Best Gifts for 6 Year old Boys

a young boy aged 6 years old opening a new gift pack with books, accessories and items surrounding him

Wondering what gifts to get a boy for his birthday? Maybe it’s a Christmas present and you are wondering what types of gifts are available? We have reviewed great toys and cool gifts to make sure you have a wide selection of gift ideas to choose from.

As boys grow, they develop an appetite for more of everything. They become more agile and active and need something to burn off all the excess energy. With maturity they become more social, wanting to hang out more with their peers. Taking every opportunity to play and connect. As parents and guardians, we can assist him to learn, connect with friends and have fun at the same time. With the right 6 year old boy toy, you can give him the best of all worlds.

Considerations choosing gifts for boys


When you are browsing through a store, you are riddled with too many options. And this many times can be confusing usually leading to the purchase of the wrong gift or toy. To ensure that you do not make this mistake, we have compiled the following factors that you need to consider to simplify your choice.

Age: Your son is growing from a little boy into a fine young man. His tastes would also change as he grows, he would favor more active and physically demanding toys. Another good hit for children his age are toys that challenge them mentally, a puzzle would be an ideal gift idea for boys his age.

Size: He is much taller, he is much faster and he certainly his much bigger. You need to know how much he weighs when shopping for a toy for him. You have to look at the package to see if it comes with a weight limit. You would hate for him to fall off or fall through the toy and accidentally damage it.

Price: Popular Toys for six year old boys do not always have to be expensive. As with everything else being purchased, how much it would cost you is certainly something to keep an eye on. As your boy grows bigger, his toys would get costlier as they would take on more stress and need to be more durable. So when buying toys or gifts for your son make sure you get one that leaves room for him to grow. So you do not end up needing to get another set of toys any time soon.

25 Best gifts for 6 year old boys

Below is a compiled list of the best toys and gift ideas you can get your son. To see him happy and grinning from cheek to cheek. Be sure to get him one or more of these

1. LEGO Pullback Stunt Car

Your children can now get involved with huge spurts of action while using the LEGO Technic WHACK! The car which can be constructed from the base by kids possesses a powerful motor, a tough front bumper, large rear, and extensive black rims.

The building of the car enhances a child’s imaginative power and can be used in competitive races which capture kids’ attention for an extended level of time. The toy car can be used while playing with other kids, and children can pull back and crash with a variety of other LEGO Technic stunt toys. The toy also comes with low profile tires and a toy engine that bangs out when collided with.

This is an image of kid's LEGO car kit in black and green colors


2. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

The My First Flybar foam pogo stick can be enjoyed by kids, especially 6 year old boys who love to bounce on cool toys. The pogo stick, which is made of long-lasting foam, makes sounds anytime a jump is made on it making sure your kids savor every lasting moment while using it.

This toy, which can help get your kid off jumping from the sofa enhances a child’s skills by training hand-eye coordination and improving motor skills. The pogo stick is also designed to refine a child’s balance.
The jumper can either be used indoors or outdoors, with the durability ensuring it lasts long in all forms of weather.

This is an image of kid's Pogo flybar in blue and green colors


3. Crayola Drawing Tablet

The Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet is a well-suited gift for your child on his or her birthday. The drawing tablet which contains 6 small washable gel markers includes a rear that can be detached by the child to trace glowing designs or be kept vacant to create completely fresh and imaginative designs.

The tablet which is perfect for children ages 6 and older is a safe way for allowing your kids to draw designs that glow, sparking their imaginations. This tablet can be powered by just 3 AA batteries. An already constructed storage for markers ensures the toy is perfectly ordered and assembled well after use.


This is an image of kid's Ultimate light board drawing tablet in black and white color


4. IQ engineering toys

Improve your child’s memory retention skills through the IQ BUILDER. This toy is designed to help kids develop a strong foundation in science and technology-related subjects. IQ BUILDER is recommended by academics for home and classroom use and aids in making students understand basic concepts of geometry, physics, and mathematics.

The educational toy which can be used by children, students, and undergraduates alike are perfect for anyone who has a penchant for mathematics, construction, and/or engineering. It strengthens mentality and consistently puts parts of the brain to work.

Based on your skill level, you can use the IQ BUILDER to create simple shapes or complex models.

This is an image of kid's Construction building kit, multi-colors


5. Mattel Robot Games

Boys love a good robot game, at age six they are already obsessed with robot games and top toys. The Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots Game by Mattel Game is the perfect gift for boys to satisfy their robot cravings.

The robot toy is safe and fun to play with. Red Rocker and Blue Bomber (the name of the two robots in the game) will keep kids entertained as they watch and control the robots duel in a yellow ring. It is the perfect robot toy for two or more kids to play with. It also encourages teamwork and collaboration skills.



This is an image of kid's Em Robots game


6. TOPTOY Fun LED Gloves

The TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves is a multi-color toy that is known to be one of the best gifts for 6 year old boys as it satisfies their longing for lights. The gloves can be worn as costumes by boys and girls on several occasions like Halloween, and can also be used at parties, birthdays, and kid’s games.

The toy is made of lightweight cotton/polyester blend that allows aeration and can be stretched to fit different sizes of hands. It’s also quite comfortable can be worn during varying types of weather. It can be the perfect gift for your child as something that can be used during school events, holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This is an image of kid's LED flashing gloves


7. What should Danny do?

What Should Danny Do? It is a book that compiles 9 stories into 1 and engages your child with Danny’s adventures. The book encourages interaction and endows kids with the realization that their decisions would affect their futures. Danny, the hero of the book, makes several choices that kids usually have to make every day thus making kids find the book relatable.

As a child becomes engrossed in the book, he or she would begin to understand that the choices Danny made shaped his day for him. The book is loved by parents and teachers alike as it improves the social and emotional skills of children.

This is an image of kid's book, What should danny do


8. Smack it kid’s card games

Smack it! Cheap toy gift idea and is a card game for children, which allows for absolutely thrilling fun. The games which is made simple for kids to learn is one that engages the whole family and allows 2 to 7 players to participate. It requires consistent concentration, and can be enjoyed by children from age 6. The game can be taught in less than one minute to a child.

The card game is also quite educational, improving your child’s math skills and making the learning process fun. The average game time for Smack it! ranges from 7 to 14 minutes. Make sure you never take your eyes off the cards; you might just miss the action!

This is an image of kid's Card game smack it


9. Outdoor Kid’s Exploration Set

The Outdoor Exploration Set is a pack that inspires exploration of nature. The set comes with a backpack that can be carried with ease by kids on outdoor adventures. It also comes with enjoyable tools for children like binoculars, magnifying glass, LED hand crank, flashlight, whistle, and a compass.

It encourages your child to explore other options apart from video games and movies, making he or she excited to hike and go on expeditions in the wilderness. The kit which is safety verified can be used by kids for camping games and pretend play. Looking for the best gift for 6 year old boys and girls that stimulates appreciation for nature? Then this one is perfect for the job.


This is an image of kid's Outdoor exploration set


10. LEGO Dinosaur Set

Dinosaurs might be extinct but their memories and representations aren’t. A perfect gift for a 6 year old boy, this DIY kit comes with 174 several pieces which when assembled can be used to create a Pterodactyl, Triceratop or a T-Rex. The toy avails kids with several hours of playing time, exercising their creative skills trying to piece the components together.

The dinosaur set comes with attractive accessories – posable head and joints, pointed teeth, bright orange eyes and pointed teeth, which help complete the replica of an actual dinosaur. The T-Rex, Triceratops and Pterodactyl measure over 11cm, 9cm and 4cm high respectively when they are fully set up.


This is an image of kid's LEGO Dinosaurs building kit


11. WizToys Soccer Ball Set

Young lads love a good game of soccer and sports in general. You can find them kicking or throwing a ball around. WisToyz has a cool soccer game for boys aged 6 and above. The Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set by WisToyz comes with 2 goal posts, 1 inflatable ball and air soccer with LED light.

It is an exciting and fun game for six year old boys to play with. It is a wonderful game for both indoor and outdoor play. The game is easy to assemble. It helps enhance the motor skills and sportsmanship spirit of boys.


This is an image of kid's soccer ball set in blue color


12. LEGP Deep Sea Creatures

The LEGO Creator 3 in 1 deep-sea creature set is a wonderful gift idea for boys that have marked six birthdays. The toy kit is made up of 230 pieces which young boys can use to build sea animals such as shark, squid, crab or an angular fish.

The toy kit is an excellent learning tool for kids to know more about deep-sea animals and oceans. It is a great tool to help build your kid’s imagination and creativity mindset.

Boys can play with this toy for hours workout getting tired. It is flexible enough for kids to use their imaginations to create their own sea animals.


This is an image of kid's LEGO Deep Sea Creatures building kit



13. National Geographic: 5000 Awesome Facts

Enrich your kid’s knowledge by getting them the National Geographic Kids toy pack. Inside the pack are over 5000 awesome facts about the world that every kid should know about. These fun and interesting facts help broaden boys that are six years and above conception and knowledge of the world.

The boom is filled with many fun and fact-filled photographs that make reading and assimilation of these valuable facts easier. The gift book is a lovely gift idea to get boys for special occasions such as birthdays and festive celebrations. It is one of the richest learning resources for both young boys and girls.


This is an image of kid's 5000 awesome facts book


14. Tactical Kit for Kids

Shooting games are fun games and activities that interest boys at the age of 6. UWANTME has produced a lovely toy for boys called the Kids Tactical Best Kit. The vest is perfect for Nerf Guns and has a lot of refill darts and reloaded clip for boys to play with.

The vest makes for the ultimate shooting experience and works well with the Need N-Strike Elite blasters. It also has protective glasses that prevent kids from getting hurt and tactical wrist band. The vest allows boys to play with each other and in the process develop vital teamwork and collaboration skills.


This is an image of kid's Nerf guns vest kit


15. Crayola Tracing Pad

The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad is a wonderful gift idea for six year old boys. You can be this gift for birthdays or festive celebrations for boys. It helps improve boys drawing, tracing, sketching and painting skills. It is available in four colors: teal, blue, pink and trolls.

The tracing pad has a glowing effect in the dark, bringing life into the designs. The tracing pad also comes with other fun art accessories such as the coloring book, 12 colored pencils, 1 graphite pencil, 10 tracing sheets, and 10 blank sheets. There are over 100 traceable images for kids to trace.



This is an image of kid's Tracing pad in blue and white colors


16. Kid’s Magic Trick Set

The 3 Bees & Me Deluxe Magic Kit Set allows both boys and girls have hours of mystical fun with the different components in the set. The set comes with magic ball & cup, card & coin and the mysterious wand all for unlimited fun. The book in the set teaches about 75 magic tricks which are easy to learn and give your kids some old school fun – away from the screen.

The kit requires no prior knowledge of magic for the kids to learn the tricks and this makes for an absolute confidence booster. The manufacturer promises a 100% money-back guarantee which means the product has been designed to satisfy.


This is an image of kid's Magic kit set


17. Tiny Captain Socks for Boys

The Dinosaur Kids Sock Set is a 5-pack set for boys aged 4 to 7. The sock set which comes with different solid colors and striped dinosaur prints of socks help to beautify your child’s wardrobe. The socks can be matched to different colors of clothes and shoes. The sock set comes in a variety of colors such as blue, black, grey, white, and brown.

The dino pairs are very comfortable for use and are made to last long. Its premium blend makes provision for increased thickness and warmth. The socks can be worn outdoors or indoors by your child.


This is an image of kid's Dinosaur socks pack


18. iPlay iLearn Construction Set

The iPlay iLearn Construction Vehicle Play Set is a toy set that can be played solely by a child or with friends. The set includes 5 vehicle bodies, road signs, safety cones, and barricades. It highly enhances your kid’s mindset while keeping him or her engaged for hours. It also engages the child in critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, life-learning skills, and motor skills.

This toy set which has been tested and certified safe for children can be used by kids from age 3. It also comes with a handy storage box. A total of 76 pieces that encompasses a crane, bulldozer, forklift, and truck are also available in the playset.


This is an image of kid's Construction vehicle toy set


19. Dreamingbox Binocular for Kids

Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids is highly rated and regarded as one of the best gifts for 6 year old boys and girls. It comes in several attractive colors and advanced design which includes a non-slip scratch feature.

The binoculars also come with soft rubber surrounding the eyepieces so the kids don’t get their faces or eyes injured. Apart from its aesthetic and safe design, the product is rubber-coated which makes the product durable – meaning it can withstand falls and drops on the floor.

Although this product is only a toy, the FMC prism green coated optics system controls optical reflection in order to produce colorful and clear images with up to 8X magnification level.


This is an image of kid's Binoculars in blue color


20. Crayola Coloring Set

The Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set from Crayola is a beautiful and artistic gift idea for 6 year old boys. The art set contains over 140 pieces of coloring tools, a pink case for moving the art set and 150 pieces of paper for drawing. Everything young kid arises need is contained in the coloring set are items such as crayons, markers, and pencils.

There are 64 pieces of crayons, 40 washable markers, and 20 shirt colored pencils. The art set is a useful organizational tool where all art materials can be kept. It aids the development of boys’ imagination and creativity abilities.


This is an image of kid's Art coloring set


21. USA Toys Kid’s Play Tent

The play tent for boys by USA Toyz is a cool toy that boys that have celebrated up to 6 birthdays. The play tent is designed in the form of a rocket ship. The yellow stars in the blue tent cloth make for beautiful viewing. The tent comes with a projector and 24 color images. The projector projects 24 images of space.

The astronaut space tent can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is spacious enough to accommodate 3 children at a time. The package consists of the rocket ship play tent, travel tote, bonus space torch projector, and 3 image slide discs. It is the perfect astronaut play toy for young boys.


This is an image of kid's play tent in rocket design


22. Thinkfun Zingo Reading Game

Zingo Sight Words is a fun pre-reading game for ages 4 and up from ThinkFun. It teaches children to recognize words and is one of the best gifts you can buy for kids.

Zingo Sight Words is made with high-quality components. It is built to develop critical thinking skills. Playing will improve language skills through fun and fast-paced play.

Having been developed by educators to create a great play and stealth learning experience for kids and help with reading skills, it makes a great gift. It is perfect for pre-readers and early readers as it is used to teach recognition of essential words.


This is an image of kid's Zingo reading and educational game


23. Thinkfun Roller coaster building game

The Roller Coaster Challenge by ThinkFun is a cool and exciting toy for boys at the age of 6. It is a toy that has a high educational value. The STEM toy enriches knowledge in the vital areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It has over 40 challenges that teach kids problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. Some other skills include logic skills and creative thinking skills.

It is the best gift for kids for special occasions such as birthdays and festive occasions such as New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations. The toy set includes a game board, 36 tracks, 36 posts, a roller coaster and 40 challenging cards with viable solutions.


This is an image of kid's STEM Roller coaster by ThinkFun


24. Elite Sportz Hookey Games

The hookey game for kids by Elite Sportz is a fun sports game that is suitable for boys that are 6 years of age. It is a safe game for kids to play. The hookey game has 12 rings:6 red and 6 black. The hookey game is a lovely surprise gift for boys either as a birthday gift or a random gift. The hookey board is craved from quality rubberwood materials.

It is a wonderful sport game which involves kids throwing the rings into the target pins. The game overall helps boys develop skills such as hand-eye coordination skills, counting skills, and target skills.


This is an image of kid's wooden hookey games by elite sportz equipment


25. LEGO Toy Truck Building Kit

The city heavy cargo transport by LEGO is a lovely toy truck building kit that is suited for boys who have marked at least 6birthdays. This building kit is a great tool for creative and pretense play by kids. The items in the building kit include the trailer, truck, and helicopter. It also has realistic and fun details such as exhaust pipes and bull bars.

Mini figures such as the truck driver and the pilot of the helicopter are included. The construction toy helps kids further develop their imagination and creativity. It is a nice and exciting gift idea for special occasions such as birthdays.


This is an image of kid's LEGO carfo transport building kit


Overall Best Gift

All the above listed are the awesome toys you can get for any 6 year old boy. But we know your son is special and deserves nothing short of the best. We have asked parents, guardians and children alike to pick which of them would be the best gift idea for your growing son. And the feedback we got was unanimously in support of the Tactical Kit for kids.

Parents like exploring the outdoors with their children, whether climbing a mountain or deep dive in the icy lakes. Your son needs to brush up his outdoor skills, how better than with the state of the art tactical gear.


This is an image of kid's Nerf guns vest kit


Best Budget Toy

Your son is special, but you also need to keep your eyes on the family’s finances. You want to purchase the best gift for a boy aged 6 and at the same time not hurt your pocket. The answer to your dilemma is the National Geographic book with 5000 facts.

This book has 5000 reasons to educate and entertain your son. If you want him to grow and learn, this is the perfect gift.


This is an image of kid's 5000 awesome facts book


Where to buy toys for boys?

You can walk into most stores and come out with one or more good toys for your son. Just be on the lookout for the factors earlier listed, and make sure to shop at reputable stores.

To make your shopping experience easier and friendlier, it is advisable to shop on the internet as you are open to more choices and competitive prices.