Gifts for Girls

Choosing gifts for girls is no easy task, regardless of her age. It’s important to choose a gift that is age-appropriate and relevant to her tastes and interests. Of course, the best gifts for girls age 10 won’t necessarily make good gifts for 5 year old girls. That’s why we have arranged our gift ideas by age group, to make it quick and easy to find something suitable for her age. With each gift guide containing many different types of ideas, you are guaranteed to find something here she will love, regardless of the occasion. Don’t worry, as we cater to all different budgets too.

26 Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Girls

Close up portrait of beautiful young happy brunette 19 years old
It is that special day of the year, and you want it to be even more special. What do you do? What would be...

25 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Girls

Happy Teenage Girl aged 18 years old with Friends at the Park
Looking to find a gift or something to give a teenage girl turning 18 years old? We all know 18th birthday gifts for girls...

25 Best Gifts For 17 Year Old girls

Charming positive 17 year old Caucasian girl wearing her long pink hair in two ponytails relaxing indoors posing against white wall background with copy space for your text or advertising content
Wondering what gift ideas to buy a 17 year girl on her birthday or Christmas? At the age of seventeen, it is no longer correct...

25 Best Gifts For 16 Year Old Girls

Beautiful girl walking outdoors in autumn. Smiling girl with gold balloons. Birthday 16 years old.
Wondering what do you get a 16 year old girl for her birthday? Maybe its a Christmas present or a special occasion. We have...

25 Best Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls

15 year old teenage girl looking into the camera
Looking for a birthday gift for your daughter or granddaughter? Looking for gifts for teenage girls can be fun, especially with so many different...

25 Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Girls

Smiling blonde teen girl 14 year old with curly hair wearing winter jacket over sunset at background. Looking at camera.
Trying to find a birthday gift for a teenage girl of 14 years old? We have loads of different types of gifts available here...

25 Best Gifts for 13 year old Girls

Closeup autumn portrait of teenage girl 13 year old smiling over yellow leaves outdoors. Looking at camera.
She was the little girl always with her teether in her mouth, and her rattles in her hands. She has grown into a beautiful...

Best Gifts for 12 year Old Girls

Outdoor portrait of 12 years old girl with long hair
Looking for gifts for a preteen? Turning 12 years old is one milestone that usually makes most parents proud. Children at twelve are very...

25 Best Gifts for 11 year old girls

Portrait of beautiful girl of 11 years old. Child with perfect white smile, isolated on white background.
Wondering what gift to buy a preteen girl? Your young girl is aging gracefully, slowly, but surely, she has matured from that little girl....

Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

image of a 10 year old girl
Wondering what do 10 year old girls like as presents? If you are reading this then you are most likely checking out gifts you...

Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

Studio shot of young preteen 9 year old redhead girl wearing heart shape sunglasses, standing against blue purple background
Nothing makes a mother or father happier than seeing their little girl grow and flourish into a beautiful young woman. At the age of...

Best Gifts for 8 Year old Girls

Outdoor portrait of cute little 8 year old girl with brown hair, wearing white jacket, standing against white background
Children all over the world love toys and there are so many different types, shapes, models and forms. This poses a problem for parents...

Best Gifts for 7 Year old Girls

6 year old girl holding up a wrapped gift
Wondering what do 7 year old girls like as gifts? Trying to decide on the ideal present or toy for a little girls birthday?...

Best Gifts for 6 Year old Girls

6 year old girl wearing sun glasses, pearl neckless and a pretty dress,
Wondering what gifts to buy a 6 year old girl? Trying to find a gift that will make a little girls birthday special? With...

Best Gifts for 5 Year old Girls

group of young kids smiling and looking into the camera. 5 year old kids
Want to find a gift for a girl turning 5 years old? Maybe its a little girls birthday and you want to find a...

Best Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl in 2020

Baby in a dress, in a pink komnata. Birthday, one year old girl
Trying to find a gift for a little baby girl turning 1? Maybe your looking for some birthday ideas and thoughtful presents to make...

25 Best Gifts for 4 Year old Girls

4 year old girl child pilot flying a cardboard box in kid rooms surrounded by toys
Wondering what types of gifts 4 year old girls might like for their birthday? Maybe you're trying to find presents that are age-appropriate and...

25 Best Gifts for 3 Year old Girls

three year old girl playing with a toy car at home. Girl playing game. The child is 3 years
Birthdays, Holidays and special occasions are all times when you give gifts and share your love and happiness with your kids. As parents, you...

Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls in 2020

Group Of Young Children aged 2 years old Playing With Water Table In Garden
Looking for the right gift for your little sister or niece? Is it her birthday or you just want her to feel like a...