25 Best Gifts for 13 year old Girls

Closeup autumn portrait of teenage girl 13 year old smiling over yellow leaves outdoors. Looking at camera.

She was the little girl always with her teether in her mouth, and her rattles in her hands. She has grown into a beautiful young woman beaming with joy and light. She now has a lot of friends and likes to talk, play, and smile all day. Your beautiful girl has turned 13, and nothing makes you happier. Nothing should! But as she matures physically and intellectually, it is your duty as her parents and guardians to enforce and encourage all forms of development. And you can achieve this with the right gift or toy.

Before you enter that store near you or shop online for one or more toys, she might like. There are a few things you should keep in mind, they are:

Considerations choosing gifts for 13 year old girls


Age: Her age matters a lot. At 13, she is entering her teenage years. And teenagers are known to be very picky, she would have specific colors she would prefer, or textures she would be more open to. Her tastes and preferences have to be put into account. Else you end up buying her a gift of toy she would not appreciate.

Size: At her age, you are less likely to find toys or gifts where one size fits all. You have to know her dimensions, her height, weight, and other things. So you would get one with the perfect fit. Also, you need to know the dimensions of the toy, so it doesn’t give way when she’s using it and cause unwanted troubles.

Now that we know what to put at the back of our minds let’s have a look at the best toys you can gift your 13 year old daughter.

25 Best gifts for 13 year old girls

There are too many options to choose from. So we have compiled for you the 25 of the best toys that are sure to make her day. Here they are:

1. A dozen acrylic paint pens

Kids that love arts and paintings would find this gift item lovely and acceptable. Artistro is a collection of about twelve acrylic markers or paint pens of different colors. These markers can either be medium or broad tipped depending on what detail is needed. Interestingly, these paint pens can work on nearly all surfaces, be it stone, glass, fabric, ceramic, and many others.

This invariably widens the knowledge of creativity in growing kids. Now your young girls can create exclusive designs on their personal belongings. The acrylic ink in these pens have no odor whatsoever and are non-harmful to your kids.


This is an image of kid's Paint pens medium markers pack


2. Start Where You Are: Journal of Self Exploration

This is an interactive Journal that assists readers to tend to their activeness is the ability to be creative, self-motivate themselves, and also be mindful of their environment. It features quotes from writers, artists, and motivated persons with unanswered questions and plenty of room for reflection on how to solve these questions. The journal is recommended for those who are facing challenges in one aspect of life or the other.

The journal is very colorful and will lighten up the spirit of any depressed individual merely looking at it, also very inspiring as it talks about our aspiration and how we can achieve our dreams.


This is an image of kid's Start where you are a journel for self exploration book


3. Travel Map

Growing kids love every form of adventure they can get. One perfect gift item for kids that find fun in traveling is Earthabitats. Earthabitats is simply a travel map of country flags and landmarks designated in different colors and made on a thick craft paper. The US states are outlined for tracking purposes. This scratch off world map enables travelers to keep records of places they have been and other adventurous places.

Young girls would not only find this fun and a topic to discuss amidst friends but also educational to them because it makes it easy to learn more about the world and other geographical locations.


This is an image of girl's off map of the world in black color


4. Alex’s Nail Pens for Girls

Alex spa nail pens is a gift item that can be used by young girls to paint their nails in different creative forms. The beauty of this gift item is the glow the painted nails give even in the dark. This product is composed of five nail pen colors with three glow in the dark.

The two tip nail pen has a brush on one side for coloring the nail or drawing shapes and an accuracy tip on the different end for sketching structures. This gift item is accompanied by an instruction booklet making it easy to use. The paints are non-hazardous to your young girls and can be easily cleaned up.


This is an image of kid's Sketch it nail pens activity by Alex



5. SAYM Galaxy Themed hoodies

These hoodies are spectacular. They come in color 101, various sizes for all ages of boys and girls from 4-16 years. The material is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, unlike many other brands. It has two side pockets to keep the hands warm. This hoodie can be worn for any occasion, be it a casual, celebration, or even sports. It is a great gift that is both hand and machine wash friendly, and its 3D print technology does not fade with time.

This product has a 4.5-star rating and has received fantastic reviews from customers upon purchase and wear.


This is an image of kid's galaxy fleece pockets sweatshirts in colorful colors


6. Pick Your Poison card game

The “pick your poison” card Game is one hugely anticipated card game. It has over 300 poison cards with endless number of card combinations. These cards are a great way to start conversations, liven up the fun at parties and, get into your friends’ heads and know their messed up thoughts! The game is simple to play, in which players draw cards, anonymously pick their poison and, at the end, compare their poison. In essence, the game answers the question, “What would you rather do?”.

The product has gotten a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on amazon out of nearly 600 reviews. The game is recommended for ages 13 and above.


This is an image of girl's pick your poison card game


7. Stainless Steel Bangle

This is a piece of stainless steel jewelry suitable for girls of age 13 and above; it is attractive because of the unique design which anchors different type of fascinating inscription on it. It is 2.5 inches and weighs about 8.53 grams, which makes it perfect for any teenage girl to carry. There are charms attachments to the bangle, which are with lead safe and are body friendly.

The bangle is made up of zinc alloy and comes with a pouch bag to keep when not in use; it is expandable and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Suitable as gifts for your loved ones.


This is an image of kid's jewelry steel gift for 13 year old girls


8. TERVIS Insulated Pink Tumbler

The Tervis 1303151 sloth nope Tumbler is made with Tritan, having a Double-walled insulation system to retain the temperature of both hot and cold drinks, respectively. It has a tightly fitted lid with an open/close slider feature, a straw for easy consumption, with a removable handle and a slide, and a soft grip feature.

The tumbler is dishwasher safe on the top rack, also microwave and freezer safe. The home company is a reputable family owned drinkware company that has been in the business of making reusable drinkware for over 70 years. They can boast of consumer satisfaction as well as upcycling plastic for the betterment of the general public for years to come.


This is an image of girl's 16 oz plasic glass with nope to today graphics in pink and white colors


9.  Lovely Pink Girl’s Backpack

Young girls no longer need to worry about getting their stuff packed and in order when they go out. Gazigo is a school backpack designed to serve a fashion purpose and of maximum functions. It has different compartments where your girls can keep their 14inch laptops, phones, books, and other belongings.

Interestingly, it is made of a 3 in 1 pack, college backpack, crossbody pack, and pencil case, all of the different sizes serving occasional different purposes. These backpack sets are made of durable stuff, water-resistant, and have their shoulder belts padded for a more comfortable encounter.


This is an image of kid's backpack with bookbags and money bag in pink color


10. Alex Ombre Hair Fashion Activity

Alex Spa Ombre Hair color is a multipurpose product mainly for teenage girls from 8 years and above. It makes it possible to change their hair color, which comes in 3 different colors, Pink, Purple, and Teal. It can only be applied temporarily, which makes it great for parties, sleepovers, and selfies.

The hair color is very productive when it comes to fashion and design; the kit comes with hair chalk to apply on hair, spray bottle to make it perfect and easy instructions to guide you. 


This is an image of girl's FX activity ombre hair


11. It only took 13 years to be this awesome

The perfect gift for a 13 year old girl might very well be a new journal and sketchbook titled “It Only Took 13 Years to be this Awesome”. Teenagers at this age may not be overwhelmed about getting a book as a surprise, but on opening the book and seeing the possibilities, they will warm up to it. The sketchbook for teenagers is a great birthday and a surprise gift for girls.

The sketchbook gift contains 100 pages. Creative girls can use the spaces to make some sketches and jotting down some notes and thoughts. It is useful for recording important events in the year.


This is an image of kid's it only took 13 years to be this awesome book


12. Girl’s Cute Panda Themed Backpack

A fashionable bag gift is another excellent gift idea for girls that are over 13 years of age. There are many bags out there with different concepts and styles, and Bag Wizard has stood out from the bunch with their amazing and durable Panda themed bag. The cute backpack, which has a sizeable notable image of a panda on it, can be used as a travel bag for school and to carry other stuff.

It is an adorable gift for girls. Parents can get it for their daughters, and friends can get it from their other friends. It is waterproof and made with high-quality leather.


This is an image of girl's panda backpack for girls


13. Tripod stand with camera ring light 

Camera accessories are great gift ideas for teenage girls. Girls love taking pictures, especially lots and lots of selfies. Contribute positively to their image capturing experience with these cool camera accessory by UBeesize. The camera accessory contains the tripod stand and the ring light for a selfie. The accessory can also serve as a phone holder for vell phone functions such as live streaming.

The best gift for teenage girls is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. The tripod stand and ring light are perfect for young female photographers.


This is an image of kid's Selfie ring light tripod stand and phone holder


14. Unicorn Body Glitter Gel

Unicorn is one animal that girls will love to have, either as a toy or the real deal. The unicorn as an imaginary animal is impossible to keep as a pet, so girls prefer toys and items that have a cool unicorn theme. The Unicorn Snot Body Glitter Gel is one of such things. The perfect cosmetic present for girls, the gel can be used as cosmetics for festivals such as Halloween and birthday parties.

The silver-colored gel is easy to apply and makes the area of contact to glitter like the unicorn. It helps build confidence in girls and encourages them to shine.


This is an image of kid's Unicorn glitter gel


15. Cozy Socks for Girls

Socks are trusted and tried gifts to impress any individual. When out of choice, get a cool pair of socks. Different socks are for different categories of people, so it is essential to get your sock choice right. When choosing a good pair of socks for teenage girls, get them the Jarseen warm and fuzzy socks pair. The pair of socks is a brilliant gift idea for special occasions such as birthdays and other celebrations such as Valentine, Easter and Christmas celebrations.

The girly pair of socks which has a shiny color is made up of both cotton and spandex. The sock goes with all wears and shoes.


This is an image of kid's socks plush in pink color


16. Spiral Bound Sketch Pads

A fantastic and worthwhile gift to get for female artists is art materials. The 30 sheets sketch pad, which is divided into packs of 2 by US Art Supply, is one of such exciting art materials. The sketch pad can be used to sketch and draw different drawings of choice for girls either from memory, their imagination, or a book. The sketchpad, which is spiral bound and makes use of heavy paper, serves as an appetizer to the artistic needs of a young girl.

It helps develop crucial skills in girls such as creativity, drawing, and sketching skills and imagination. 


This is an image of kid's weight paper sketch pad


17. Craft-tastic Owl Edition String Art Kit

The String Art Kit by Craft-tastic is another excellent art material for creative and talented young artists. The string art kit has enough elements in it to males to make three large string art. These string art kits are in great demand.

The kit is the perfect birthday gift and surprise package or girls that are 13 years of age. It helps stimulate the imagination and creativity in both children and teenagers. It is the right and ideal gift for a young girl.

The kit provides a platform for girls to express their inner creativity and show how good they are.


This is an image of kid's craft string art kit in varicolors


18. MINDKOO Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

MindKoo Bluetooth Headphone for 13 year old girls is a pretty looking, aesthetically pleasing accessory that can pass for a mobile accessory and also a fashion accessory. The headphones are completely wireless, with a connectivity range of 33 feet.

It has better signal quality than the average headphones and has extended compatibility across a wide range of devices. Its crisp and quality sound gives an immersive experience providing maximum satisfaction for every penny spent.

These earphones come in 7 different colors and four different play modes, changing colors with the rhythm of the music playing through the earphones affording the girls with not only more entertainment but also more fun.


This is an image of girl's bluetooth headphone with cat ears in white and pink colors


19. Cashmere Knit Women’s Slippers

These slippers from ofoot are imported and made from polyester material. These faux fur slippers have their upper part knit with cashmere; its collar made high-quality fur and synthetic, anti-slip soles making the slippers feel comfy and warm to the feet.

For winter periods, these slippers come in handy as the owner can move outdoors without fear of having freezing feet. Apart from the protection from extreme weather, it comes with thick memory foam sponge for comfort in the soles.

With four colors to choose from, these fashionable slippers also come in several sizes to choose from, serving not only teenagers but also adults.


This is an image of kid's womens foam faux indoor and outdoor house shoes in gray colors


20. Vintage Leather Journal Set

This journal is a unisex vintage luxury that can be used for a variety of things, ranging from travel writing to art sketching. The journal has a 7″ x 5″ premium leather cover and rope binder with three pen holders and a hidden pen holder with bookmark. This journal is one for memories because its paper touch and scent will remind you of the feelings had on the day an idea or story was written, or an object, scenery, or person was important enough to draw on paper.

This product is ideal for birthday gifts as a diary and as a camping trip gift to document experiences along the way.


This is an image of girl's leather journet gift set in brown color


21. Waterproof String Lights

Glowing objects will forever remain fascinating to young kids. Mumu sugar- HiSayee waterproof led photo string is made of 20 print clips basically for hanging pictures, artwork, cards, and other light-weight items, giving a lovely sight of a good arrangement. The clips and cable are transparent and powered by a battery making it safe and advantageous.

The led photo string light emits a cozy warm white glow that radiates the items that are attached to the clips. Your girls can get busy getting their rooms decorated and illuminated.


This is an image of girl's LED photo string lights


22. Fujifilm Ice Blue Instant Camera

Fujifilm is an imitation set of tools used in photography. This gift item develops your girls’ sense of humor and responsibility. It is composed of a blue camera box, photo journal, frames, and others. The camera box comes with a modifiable strap with an open-top, that makes it easier to take pictures.

This gift item is excellent for portraits, and your girls can learn to take pictures and get better with it. The selfie lens is made of a color filter lens of four colors, and it is essential to know that this device is battery-powered, making it less harmful.


This is an image of kid's Fujifilm instax mini 9 pack in turquoise blue color


23. Cat Themed Night Lamp

Eifeland children night light is an automatic remote controlled light toy that is suitable for children; the night light helps kids in many significant ways, especially at night. There are unique designs for the night lights which have a lovely cat face, no sharp edge, and warm light for kid’s eye. The night light also comes with an excellent control mechanism, which enables a slight clap to light it up, the control of brightness, and even a preset shut-off time.

It has a durable battery, which could last about 15 hours when fully charged. This makes it the ideal long night companion.


This is an image of girl's night LED with cat design and remote control


24. Rechargeable Karaoke Microphone

The Karaoke microphone is a perfect toy for kids as it enhances learning ability; it comes in handy in several ways and is suitable for kids between ages 3 to 6 years. The microphone comes with a loudspeaker with an excellent sound system that enables a kid to produce great sound when singing with it, great features like echo effect, fantastic Led flicker with six different colors.

It also has support Bluetooth and SD card support to connect and play songs from other devices easily. It can serve as a pleasant present at events such as birthdays and Christmas to kids.


This is an image of kid's karoake microphone in pink color


25. 13th Birthday Bracelet with 13 gold dipped beads

Pieces of jewelry are always beautiful and attractive gifts for girls. The jewelry could come in any form: bracelet, necklace, or rings. Lucky Feather has perhaps the best birthday gift for age 13 girls. Not only is the 13 dainty 14K gold-dipped beads suited for age 13 girls, but it is also made for them.

The 13 bracelets are for each birthday from age 1 to the current age (13). It is the best birthday jewelry for girls. The gift is sure to be appreciated and treasured. It is the perfect gift to round off a stunning birthday party. It has an adjustable cord and doesn’t affect sensitive skin.


This is an image of leather bracelet with 13 - 14k gold


Best overall gift

It is the dream of most girls to tour the world and explore everything this big blue planet has to offer. That is why this gift is especially unique as it piques her interest in geography and educates her on the many beautiful places in the world. For these reasons and more, the ‘travel map’ is the Overall Best Gift you can give girls at least 13 years of age. 

This is an image of girl's off map of the world in black color



Best Budget Gift 

When buying a gift for your princess, you encounter a lot of options. For reasons best known to you, you might need to get her a gift that makes her happy and, at the same time, is budget-friendly. This, without any doubt, is this cute panda backpack. Why? Just take a look at its big cute eyes and tell me you do not want one for yourself. But too bad, it’s only suitable for your daughter, so get one for her today.


This is an image of girl's panda backpack for girls