20 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

happy two years old child sitting on the floor with toys. Pretty little boy palying with wooden cubes at home

Wondering what toys are best for 2 year old boys? Or maybe looking for a birthday gift or something to give a little boy who is soon turning 2? We have a great range of toys and gifts for boys, with over 20 different gifts to choose from.

Your son is growing into a fine young boy. He is no longer that baby with tiny feet and cute arms. He likes playing indoors and outdoors, running around playing tag with his friends. He is ever active, as if in a constant state of sugar rush. If you are looking to keep him occupied, excited and having fun at the same time. A toy would do the trick, the right toy would help him learn, develop his social skills and improve his senses.

Considerations choosing Gifts for Toddler Boys


Choosing the right gift or toy for your two year old son or nephew can be quite easy if you consider some factors. To ensure you get the right toy, follow the following tips and it would make your choice of gift much easier.

Age: Your son just turned two and you are looking through gift ideas to make his day special. Or maybe you are looking to add to his toy collection or just get him a new toy. To make sure he appreciates the gift being bought for him, you have to check the package for age specifications. Different toys have different components and different requirements, to get the right one for your boy be sure to be on the lookout for the label that indicates a suitable age.

Size: To have the best experience playing with his toys, the toy has to be a perfect size. Too big or too small, and you might ruin his fun. Check the toy description for the dimensions to know if it would fit your son or nephew perfectly.

Play area: Another important point to note is the size and extent of the play area available to the kids in question. Some children are only allowed to play indoors and some spend most of their time on the road, traveling with family. Where he would be using his toys would determine the best kind of toy to get him. And the size of the play area would also determine the dimensions of his perfect toy.

Price: Like every other time making a purchase, the cost has to be considered. You need to make sure that you buy him a thoughtful gift but at the same time keep an eye on your finances. There is a toy for every budget, just take your time checking and you would come across that one he would love.

20 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

We have carefully compiled a detailed list of the most popular toys for boys aged 2. These toys have been carefully tested and seen to be safe and exciting for little boys. Enjoy!

1. Little Tikes Pirate Ship

All aboard! Adventure calls! This toy invites your son to sail in his pirate ship across the seven seas in search of treasure. There are lots of gold and other treasures to be found, is he up to the task? With three other pirates to help in the hunt, he would not be alone. There is a canon on-board to ensure he can protect himself and a black flag he would fly to show the world after his many victories.

The button on the ship’s mast activates pirate sounds to create an immersive experience and the deck hatch opens for him to keep his other battle gear. This pretend pirate ship encourages imagination and creativity and your little boy would have all the fun in the world playing with this elegantly made toy. These are great birthday gifts and worth considering!


This is an image of kid's pirate ship toy in colorful colors


2. Radio Flyer Scoot About

Unlike the traditional scooter, this comes with 4 wheels making it very stable and as a result ensuring the safety of your child. Spotting chrome handlebars, this 4-wheeled scooter sees to it that your son or nephew has a lot of fun playing with this toy, but also looking good at the same time.

The adjustable seat on this beautiful toy sees that the scooter grows with your child. This scooter is the perfect little boy’s gift. Thinking of what to get him for his birthday? How about a new set of wheels.

This is an image of toddler's bike in red and white colors by Radio flyer


3. LEGO DUPLO Construction Set

Get this truck set for your kid, if you want him to have a truckload of fun. Pun intended! This amazing, durable made construction set is built to excite and intrigue your child. With this construction set, your son can build the towns and cities of his dreams.

Included in the package are two vehicles, an excavator and a dump truck. To speed up the development of his town, he has two construction workers to assist him, complete with safety helmets, a shovel, and roadwork signs.

This toy encourages imagination and develops your son’s creativity. One of the many advantages of purchasing this toy is that it is made from non-toxic, child-friendly materials to ensure your son’s safety.


This is an image of toddler's LEGO town truck building kit


4. Kid’s design and drill robot

This beautifully colored children robot is designed to inspire and excite your little boy. It allows him to play and have fun to his full, the toy encourages mental and social development. Constant playing with this toy would see him build fine motor and construction skills.

To cap it up, these toys are safe and would see to it that your 2 year old son plays effortlessly with this toy. Ideal for children 36 months old and above. If you are looking to build his interest in engineering, then add this toy to the cart.


This is an image of kid's educational drill robot in blue and green colors


5. The LeapFrop Leaptop

Your son might not be old enough to own and use his laptop. But we got one better for him, his leapfrog leaptop. This state of the art gadget allows him to learn letters of the alphabet, learn and spell his names and many more.

This learning gadget allows your son to receive and send pretend emails, learn the name of various animals and sing along with 16 beautiful sounds and melodies. Purchasing this toy is sure to develop your son artistically, build and further develop his senses. Christmas toys like these go well beyond just the festive period and kids get loads of use out of this leapfrog toy.

This is an image of toddler's educational toy in multi-colors


6. LEGO DUPLO Counting Train

Learning is an important activity in a toddler’s life and counting numbers makes for a significant milestone in their lives. This LEGO DUPLO – My First Number Train for learning and counting is a number train set that includes a buildable locomotive train with three wagons, decorated with numbers from 0 to 9. It also comes with two child LEGO figures and a cat figure.

This set allows toddlers to dismantle and rebuild the building kit while role-playing with the lego figures. The numbers allow for counting in a fun and educational way that is designed for easy grasping for the kids.


This is an image of toddler's LEGO duplo Train building kit in colorful colors


7. Simple Joy’s 3 Pack Pajamas

These 3-Pack loose fit fleece footed pajamas from Simple Joys by Carter’s for 2 year old boys is made with 100% polyester, comes with zipper closure and is safe for machine wash. The material for the cloth is flame resistant and free of chemical treatments which makes it perfectly safe for kids to sleep in. The set of three pajamas comes with a gripper-foot design with attractive appliques and patterns.

The pajamas are made with ankle-to-chin zipper and a snap-over tab which makes them easy to change. The three pieces come in soft and ribbed, fuzzy and cozy, with a smooth texture for kid’s comfort.


This is an image of toddler's baby outfit pack in colorful colors



8. VTech Pretend Toolbox

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox is a fix and playset for role-play fun specially designed for kids and accompanying guardians to have fun with. The set comes with a working toy drill, wrench, electronic fix-it tray, screws, and nails. The drill spins the gears and drills the screws into the electronic tray’s holes. The drilling of screws into the tray and mechanical sounds from the equipment helps build the children’s motor skills.

One of the best gifts for two year old boys, the set also comes with instruction cards that help kids learn about numbers and colors while pretending to be fixing materials.

This is an image of kid's VTech Toolbox toy in multi-colors


9.  The Paw Patrol Rescue Box

Boys and girls ages 0 to 3 will love this box of four board books starring the awesome pups of Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol. It features a sturdy handle for adventures on the go with vibrant pictures. Each story is engaging and is not too wordy.

You can’t go wrong with Paw Patrol, with it made up of cute short stories that are easy to read and quick for bedtime. The books have cardboard pages that keep the book from getting damaged.

Being very small and compact, it is great to take anywhere. Look no further when trying to come up with a Christmas gift or holiday gift for your kid.

This is an image of toddler's paw patrol board books pack


10. VTech Touch and Teach Book

The Touch and Teach Word Book by VTech is a fun educational tool for age 2 boys. It is available in 2 color formats: orange and pink. The Word Book for boys has a lot of benefits, some of which include the development of various skills such as language skills, social skills, cognitive skill, emotional skills, physical skills, and fine motor skills. The book helps little kids improve their vocabulary.

Kids can learn over 100 words through 4 fun activities through the word book. The book has 12 interactive and educative pages, 90 rich sounds and 150 cool songs for boys.

This is an image of toddler's word book in colorful colors


11. Beetheaces Water Doodle Mat

Researchers all agree that learning through play is key to a child’s healthy development. Colorful drawing area makes the drawing more vivid, helping the child to improve the ability of color recognition and imagination. Best educational kids toddler toys to develop the brain, inspire their imagination.

No paint or ink is required and all that is needed for drawing is tap water. It is made to perfectly help avoid your children from making a mess. Let you free of housework.

It includes:
1 doodle mat,1 drawing booklet, 1 stationery Box, 4 magic pen, 4 drawing shape template, 4 pattern marker, and 4 suction cups.


This is an image of toddler's doodle mat pack, blue color


12. VTech Drum Set

The Kidi Beats Kids Drum set by VTech is a nice drum set toy for boys of over 2 years of age. Boys can become their little drummer and create and play cool beats they can dance to. The drum set is made up of four electronic drums and a pair of drumsticks. It has 9 in-built bears which boys can play along to and master.

The electronic drums generate cool lights that attract little boys. It has a cymbal that produces its unique sounds. It is an educational toy for youngsters which teaches the English alphabet and numbers innovatively.


This is an image of toddler's drum set by Vtech in multi-colors


13. VTech dump and go truck

The Drop and Go Dump Truck by VTech is a beautiful toy truck for boys who are 2 years of age. It is available in 2 exciting colors: orange and yellow. The toy truck for youngsters is a fun truck toy little boys can push and pull the way they want. It is made up of the hinge bucket, smart response and 3 colorful buttons.

These buttons are interactive and play cool songs while teaching phrases and colors. It helps children develop fine motor skills, color recognition skills and enhances the imagination and creativity of children. The toy truck makes a good birthday gift.

This is an image of toddler's truck toy by Vtech in colorful colors


14. Cyiecw music play mat

We all know that pianos and keyboards are played with the deft touch of the fingers on the fine musical keys. But with this toy, you get an amazing twist to the narrative. Your children can stomp on the piano, and play beautiful musical notes with their feet. Because of the stress on this toy, it is made from safe, soft and durable non-toxic fabric. Which makes it very easy to clean and at the same time poses no threats to the kids.

The mat can produce sounds from 8 different musical instruments, which include the sax, harp, trumpet among others. This educational toy would help your child improve mentally and physically.

This is an image of toddler's piano music mat


15. CifToys Workbench Toy

The musical learning workbench toy for kids by CitiToys is a great gift idea for 2 year old boys. It can be gotten as a gift for special occasions such as birthdays and festive occasions such as New Year, Easter and Christmas celebrations. The construction workbench building tool is a great learning tool that sparks kids’ interest in engineering. It is a lovely STEM you which develops kids in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The building toy also has cool music that little boys are going to love. It helps little boys develop skills such as spatial skills, teamwork and collaboration skills, communication skills and hand-eye coordination skills.

This is an image of toddler's musical workbench toy, multi-colors


16. VTech chomp and count dino

Another excellent toy by VTech, the Chomp and Count Dino is just the toy young boys love to play with. Boys are fans of dinosaurs and toys that are designed with the dinosaur in mind automatically become hot favorites. It is a fun, exciting and interactive toy for boys of 2 years of age to play with. The dinosaur toy engages little children in a lot of fun activities which include shapes, colors, and numbers.

These activities help kids to develop color and shape recognition skills, and numeracy skills. The dinosaur gets hungry and little lads are required to feed it with its food contained in the pack, this teaches them some level of responsibility.

This is an image of toddler's VTech count dino toy by VTech in colorful colors


17. Play22 Truck Transport Car Carrier

Our Toy Truck transport car Carrier includes 6 toy cars and accessories. The toy trucks fit 28 toy car slots. The car carrier truck includes 6 cool die-cast racing cars, with construction signs, construction cones, and construction roadblocks. The truck case has 28 slots for storage with 14 car slots on both sides.

Keep your sweet kid thrill with a highway pack with miles of fun. Keep your kids busy with the big trucks as well as with small toy cars. Toy vehicles have the option to close the doors. Makes for great gifts for boys and girls.

This is an image of toddler's transport car carrier in black color


18. Tikes Rocking Horse Toy

Boys love toys they can ride on, they love horse toys. The Rocking Blue Horse by Little Tikes is a comfortable and lovely horse toy for 2 year old lads. The toy is super comfortable to ride on and gives lads the horse riding experience they crave for. It helps develop balance and coordination skills. The toy horse has a kid-friendly grip handle which helps boys maintain balance on the blue horse toy. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The small size of the horse is a perfect fit for youngsters. Boys can use their imagination and creativity to make their riding experience more enjoyable.

This is an image of toddler's horse rocking in blue color


19. First Builder’s Building Bag

Building toys are exciting and engaging toys for boys around the 2 year mark. Kids love creating and building stuff, they are curious by nature and it will only grow. The First Builders Big Building Bag by Mega Brands is an excellent building toy for boys. It is a toy set they are going to love and spend most of their playtime with.

The building toy helps develop fine motor skills, creativity skills and problem-solving skills in kids. The toys are easy to build and to disassemble. Boys can get creative and use their imagination to create their own construction projects.

This is an image of toddler's building blocks, colorful colors


20. UTEX pop up play tent

The 3 in 1 Pop Up Play Tent by UTEX is an adorable and lovely toy for the little girl that has celebrated two birthdays. The play tent toy for boys has a tunnel and a ball pit that little lads will enjoy playing in. It is a lovely toy choice for both indoor and outdoor activities. Little lads can also turn it into a playhouse and bring other toys to play with.

The play tent encourages youngsters to play safe as they carry out fun activities such as jumping and crawling. The tent is well ventilated and easy to clean.

This is an image of toddler's tent with tunnel in Multi-colors


 Overall Best Gift

All the above listed are cool toys for all two year old boys. All of them would aid your son’s development, allow him to socialize, learn new things and most importantly have fun while doing so. But of all the great gifts, one stands out as the ultimate little boy’s gift and that is the Radio Flyer Scoot About.

This toy is elegantly made. Durable and safe to use. Your son or nephew would look good on his new wheels with a beautiful red finish. If you want him to have all the fun in the world, this is the perfect gift for him.

This is an image of toddler's bike in red and white colors by Radio flyer


Best Budget Toy

When buying a toy for your little boy and at the same time keeping an eye on your finances. You have to work with a budget, the toy you need to buy has to mash up value and cost. Of all the toys listed above the one that serves this dual-purpose perfectly is the VTech Touch and Teach Book.

This educational toddler’s book features 12 detailed, touch-sensitive pages that help teach children words. The pages reach to touch with music and other sounds. This learning toy helps your son learn his ABCs.

For a budget toy, this sure does the trick. Get the Vtech Touch and Teach book, and watch your son beam with joy.

This is an image of toddler's word book in colorful colors


Where to buy toys for boys aged 24 months and above?

Toys can be gotten in any store you walk into. As long as there’s a toy section, you would find one or more toys suitable for your boy. Make sure to only shop at stores with reputation, so you don’t end up buying toys that are not right for your son.

To ease you of the stress and give you more toy choices, you can shop on the internet. Be sure to read the reviews of the product from people we have at one point bought them.