Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

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Looking to pick a present for a little boy turning 7 years old? There are loads of different gift ideas and toys to consider, which is why here you will find the best over gifts and budget ideas to cater for all children.

As your little boy grows and develops into a young boy, his needs and tastes change. He wants to go faster, he wants to play longer and he can learn many more things than he could when he was younger. Getting him the right gift or toy could help him develop all these vital skills and more.

Before you drive down to the store or login on your favorite online store to purchase one or more toys. You would do good to consider a few factors that would make your decision about which toy to buy much easier.

Considerations Choosing gifts for boys


There are a lot of toy ideas to choose from, shopping blindly could have negative consequences as you could end up buying something for your child or ward that is inappropriate. To ensure that this does not happen, we have drafted the following as a guide to police your choices.

Age: Children of different ages like different things. Boys, as they grow up, have a large appetite for fun. To meet this demand, you have to get age-appropriate toys. On the package, if checked carefully, you would see a label that indicates the suitability of the gift for your child.

Size: One thing that can influence the experience with his gift or toy is the size of it. It has to be just right, exactly fitting for your child. If you get him one too big or a few sizes too small, he would not have as fun much as you would love him to have playing with his new toy. 

So when shopping for the perfect gift for a 7 year old, look out for the toy’s dimensions and also factor in your son’s height and weight.

Price: Like everything else up for sale, the price is very important. When you walk into a store, the first thing you are greeted with is the many price tags. When shopping for gifts and toys for boys, you need to keep an eye on how much it would cost the family financially. You should shop with a budget in mind.

Regardless of the budget you go with, you would find a beautiful toy for your handsome young man.

25 Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

We have carefully compiled a list of the best toys and gift ideas for young boys. We have sourced data from parents and children to determine what the best toys for boys aged 7 would be. Here they are:

1. Klutz LEGO Science Activity Set

The Klutz Lego Gadgets Science and Activity Kit is an excellent STEM toy for boys that are 7 years of age. The activity set which educates in four areas: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will help boost or enhance boys’ performance in school. The activity kit has enough materials inside for children to build 11 machines!

The activity kit contains over 58 LEGO elements and 6 papercraft pages. It is an educational toy to gift 7 year old boys on their birthdays or simply as a present during the holiday and festive season. The toy for boys also enhances their creativity and imagination.

This is the image of Klutz LEGO Science Activity Set


2. LEGO Pull Back Stunt Car

The Pull Back toy stunt car for boys by LEGO is a lovely piece of engineering toy that boys are going to enjoy playing with. The toy which encourages boys to put their imagination to test by creating different play scenarios helps put their high energy level to good use. It is a good building toy, boys’ age 7 get to assemble their own racing vehicles with the help of this LEGO toy and watch it run.

The toy car for 7 year olds is designed for speed and rugged power. The LEGO toy car is a lovely crash car that will keep your boys engaged in exciting play for hours.

This is the image of LEGO Pull Back Stunt Car


3. STEM Engineering Kit for Boys

Another wonderful STEM toy for boys that have celebrated 7 birthdays is the Toy Pal STEM Building Toy for boys. The educational kids building toy helps to develop boys in four areas: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It has enough pieces (146 pieces) to build over 5 vehicles. It is a lovely toy for your child to test and learn engineering concepts.

The Toy Pal building toy also helps to develop various skills in boys such as problem-solving skills, teamwork and collaboration skills, critical thinking skills and fine motor skills. It also helps to expand the imaginative reach and creative capacity of children.

This is the image of STEM Engineering Kit for Boys



4. Marky Sparky Archery Set

The Faux Bow 3 by Marky Sparky is a great gift for 7 year old boys. The Faux Bow 3 is beautiful archery set for kids is a lovely gift idea for boys during special occasions like birthdays and festive celebrations like Christmas, New Year and Easter. It can also be gotten as a holiday gift for boys.

The archery toy set for boys is best played and most fun outdoors. The set which consists of bow and arrows can shoot arrows at amazing speeds and over a distance of 100 feet! The arrows are safe to play with as its tips are made of foam.

This is the image of Marky Sparky Archery Set



5. Adventure Kidz Exploration Kit

Children love adventuring and exploring toys, this is because they are by heart adventurers and explorers. The Outdoor Exploration Kit by Adventure Kidz is a fabulous toy idea for boys aged 7. The toy kit is made up of the toy binoculars, flashlight, compass, whistle, magnifying glass, and backpack.

It is also a perfect tool for outdoor activities that boys and girls can engage in such as camping and hiking. The adventure kit can be used for pretend play by boys and it is also a useful educational toy. The toy kit for boys encourages scientific exploration and appreciation for nature.

This is the image of Adventure Kidz Exploration Kit



6. Marky Sparky Rocket Launcher Pad

Boys love fun and energetic activities and games such as jumping, running, stomping and hopping to mention just a few. The best toys for boys are the toys can challenge their high energy for productivity. The Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher is an example of such toys.
The toy launcher for boys that have celebrated seven birthdays can shoot rockets as high as 200 feet!

By simply stomping on the durable launch pad, rockets are launched into the air. It is a fun and engaging toy for your boy and his friends. The outdoor toy helps build children’s fitness levels, builds strong bones and encourages teamwork.                                       This is the image of Marky Sparky Rocket Launcher Pad


7. Awesome Jokes for 7 year olds (Book)

Books are good learning tools for children. Books have been proven to help children develop reading and reasoning skills. It is also recognized as a great stimulator of the imagination and one of the best educational tools. I.P Happy has a fun, interesting and educative book called “Awesome Jokes for 7 year olds: Silly Jokes for kids aged 7”. The book is suitable for your 7 year old boy.

The funny joke book is an ideal gift for kids aged 7. There is a space in the front cover for the book giver to put his or her name and the name of the child to be given.

book cover, Awesome Jokes That Every 7 Year Old Should Know


8. Pussan Amphibious Remote Controlled Car

Car toys are one of the favorite toys of boys aged 7. A car gift is a gift that boys are going to love and cherish. The Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids by Pussan is more than the typical car; it is a monster car toy that can run both on the dry ground and in water. It can be used as both a road car and a boat.

It is the perfect toy for boys to carry to the beach during the family vacation. It is available in three colors: blue, green and red. The remote control allows children to control the car from a distance.

                                       This is the image of Pussan Amphibious Remote Controlled Car


9. WisToys Soccer Ball Set

Boys love kicking and throwing anything within their reach which explains why they love sports activities particularly soccer. The WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set is a wonderful gift idea for 7 year old boys. It is a fun and engaging toy for boys. It also encourages social skills such as communication, teamwork, and collaboration as boys pair up to play the game.

The toy set helps strengthen kids’ bones and keep them healthy. The Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set by WisToyz consists of two goalposts, an inflatable ball, a hover soccer ball, a pump, and a detailed instruction manual.

                                       This is the image of WisToys Soccer Ball Set


10. Joyfun Kid’s Walkie Talkies

The Joyfun Walkie Talkies for kids is another exciting toy idea for boys that are over the age of 7. It is the perfect gift idea for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, and festive occasions such as Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

The Walkie Talkie is a lovely toy for boys for long-distance communication (2 miles). It comes with a flashlight and can be used for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. It is available in 6 attractive colors: blue, camo, green, pink, purple and yellow. The Walkie Talkie helps develop boys’ communication skills, imagination, and creativity.

                                       This is the image of Joyfun Kid’s Walkie Talkies


11. HUSAN Electronic Piggy Banks for Kids

Saving is a habit that kids should inculcate from the moment they start receiving allowances or cash gifts and this is why the HUSAN Children Kids Code Electronic Piggy Bank is a perfect gift for your children once they start getting old. This piggy bank also serves as a mini ATM electronic coin bank.

The toy is made from high-quality materials and premium ABS, making it completely safe for children to play with. Among the amazing and unusual Christmas or birthday gift ideas for kids, this one definitely stands out. This password-protected piece can store about 100 pieces of paper money and 600 pieces of coins.

                                       This is the image of 11. HUSAN Electronic Piggy Banks for Kids


12. Kid’s Electronic Writing Tablet

What better to buy for your child on their birthday than to gift them this JRD&BS WINL Electronic Writing Tablet Toy? This toy is beneficial for both educational and creative purposes, both indoors and outdoors.
With the advanced technology etched into the product, the LCD pressure-sensitive screen allows children to count numbers, spell words, doodle, scribble and paint without making a mess on the walls or floors.

The battery-operated piece comes with several features that make this device enjoyable. It has different buttons for erasing the screen in one wipe, locking the screen from an accidental wipe and many more awesome features.

                                       This is the image of Kid's Electronic Writing Tablet


13. LEGO 3 in 1 Propeller Planes

The LEGO Creator 3 in 1 propeller plane is a lovely toy for boys that are 7 years of age. The flying toy building kit has over 128 pieces which boys can use to build their propeller plane. Boys can choose between building a plane with a propeller, helicopter or jet plane. The 3 in 1 propeller plane for kids helps develop kids’ imagination and creativity. Apart from the 3 in 1 option, kids can use their imagination to create something new with the pieces.

These LEGO top toys are easy to build. It is also a great gift for boys that want to become pilots or aeronautical engineers.

                                       This is the image of LEGO 3 in 1 Propeller Planes


14. USA Toyz Nerf Targets for Shooting

Boys love shooting games and toys. The compatible Nerf targets for shooting is a lovely and exciting shooting practice toy that boys that are 7 years of age are going to love and enjoy. The set comes with the following: 1 Astro Shot Zero-G Module, 12 blue darts, 10 target orbs, 1 Dart holder and 1 Dart blaster. These cool items are part of what makes the toy set exciting and fun for boys.

Kids get to enjoy the galactic soundtrack while they aim at the Floating Orbs Nerf Targets. It is a great toy for target practice and more fun when played in numbers.

This is the image of USA Toyz Nerf Targets for Shooting


15. Waterproof Digital Watches for Kids

Watches make top gifts and have always been great ideas for children. The Waterproof Boys Digital Sports Watches that are suitable for boys that are 7 years of age are lovely gifts for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

The sport watch for boys is available in different colors such as red, green, black, blue and gray. The multifunctional watch looks great on boys and fits just about any outfit. The watch is waterproof and can be worn while swimming, showering or washing hands without damaging. The watch is shock-resistant, it can be used as a stopwatch and alarm clock, and it has a black light displlay.

This is the image of eYotto Sports Watch


16. TOPTOY Kid’s Flashing LED Gloves

The flashing LED Gloves by Top Toy is a cool and fun toy for children to play with. The Flashing LED lights create a lot of excitement for kids who are fascinated by the colorful and shining lights. Toys that light up are generally loved by kids and the Flashing LED Gloves is no exception.

It is the perfect gift idea for boys aged 7 and above. It can be given as a birthday gift, toy gift for boys or simply as a visiting gift. The Flashing LED Gloves adds another dimension to kids dressing and can be used as a customer for Halloween and other occasions.

This is an image of girl's LED gloves


17. Toysmith Multi-Voice Changer

The Tech Gear Multi-voice charger by Toysmith is another exciting toy that will interest and excited boys that are seven years of age. It is also a cool learning tool for kids. The toy for boys helps to challenge the minds and imagination of children. They are hundreds of different sound combinations kids can try out. The Multi-voice charger has an electronic voice synthesizer.

The toy is sure to keep children full of laughs, happy and excited for hours as they play with the multi-voice changer. It is a fun gift for birthdays and festive celebrations such as New Year, Christmas and Easter.

This is the image of Toysmith Multi-Voice Changer


18. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

At age 7, boys are usually very full of energy and life. Getting the Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids is one very exciting way to get them to exude bursts of energy within them. The “boing! boing! squeak!” noises which emanate from the jumper allows for several hours of bouncy and healthy fun. The stick is made from durable foam which guarantees its durability for indoor and outdoor use.

Pogo sticks help kids train their balance, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills, giving them a healthy yet fun way to exercise. The manufacturer prides in their product and offers a 30-day refund policy.

This is the image of Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper


19. Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

These children-friendly darts are the safest darts for kids on sale.

Instead of sharp, pointy ends. They stick to the dark board with the help of powerful magnets. This toy would teach your children coordination and allow them to develop their game spirits. The dartboard game is a classic and is one of the best gifts for boys aged 7.

This magnetic dartboard fosters unity and enables your son to socialize, as it can be played with friends and family. It is durably made and beautifully crafted with non-toxic kid-friendly materials.

This is the image of Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board


20. TeeHee Boys Fashion Socks

A perfect gift idea you can give your 7 year old boy that would be an improvement on his wardrobe is TeeHee Kids BoysFashion Cotton Crew 18 Pair Pack Gift Box. This gift has several likable features. The GIft Box features 18 packs of cute and adorable socks. The socks come in different bright colors and nice patterns, your boy would love at first sight.

Specifically designed to be given as a gift, the socks are neatly packed in a beautiful gift box that would give your kid that special feeling you desire. The socks are made with high-quality material and will fit your kid nicely.


21. TAPDRA Classic Retro Game

Your 7 year old boy deserves the best when it comes to gifts, and one of the best toys for kids in the market that you can give your son is TAPDRA Handheld Game Machine. This is a Retro Game with 400 amazing Classic Games that promises hours of fun and excitement for your kid.

The 400 arcade retro games range from football, puzzle, shooting, racing, and Action. This cool handheld game machine features a 3.0 inch Screen, Portable Game console, a rechargeable battery, and a USB cable plug & play. This game helps to develop several skills in your kid such as concentration, focus, and imaginative skills.

This is the image of TAPDRA Classic Retro Game


22. Dreamingbox binoculars for kids

The Compact Shock Proof Binoculars by Dreamingbox is a wonderful gift for 7 year old boys. It is the perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays and festive occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and New Year celebrations. The binoculars for kids are available in 10 colors: blue, green, navy blue, orange, pink, purple, red, rose, sky blue and yellow.

The binocular for kids by Dreamingbox is not your ordinary binocular for kids, it is designed to be as powerful as the adult version. It is a wonderful gift for boys are explorers and adventurers by heart. It also helps kids appreciate nature better.This is the image of Dreamingbox binoculars for kids


23. Tactical Vest for Kids

The TEPSMIGO 2 Pack Tactical Jacket Vest Kit is an exciting gift idea for boys aged 7. It is the perfect ammunition kit for kids shooting games. With this kit, kids get to enjoy the battle and reload their blasters faster and easier than without it.

Your kids are going to love this kit which helps them not to run out of firepower. The Jacket Vest Kit contains the following: 2 Tactical Vest, 2 Quick Reload Clips, 2 Hand Wrist Band, 2 Tube Face Mask, 100 Refill Foam Darts (50 Red Darts and 50 Blue Darts) and 2 Protective Glasses.

This is the image of Tactical Vest for Kids


24. Fold N Fly Airplane Kit

The Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit by Alex Toys is a fun toy for boys aged 7. There are enough materials in the Paper Airplane Kit for you to make 18 paper airplanes, all you have to do is to fold and fly the paper planes in the air.

Inside the kit are 18 printed colorful papers, folding tools, stickers and easy to follow instructions to guide children on how to make the perfect paper airplane. Kids can make a fleet of airports using the tools contained in the kit. The amazing papercraft kit is the perfect gift for an age 7 boy.

This is the image of Fold N Fly Airplane Kit


25. Interactive World Map for Kids

Think Gizmos has produced a lovely, fun and educative Interactive Talking World Map for boys that have celebrated 7 birthdays. The atlas toy for kids is a learning and discovery tool that does wonders for your children’s knowledge. There are over 1000 fun and interesting facts about our world.

The atlas toy for kids is designed to make kids smarter. It also broadens kids’ understanding of the world as they get to learn about new countries, oceans, and other landmarks. The quiz mode helps test your kid’s knowledge about the world. It is an amazing learning tool for both boys and girls.This is the image of Interactive World Map for Kids


Overall Best Buy

All the above-listed toys are sure to make any boy happy. It would be heaven if he had all of them. But if you had to pick one, the ultimate toy for boys the age of 7, our pick would have to be the Doinkit Magnetic dartboard.

Why? Because it is too much fun, family and friends can play at the same time. And compete for awesome in-house prizes, teaches your kids to be competitive and at the same time have fun.


Best Budget Buy

If you are looking to buy a meaningful gift for your son, and at the same time you are working on a budget. It might seem like a daunting task, but we have you covered. The interactive world map for kids is the right option for you.

No toy blends learning and having fun like this, teaches your son to appreciate the world. And could awaken the inner adventurer in him.


Where to buy toys for boys aged 7?

A trip to the store and you would find a lot of suitable gifts and toys for your son. To avoid buying cheap knock offs, make sure you only patronize reputable stores. To ease you and stress and potentially save some money, it is advised that you do your shopping online.

But like the physical stores, it would do you well to check reviews from other parents and children that have patronized the store and bought items similar to the one you are looking to buy.