Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

image of a 10 year old girl

Wondering what do 10 year old girls like as presents? If you are reading this then you are most likely checking out gifts you want to get your daughter. We know that getting your little angels gifts is a tough job with the multitude choices and your child’s own preferences thrown into the mix. A lot goes into picking the perfect gift. The occasion being celebrated, your budget, the season and so many other nuances.

We are here to ensure you do not have to go through this again. In this lost, we have curated 25 of the best gifts you can give to your Ten year old daughter which will make her very happy. We will also discuss some factors which influence your child’s decisions and how you can use this to your advantage when choosing a toy

Considerations choosing gifts for Girls


When buying gifts for your kids, there are some things you need to put into consideration. These will serve as a guide towards picking the best toy for your kids. Parents need to understand that  that child is different and iIf is their duty to treat them in the manner they would love and appreciate. Two key things to consider when buying a gift are:

Age: The age of your child would determine the kind of gift you get her. You should ensure you pay proper attention to the age ranges on products you buy for your kids. If you buy an item below their age they will easily get bored with it. If you buy a gift above their age range it would be too complex for them. Ensure you buy toys and gifts which do not stray too far from your child’s age.

Usage: How complex is the item to operate? If the product you buy for your child is too difficult to operate, ensure you teach them hot to use it appropriately and as often as you can. This would enable them to get familiar enough with the gift to play with it. Ensure all user manuals are properly read before any playing commences.

25 Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls

In this section, we have curated 25 of the best gifts young girls. We know that finding the perfect gift can’t be sometimes difficult in this world which is full of choices. This list will take the pain out of going through thousands of available products looking for a suitable one for your kid. Here are the 25 of the best toys for girls:

  1. Topsung Walkie Talkie

The beautiful walkie talkies communication device by Topsung for girls at the age of 10 is a lovely gift idea for young girls. The exciting toy is a massive boost to young girls’ indoor and outdoor playing activities. Girls can play cool imaginative games and communicate over a long distance with the Topsung walkie talkie device. 

The product is suitable for both boys and girls and designed also for adults. The device also has a two-way radio. It is available in four cool colors: red, camo, orange and black. The device is easy to operate, portable and palm-size for young girls.

This is the image of Topsung Walkie Talkie

  1. Teddy Makeup Box

This Jewelry box designed with a funny teddy bear theme is another nice addition to a ten-year-old girl’s toy collection. Girls love teddy bears and keep them as a companion at night. It is a safe and cool place for girls to gather and keep their jewelry. The jewelry box has a password feature to make the box inaccessible to a third party.

 It makes a lovely vanity case for 10 year old princesses. It comes in different colorful colors and mindblowing designs. The box is portable to carry around by girls and prints their favorite cartoon characters.

  1. Kano Coding Kit

The coding kit designed with a Harry Potter magic wand is an intriguing present for girls that have clocked a decade on earth. It is the perfect gift idea for young magicians. The coding kit comes with Its own touch stick which closely resembles a magical wand. The coding kit is a lovely and kid-friendly learning device that teaches kids how to code.

 It uses innovative, creative and imaginative approaches that keep kids in awe and thirst for more each time. There are over 70 plus challenges for kids to chose and scale. These challenges are designed to help kids learn to code easily.

This is the image of Kano Coding Kit

  1. Go Nail Studio

Girls love fixing their nails in fancy styles that suit their cravings, they love following the latest nail trends. Girls the age of 10 fall into this category and take great delight in fixing their nails. The Go Calm Nail Stamler is the perfect gift for girls birthdays and special celebrations.

 The nail stamper by Cool Maker had over 125 sets of nails and 5 beautiful design patterns. This toy allows age 10 girls to experiment with different nails and manicure styles that are saloon standard. The toy set encourages girls to interact with their peers and it creates moments of bonding between girls. 

This is the image of Go Nail Studio

  1. Monopoly Board Game

The Monopoly game is an evergreen interactive board game that is suitable for every child and adult irrespective of the generational gap. The exciting and fun board game which is best played by multiplayer encourages girls the age of 10 to develop vital social skills such as competitive spirits. 

It also exercises the mind and helps develop kids’ creativity and imagination. Life and money skills can be learned through the Monopoly game. 

The family game comes with cool sounds and flashy lights that add to the glamour of the game. This monopoly set handles all players’ transactions through the charming Mr. Monopoly.

This is the image of Monopoly Board Game

  1. Handmade Bubble Bath

A lovely gift set for girls that have marked a decade on earth is the 24 piece of organic bath bombs for girls. The natural soap which is handmade is a lovely git for girls’ birthdays and special occasions such as Valentine Day and Xmas celebrations. The soap is made up of rich oils that are good for the skin. The oils include Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Grape Seed Oil.

The popular bath bombs are a needed addition to a girl’s bathroom. Bathing with INTEYE bath bombs is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The marble shaped 24 piece soap has a colorful cupid like the design.

This is the image of Handmade Bubble Bath

  1. HanZa Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are popular gift items for girls who have crossed the magic number 10 age. Both bombs by HanZa has 8 bath bombs of varying colors. Girls get to enjoy the soft and nourishing feel of bath bubbles on their soft skins, it is almost like a spa experience.

 It is made with natural and rich ingredients such as shea butter for smooth and shining skin. Bathing and showering promise to be more fun and worthwhile with the comforting bath bombs. The soap has a strong and exquisite smell that is hard to resist. It is cool for relaxation.

This is the image of HanZa Bath Bombs

  1. Toyvala Pencil Box

Boost your child’s creative, drawing and sketching skills with the beautiful Jumbo Pencil Box. The box is designed with a pink Barbie theme that girls up to the age of 10 will love and enjoy owning. The toy encouraged girls to test their creative art skills. The box is spacious enough to be used to store art materials such as pencils, crayons, erasers, pens, and even protectors.

 The box is light and can be easily moved around with ease. It is made up of strong plastic materials. It is a novel gift for girls’ birthdays and special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and New Year celebrations.

This is the image of Toyvala Pencil Box

  1. Mattel Bloxels Video Game

Mattel Bloxel is an innovative, fun-packed and exciting game building toy for girls up to the age of 10. This device allows them to create their own video games without any assistance and without having to deal with the difficulties of programming. The levels are multilingual and the languages offered include English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The STEM toy educates girls in four vital areas: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also teaches skills such as critical thinking and creativity. It is an effective tool for keeping girls engaged for hours. The Bloxel does not make use of batteries but electricity.

This is the image of Mattel Bloxels Video Game

  1. The Mind

“The mind” is an exciting and competitive card game by Pandasaurus that will prove a cool challenge for girls yet to reach the teenage age. This game can be played by the family and among peers. It encourages social skills such as collaboration and teamwork. The game is exciting and intriguing, it is easy to learn to play and at the same time, it is difficult to become a pro of the game. 

The game is suitable for 2 to 4 players. The card game is well recognized and has bagged many nominations and awards for its impact on the game industry. It is the perfect gift idea for young girls.

This is the image of The Mind

  1. Oliver Rocket Bath

Bath bombs are popular gifts for young girls. It is an ideal gift for girls who are 10 years of age. The bath bomb set by Oliver Rocket had 6 balls of bath tombs. They come in varying colors. The bath bomb set has different nice fragrances which makes it a lovely gift and bathing tool. 

In the set, there are bath bombs of different colors: moonlight tose, cool water, grapefruit tangerine, black raspberry vanilla, cucumber melon, and lavender. It is made of quality ingredients such as coconut oil, baking soda, shea butter, and citric acid. Enjoy the perfect bathing experience.

This is the image of Oliver Rocket Bath

  1. Townley Nail Polish Set

The nail polish set by Townley Girl is a lovely and smart gift for girls that have celebrated ten anniversaries on earth. The set is designed with the Disney Princess theme and made of non-toxic materials. It is an exciting nail polish set for girls to use for parents and just for the fun of it. 

There are 15 different nail polishes of different colors in the set, some include yellow, pink, orange, sky blue, green, dark blue and red. Girls can even experiment and mix these colors for a better blend. The polish dries out instantaneously on the nails so you don’t have to worry about any stain from the polish.

This is an image of Townley Nail Polish Set

  1. Anddyam Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn themed gifts are automatic heart warmers of girls of any age group. The unicorn slippers by Anddyam have a beautiful design and it is a great gift for 10 year old girls. The slippers had an anti-slip feature which prevents girls from sleeping when wearing it. It is made for indoor purposes and it is advisable to be used within the home. 

The pink unicorn slippers are made of soft plush materials. They are comfortable to wear and in no time will become girls’ favorite slippers. It is a lovely gift idea for birthday celebrations, Valentine Day and other special occasions.

This is the image of Anddyam Unicorn Slippers

  1. Nancy Drew Set

10-year-old children have a good command of vocabulary and are at an age in which learning is easy. Apart from getting video games and other exotic toys as surprise gifts for them, you can invest in buying them a cool book set and reap the reward almost instantaneously. 

The Nancy Drew Set which is a ten book collection of mystery stories is a lovely gift item for age 10 girls. The book is written in English and published by Grosset & Dunlap. The book set helps kids learn new words, and develop the reading habits for f all-round development. Investing in books always pays huge dividends in return.

This is the image of Nancy Drew Set

  1. Mattel Pictionary Game

Another toy by Mattel for children including girls that have celebrated 10 anniversaries on earth, the Pictionary Air is a cool toy gift for children. It allows kids to draw in the air and see the images they drew on the air on a screen! It is available in two colors: black and navy blue. 

It is a fun toy set for 2 or more people. Kids can come together and play this game. While one is drawing images on the air with the Pictionary pen, the others are trying to figure out the message from the clues that appear on the screen. To fully enjoy this game you need to download the Pictionary App first.

This is the image of Mattel Pictionary Game

  1. LINKWELL Watercolor Map

Pillows and cushion covers, especially the colorful ones, are great gift ideas for girls of 10 years. Decorating pillowcases and cushion covers is more than just a routine art, it is an art that can be used to impact the young child. LINKWELL is aware of this and that is why they set out to make pillows that have an educational value for kids.

This pillowcase and cushion cover by LINKWELL has the world map on it. So while they engage in pillow fights, they consciously and subconsciously learn about the world map. It is made of linen material and adds a decorative touch to the bedroom.

This is the image of LINKWELL Watercolor Map

  1. Wham-O Magic Pens

Pens are another great gift for girls up to the age of 10. The Magic Pens by Wham-O has different amazing pen colors, they are 20 in the pack. They are 9 color changing pens, 2 white magic pens, and 9 eraser pens. The pack also has a blow pen attachment and magic stencils. The ink of the pen is washable in the event it stains the clothes of children and other materials. 

These pens are useful for coloring, drawing and other art-related skills. The set allows children to experiment in a way that pleases them. It helps breed creativity and widens the imaginative capacity in children.

This is the image of Wham-O Magic Pens

  1. Activ Life Flying Rings

The Kid’s Flying Rings by Activ Life is a cool outdoor toy for 10 year old girls. Each pack has 2 rings in it. It is lighter and safer than the standard flying discs used by adults. The Flying Ring for children is available in 7 color combinations: blue and red, cyan and yellow, glow In the dark colors, green and orange, navy and the real, pink and purple and white and black. 

The cool thing about the Flying Rings is that they are so light they are harmless, even in the event of the rings hitting your child, no injury or bruise will be sustained. They are perfect exercising toys for both boys and girls.

This is the image of Activ Life Flying Rings

  1. Rainbow Rubber Bands

Girls love hair materials such as rubber bands and clips. At age 10, their interest and fascination with these items tend to grow. Talented Kidz has put together the best gift collection for hair for girls, you will not easily find another as big. The package has 10750 quality rubber bands for girls of different colors, 550 clips, ABC Stickers that can be used to personalize your name or other letters on the case, 200 beads and 9 backpacks. Indeed, there are not many hair assortment packs for 10 year old girls that offer such volume and variety. It is the perfect fit for young girls.

This is the image of Rainbow Rubber Bands

  1. Monopoly Board Game

Another exciting board game by Monopoly, the Monopoly Junior edition is designed for children around the age of 10. It is suitable for both boys and girls. The Monopoly Junior edition is set up for youngsters, the tokens are designed to be items they like such as horses and properties they like such as candy store and video game arcade.

The rules are easier and not as difficult as the adult edition. The board game can be paid by 2 to 4 players. It teaches financial skills and knowledge. It is a lovely gift idea for girls’ birthdays and special occasions.

This is the image of Monopoly Board Game

  1. Monopoly LOL Surprise

Thinking games develop the cognitive and mental abilities of your child especially when they start playing these games from a young age. Give your daughter fun and intellectual game while teaching her about money and how the world works. If your daughter loves crosswords and jigsaw puzzles, this would be an instant hit. 

Using the rules of monopoly, your daughter would be able to buy, sell and swap dolls while amassing a private doll collection to beat the other players. Your daughter would love playing these games with her friends and you her family.

This is the image of Monopoly LOL Surprise

  1. Harry Potter Illustrated Edition

Reading is one way to develop your child mentally and prepare them for the world. If your daughter loves to read and is interested in adventure books, this is the book for her. The Harry Potter Illustrated edition comes with pictures to keep your child glued to every page and allow them to visualize better. This will develop their thinking and imaginative skills from a young age. 

The reading level is appropriate for Ten tear olds and the text is easy to understand and digest. The illustrations depict the best parts of the story and engage your child in the fantasy world of Harry Potter. 

This is the image of Harry Potter Illustrated Edition

  1. Birthday Charm Bracelet

Charms and bracelets are every girl’s dream. If you are looking for a special gift for your daughter’s Tenth birthday, this charm bracelet will do just the trick. The bracelet will go with almost any dressing style or outfit match which could easily make it a permanent part of your child’s fashion line up. 

The bracelets come with a variety of charms that you can swap as needed depending on your child’s preference. Make your daughter’s birthday and get her this gift which she would not forget in a hurry.  this is an image of a 10th birthday charm bracelet

  1. Darice Art Set

This Art Set is just what your daughter needs to express herself to the maximum. Creativity is innate in every child and it is up to us as parents to allow our children to express themselves to the fullest of their abilities. Art has for a long time been a good way for children to channel their creativity. These 131 color pencils, markers, and more, will allow your child to do just that. 

Allow your daughter to use his imagination to conceptualize fantastic pieces and bring them to life using these fantastic color pencils. The materials used in the making of these pencils are safe so you do not need to worry about your daughter’s safety.

this is an image of the darice art set


  1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

A wristwatch is one item that is almost indispensable. It tells the time, helps complement clothes and serves as a fashion statement. Get your child this versatile and functional watch which she can use wherever she wants to use it. The smartwatch is more than just a fashion statement as it comes with many fun features.

It has a camera, mini screen, games, motion sensor, touch screen and so much more. It is made from the finest materials available and will serve your daughter in a lot of ways. If you want to give your child an exciting mind-blowing present, you should opt for this!

this is an image of the vtech kidizoom smartwatch


Overall Best Gift

Our overall best but for this list is the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch. It has so many packed features for a small price and it will give you the best value for your money. It is also very versatile and it’s a buy we guarantee you won’t regret. 


this is an image of the vtech kidizoom smartwatch


Best Budget Gift

Our best budget buy is the Activ Life Flying Rings. They are good if you are on a budget but want to get a fun and engaging outdoor toy. This would allow your daughter to have fun outdoors. This product is all the fun for a fraction of the price. 


This is the image of Activ Life Flying Rings


What are the different kinds of Toys Suitable for Kids

There are various things parents need to consider before getting their children gifts. Each child is different and as such, they all have different preferences and these preferences would determine the kind of Toy which they consider to be suitable for them. For example, if your child likes brightly colored items (colors like red, yellow, and orange) it will be best to buy gifts that have this color. This would ensure your child plays and interacts with them longer.