Best Gifts for 12 year Old Girls

Outdoor portrait of 12 years old girl with long hair

Looking for gifts for a preteen? Turning 12 years old is one milestone that usually makes most parents proud. Children at twelve are very dynamic, and they love to have fun. Through the years, they have grown physically and mentally, they have passed the stages were rattled and other sensory toys used to excite them. Now they would appreciate more than most toys, gifts, and gadgets that excite and inspire them to be better versions of themselves. These toys and devices have to combine the will to explore with their zeal to learn and be better. There are gift options to choose from on the market; that’s why we have compiled top picks for you to choose for your daughter. But before you raid all the stores close by there are a few things you have to keep in mind and these are: 

Considerations choosing gifts for 12 year old girls


To ensure that you get just the right one, that whatever gift you end up buying her makes her days and nights, you have to ensure they check all of the following. And the things to be considered are: 

Age: Most importantly is age. The age of your child reflects where she is at mentally and physically. So you want to get her a toy that would have all that considered. Toys for girls of this age have to teach them to embrace their gender and societal roles. It should encourage them to relate socially with friends and family. But above all, the must-have fun while doing all that. 

Size: We can have daughters the same age, but they might not look the same or be of the same height or weight, so when shopping for her, check the dimensions of the toys you want to get for her. It must tally with her physical appearance and her level of activity. You want to get a toy that would stand the test of time. 

Price: I know you were waiting to see this, like everything else, how much it costs significant. In the bid to buy a thoughtful gift, you do not need to break the bank. There are always options for whatever budget you choose. 

Now that we have looked through all the essential things to look into when shopping for girls aged 12. We must now look at the toys themselves. 

25 Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls 

For your daughter, we have compiled a list of the best toys she would love to have. Check them out below. 

  1. Alphabet Jewelry 

At this age, she would have a couple of friends she is always around. She would have different class events and social functions to attend, and she has to look her best. Girls like to have all sorts of jewelry on, and a necklace is usually top pick. When choosing accessories for her, it’s exciting and quite personal to select this one, as the pendant would be her initial of either her name or any pet name she goes by. 

The material is made from quality sterling silver and is nickel-free to ensure your daughter stays safe as she looks good with her new neckpiece. The necklace is delivered in a gift box where she can safely store it when not in use. The chain weighs 0.93g, and is 0.88 mm thick and 18inches long. This is a simple, stylish gift she’d be glad to receive. 

This is an image of kid's Necklace silver alphabet jewelry

2. Style your water bottle

Remember one golden rule of the outdoors. Stay hydrated, that’s why most people that exercise and explore the outdoors always have with them a sturdy, reliable water bottle. But she is about to have one that’s also stylish. How?? No one know. It’s all up on her. She can make this water bottle into whatever she wants; she gets to beautify and decorate it with rhinestones, stickers, and gems that come included in the package. For a truly unique and personal experience, this is the right gift to get her. 

The design of your water bottle kit comes with about seven sheets of rhinestone stickers for her to play with and use on her 20 oz. water bottle. And it has a pink carabiner to store the bottle when it’s not in use. Another thing to look at is that it is from safe, children friendly material that has been proven not to bring any harm to children. 

This is an image of kid's DIY coloring water bottle

3. Obuby High-Resolution Binoculars for Girls

Does she already have a water bottle? Does she love the outdoors and can not wait to check all the mountains and the seas. Every explorer needs the right gear, and it starts with having a state of the art binoculars with high resolution, so she misses nothing. The Obuby binoculars are the ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas, just imagine her eyes widening with joy when she unwraps her package. 

These powerful binoculars are relatively lightweight, easy to carry about, and maneuver. With rubber around the eyepieces, your daughter would be protected when using this beautiful gadget. 

This is an image of kid's Binoculars in purple color

4. Riddles for Smart kids

Riddles are a fun way of challenging your brain and minds. It’s a way to sharpening your mental skills. It excites and, at the same time, inspires. And no book would do all these better than the ‘Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids’. This book features a staggering collection of about 300 puzzles and brain-racking riddles. The activities in the book test and push your children to the limit. It shows how far they can reason, how quick and how well. The book is designed to increase in difficulty as you turn the pages, making the experience thrilling and exciting. 

This is an ideal gift for children looking to develop mentally and socially. It breeds trust and sees them play and grow with their family and peers. 

This is an image of kid's difficult riddles for smart kids book

5. Coloring and Activity Book for Girls

In this book, you’d find not one or two but 30 inspiring designs to work with. These fantastic designs are waiting to come alive with color and need your daughter to help add this color. In the books are examples for her to have an idea of what she’s trying to achieve. It also encourages her to combine her spice of creativity. And if she does not want to color out the doodles already in the book. There is space for her to create her own from scratch. 

This book is exciting to work with; it allows for expression and provides room for a lot of development to happen. Your daughter would have a lot of fun coloring and doodling in this well put together book. 

This is an image of kid's Coloring activity book in colorful colors

6. Crossbody Striped Shoulder Bag

Your girl’s closet would be incomplete without a bag that is suitable for everyday use with style and character. This is where this gorgeous bag comes in. It is beautifully stitched and designed to catch all attention and turn all heads. It is fashionable and would go perfectly with most outfits. It is light and easy to carry around. Portable and at the same time has enough room to take the everyday essentials. 

The bag is a one size fit all with an adjustable strap for girls of all heights. Your daughter would be the fairest of them all when she adorns this bag, no need to ask the mirror on the wall.

This is an image of kid's purse small canvas

7. The Big Book of Girl Stuff

This is an educational and informative magazine on the ABCs and 123s on what it takes to be a girl in her tween-age years. It is a must-have book for maturing girls as it comes packed with loads of advice, interesting facts, activities, games, and quotes from other strong women to aspire her to reach for the stars. 

This is a new handbook for teens and tweens. And in it is some information sure to entertain and interest some aunts and moms at home.

This is an image of kid's The big book of girl stuff in pink color

8. Alritz Mermaid Drawstring Bag

This colorful bag is an all occasions bag. It is elegantly designed and is sure to be a fashion statement when she wears it out. It is not too big or too small. It is just right to carry all she would need for her everyday events. The bag is designed with a shiny, scaly appearance to mimic a glossy mermaid appearance. Nothing like a little magic in her every day.

The bag is a blend of aesthetics and functionality as it both looks good and comes fitted with additional pockets inside to keep her personal effects.

This is an image of kid's Mermaid drawsting bags in colorful colors

9. Jxstar’s Unicorn Dress for Girls

Still can’t get enough magic for your princess? Then you would need to get her this lovely unicorn dress. This rainbow unicorn patterned dress has pockets on the side for her to keep her things and, at the same time, add some character to the dress. It has a metal slider attached to a plastic zipper that further beautifies the dress. 

It is made from durable, soft materials, with about 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This dress is suitable for everyday outings, parties, schools, and everywhere else she would like to go dressed as a magical princess.

This is an image of kid's Unicorn in pink color

10. Refasy Electronic Safe for Girls

Toys and gadgets are excellent when your daughter looks to have fun. But sometimes it can also teach morals and principles. Like this fantastic toy, for example, can teach your daughter to develop the habit of saving. The safe allows her to set her password and protect her loot and possessions. It is easy to use, and it is made from durable materials that see to it that the safe does not break easily. 

This gift is perfect for Christmas and New Year, and she would appreciate having something different from the usual stuffed animal she is used to receiving. 

This is an image of kid's Electronic coin money in pink color

11. Temporary Glitter Kit

Temporary glitter tattoo kits have been created generally for young kids that love creativity in the form of drawings or paintings. This kit is one perfect gift item for your young girls, and they will surely love to experiment with the glitter colors. This glitter tattoo kit includes 2 make up brushes for application, 24 reusable stencils, and six pots of cosmetic glitters. One advantage of this glitter tattoo is the fact that it is safe and non-toxic on the skin of your girls. The tattoos also stay up to 4 days without rubbing off on clothes, not messy to play with, and easy to remove when desired.

This is an image of kid's Temporary glitter tattos kit for girls

12. Bowknot Leather Backpack

Young girls now have a way of keeping their stuff in place when they go out. Girls bowknot cute leather backpack with a mini backpack purse is made of good quality leather material with an interior lining of polyester. This backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, zipper closure as well as enough pockets both at the interior and exterior part, making it capable of keeping different things at the separate compartment. This cute medium-sized backpack would make a beautiful gift for your young girls as it has a lot of advantages when shopping, day trips, keeping keys, cell phone, makeup, and other minor accessories.

This is an image of kid's Leather backpack purse in black colors

13. Click N’ Play Pretend Play Purse

It is true young kids love to do things their parents do. This literally helps in building their self-confidence. Click N’ Play 8piece pretend play purse gives the replica as the adult stuff, and your young girls would love this gift item. It comprises a battery-powered smartphone, fake credit card, pink purse, lipstick, cosmetic and applicator, hairbrush. All are original playing sets, and they help develop your girls’ imaginary abilities. In as much as these gift items are safe for your girls, they also possess a long-lasting attribute.

This is an image of kid's 8pieces pretend toys in pink color

14. Flying Unicorn Doll

This is a Fairy unicorn toy specially designed for girls between ages of 6 to 14 years with the advanced flying technology, remotely controlled and includes motion sensor. It’s pink in color and suitable for girls, with glowing flashy color lights that make the toy more beautiful at night.

The flexible structural design is strong and well-made to resist damage. Mainly for indoor and outdoor use, it can be presented at a special ceremony as gifts for girls. It is fun to play with as kids would enjoy the company of the toy. It comes with a controller and a USB charging cable.

This is an image of kid's unicorn drone toys in pink color

15. Infinity Bracelet for Girls

Jewelry is an excellent toy selection for young girls. The glittering and shinny bracelets for girls, attached to leather materials, are sure to be an instant hit among girls. The bracelet for girls is available in many different styles and exciting color combinations. It is the ideal present to package for girls birthday parties.

The stylish gift is suitable for any outfit and shoe combination, marking out girls to stand out and attract lots of attraction. The beauty compliment will draw lots of smiles from loved ones. It is a valuable accessory to have in your own’s jewelry collection.

This is an image of kid's Leather bracelets double heart in turquoise and white colors

16. Ballerina Music Box

Enchantmints Ballerina musical jewelry box is a gift item that would be appreciated not only by lovers of dance but also, music. It comes in a lovely pink color, hinged top with a mirror in it, velvet swarmed paper lining, large basal drawer, two small side drawers to keep jewelry and other treasures.

This box plays “Swan Lake,” and it comes with a dancing ballerina figurine. One primary purpose of this item is the creation of masterful designs that produce exciting moments for your girls. The box is made of high-quality MDF lamination, and it is undoubtedly safe for your girls.

This is an image of kid's Musical jewlery box in pînk color

17. LEGO Gingerbread Building Kit

The LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House building kit is a specially designed toy that involves arranging a different set of building materials. The brick-built Gingerbread house features a candy-filled façade and highly detailed interior with a colorful façade with opaque windows, a chimney stack cozy fireplace, snow blower frosted roof, gingerbread baby man/woman, a decorated Christmas tree, sidewalk and many more.

This toy is more like a scene for imaginative adventures with the gingerbread family, it is also a recreational activity for all ages, but mainly for kids, families could have a fun time with it. The toy is 21cm high, 26cm wide and 13cm deep.

This is an image of kid's LEGO creator gingerbread house building kit

18. Bluetooth Microphone for Girls

Karaoke is a cool activity that is suitable for young girls. The microphone toy for girls by Sephix is a great gift idea for 12 years, old girls. It has Bluetooth, which allows for connection from other external devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. It is available in 3 colors: purple rose gold and blue.

The device is built for karaoke mode, which allows girls to sing aloud to their favorite tunes. The gadget can also be used to record audios and has a high-quality speaker. It is portable and can be easily moved around, in a pocket, and bags.

This is an image of girl's bluetooth portable karoke microphone in pink color

19. Alex Temporary Hair Chalk 

Alex spa hair chalk salon is a beautiful item for young girls. Your girls can now have an entirely different look by applying a myriad of colors to their hair. The group of girls may find this interesting as it enables them to create as many personalities as they can with their hair.

The chalks are made of temporary colors, and your girls can add strands of shimmery beads to spice the hair further, changing fun activity. It is safe to apply on all kinds and colors of hair and washes out effortlessly with shampoo.

This is an image of kid's SPA hair chalk salon girls hair activity

20. NOVCO High Knee Socks

Girls’ high knee socks come in different styles and animated patterns. The socks are great for self-use and also make a perfect gift. They are made of cotton and spandex material, soft, odor-resistant, elastic, easy-care, absorbent, and high durability. The package is made of three to six different pairs in different unique characters and designs of the socks, leaving your girls with choices.

They can be worn over the calf or the knee, depending on the length of your girls’ legs. This gift item can serve a multipurpose function as it can be used as a costume, Halloween, casual daily wear, and lots more.

This is an image of kid's knee high socks pack in colorful colors

21. Crochet Hat with kitty Ears

This beautiful knitted headgear made from quality acrylic fibers. The choice of texture makes it flexible and allows it to fit most people. The design makes it very cute, and most girls of all ages fall in love at first sight. It makes her hair neat and, at the same time, looks good when she has it on. 

This headgear is suitable for all conditions, and she can look elegant and cozy rain or sunshine.

This is an image of kid's cute woolike kitty ear headgear hat in black color

22. VTech SmartWatch

The dressing of your young girls is not complete without a complementing watch, Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch DX. It does not only add to their fashion but also comes in a desirable purple color. This smartwatch enables your young girls to take selfies and make videos and, most importantly, the watch’s motion sensor, which can be used to keep account of daily steps and movement.

Vtech kidizoom smartwatch is not only durable but can also be recharged. One unavoidable advantage of this smartwatch is the analog form in which it is designed as it helps in easy learning and telling of time by your kids.

This is an image of kid's kidizoom smartwatch in purple color

23. LipBalm Set and Makeup Bag

The Lip Balm Studio by Girl Zone, which allows young girls to experiment with making their lip balm, is a fun makeup kit for girls. It is an ideal gift for Christmas, birthday, and other celebrations. The Lip Balm kit helps girls explore and develop their makeup craft from an early age, such as 12. The package also develops skills such as creativity, hand-eye coordination, and arts and crafts.

The kit contains about 22 pieces of lip balm and a cool bag where the lip balms can be kept. The kit requires very minimal or no adult supervision. The lip balms have delightful fruity scents, which adds to its allure.

This is an image of kid's makeup set with 22 pieces

24. Pinwheel Jewelry Kit

Pinwheel crafts is a one gift item that reduces stress and frees the inner, creating capacities of your young girls. Crafting helps increase the level of coordination of young kids. This makes an additional advantage as a gift item for your girls. It comprises a pendant making kit with eight necklaces, over 200 designs, four different pendant shapes, eight glass covers, and chains.

This pendant jewelry kit comes with brief friendly directions perfect for developing minds. Pinwheel crafts unleash your girls’ imagination and improve their love for discovery. This is indeed an appreciative gift you can get for your kids that love all edges of creativity.

This is an image of kid's crafts jewelry making kit

25. Townley Disney Nail Polish Set

Townley girl Disney Princess non-toxic peel-off nail polish set is made just for your girls. This quick-dry polish is made of a set of 18 different colors best for your girls’ hands and feet, and each set is decorated with the image of everyone’s favorite Disney characters. The wide range of colors allows your girls to get creative by combining and matching. It also comes with a toe generator and a nail file.

This item is easy to apply as it dries up quickly and, most importantly, does not require a polish remover as the dried polish is peeled off from nails. It is non-toxic and a safe gift item for your kids.

This is an image of kid's disney princess off nail polish set

Overall Best Buy

When buying gifts for your daughter, you always hope to get her the best that money can buy. And in a market with too many options to choose from, you can end up buying a toy or gift your girl would not appreciate. So we have made your choice easy by picking the Crossbody Shoulder bag as our top pick.

Why? This is because it looks simply elegant; it goes well with whatever attire she chooses to go with and is ideal for all outings. This is one gift she is sure to appreciate. 

This is an image of kid's purse small canvas


Best Budget Buy

Alternatively, you can decide to buy a meaningful gift for your daughter without putting yourself in the wrong position financially. So you would have to consider budget options, and of the many budget choices available, we have narrowed it down to the one. And that is the Alphabet Jewelry. 

At first glance, it shows you care about her, with a simplistic design that works, you can not go wrong with this choice. 

This is an image of kid's Necklace silver alphabet jewelry


Where to buy gifts for 12 year old girls?

For the most options and varying prices, it is advised to either shop at online stores or stores closeby. But whatever the choice you make, you must ensure that you compare prices with other people that have shopped at the store: people that have bought similar or the same product.