Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

Happy Birthday Portrait of a happy cute boy of 9 years old in a festive decor with confetti and gifts.

Looking to find a cool gift for a boy turning 9 years old and wondering what to buy?

Hurray! Your little boy is now a fine young man aged 9 year old. He plays more, he eats more. He is no longer that small boy and can no longer play with small boy toys. Just like him, his toys have to change too. They have to be more challenging, mentally and physically. Whatever gifts or toys that are being bought for him must see to it that he develops academically and socially. His playthings must help him become a better version of himself, he must spend his time learning and at the same time having fun.

Most parents and guardians we have interviewed have all confirmed that they usually end up getting the wrong toy for their little boy, the toy might seem right at first but might end up with an adverse effect. To ensure that this does not happen when you enter the store or shop online for the ideal gift for 9 year old boys, you have to keep the following in mind.

Considerations choosing gifts for boys


Age: This is one of the most important factors to consider. Most times parents think that toys are just toys, and anyone would suit their child regardless of age. This is very much untrue because as kids grow you want them to be challenged. You want whatever activity they are involved in to better every aspect of their being. This is why you have to buy age-appropriate toys for 9 year old boys. Toymakers already make this easy as most toys come with age indicating stickers.

Size: When entering that store or shopping online for the best toys for boys, you have to check out the dimensions of the item. How easily it would fit into your home and your son’s play area. If he likes to play outside, size might not be much of an issue. But if he is in his room most time, then you need a gift that would not crowd up his space.

Safety: Another very important factor is the safety of the gift or toy. You have to check the packaging to confirm if the product is made from industry-standard materials. You have to ensure that it poses no hazard to your son. The last thing you want is to buy a toy that would cause more harm than good.

25 Best Gifts for 9 year old boys

If you have considered all the necessary factors to buying the ideal gift for your little boy, then go ahead to buy one or more of the following exciting toys.

1.Electronic Tiny Tennis Table

Most kids want to play table tennis but always end up disappointed because it is quite expensive and the table does not always fit in their play area. This problem no longer exists with the advent of this beautiful electronic solo pong table. You can have all that action that tennis brings in the palm of your hands. This is an excellent gift idea for boys at the age of 9 that spend more of their time alone. If you want him to have fun and keep himself entertained all by himself, this is the purchase to make.

The solo pong table is very exciting and interactive as it comes fitted with sounds and light to enhance the interesting gameplay. This gift is made from the safest materials and poses no hazard to your son.

This is the image of Electronic Tiny Tennis Table

2. The Wilson Soccer Ball

Sometimes the best choice is usually the classic. Your little boy probably has a soccer idol, he screams when the ball rocks the net. And maybe deep down he wishes he could score his own goals, beat his friends at the goalpost as he bends it like Beckham. With the Wilson Soccer Ball, he can do all that. He is going to have fun all day for as long as possible as the balls are made with synthetic leather coverings, quality rubber to ensure that it retains its excellent round shape.

When your son’s friends come around to play, this gift might be the difference between a dull experience and a moment they would never forget. Buy this gift today and put smiles on his face.

This is the image of The Wilson Soccer Ball

3. Anki Cozmo Educational Robot

Your son is a superhero! With his superpowers being his cuteness and infectious laughter. But every superhero needs his sidekick, this is where the Anki Cozmo Robot comes in. Just like the robots from the movie screens, Anki Cozmo has got your son’s back. With his user-friendly interface that is android and ios compatible, he would engage your son in games and challenges. These events would teach him to be self-reliant, learn to be social and have fun all at the same time.

Even more interesting is this cool robot is tougher than it looks, it is highly secure and durable. In the package, you would find this majestic robot, a charger, and three cubes.

This is the image of Anki Cozmo Educational Robot

4. STEM Club Subscription

This is one very exciting gift idea for your 9 year old son. An ideal Christmas or birthday gift. It is more package than a gift, as it gives your son access to more for less. You end up saving 40% on purchases upon the STEM subscription. STEM toys help your son develop in fields such as technology, mathematics, the sciences and many more. STEM toys help your son improve academically in the most entertaining ways possible.

STEM Toys encourage your son to develop important skills like creativity and logic. This is the right gift for that child looking to improve his grades and unwind at the same time.

This is the image of STEM Club Subscription

5. Amazon’s Fire Tablet for Kids

The Amazon Fire Tablet comes fitted with a full high definition display for the crispest images and immersive user experience. Your son would not miss any moment as it has 32GB free space to store whatever content he would need at any time of the day with its 10-hour strong battery. He would seamlessly switch between content with the tablet’s powerful 1.3Ghz quad-core processor and about 1.5 Gigabytes of RAM. And in the event that 32Gb is not enough space, there’s space for a microSD card for about 400GB more storage.

This tablet gives your son access to over 20,000 popular games and applications, books, videos, loads on interesting exciting content from media giants like Nickelodeon, Disney and many more. This without any doubt is one cool gadget every cool kid should have.

This is the image of Amazon's Fire Tablet for Kids

6. Sphero Mini Programmable Ball

This is the perfect example of the best things coming in the smallest of packages. The Sphero mini is quite the bundle of joy, this robot ball comes packed with interesting features like an accelerometer, a couple LED lights and a gyroscope. sphero ball can be controlled using its mobile application and it allows you to play fun games, partake in other cool events and even code.

If you want your son to have a taste of the future with a state of the art gadget from the future, then buy this gadget for him and watch him develop academically, mentally and socially.

This is the image of Sphero Mini Programmable Ball

7. Gravity Defying Remote Controlled Car

Want a blend of science, art, and magic? Why not buy this intelligently designed remote-controlled car that has the ability to drive up and down walls, and can even drive inverted on the ceiling. Included in the pack are the beautiful car and a laser gun.

Point the laser gun in any direction and watch the car sprint in that direction at incredible speeds. The race car can be charged easily and comes with a USB cable to charge when the battery is depleted. The laser gun, on the other hand, runs on 3 AAA batteries that are not included in the pack.

This is the image of Gravity Defying Remote Controlled Car

8. Smartphone Controlled Paperplanes

Kids always want their paper planes to look the coolest and fly the farthest. It is usually difficult to blend these two properties together to get the ultimate flying paper machine. PowerUp toys have made this easy with their crash-resistant paper plane that would defy all gravity before your very eyes.

Even more interesting is that the plane features Bluetooth technology that allows your son to control his plane with any available iOS or Android smartphone. The controls are easy to understand, as the tilt of the phone steers the plane left or right. For the best user experience, it features charging status, the battery level, and other cool gizmos to ensure your son has fun to his fill.

This is the image of Smartphone Controlled Paperplanes

9. LEGO Chevrolet Corvette Building Kit

Does your son like challenges? Does he have a knack for puzzles and for putting things in order? If yeah, then challenge him with this cool LEGO Car building kit with 579 fun pieces to recreate the iconic Hot Rod model. The LEGO Chevy Corvette features visible moving V8 pistons, a working steering, black spoked rims, and black cool tires.

Building this car from scratch is fun, and can be enjoyed with friends and family, and it sees your son improve socially and develop his cognitive skills.

This is the image of LEGO Chevrolet Corvette Building Kit

10. Gravity Maze Marble Game

Another exciting puzzle game from ThinkFun, the leading manufacturer of exciting and challenging puzzles. This Toy of the year winner is going to help your son develop critical skills, it would encourage him to develop planning skills and spatial reasoning. This game is a blend of building and engineering and it trains the young man to appreciate details and creates an interesting learning experience.

With the clearly written instruction manual that comes included in the pack, your son with his friends and family, would be able to breeze through the 60 challenges across the beginner and expert levels. Get this toy as it helps your son develop in many awesome ways.

This is the image of Gravity Maze Marble Game

11. DoinKit Darts

One amazing factor to consider before getting your young boys darts is the difference between the conventional darts and Doinkit darts. Doinkit Darts are magnetic. The dart tips have neodymium magnets that glue to the magnetically oriented dashboard. A group of young boys would find this fun as the darts come in different colours and handled by different players.

Doinkit darts offer the same fun with the normal darts and the process is just the same. Doinkit darts are made with unique mesh elastic materials to give them aerodynamic capacities and have no sharp edges, hence ensuring the safety of your boys. If you love your boys to have all the fun indoor, Doinkit darts is best you get for them.

This is the image of DoinKit Darts

12. KNEX Roller Coaster Set

The Web Weaver Roller Coaster is another building set by KNEX. This unique and thrilling building set has over 430 plus pieces in which children are expected to assemble to form a spectacular roller coaster that will rival those found in Disney World and other amusement parks.

The building set uses glow in the dark colors, giving it a unique stunning effect at night and in dark spaces. It uses a car that rides on the roller coasters. Batteries are required for the car. It is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, surprise visits and festive seasons such as Christmas.

This is the image of KNEX Roller Coaster Set

13. Mattel UNO Card Game

Card games are fun games for children to play with. The UNO card game by Mattel is one of such games. Card games can also be played as family games and it involves more than a single player. The classic card game is an excellent game to play, the game will keep you busy, competitive and engaged.

Once you start to play this game, it is difficult to stop. It is the perfect gift idea for youths. The card game can also be used for family and peer bonding. The game has a 112 card deck which contains many action cards and neutral cards.

This is the image of Mattel UNO Card Game

14. Marky Sparky Rocket Launcher

Blast pad rocket launcher is made for kids that love outdoor or backyard activities. A group of young chaps can engage in this and make a competition out of it. This is because the actual period of the launch is dependent on the jumper. Kids love jumping and watch things fly knowing that the effort is from them.

This is a great deal of fun that will help them showcase their dexterity or skillfulness. Blast pad rocket launcher also creates the opportunity for healthy living and fitness for your young boys. Blast pad rocket launcher is designed to allow missiles to fly over a hundred feet and this serves as natural fun for a group of young boys.

This is the image of Marky Sparky Rocket Launcher Pad

15. KUTHSIC Walkie Talkies for Boys

This lightweight handheld two-way radio is just perfect for every young outdoorsman. If your little boy enjoys camping and other outdoor activities, you must equip him with the right gear. And no camping gear is ever complete without the proper communications device. This walkie talkie would enable him to communicate with other parties on the camping trip effectively.

With a range of about 3Km and awesome sound quality, you can not go wrong with this intelligently crafted walkie talkie. This is the perfect new year, birthday or Christmas gift. Suprise that fine boy with this gadget and watch him beam with joy.

                        This is the image of KUTHSIC Walkie Talkies for Boys


16. Diggin DodgeTag Game Set

Dodge ball games are loved by boys and one of their favorite sports games because of the fun and high-level excitement associated with the game. The dodge tag game set by Diggin is a cool game set for boys that love dodge ball. The set contains 6 doge balls and 2 target tag vests. The game involves 2 players and it is a fantastic game for peer bonding.

The game is easy to play, each player has to throw the dodge balls at the opponents best to win a point and each player has to dodge the balls thrown at their vest to prevent the opponent from winning a point against them.

This is the image of Diggin DodgeTag Game Set

17. Crayola Art Station

Crayola art station is a box of fun and goodness in one piece. This gift item would be appreciated by young boys because it establishes the spiral art and the spin art in an easy to use 2 in 1 station. Young boys that love art and creativity have an edge here.

This product is designed such that it requires no battery usage making it simple to work with. Kids do not only love to be applauded but also see a reason why you applaud them, this gift item leaves your boys with stunning designs immediately the paper stops to spin. This does not stop there, different types of art can be created. Your boys would love to see their arts hung on the wall of the room.

This is the image of Crayola Art Station

18. KNEX Swing Ride Set

Another toy by KNEX for kids that have celebrated at least 9 birthdays on earth, the Swing Ride Building set is a lovely STEM toy that kids can use for amazing explorations. The building set does not just have a learning value but also a fun value for kids. The set has 470 parts which kids can use to create the perfect swing ride. It is a toy set that is suitable for multiplayer (2 to 3 kids).

It encourages social skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and communication. It is an engaging toy that builds kids’ creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

This is the image of KNEX Swing Ride Set

19. Hexbug Spider

Most young kids love any gift item associated with a spider, in the form of sketches or toys. The love is assuredly due to movies and other related visuals they have. Hexbug spider is one gift item your boys will never say no to. Hexbug Spider is designed such that it is handy, six-legged, a 360 degrees rotating head, up to five batteries for long-lasting effect, and most importantly it comes with two infrared remote controls to direct this crawling creature in all orientations.

This gift item comes in different colors as preferred by your boys and it is just perfect for them. The hexbug spider is indeed a pre-programmed walking robot that provides both individual and group fun to kids boy(s).

This is the image of Hexbug Spider

20. Awesome Print T-Shirt for Young Boys

Customized T-shirts are another great gift idea to get for both boys and girls. This customized T-shirt by Tee Stars is the perfect gift idea for children’s birthday celebrations because of the appropriate message written on it. This particular T-shirt is suitable for age 9 boys and girls and has the inscription “THIS IS WHAT AN AWESOME 9 YEAR OLD LOOKS LIKE.” It is a brilliant birthday gift of clothing gift for youth that are 9 years of age.

It is made of cotton material. It is available in colors such as violet, black, blue, green, pink, red, grey and gray.

this is an image of a 9th birthday t-shirt

21. Mongoose Freestyle BMX Bike

Bikes are dream toys for every boy. It is a cool riding tool that is generally accepted by boys. The Freestyle Bike by Mongoose is a beautiful and firm bike for boys that have celebrated 9 birthdays on earth. The BMX bike is available in 6 colors: black or orange, blue, green, grey, silver, and light blue. It is designed for the hands of young bigs and maximum comfort when riding.

The bike has the following features: tubular Chromoly cranks, sealed cartridge crank bearing, sealed bearing rear hub and sealed integrated head bearing. The bike has speed control to prevent accidents and injuries

This is the image of Mongoose Freestyle BMX Bike

22. Sphero Bolt: The cool robot ball

There is an increasing demand for toys for kids that teaches programming. BOLT by Sphero which is a unique and fascinating robot ball with LED lights is one of such toys that teach boys and girls the art of programming. It is a brilliant STEM toy for young boys. It teaches how to program in JavaScript from scratch and within a short time. It is more than a learning tool, the device can also be programmed to play cool games.

The device communicates with other devices like itself. It is a lovely gift idea for young programmers and computer scientists.

This is the image of Sphero Bolt:The cool robot ball

23. KNEX Battle Bow Set

Bows and arrows are nice toys for boys, but your kids are going to love this toy and gun blast set by K-Force. It is a lovely variation in the traditional and popular bow and arrow toy set for kids. In place of bow and arrow is a gun blaster. The toy needs to be assembled and it is quite easy to do so and even disassemble.

The toy set contains 165 pieces which kids have to use their creativity to build. The engineering tog for boys that are 9 years of age is made up of 5 darts, a gun blaster and other materials.

This is the image of KNEX Battle Bow Set

24. Razor Kick Scooter

Scooters are fun racing and riding toy ideas for boys at the age of 9. The A5 Lux Kick Scooter by Razor is available in 4 attractive colors: blue, pink, red and black. It is a lovely and handy transportation tool for young boys which can be used to run errands and even scoot to school and back. The wheels are strong enough to handle the weight of children. It is an amazing gift idea for birthday celebrations.

The scooter is foldable, making it mobile for easy movement and storage. The high-quality scooter for kids is just the fun exercising toy kids need to develop motor skills. The design is cool and attractive for age 9 and up.

This is the image of Razor Kick Scooter

25. Super Spirograph JumboKit

The super spirograph toy kit for 9-year-old boys is an excellent gift idea to get boys for special occasions such as birthdays, surprise visits and festive celebrations. The jumbo kit contains 75 pieces of spiro tracks. The toy is a handful for boys to create their patterns and shapes, taking their design skills to a new height. It engages their creativity and put their imaginations to full use.

The super spirograph toy kit is extremely flexible and curvy and can be used to create any object boys can imagine. It is an exciting and creative toy for boys. It also has a 24-page instruction booklet.

This is the image of Super Spirograph JumboKit

Overall Best Buy

When buying toys for your 9 year old son, you are going to be faced with many good options, picking the best from the many is not an easy task. That’s why we have handled it for you. After consulting kids between the ages of 8 and 10, and talking to parents and guardians, we concluded that the best toy you can get your son is the Amazon Fire Tablet.

With access to over 20,000 applications and games. Interesting content from the top media giants like Nickelodeon and Disney, it is very obvious why this is the top choice.


This is the image of Amazon's Fire Tablet for Kids


Best Budget Buy

When making any purchase, one very important consideration is the cost of the item. In a competitive market, you are very likely to find a meaningful gift or toy at whatever budget you work with. So if you are working with a budget and still looking to pick one toy from the list above, we recommend the STEM Club subscription.

Why? Because it is a package deal, subscribing to this package allows you to get even more educational and fun toys at a discount. You would be getting a whole lot more and spending a lot less. Sounds like a WIN-WIN situation for you and your kid.


This is the image of STEM Club Subscription


Where you can get the best gifts for a 9 year old boy?

To get a lot of options to choose from, we advise you to walk into a store and browse their toy section and you would have more than enough to choose from. Just ensure you read the description on the package to ensure you get just the right one.

If you are looking to save money and save yourself the trouble of browsing and combing through stores, there’s always the option of purchasing on online stores. Just make sure to shop at reputable stores and read other customer reviews before making any purchases.