 Fun Cartoon Superhero Capes.

These capes are made from high-quality materials that can be comfortably worn for long periods of time. The superheroes come with masks and they glow in the dark making your kids play more enjoyable. These premium quality superhero capes can be worn over regular shirts or any other clothing. Yes, these capes are great for Halloween costumes too.

This is an image of kid's Cartoon superhero pack in colorful colors


  1. Play22 Remote Robot Toy

Play22 has a lot of great toys for both boys and girls. The Remote Control Robot Toy is a superb toy for boys the age of five and above. Boys love interactive and fighting toys, and they are sure to love this remote control toy robot that can perform a lot of fun activities.

The Robot toy is the best gift idea for boys. It is the perfect gift for birthday celebrations and making occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and Thanksgiving.

The toy robot that kids can easily control with the aid of a remote control performs the following actions: shooting missiles, dancing, flashing lights, talking, sliding and walking.

This is an image of kid's robot toy with remote control in gray and black colors


  1. Marky Sparky Blast Pad

Young lads of five years and above love to jump and watch things fly. Marky Sparky blast pad rocket launcher makes this a reality. Your kid just has to stomp his feet on the durable blast pad rocket launcher and watch the rocket rise to as high as 200 feet off the ground!

It is a fun toy that is suitable for all including adults. It is a great and fun outdoor toy. It is a lovely birthday gift for boys. The blast pad rocket launcher helps build the physical fitness of your kids, jumping is a great exercise for healthy bones. Social skills such as teamwork and coordination are also learnt. This is one of the best outdoor toys and if you have the space to use this, it makes a great present.

This is an image of kid's Blast rocket shoots with high feet


  1. Lydaz Dinosaur Tracks

This dinosaur-themed race track is one of the best toys for 5 year old boys on this list. The track is fun, engaging, and full of surprising twists and turns. The detachable nature of the track set allows it to be built in so many different ways. Your child can sculpt and mold the racetrack to suit his preference and have fun while doing so. The cars fit perfectly on the tracks and leave no loose ends when taking smooth rides on the track.

Allow your son to develop good motor and eye-hand coordination skills, which he’ll need as he grows older. Your child will love this interactive track set, and there is so much fun he can have with it. You could also get additional cars to maximize the enjoyment your son will have.

this is an image of a toy dinosaur racing track


  1. Elite Kids Tactical Vest

Are you looking for fun gift ideas for five you old boys? Then you must stop looking because we have got the perfect gem right here. This kid’s tactical vest will give your kid a great time outdoors and encourage group okay with other kids. It comes with darts, a protective mask, a wrist band, and other accessories, which will make your child an impromptu soldier ready to do battle. If you are trying to get your child to spend more time outdoors, then this toy is a great choice.

We know you might have second thoughts about this gift, but it comes with enough protective gear to guarantee the safety of your child’s body and face. For extra fun, set up a beautiful outdoor environment for your son to play and interact with his friends. If your boy has hit the nerf gun stage and wants to play with cool toys like his older brother, then this is a must-have gift!

This is an image of kid's vest nerf guns in black color



  1. LEGO Building Kit

LEGO has a reputation for having toys that enable children to develop their mental and cognitive capacities. The building blocks and interactive toys alloy your child let their imaginations roam free. This race car LEGO can be built using all its parts, and we assure you it will surely be a good investment in your child’s playtime. The vehicle comes in different colors, including Red, Lime-green, and gray.

You can further combine this toy with other LEGO toys to create even more fantastic creations and experiences. The amazing car can reach incredible speeds and is even more impressive when it is combined with the WHACK N BASH. The LEGO toy is a great STEM set that would be a boost to your son’s development. Buy this toy today and watch it transform your kid’s life. This is an image of kid's stunt car building kit by Lego in black and green colors


  1. iPlay iLearn Golf Set

This is a very interactive toy for five-year-old boys. It engages their senses and builds their eye-hand coordination. If you have a son who shows love for golf games, they would surely love this golf set. You can also take advantage of this golf set to spend more quality time with your son and create so many fun moments. The toy is l own to build teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Allow your son more outdoor time with this golf set. As a plus, it’s a toy that can easily be used by your son and his friends. If you have safety concerns, rest assured you have nothing to worry about as this golf set is safe and secure. The clubs and balls are made from durable and reliable materials that are harmless to your child.

This is an image of kid's sports gaming golft toy


  1. iPoster Interactive Map

Are you looking for a fun and educational toy? Looking for a toy that will develop the mental and physical aspect of your son? This interactive map will teach your kid about the immediate environment while entertaining them in the process. The map contains facts about the US states, National Anthems, weather patterns, and historical events for each of the states. There are different volume levels that you can adjust to suit your child’s tastes.

At the early stages of your child’s life, the things they learn are very crucial to their development. Teaching your son about the various States of the Us at a tender age will make this information stick. Remember that the interactive map makes use of batteries, so you should try and get extras if possible.

This is an image of interactive map for kids


  1. Play22 Toy Truck

Do you have a child fascinated by cars? Then you are in luck as this jumbo toy comes with one truck and six extra toy cars. The truck also has a capacity of twenty-two toy cars meaning you can buy more cars to fill up space in the truck. Use one stone to kill multiple birds with this awesome toy truck, which will give your child a lot of indoor fun. If you have a son who isn’t used to going out a lot or is an introvert, this toy is one you should get them.

The truck doesn’t feature any tiny parts, which might be a choking hazard for your child. The toy is also made of 1000% safe material and comes with included construction roadblocks and cones.

This is an image of kid's transport carrier truck in black color


  1. Pussan Amphibious Car

This car is the crown jewel of race cars available on the market today. It is without a doubt one of the most coveted toys by five-year-old boys and over. Every car will do well on land, how many will be able to have a go in the water? Enjoy the exciting look which will come across your son’s face when you buy him this toy. The car also runs we on rough surfaces so your child can have fun racing the car outdoors.

It has a very durable body and lasts quite long between charges. The car has a powerful design that allows it to move at incredible speeds and make incredible flips and tumbles all for your child’s entertainment.

This is an image of kid's Remote control stunt car in black and red colors



Overall Best Gift

Our overall best buy is the top, which will give you the most features per dollar spent. The toy would also give your child so much joy and excitement. The Play22 toy truck gives your son over 6 cars and other accessories with one purchase. The incredible thing is the extra cars are a freebie and a bonus addition to the truck. Get this truck for your kid today.


This is an image of kid's take aprt racing car in colorful colors


Best Budget Toy

Our best budget buy remains the one buy which you will get the best value for your money. If you are on a budget and would like to get a gift that will be affordable yet very practical, you should get the Lydaz dinosaur tracks. The tracks are not expensive, and you can capture so much value for your kid when you buy this toy. Allow your child to enjoy the world of dinosaur racing and imaginative thinking.


this is an image of a toy dinosaur racing track


What are the different types of gifts suitable for kids?

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. As a parent, you need to realize that your children will have different tastes and preferences. Hence you can’t pick a suitable gift for kids in general. You will need to pay better attention to your kid and know what they like and dislike including their favorite colors, style, or mode of play and inclinations. Some kids generally prefer outdoor excitement and play while others would rather be indoors and prefer puzzle and thinking games. Figure out what your child prefers and get better at getting them suitable gifts.