25 Best Gifts For 15 Year Old Girls

15 year old teenage girl looking into the camera

Looking for a birthday gift for your daughter or granddaughter? Looking for gifts for teenage girls can be fun, especially with so many different types of gifts available.

Your little princess is slowly but surely growing into a confident queen that can take care of herself and is ready to spread her wings to fly. She has read about the world growing up; she knows her 123’s and ABCs. Now she is itching to use all that knowledge practically; she is looking for more formidable challenges to conquer, events that would give her clues to her limits and strengths. In her teen years, she would be putting together pieces that would one day make up her being, and as guardians and parents, we have to chip in and help mold her into someone she would be proud, now and then.

One of the many ways we can help achieve this is through gifting, and gifting the right things. You can ensure you give her the tight gifts by checking all of the boxes below.

Considerations choosing gifts for 15 year old teenage girl


Age: Chief among everything else is how old she is. As parents, we often take our children’s age for granted. We mentally picture them as kids from then, the little girl running around with rattles. She is no longer that girl, and we must come to grips with that. And one way to show acceptance is by buying her age-appropriate gifts.

Her Preferences: We questioned several guardians and parents, and we noticed that they usually end up buying gifts their 15 year old selves would appreciate and not what their child wants. Remember, the gift is not for you, you should always ask the question. “Would she like this?” “Does she like this color?” “Is this her favorite texture?”

Price: The popular myth is that as children grow, gifts that would be appropriate become very pricy and unaffordable. This isn’t always true if you know where to check. If you shop at the right stores, you would surely find one or more gifts that would brighten your daughter’s day without breaking the bank.

We already know the ‘buy her a gift’ dos and don’ts. Now let us see the top pick gifts your daughter can not wait to unwrap.

25 Best Gifts for 15 year old girls in 2020

1. Silver Necklace with 15 Beads

One of the best gifts to celebrate a girl’s 15 year old birthday is the Sterling Silver Necklace for girls. The gift idea is the perfect one for girls that are about to celebrate the landmark 15 years on earth. The cute necklace for girls goes with any outfit and a beauty to behold. The necklace is made up of 15 beads.

The 15 beads represent each year the age 15 girls have spent on earth. The silver necklace gift is made by handcraft. Girls are going to appreciate this gift and enjoy wearing this beauty around. It is a piece of lovely jewelry for girls.

This is an image of girl's necklace for 15th birthday by EFYTAL


2. Create Your Sign

This is another adorable toy for teenage girls. Cinema Lightbox is a cool toy every adolescent girl should have in their toy collection. The Lightbox makes use of LED lights and changing colors amongst several attractive color options. The Lightbox toy has 100 numbers and letters.

These letters and numbers can be used to make cool signs and form words. It is a creative toy that helps stimulate the imagination and creativity of girls. It has a cool freeze mode, which adds to the fun of the toy. It is the perfect gift for birthday celebrations and other special occasions.

This is an image of girl's lightbox LED with 100 Letters and changing lights


3. The Driving Book

Books are great educational tools for both the old and the young. “The Driving Book: Everything New Drivers Need to Know but Don’t Know to Ask” is the perfect driving guide for teenage girls that are learning or wishing to learn how to drive. The book is a complete driving guide with explicit cut instruction for every driving scenario possible.

The book, which is written by Karen Gravelle is a great tool to help teenagers learn about driving. The book is the perfect birthday gift idea for teenage girls. The book helps develop the reading culture and helps them learn new vocabulary.

This is an image of girl's driving book everything new drivers need


4. Vlando’s Leather Jewelry Box

Jewelry gifts have an outstanding effect on girls. These cute and lovely jewelry are great gift choices that teenage girls can add to their jewelry collection. The Jewelry Box by Vlando is an excellent present for girls. It can be used to store girls’ existing jewelry collection in one place, such as necklaces, leg chains, beads, bracelets, rings, earrings, tiara, and others.

The box is made of wood, and it is small in size, making it portable for easy transportation. It is also made of leather materials. The aqua green jewelry box is a great surprise present for girls’ birthday parties and other important celebrations.

This is an image of girl's wooden jewelry box organizer in blue turquoise color


5. Expandable Bracelets for Girls

A beautiful piece of jewelry always makes a beautiful gift idea for young girls. Girls get excited about lovely jewelry pieces, getting them jewelry is sure to be appreciated. This cool bracelet is a fantastic and ideal gift choice for birthday celebrations, valentine gifts, and even festive celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. The Charm Bracelet is expandable and can be used for a long time and still be in good condition.

The silver looking bracelet is a suitable gift for both the young and the old, girls and ladies, moms, and daughters. The bracelet is a keeper and compliment dresses well.

This is an image of girl's birthday gift bracelet charm in silver color


6. Beautiful Cuff Bracelet

Bracelets are another cool gift option for girls that have celebrated up to 15 years on earth. Each jewelry is unique and has a different design from the others. This bracelet by Kendasun Jewelry is a beautiful choice gift for girls. The bracelet also creates an encouraging and inspirational message that can help uplift girls in their moment of weakness and lowest points.

The message reads, “You are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem and Smarter Than You Think.” It is made of stainless steel which can not easily corrode. The bracelet Is a great fashion compliment and matches any clothing choice.

This is an image of girl's jewelry with a quote in black and silver colors


7. Stunning Vanity Mirror

Growing kids love to do things on their own, especially when it has to do with beautification. This vanity mirror consists of makeup kits for girls. Glowing and magnifying makeup mirror, double energy source, touch screen dimming, 180 degrees rotation light up mirror, and others make up the this elegant mirror. The components of this item are designed in reasonable sizes that aid mobility and usage at any other place from the residence.

This lighted makeup mirror enables your girls to put on makeup in a poorly lit environment. The base of this item also serves as a reserve for keeping your girls’ jewelry.

This is an image of girl's lighted makeup mirror with LED lights, Pink.


8. Cat Print Sweatshirt for Girls

A cute sweatshirt makes a cool gift for 15 year old girls. Clothes are great gift choices and a lovely and ideal gift for both boys and girls. The dark red sweater, which has a woman’s cat sign boldly printed on it, is a beautiful piece of clothing to have in one’s wardrobe. The shirt is long-sleeved and has a pullover. It makes comfortable wear for cold seasons such as spring and winter. The fashionable sweatshirt is an ideal birthday gift for girls. It is made of cotton, spandex, and polyester materials.

This is an image of girl's sweatshirt with long sleeve and Cat print. Burgundy



9. High-Quality Leather Journal

Beyong journal is a perfect gift that has been specially made for young girls that love keeping records of their daily activities. It is embedded in a distinct leather case and comes with a built-in binder that helps to refill pages of the journal. This gift is made of a considerable number of empty pages lasting a more extended period, and your girls would find it a perfect gift for writing, sketching, diary purpose, and so much more.

This durable and lightweight journal comes in a perfect size such that it can be kept with so much comfort in your girls’ backpacks.

This is an image of girl's writing journal in dark blue color


10. Crayola Coloring Set

Crayola inspiration art case is a portable and lightweight gift that has the sole function of keeping and coordinating your kids’ coloring and drawing materials in place. Pencils, markers, and crayons are kept at designated sections of the art case easing your girls the stress of looking for a particular drawing material.

This perfect organizing gift can accommodate 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 markers as well as 15 sheets of sketching papers that come additionally with the box. This art case is brightly colored, made of durable material, and the art supplies are non-toxic to your girls.

This is an image of girl's Art case coloring set by Crayola


11. Women In Art

Books are one of the best learning resources available to humankind. The value of a great book cannot be underestimated or even overestimated. Books are primarily the number one learning resource for both formal and informal education. Many ideas and thoughts that have changed the world have been passed through books. An excellent book for teenage girls is the “Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World (Women in Science),” written by Racheal Ignotogsky.

The book is a beautiful compilation of 50 creative women who have inspired the world. Girls get to meet new role models and heroes and learn how women achieve great feats

This is an image of girl's Women in art book


12. Letters to My Future Self

Letters are a great communication tool that can be used to reach out to loved ones such as family and friends. Unlike other letters, this one is addressed to herself, her future self. The ready-made letter fonts by Lea Redmond is a great medium to pass critical, emotional, and heartwarming lessons she wants to be reminded of. The envelope which contains 12 letters is named

“My Future Self: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.” It is a lovely envelope gift to get for girls that have celebrated 15 birthdays. It is a beautiful gift for birthdays and even Valentine Days.

This is an image of girl's Letters for writing to my future self, varicolors


13. Teen Trailblazers

Inspirational books are brilliant books that are used to encourage, inspire, and motivate children to achieve great feats. The power of great real-life stories of others who achieved feats at such a young age is a great thought-provoking challenge for both teenage boys and girls. The book “Teen Trailblazers: 30 Fearless Girls Who Changed the World Before They Were 20” is a must-have book for every girl under the age of 20.

The book is a powerful inspirational tool to inspire girls to achieve great feats and plunge into the deep in search of their destinies. The bok which is written by Jennifer Calvert contains stories of 30 girls who succeeded in changing the world before they turned 20.

This is an image of girl's teen trailblazers book


14. Women’s Weekend/Gym Bag

Most kids worry about how to get their belongings in organized form when there is a need to leave home. Jadyn B is a unique, fashionable gift that has multifunctional purposes. This travel luggage is made of long-lasting fabric that helps prevents wear and tear. It is available in six different lovely stylish colors and patterns that your girls can choose from.

This spacious gift has an outer and inner pocket that can be used to store small supplies and a zipper to keep things safe. The duffel bag is of a portable size with an adjustable belt offering a better fit to your girls’ shoulders.

This is an image of girl's Gym or weekender bag with flower graphics by Jadyn


15. Oversized Slouchy Beanie

Trendy fashion wears are the perfect kind of gifts to give to girls that have not yet marked their 20th birthday party. Teenagers love to flow with the trend, their perception of what is suitable is ever-changing, and this classic warmer by Funky Junque is evergreen fashion wear that is trendy in and out of season. It can be used as a head warmer during cold seasons such as winter.

The flexible beanie hat, which is soft and comfortable on the head, is made of acrylic materials. The hat is elastic and stretchy; it fits all head sizes. It is a great gift for female fashion enthusiasts.

This is an image of girl's cable knit beanie in gray color


16. Melissa & Doug Mini Rainbow Notes

You ever wondered the best gift item for creative young girls? Melissa and Doug’s scratch art box of mini rainbow notes is a box full of surprises. Your kids can make their compelling masterpieces as well as imprinting doodles with this scratch art notes. This box comprises a wooden stylus, 125 small rainbow notes, and a reusable desktop dispenser box.

A group of kids can make better fun out of this as it is easy to use. This is a great activity that brings out the creativity, writing skills, design abilities, and imaginations of your growing girls.

This is an image of girl's art box of rainbow note


17. NIV Bible for Teen Girls

The NIV Bible for Teen Girls made specifically for young ladies ages 13 to 18. This bible helps young girls grow in their day to day spiritual lives. It draws in young ladies with regular readings, to have solid confidence in God, testing bits of information, splendid appeal, and open discussion about the genuine components of life. This Bible principle point is to empower youngster young women to develop in certainty, desire, and love.

The NIV Bible for Teen Girls helps her discover God’s will for all pieces of her life, incorporating God’s way relating to family, overseeing colleagues, work, sports, and people.

This is an image of girl's Bible for teen book


18. Women In Science

A charmingly outlined and instructive book, Women in Science features the commitments of fifty prominent ladies to the fields of science, innovation, building, and arithmetic (STEM) from the old-fashioned to the cutting edge world. This book contains infographics about pertinent themes, for example, lab gear, paces of ladies as of now working in STEM fields, and a showed logical glossary.

The trailblazing ladies profiled incorporate notable figures like primatologist Jane Goodal. Ladies in science commend the accomplishments of the brave ladies who have made ready for the up and coming age of female designers, scientists, mathematicians, specialists, space explorers, physicists, and the sky is the limit from there.

This is an image of girl's Women in science book


19. Women’s Hair Drying Cap Towels

HOPESHINE women shower hair drying towels are made of super-absorbent substances which allow water to be drawn from your girls’ hair and bodies more quickly. This gift item is proven to be 80 percent more absorptive than most other regular body or hair towels, and this invariably saves your girls’ time.

This item is soft to your girl’s skin, and it reduces damages caused by blow-drying to their hairs. It is easy to use and fits for all kinds and lengths of hair. Your girls would sure love this lightweight gift material because they can take and use it at other places aside home.

This is an image of girl's gair towels for dring hair pack in different colors


20. Fun Cookbook for Teens

Some girls aspire to be chefs when they grow older. Some just have a knack for cooking. But either way, they have to start from somewhere, and this easy, fun to use cooking guide just might be the way. In the book are the most natural recipes for her to follow, easy enough to build her confidence, and strengthen her interests in the culinary arts.

The book introduces her to the basics at first. It then gradually eases her into more complex dishes until she masters as she practices the many cooking practices and techniques.

This is an image of girl's cookbook for teens


21. Necklace and Zodiac Sign Pendant

Your daughter would appreciate this gift greatly, as the pendant is personalized with her zodiac sign. Asides from the personalization, the jewelry is elegant and simple and would go well and sweetly on any dress.

It is made from premium material, and your daughter would have zero problems with allergies or tannish. The necklace and pendant is packed with a zodiac gift card in the envelop, so she can be wowed when she opens her box.

This is an image of girl's 16K gold necklace with zodiac sign


22. The Wondrous Working of Planet Earth

The big blue earth is indeed fascinating, and there is no limit to its wonder. For many years we have studied how it works, what makes it tick, we have uncovered many of her secrets but we are far from done. The earths wonders knows bounds, and this book intends to educate everyone who goes through its covers how amazing their blue world is, and at the same time how fragile it is. It aims to teach your daughter the dos and don’ts, and the many ways we can appreciate all of nature.

This is an image of girl's planet eart ecosystems book


23. Light Weight Backpack For Teen Girls

This backpack has a classic look that is not going out of fashion any time soon. The bag is lightweight and has enough room to carry the everyday essentials. The backpack is made from premium materials and is ready to go everywhere your daughter directs. The bag, although functional, is also aesthetically pleasing and is just beautiful to look at. It would go perfectly with whatever attire she chooses, and would have your daughter looking like the queen she always has been.

This is an image of girl's small purse backpack. colorful colors


24. Velvet Hairbands 

One thing girls do not mess with is their hair, if you are looking to get her a thoughtful gift that would be appreciated, this might be it. This pack of velvet hairbands come with 6 different pastel colors for her to wear on different days. The bands are made with a durable strong elastic band that is sure to hold her hair just right. The velvet’s smoothness and softness adds another layer of intrigue to this already functional and beautiful gift for your princess.

This is an image of girl's Scrunchies hair bands pack with different colors


25. Handmade Leather Charm Bracelet

‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’ is boldly inscribed on this bracelet, and it gives your daughter one more reason to believe. One more reason to continue on the path of self-development, another reason to believe she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be. This handmade bracelet is simple and yet beautiful. It is made from premium quality alloy and durable suede ropes.

This leather charm bracelet is ideal for both formal and casual outings and would go just fine with whatever outfit she chooses.

This is an image of girl's leather bracelet charm in multi-colors


Overall Best Gift

All the gifts listed above would be treasured by all girls aged 15. The above-listed gifts are elegant, gorgeous, and, most importantly, functional. But if we were to pick one that stands out from the pack, one that without any doubt, would gladden your daughter’s heart and brighten her day. It would be the High-Quality Leather Journal.

Girls at this age are very artistic and would like to document events from their days, gossip with her friends, and fun moments she would want to immortalize. This is where her diary or journal comes in, you would need to get her one that’d durable and beautiful, and there’s none better than this leather journal.

This is an image of girl's writing journal in dark blue color


Best Budget Gift

If you are looking to purchase a thoughtful gift for your daughter, who is aged 15. And at the same time, you have an eye on your pocket, and you are working with a budget. Then you are in the right place because we have just the right one that would give you the best value for your money. And of the 25 gifts listed above, the one you would need to buy is the hair drying towels. Why?

It is essential; your daughter would need a towel to dry her hair, especially. Most towels can do this, but none is this stylish, and she would appreciate the thought that went into getting this for her.

This is an image of girl's gair towels for dring hair pack in different colors


Where to buy gifts for your 15 year old daughter?

You can walk into most stores near you, and you would be sure to see many gifts that would catch your daughter’s fancy. Be sure to shop only at reputable stores, so you do not end up purchasing cheap knockoffs. If you are looking for more options and looking to compare prices, then online stores are your best bet. Ensure the online stores have an active online community, so you can confirm how it works, their return policies, and other necessary details.