Best Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Baby Girl in 2020

Baby in a dress, in a pink komnata. Birthday, one year old girl

Trying to find a gift for a little baby girl turning 1? Maybe your looking for some birthday ideas and thoughtful presents to make her day special. Hurray!! Your baby girl has turned one years old. She is not so little anymore, she smiles and cackles at familiar faces. She likes to be carried and crawls from place to place. Sometimes she even tries to walk, she’s bubbling with energy and just seems to want to play at every given opportunity.

She might be tired of her old toys, or maybe they are worn out. Or maybe, you as her guardian or parents want to treat her to something new. If you are looking for first birthday gift ideas for your 12 months old baby girl. Look no further, because we have got you covered.

Considerations choosing gifts for girls 12 months old


If you want to get one or more of the best toys for 1 year old girl, some factors have to be considered. These factors would ensure that you get your money’s worth and buy a gift your beautiful little girl would enjoy playing with. 

Age: Most toys come with labels that have ages specified. This is because different toys have different demands. Some toys demand a higher level of hand-eye coordination, some demand more need more mobility. And children of different ages would satisfy the conditions differently. So the age of the child must be taken into account when making any purchase.

Size: One other important factor would be the size of the toy in question. Kids have tiny hands and feet, so whatever is being bought for them must fit their tiny extremities. So, for your daughter or niece to have fun playing with her new toy, keep an eye out for the dimensions of the toy. You can usually find such information at the back of the pack.

Safety: When buying gifts or toys for your little girl, you have to make sure the toy has zero potential to hurt or cause her harm. You have to look out for the packaging of the toy, take away any plastic coverings or any other item that can cause suffocation. Also make sure the toy does not have too many removable small parts, so your little girl does not end up swallowing it. Another thing to look out for is the materials from which these toys are made from, they must be non-hazardous and kid-friendly.

Play area:  The amount of space available for her to play in is also relevant. The play area in which she would is allowed to use her toys would determine the size and kind of toy to purchase. Failure to take this into account might result in you buying a toy that would not be unpacked, or used by the girl. It might end up being a futile effort, with the toy becoming a liability.

Price: As with the purchase of anything else, how much it would cost is to be greatly considered. It is strongly advised that you compare prices on different outlets so you get the best and save some money.


20 Best Gifts for 1 year old girls

Below is a collated list of the best gifts you can give to your 12 months old baby girl, Carefully compiled from the suggestions of parents and guardians like yourself who successfully jumped the ‘what to get my daughter for her first birthday’ hurdle.

1. Ancaixin Balance Bike

Ancaixin provides your kids with the kind of bike balance that they would not get from any training wheel. This product is designed specially to reduce the danger of riding and also to make your children more active.

If you want your kid to get more interested in cycling, so much so that you will not need to run after them while they are riding on the bike, then this is your best plug.

With its sturdy carbon steel, a soft seat that supports your baby, and a 135-degree steering limited to prevent your kid from falling off the bike, you can be so sure that Ancaixin is the best gift for your children.

This is an image of a pink balance bike besides a baby.


2. Fisher-Price Pretty Learning Purse

Your little girl is slowly but surely growing into a beautiful young woman. She would need some practice as she develops, and the Fisher-Price learning purse can help her do just that. Included in her stylish pink purse with adjustable straps is a smartphone, bangles, key rattles, and other items to ensure your beautiful girl has all the fun in the world.

The Fisher-Price learning purse is durable and made from non-toxic, child-friendly material to ensure the safety of your child.

This pretends play toy would broaden her imagination and develop her social skills.

This is an image of a baby size toy purse y Fisher Price.


3. TAIMASI Musical Instruments

This percussion set for preschoolers comes with 33 different musical instruments. With different types ranging from beating, shaking, blowing and types, your daughter would have many to choose from.

This toy teaches your beautiful girl to experiment with sounds, beat, and rhythm. It teaches her to develop her artistic side, for your little Mozart at home, this is a good place to start. They are all made from safe materials, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your little one.

For amazing learning and fun experience, be sure to get the TAIMASI music set.

This is an image of a 33-piece musical baby instruments by TAIMASI.


4.  Radio Flyer Classic Trike

This classic tricycle can serve as a stroller and a classic tricycle. With a detachable footrest for younger riders, this is the ultimate tricycle for little kids. The tricycle also comes fitted with sun protection and a parent’s pouch to keep things during your little walks.

The Radio Flyer classic trike has a weight capacity of 49lbs. In the stroller and tricycle combo world, this is what luxury looks and feels like. If you want to take your baby girl out on strolls, and still look good doing it. You need to get one of these.

This is an image of a red 4 in 1 trike for babie by Radio Flyer.


5. Mary Meyer Baby Doll

If you buy this 8 inch, soft-bodied baby doll with satin feet for your daughter, then you just got her a friend that would be at her side at all times. With multiple textures, this doll is sure to appeal to your daughter’s sense of touch.

This plush baby doll with embroidered face details would keep your daughter company at all times, as she is durable and made from materials that would cause no harm to your baby girl. 

Put a smile on your 12 month old daughter’s face and get her the Mary Meyer Baby Doll.

This is an image of a 8-inch pink taggies baby doll by Mary Meyer.


6. Fisher-Price Spins and Zooms Monster Toy

The zoom n’ crawl monster has two modes of play to accommodate your child’s growth. The Sit n’ play mode which sees your child fill the monster’s mouth with balls and watch them spill out. And the crawl n’ chase mode which sees the monster spill the balls as it moves around, encouraging your baby girl to crawl after it.’

In the package are 5 colorful balls which when inserted in the toy activate spinning and beautiful sounds to emanate from the toy. This would stimulate your daughter’s senses and would keep her active and excited.

This is an image of a crawl and chase monster toy for toddlers by Fisher Price.


7. ebba My Forest Friends Playset

This Ebba Baby Talk Carrier is an 8-inch carrier that consists of a line of plush, interactive toys specially made to suit babies’ needs. Each animal makes unique sounds – either a rattle or a squeak – to attract your baby’s attention and train their hearing. The carrier is made to look like a log of wood, perfectly synchronized to fit the “forest” theme of the toys.

These toy animals are about 2-4 inches in length, made for babies to easily hold on to. The toys are made to be baby-safe, of high-quality and durable. The product manufacturer assures quality in these toys as they have been industry leaders for over 30 years.

This is an image of a My Forest Friends plush toy set by ebba designed for toddlers.


8. Fisher-Price Rock a Stack 

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack comes with five attractive rings for stacking and grasping. The toy introduces the concept of stacking and relative sizing which helps kids learn to sort and then stack the toys from biggest to smallest. It is completely fun to play with and the stacking of the rings helps improve hand-eye coordination from an early age.

The smallest ring comes with a shiny and reflective surface that contains rattling beads which makes sounds that helps train attention and baby’s hearing capabilities. Sitting up to perform these sorting and stacking exercises also helps improve your baby’s coordination and balancing skills.

This is an image of a colorful stacking toy for toddlers designed bu Fisher Price.


9. VTech Sports Center

The next NBA star or Champion’s League winner crawling about your home? If yes, this VTech Smart Shots Sports Centre is a perfect toy piece for your one year old girl. The toy set is a 2-in-1 basketball goal basket hoop with a soccer goalpost beneath and the corresponding balls for both sports which helps improve motor skills.

The set comes with an animated LED scoreboard that counts up to 10 and also plays encouraging sounds for the kid’s excitement. The toy set is battery powered with 3 AA batteries and comes in an easy-to-pack brown box for easy mobility.

This is an image of a 2-in-1 toddler's basketball hoop sports center by VTech.


10. Playkidz Pound a Ball Toy

Want a developmental, educational, yet fun toy? The Playkidz“Pound-a-ball” toy is perfectly suited for the aforementioned. This multi-color pound-a-ball toy is ideal for exercising arm movement, hand-eye coordination, manipulation, promotes dexterity and induces cause and effect for kids’ delight. The hammer is made small enough for little hands to grab to train their grip.

Upon hammering the nozzles on top, the balls roll down the ramp to the bottom tray which is usually a delight for babies to watch. This toy stimulates babies’ minds and keeps them busy till they pound all the balls out.

This is an image of a multi color pounding toy for babies by Playkidz.


11. Fisher-Price Musical Mirror

Your one year old girl might just be the next movie star in the making. Get her started by purchasing this Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Musical Mirror for your child. This attractive, pink mirror is not only made for fun but also has 2 modes – music and learning. The mirror helps educate your child about greetings, opposites, colors, textures, etc.

The compact on the toy set comes with an open-close feature which plays songs when it is manipulated. The whole set comes with two bracelets, lipstick, powder puff and a comb which can all be stored in the vanity.

This is an image of a pink musical mirror toy for baby girls by Fisher Price.


12 Simple Joys by Carter’s Footed Pajamas

These fit fleece footed pajamas manufactured by “Joys’ by Carter’s” comes in a pack of 3 and varies with size and color. Upon purchase, the specific size and fabric color would be selected for accuracy and comfort. The pajamas are imported, have a zipper closure, flame resistant, suitable for machine wash and are snug-fitting.

The fleece sleepwear is made from a premium polyester and free of chemical treatments making it perfectly safe for toddlers to wear. The gripper-foot pajamas come with fun appliques and patterns, are made with ankle-to-chin zipper and have a snap-over tab. The pajamas have a hassle-free tag and little packaging and non-skid soles.

This is an image of a 3 pack footed pajamas for babies by Simple Joys by Carter's


13. OwlFay Birthday Outfit Set

This perfect summer dress fits well for birthdays, princess dress-up costumes, or even casual and daily wear.
Owlfay has leg warmers and headwear that match awesomely. It also has a beautiful sparkly gold bowknot and an elastic band that will look good on your baby’s head.

There is also the one pair of leg elastic warmer socks that will help protect your kid’s leg skin.

This product makes your kid look more attractive, with the pink, purple, and black ruffle layers tulle. There is no doubt that Owlfay’s high-quality material, the cotton plus polyester fabric, makes it comfortable to wear for your baby and the best choice for the kid.

This is an image of a pink birthday outfit with headband and leg warmer.


14.  Jozo Night Light

Light toys have a great effect on kids. Toys that have light are generally preferred to toys that do not have light by kids. The multiple color rotating star projector by Jozo is a lovely night light toy for kids. It is a suitable toy or gift for girls that have barely spent one year on this beautiful blue planet.

The night light toy for toddler girls is best used and effective in a dark room where the stars and moon and other LED lights can be projected clearly for a starry sky experience. It has a timer shutdown function set at 99 minutes. It is a bright, colorful and exciting gift idea for little princesses to mark their birthday celebrations.

This is an image of a colorful star projector night light by Jozo.


15.  Playz  Play Tent Set

Kids love fun and interesting toys, the kid’s playhouse jungle gym ball pit by Playz fits such a category that will keep your toddlers both boys and girls happy and excited. It is suitable for girls up to a year old. The toy for little girls is an exciting play center. The ball pit toy helps to stimulate kids’ imaginations.

They can play hide and seek, crawl around the tent and do other fun activities such as time jumping. The playhouse jungle gym ball pit is many toys in one, it is made up of the play tents, dartboard, tunnels, and a ball pit.

This is an image of a colorful playhouse set for toddlers.


16. DITTY BIRD Nursery Rhyme Book

The Ditty Bird interactive book series brings to you playful learning through music and sounds with 11 beautifully illustrated musical and sound books for babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years.

Its sing-along songs encourage first words, early vocabulary and​ ​develop​ ​an​ ​appreciation​ ​for​ ​music, pressing buttons, turning pages and much more promote fine and gross motor skills development. Using this book promotes bonding and helps to build your relationship; one more way to give love and receive love. Make sure to order spare batteries, as toddlers tend to get comfortable with the buttons.

This is an image of an interactive rhyme book for babies.


17. Animal Adventure Unicorn Plush Seat

The real unicorn kids plush chair by Animal Adventure is a cute and comfortable chair for a year old girls. The sweet seat for girls up to a year old is designed with the teal unicorn in mind, an imaginary animal toddler loves playing and watching. The chair toy for girls not above a year old is safe and comfortable for baby girls to sit on. The cover cloth is removable and machine washable to prevent germ infection and for easy cleaning when dirty.

The beautiful chair toy for girls can serve as an adorable piece of interior decoration in girls’rooms or any location it is situated.

This is an image of a teal unicorn plush chair for baby girls.


18. BirdRock Leather Shoes

BirdRock Baby moccasins are crafted having the first birthday gift idea for girls and boys in mind with durable genuine leather, it promotes proper foot development in young walkers, and stay on your little one’s feet.

Every child’s feet are special. To find the best fit for your little one, measure their foot from heel to toe. To be sure you are selecting the right size for your little wonder, compare your child’s foot length to our shoe’s sole length using the measurements below:

0-3 months: 3.75-inch
3-6 months: 4.125-inch
6-12 months: 4.5-inch
12-18 months: 5.0-inch
18-24 months: 5.25-inch
2-3 years: 5.75-inch
3-4 years: 6.25-inch

This is an image of a wildflower baby leather shoes.


19. Tiny Captain Socks

Socks are essential clothing materials for children especially toddlers. The grip socks for baby girls by Tiny Captain is a lovely gift idea for girls yet to celebrate a year on earth. It can be gifted as a visitation gift or birthday gift, or during festive seasons such as Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

The grip socks are the perfect fit for the tiny legs of little girls. They are made of anti-slip and non-skid materials. They are available in cool colors such as green, blue, pink, yellow, blue, purple and white.

This is an image of a 6 pair baby socks.


20. Fisher-Price Infant Rocker

The Infant to Toddler Rocker is a cool toddler seat for girls aged 1. The cool toddler seat for baby girls is a product of Fisher-Price, a company that specializes in making quality toys for kids. The color of the toddler rocker is pink, an attractive color that makes it suitable for girls. The toy chair has a lot of animal toys that little girls can play with when on the cozy rocker for toddler girls.

The rocker has a vibration feature which helps calm baby girls. It can be adjusted to two recline positions and a stationary seating position. The cloth on the rocker is removable for machine washing.

This is an image of a pink with animal prints baby rocker.


Overall Best Toy

All the toys listed above are the best toys for girls aged one. Any of them would make excellent gift ideas and are sure to make your little girl grin from end to end. But if you want the best of the best for your princess. Then you would have to get her the Ebba Friend’s Playset.

The playset consists of 4 snugly stuffed animals, each a good friend to your daughter. And all of them are made of non-toxic materials that would ensure her safety.

This is an image of a My Forest Friends plush toy set by ebba designed for toddlers.


Best Budget Gift

If you want to buy your daughter a birthday gift or just looking to increase and add to her toy collection. And at the same time, you have your eyes on your finances. The best cash-saving option is the DITTY Bird nursery rhyme book.

This book sings nursery rhymes to your daughter’s hearing and with time she can sing along. The DITTY bird nursery rhyme book would foster good relations between parent and daughter.

This is an image of an interactive rhyme book for babies.


Where to get gifts for your 1 year old daughter?

Toys are sold everywhere. Take a trip into most stores and you are very likely to come out with one or more toys that would be ideal for your daughter. But be sure to shop at stores with a good reputation, so you do not end up buying unsafe toys for your daughter.

Although it is advisable to shop at online stores, the advantage is that you would see more options to choose from. Just make sure to read reviews and comments before making a purchase.