25 Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Girls

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Trying to find a birthday gift for a teenage girl of 14 years old? We have loads of different types of gifts available here for girls worth considering.

One of the most beautiful things that can be experienced is watching your little girl mature into a lovely young lady. All the memories shared since when she could only say mama and dada. She is no longer that little girl. She’s a lady alive with color, a lover of nature, and just wanting to travel and see the world. You can make this happen by bringing the world to her, in the safety of her room with the right gifts, gadgets, and toys. 

Your princess deserves only the best gifts, and for you to make sure she gets nothing short of that, there are a few things you’d need to look into. Here they are: 

Considerations choosing gifts for 14 Year old Girls


Age: As she matures, she’d need gifts that challenge her to be a better version of herself. She’d need gifts and gadgets that are age-appropriate and have relevance to her kind of person. There are different toys for different age groups, so it is best to get one that fits her just right. 

Price: Most people think as their kids get older, the gifts they’d get them would get significantly pricier. This isn’t always true. For every budget, you can get one or more gifts that would be appreciated and would not leave a dent in your pocket. 

Her Preferences: For younger kids, you can just walk into any store and come out with a couple of items, and you can bet they’d love it. As long as it’s fast, colorful, and loud, they’d very likely take a liking to it. For older kids, this is rarely true. They have preferences: favorite color, favorite texture, and other things. You need to know most of these things to guide you when picking out your gift. 

If you fully understand the things you need to consider before you go gift hunting for your daughter, we can then proceed to a listing of gifts she can’t wait to have. 

25 Best Gifts for 14 year old girls 

1. Women In Science 

In a world where woman rights are generally silenced, there’s a need for books like this that would teach her that she can be whatever and whoever she wants to be. The illustrated books take her through the journey and exploits of 50 powerful women who contributed significantly to fields like science, engineering, and many others. 

The book is well put together, and at first glance, begs to be read. The book is fun, very much educational, and would make an excellent gift for any adventurous girl. 

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World


2. DIY Charm Bracelets

Alex’s Do It Yourself bracelets play two significant roles. It satisfies the hunger to create as she gets to personalize the bracelets to taste, and also when she’s done working her magic. She gets to look over the moon gorgeous. The DIY bracelets keep her occupied and help develop her creative side. One significant advantage of this bracelet is personalization; she would be creating a unique bracelet for herself. 

The components included in the package are safe, skin-friendly, as they are made from non-hazardous materials. Buy her one of these and watch her beam with joy 

Image of Alex DIY Wear I Heart Charm Bracelets Kids Art and Craft Activit


3. Henna Activity Set for Girls

Girls in their teenage years want to look good and explore. They seem to try a lot of things, and most times, they’re not too safe. This is why the henna freestyle kit is an excellent gift. It allows your daughter and her friends to play around safely with art, as it can be easily washed off. Included in the package are twelve adhesive gems, ten stencil stickers, and three tattoo pens. 

The big worry among most parents and guardians is the safety of their children and wards. But with this gift, there’s no reason to worry as all the components are made from non-hazardous, children friendly materials. 

Alex Spa Totally Henna Deluxe Set Girls Fashion Activity


4. Klutz Nail Craft Kit

The klutz nail kit is very popular with young girls about the age of 14 because it allows them to express themselves. Activities like this gradually ease them into being young women; they learn to take care and look after themselves. And at the same time encourages beautification of self.

This impressive nail kit is going to be appreciated by all teenage girls. It is made from materials that are not harmful to the skin.

Klutz Nail Art Craft Kit


5. Trusty Diary

Children, as they grow older, find themselves reflecting on the finer details of the world. Most times, they would need time to themselves to figure things out, or only a medium they can talk to without any judgment. It gives them an extra layer of safety and security. This is where her trusty journal comes in.

Getting her the STMT Journal Set would see her have a friend that she can pour out all she feels out to, at any time of the day. 

STMT DIY Journaling Set by Horizon Group USA, Personalize & Decorate Your Planner/Organizer/Diary with Stickers,Gems,Glitter Frames,Glitter Clips,Magnetic Bookmarks,Tassel Keychain & More.Pen Included


6. National Geographic Amazing Animal Stories

Books are a great learning resource for teenagers to learn about the world and new concepts. Books help develop in kids the reading culture, which is viewed by experts as an essential life tool.

The 125 True Stories of Amazing Aminals by National Geographic Kids is a lovely book that every teenager, both boys, and girls, must have and read. The book tells a fantastic tale of the animal kingdom, telling delightful animal stories that teenage girls will love and can be inspired by. The book has many colorful illustrations that are designed to make it fun to read and easy to digest for readers.

This is an image of National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals: Inspiring Tales of Animal Friendship & Four-Legged Heroes, Plus Crazy Animal Antics


7. Silver Necklace with Initials for Pendant

YFN is a fashion-oriented gift item that complements your girls’ outfit. This pendant gift comes in sterling silver, and your girls would love to have this personalized chain. The 18-inch necklace is retained with a lobster paw strap and can be kept in a chain box that comes with it.

Name necklace as it is called is a beautiful necklace that has upper case initials for all 26 letter alphabet, increasing your girls’ confidence when they wear them. A soft cloth quickly does the cleaning. It is essential to know that this jewelry is not water-resistant and not to be exposed to high temperatures.

YFN Initial Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconial 26 Letter Alphabet Jewelry for Women Teen Girl


8. Smartlab Secret Message Lab

Smartlab toys are specifically designed for your girls only. It is mostly used to pass secret messages between girls. This secret message lab toy comes in twin cases, and each case consists of a wax crayon, red marker, spray bottle, UV light pen, and many others, all serving different purposes. This kit is also referred to as the science kit and can be used to create codes and messages are in invisible inks.

These inventive toys add to your girls’ insight, improves their problem-solving abilities, and also provide them with broader knowledge in the field of science.

SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab


9. Temporary Hair Chalk for Girls

Madellena hair chalk is a beautiful gift item for young girls. Your girls can now have an entirely different look by applying a myriad of colors to their hair. The group of girls will find this interesting because it enables them to create as many personalities as they can with their hairs. This gift item contains ten different hair color markers or chalks. The chalks are made of temporary colors and can also be used for face painting to further spice the hair changing and fun look activity.

It is safe to apply on all kinds and colors of hair and also easy to use and remove. Each hair chalk can produce up to 80 applications. This quality hair chalks are non-toxic, water-soluble, and causes no allergy.

This is an image ofHair Chalk, Temporary Hair Color for Kids, Hair Chalk for Girls, Temporary Hair Dye, Hair Chalk for Kids, Hair Dye for Kids, Great as Face Paints too, Easy to Apply, Birthday Gifts for Girls


10. Squash Board Game

Strategy games are highly educative games for both boys and girls. The Squashed 3D Strategy Board Game by PlaSmart is a brilliant strategy game that is easy to play. The rules of the game are quite comfortable, it involves rolling a die to defeat your competitors, moving pawns on the cube, and trying to be the last player standing with a pawn in the active cube to emerge a winner.

The game which is suitable for teenage damsels is best played by 2 to 4 players. The game is highly competitive and a bundle of unlimited fun. The game helps improve the problem-solving skills of all.

This is an image of Squashed 3D Strategy Board Game


11. 97 things to do before you finish high-school 

The book is about life in high school and the things you set to accomplish before you leave, talks about things to do, how to do them, and what you can encounter in high school. The book is exclusive to the things they don’t show you in high school because people don’t pay attention to it. Like how to have a film celebration, plan your first excursion, make a digital broadcast, or compose a declaration and many more extra-curricular activities that the school doesn’t have plans to teach to their students.

The book helps widen your horizon and improve your imaginative, social, or scholarly skills in 97 different ways.

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School


12. Cotton Crew Socks for Girls

Hzcojulo consists of five different colored, patterned, and animated socks just the way your girls would like them. The socks are made of mostly cotton, spandex cotton, and polyamide. It is designed to specially protect your girls’ feet and give them a comfortable experience. Unlike the conventional socks, there is no swing band in the socks, and the high-quality cotton fiber makes the socks soft and safe when your kids wear them.

This item is incredible for the lengths in which they are made, such that they can be easily worn and removed without stressing your girls. The Hzcojulo socks are easy to clean and maintain.

This is an image of HzCodelo Kids Toddler Big Little Girls Fashion Cotton Crew Cute Socks -5 Pairs


13. Colorblock hoodie for girls

Hoodies are fashionable clothing for teenagers. Both boys and girls, young and old, have joined the hoodie craze. Hoodies are a great fit for the body and smoothly flows with any shoe or clothing on. The long sleeve hoodie is a great gift idea for girls that are yet to clock 14. The design of the hoodie or sweatshirt is attractive; it makes use of color block dye to give it an eye-catching look.

The sweatshirt is made up of mostly cotton material. It is advisable to use a machine to wash as opposed to hand. It is the perfect clothing to fight cold weather in spring and winter.

This is an image of SweatyRocks Women's Long Sleeve Hoodie Sweatshirt Colorblock Tie Dye Print Tops


14. Level Fourteen Unlocked

Who says only boys are the only one that loves video games? Many girls also love video games. The Level 14 Unlocked Journal is a great gift idea for teenage girls the age of 14 that enjoy gaming. It is a beautiful journal that is perfect for showing loved ones how you feel about them.

The journal is the right birthday gift gift for teenage girls, a book where they can jot their thoughts and record their activities. The cover, which has “Level 14 Unlocked” is attractive to the sight. The journal or notebook has over 110 pages in it.

This is an image of Level 14 Unlocked: Happy 14th Birthday 14 Years Old Gift For Gaming Boys & Girls


15. Pandora Bracelet with Birthstone

Jewelry is another winning gift package for 14 year old babes. You can never go wrong by getting jewelry as a gift; every girl’s jewelry collection is always open for expansion. The Charm Bracelet by White Birch is pure beauty to behold. It is the perfect gift to blow away girls. The charming bracelet is an ideal birthday gift and the present gift for Valentine. The bracelet, when worn, amplifies the beauty of she who put it on.

It is an attention-grabbing piece of jewelry. Not only for teenage girls, but it can also be gotten for mothers, made more awesome when gotten on Mother’s day.

This is an image of White Birch Fit Pandora Charm Bracelet All Month Birthstone Best Birthday Gifts for Women and Girls DIY Jewelry


16. Bicycle Wheel Lights

Indeed the most effective way for kids to learn is through fun activities. Cooco bike wheel light is a gift item that is not only exciting but also broadens your girls’ imagination. Cooco bike wheel light is made of high quality LED lights that can be attached to your kids’ bicycles, adorn frames, or bookcases.

This gift item is waterproof and made of colorful lights that your girls can choose from. Once attached to your kids’ bike, it makes it more convenient to ride at night and also allows people and cars nearby to see from every side of the bike. These LED lights are battery powered and have two operating procedures, the flashing, and steady light.

This is an image of Cooco Bike Wheel Light - Best Gifts


17. Acrylic Watch Hat

Girls love a lovely hat. It is the perfect fashion accessory to make a ladies dress up complete and flawless. The Acrylic Hat by Carhatt is a cool hat that every teenage girl should have in her wardrobe. The red hair is a pretty piece of art when placed on the hand. It is made up of acrylic materials, and it is advisable to hand wash the hat for the hat to last longer. The hat is a lovely surprise gift for girls.

Boyfriends can get their girlfriends the hat for Valentine, and parents can get their daughters these hats for birthday and other reasons. It is a cool surprise package for girls’ birthday parties.

This is an image of Carhartt Kids' Acrylic Watch Hat


18. Pineapple Themed Mini Backpack

Growing kids love to keep their phones, notebooks, and other kid stuff in order when they go to schools or other social gatherings. Rave Envy is a fashionable yet helpful mini backpack that can get your girls’ cover when they go out. It is made of three different compartments, giving the ability to accommodate most of your girl’s belongings and the zipper keeping it in contact.

This unique patterned bag is almost weightless and easy to maintain and keep clean. It is not only fashionable but also made from durable materials giving a satisfying user experience.

This is an image of Rave Envy - Mini Backpack - Small Profile, But Plenty of Space Back Packs - Great Daypack (Pineapple)


19. Vintage Crossbody Bag

The vintage cross shoulder bag by Vere Gloria is a stylish gift idea for 14 year old girls. The bag is affordable and comfortable to wear. It is portable and can be used to transport many essential and nonessential items to whatever decision the carrier wants to go. The messenger bag is made of high-quality leather materials. It is crafted for regular usage, built thick to withstand much load without cutting or slacking.

It is a suitable fit for teenage girls and can be worn outdoors: to school, to work, to parks and other places. The bag makes a willing companion on any trip.

This is an image of Vere Gloria Messenger Bag,Vintage Canvas Shoulder Crossbody Bag for Everyday Use


20. Wonder Woman T-Shirt

Many teenage girls are fond of cartoons, comics and superheroes, and superheroine movies. These characters help reinforce their belief that they are superheroes. DC, a company that creates and produces lovely comics and superhero and superheroine characters, has created a fan T-Shirt for their girl fans. The Girls T-Shirt by Disney has the famous Wonder Woman Logo and many star prints to make the T-Shirt an irresistible sight. Wonder Woman is a popular superheroine character.

Most girls even have Wonder Woman as one of their favorite or favorite heroine. The cloth is made up of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. 

This is an image DC Comics Girls T-Shirt Wonder Woman Logo & Stars Print


21. EFYTAL’s Silver Necklace

A silver necklace specially designed for a teenage girl celebrating her 14th birthday, the jewelry is made with 14 beads and those stand for 14 previous years. This sterling silver necklace is made with 925 silver chain and wire; the chain is durable and does not itchy when it stays too long on your body. 

The length is about 18cm and can be easily adjusted; it is well packed to protect from damaged during shipment. The package comes with a gift bag, tissue paper, and notecard. It serves as a perfect gift for your niece, sister, and daughter during any special ceremony.

This is an image of EFYTAL 14th Birthday Gifts for Girls, Sterling Silver Necklace, 14 Beads for 14 Year Old Girl, Jewelry Gift Idea


22. Professional Drawing Kit

Shuttle art is simply sketching and writing kits in one piece. This item is perfect for kids that love crafts in the form of drawing. Shuttle art contains myriad forms of drawing pencils, graphite sticks, plastic eraser, sketch pad, and many other drawing sets. All of these numerous items are coordinated in a zipper case, and the single bunch can be taken anywhere with convenience.

There is an advantage of replacing items in the case with an additional supply that comes with it. The sticks are non-harmful, designed to avoid breaking down easily and comfortably when handed by your girls.

This is an image of Sketching and Drawing Pencils Set, 37-Piece Professional Sketch Pencils Set in Zipper Carry Case, Drawing Kit Art Supplies with Graphite Charcoal Sticks Tool Sketch book for Adults Kids by Shuttle Art


23. Vintage Leather Sketchbook 

A perfect gift item has been specially made for young girls that love keeping records of daily activities. EvZ is a writing journal notepad embedded in a distinguishable leather case. This gift item is made of empty papers consisting of 160 pages, lasting a more extended period, and your girls would find it a perfect gift item for writing, sketching, diary, photo album, and so much more.

This notebook is refillable, and unimportant pages can be discarded. EvZ is a sizeable notebook such that it can be kept with total convenience in your girls’ school bag.

Leather Writing Journal Notebook, EvZ 7 Inches Vintage Nautical Spiral Blank String Diary Notepad Sketchbook Travel to Write in, Unlined Paper, Retro Pendants, Classic Embossed, Dark Blue


24. Leather Multi-Strand Bracelet

This is a 7.7-inch lightweight bracelet that has several unique specifications, the Cuff bracelet, which is made with alloy tree parts, artificial pearl, and straps from leather to make it fit. It comes with the Tree of Life, which promotes good luck, beauty, health, and knowledge. The handmade leather attached to it makes it more attractive to any lady with class, and the durability is top class.

This bracelet s unique because of the multilayer design, which is comfortable to wear, and it doesn’t fade or smell. The bracelet comes in grey, brown, black, beige and blue colors which make it ideal for any lady.

This is an image of GelConnie Tree of Life Leather Cuff Bracelet Magnetic Multi Strand Wrap Bracelet Bohemian Jewelry for Women, Wife, Sister


25. Girl’s Traditional Denim Jacket

Girls love a fantastic piece of wear, the type that is stunning and capable of receiving many compliments. The Denim Jacket for girls by The Children’s Place is a lovely gift idea for girls. It is a beautiful gift for girls birthdays, valentine’s, and festive celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. The jacket for girls is a lovely compliment to girls’ other wears. 

The Denim Jacket is made up of 75 percent cotton material, 23 percent polyester material, and 2 percent spandex material. It is advisable to wash with a machine instead of hand to keep it in good condition for long. 

This is an image of The Children's Place Girls' Denim Jacket


Overall Best Buy

All the above-listed gifts are sure to make any 14 year old girl smile. The one most parents and guardians tend to choose as their favorite because of its impact on their daughter is the book “Women in Science.”

Their feedback shows that it motivates their daughter to push themselves and transcend all earthly limits, and shoot for the sky.


Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World


Best Budget Buy

When choosing one or more gifts for your daughter, one thing that is at the back of your mind is the cost and the budget you are working with. To ensure you get a meaningful gift that works for every budget, we have listed this as the one with the least financial implications but would be appreciated the same. The Denim Jacket.

The classy jean jacket is a timeless look and would look good on your daughter on every outfit she chooses. Her wardrobe would be incomplete without one of such jackets.


This is an image of The Children's Place Girls' Denim Jacket


Where to buy gifts for girls aged 14?

It would be best to ask for her opinion. She might favor one store over the other. She might have an idea where all they sell is to her style. But if the purchase you are looking to make is to be a surprise, you would need to check online stores. Online stores offer more variety, are relatively more comfortable to use, and you would get advice from the online community on how best to transverse their online retail service.