25 Best Gifts For 16 Year Old Girls

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Wondering what do you get a 16 year old girl for her birthday? Maybe its a Christmas present or a special occasion. We have loads of cute things for girls to consider and have reviewed 25 amazing gift ideas!

The sixteenth year in a girls life is always a remarkable one. It’s a year of many firsts and it culminates at the sweet 16 party for when she turns 16. The age is usually very tricky for parents because their little princess will undergo many changes including a change in taste. The multitude of available choices make it almost impossible to decide. In this guide, we have curated some of the best gifts you can buy for your daughter and we have also discussed some ways in which you can use to pick out the perfect gifts. 

Considerations choosing Gifts for 16 Year Old Girls


When getting a gift for your child, you need to consider some important factors. These factors will guide you to make the best decision for your child regarding the best gifts to buy. The two important factors we will discuss in this section:

Age: The age of your daughter is important when getting gifts for her. Ensure you check the manufacturer’s recommended age before you purchase a gift for your daughter. If you buy a gift meant for girls below her age, she will get bored or not fancy it at all. If you buy a gift that is above her age grade she may find it too advanced or complex to operate. Buying a gift right for her age can make all the difference.  

Space: You will also need to take into account the amount fo space she has to herself. If she has a lot of space, then a large gift will not be out of place whereas if she has a smaller more confined space, she will appreciate gifts that are more portable and easier to put away after use. 

25 Best Gifts for 16 Year Old Girl

In this section, we have curated the 25 of the best gifts you can get for your daughter. We know it can be extremely tedious for you to pick a gift out of the multitude of available online options. These gifts have been carefully screened and selected to match a high standard of acceptability and craftsmanship. Without further ado, here are the 25 best gifts for Sixteen year old girls:

  1. Tassel Crossbody Bag

The medium size dome crossbody purse would make a stylish birthday present or Christmas present. It is a fashionable gift that portrays the class and style of the owner. Measuring 8” H x 10.5” W x 4” D, it is a small stylish lightweight bag suitable for carrying a small number of items such as makeup accessories, keys, mobile phones, and others. It has an exterior made of an eco-friendly vegan PU leather of high quality that is long-lasting and easy to wash while its interior is made of soft fabric. It is trendy and suitable for all occasions, be it to school or a trip to the beach, this is the go-to bag.


This is an image of girl's Lightweight medium crossbody bag in purple color


  1. Joycuff Bracelets for Women

The Joycuff bracelet is a gorgeous birthday present for girls aged sixteen. With its simple yet elegant design, it is an excellent presentation of exquisite quality that portrays the spirit and style of the owner. Made of surgical 316L stainless steel that will never rust, corrode or stain, it is 2mm thick and has a measurement of W/0.24” L/6.2”. The bracelet comes with a “kind heart fierce mind brave spirit” message engraved in it. It is smooth, highly polished, easily bendable and can fit most wrists. This is a truly remarkable and motivational gift for that special child.


This is an image of girl's bracelets with personalized quote in silver color


  1. Pick Your Poison Card Game

Everything good comes with a price. How far are you willing to go? What are you willing to take?  The “pick your poison” card game is a friendly board game characterized by each player trying to get the best of a difficult situation. It’s hilarious really, every time with each player trying to get the better of the others by getting them “poisoned”. Consisting of a board game with 48 choices and double down cards, 350 poison cards, 5 blank poison cards, a score sheet and a rule book, this card game is one exciting choice to gift your daughter.


This is an image of girl's pick your poison card game


  1. One of Us is Lying

The “one of us is lying” book by Karen McManus; the New York Times number one best-selling author is a fantastic book that tells a story about how far people are willing to go to protect their secrets. This is no ordinary story, it is an addictive and suspenseful thriller, filled with 359 pages of intrigue and exciting characterization that adds luxuriance and depth to a one of a kind storytelling. This is a very thoughtful present to gift girls aged 16.


This is an image of girl's one of us is lying book


  1. Sweet 16 Coffee Mug

This product is a remarkable present to get your child or that special someone on their 16th birthday. With a unique and beautiful design, the sweet 16 coffee mug offers both long term functionality and allure. The 20oz coffee mug is made from premium quality stoneware with a printed floral design and an inscription “sweet 16 Happy 16th Birthday, May you always dream big and cherish every amazing moment” that creates a sentimental bond. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes securely packaged in a plain box, just right for that perfect day-starting cup of coffee in the morning. 


This is an image of girl's sweet 16 coffe mug with 20 OZ, Colorful colors



  1. Miss Pink Expandable Bangle

The miss pink stainless-steel bangle is a lovely present to gift your daughter on her birthday. Made of a highly polished stainless steel, this bangle is a chic accessory that shows a love for style and fashion. It has 4 beautiful charms made of eco-friendly zinc alloy attached with stable stainless-steel hoops, each portraying the special event a 16th birthday is. It’s light jewelry weighing 8.53g, easily adjustable to fit different sizes. This is beautiful jewelry and a fantastic choice for a present.


This is an image of girl's jewelry steel bracelet in silver color


  1. Floating Charms Locket for Girls

The beffy sweet 16 floating charms locket necklace is an elegant and fashionable present for girls. It has a beautiful design that is elegant and exotic. It comes as a complete gift set containing a snake chain, a metal locket pendant made of high-quality stainless steel that does not rust or fades and gives a comfortable feeling when worn, a full set of birthstone color crystals and a sweet 16 charm set. It has a shiny surface composed of small rhinestones creating alluring reflections that adds to the overall glamour of this necklace. 


This is an image of girl's gift sweet sixteen necklace


  1. Lucky Feather Sweet 16 Bracelet

This product is an irresistible choice for a present on her 16th birthday. It has a simple and appealing design with 16 dainty 2mm gold beads representing each wonderful year of love and memories. It has a super-strong stranded cord made of high-quality material and a gold heart sliding toggle that makes it easily adjustable to be worn by different sizes. It comes with a subtle gift box envelope with enough space to write your own special message for that wonderful girl on her 16th birthday. This really is a beautiful present.


This is an image of girl's sweet 16 gifts bracelet in silver color


  1. P and B Sweet 16 T-Shirt

This lovely gift is sure to put smiles on your daughter’s face. It is an elegant product made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton and comes with a printing “I CAN’T KEEP CALM ITS MY SWEET 16” that is captivating and adds a wow factor. Available in different sizes and colors, this product has near cap sleeves with taped neck and shoulders, half-inch rib mid-scoop neck, side seams, and taped neck and shoulders, all complimenting the comfortability and style this T-shirt brings. This product is a simple yet charismatic present for that special girl on her 16th birthday.


This is an image of girl's it's my birthday womens t shirt in pink color


  1. LED Night Light

This product is one of the best gifts for 16 year old girls. The squeezable cat face night light is an exciting product, coming with a friendly cat design and made with a washable silicon material that is bisphenol A-free. It is a wonderful companion for your child with its in-built 1200mAH lithium battery capable of lasting the whole night. It has a timing function and multiple lighting modes like the 7-color breathing mode including fade, smooth, flash and strobe, a 12-color single-mode and a switch among white light modes. It can be turned on using a remote control and even a slight clap. This product is a true all-night companion for your child and is a smart choice for a present.


This is an image of girl's silicone cat lamp with remote control in varicolors


  1. 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls

Books are a nice gift pack to get for teenagers below the age of 20. With books, teenagers get to learn new and amazing things about the world and other fields, visit new countries and travel the world. The 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls is a lovely and time-efficient daily devotional for teenage girls. It is the perfect gift to get for Christian teenagers. The book is structured with over 180 impactful messages that are age-appropriate for girls at least 16 years of age. Each daily devotion is divided into three: the first minutes for the biblical scriptures to meditate on, the second minute for the message and the third minute for the appropriate prayer.


This is an image of girl's 3 minute devotion for teen book


  1. BeeGreen Drawstring Backpack

Looking for a lovely surprise gift for a teenage girl? Check out these cool emoji backpacks for girls. Emojis are a popular expression used on social media and even for text messages and other writings. Teenagers use emojis a lot when chatting and communicating via the internet and cell phone. An emoji backpack for girls males a great gift idea for girls’ birthday parties. The goody pack contains 10 backpacks, each backpack has a different emoji from the others. The yellow backpack has a beautiful design and it is washable. It is a large bag suitable to carry teenage loads. The backpacks are made of polyester materials.


This is an image of girl's supplies bags drawstring with emoji faces


  1. Casual Leather Backpack

Backpacks are fashionable for both boys and girls. A well-designed backpack is a joy for teenagers to carry around. A good backpack must have two qualities: one durability and the other beauty. The backpack by H & N is both durable and beautiful. The cute backpack with a teddy bear holder is the perfect bag for casual occasions. It came to be used to carry books and other items to school, can be used or shopping and for other occasions. The backpack is made of high-quality premium leather. It has a beautiful design that is sure to capture the eyes of all onlookers.


This is an image of girl's leather shopping casual backpack in purple color


  1. Besteamer LED Photo Clips

Lights are attractive, people are naturally attracted to light. The best toys for kids and teenagers are toys that make good use of light. The Besteamer Photo Clips Lights is a great accessory for all. It can be used to decorate the walls of the house, particularly the bedroom. The photo clips can be used to store important and memorable pictures and then the LED light feature brings a kind of spark and life to the pictures. The decoration accessory which works with batteries is a great hanging artwork for teenage girls. Girls can use the photo clips to create their own photo album on the wall and use the LED lights to illuminate it.


This is an image of girl's lights LED operated with photos memos pack


  1. Fitness Tracker for Girls

Wristwatches are beautiful gift choices for both teenage boys and girls. The Fitness Tracker Watch by Bigger Five is a cool gift for girls. The watch set which has a purple and pink watch is a full tool that girls can use to have better control of their time and work on their time management skills. The watch set is a beauty to wear and it is a lovely fashion accessory that blends with any clothing choice. It can be used as an activity tracker and can be used to improve fitness by timing and tracking exercise schedule. The multi-purpose watch also has an alarm clock and a sleep timer.


This is an image of girl's fitness tracker watch in purple color


  1. Personalized Charm Necklace

Jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, neck chains, and tiara are adorable gift picks for teenage girls. The Charm Necklace by AJ’s Collection is a glittering piece of art that every girl under the age of 20 will love to include in their personal jewelry collections. The single edge necklace which has a charming look can be personalized, girls get to customize their line of choice on the silver pendant attached to the charm necklace. The necklace is an ideal birthday present, you can tag the person you want to give by customizing the name on the necklace. It is made of high-quality materials.


This is an image of girl's personalized charm necklace in silver and green colors


  1. Cable Knit Beanie

Head wears are any trendy and popular item that can be gotten of both boys and girls. The Slouchy Beanie which is made by quality knitting is a lovely piece designed for girls, suitable for girls at the age of 16. The beanie headwear can be used to keep warm during the cool season such as winter. It is made up of acyclic material as it is very soft and comfortable to wear. The fashion wear fits all head sizes and it is elastic, making it adjustable by default. It is a great present for celebrations such as birthdays, Valentine, Easter and Christmas. Beanie wear is a perfect fit for trendy teenage girls.


This is an image of girl's warm slouchy beanie in colorful colors


  1. Vanity Mirror with Lights

A mirror is a great companion for women both young and old. Girls spend more time than men in the mirror checking out their reflection. Girls are more conscious about how they look, every girl should have a mirror in their bedroom. It always comes handy. The Vanity Mirror by Fascinate is a beautiful mirror that can perform. many purposes. The mirror has its own light that allows it to be useful even in the dark. It can also be used as a magnifier, with some sections magnifying 2X Zoom, 3X Zoom, and 10X Zoom. The mirror is a beauty and it affords girls the liberty of capturing every essential detail they need to check out before heading out.


This is an image of girl's vanity mirror with lights in black color


  1. Retro Sleeveless Floral Dress

Looking for the perfect dress for your teenage girls? The Retro Floral Sleeveless Dress by Grace Karin is a choice you will not regret. The beautiful dress is going to be an instant hit with girls and will become one of their favorite dresses immediately. The beautiful sleeveless dress which has a cute floral patterned design is an awesome clothing pick for teenage girls. The dress has a concealed zipper closure at the back and it comes with a pretty belt. It is advisable to wash with hand gently and to dry clean to clean the dress when dirty.


This is an image of girl's retro floral dresse with belt in white and red colors


  1. Edible Candy Chemistry Kit

Teenagers love candies and chocolates. It is a luxury for which teenagers can afford to indulge in. Playz has a cool science experiment set that teenagers can use to make their own candies and chocolates. Instead of buying chocolates and candies, they can make their own by using the Edible Candy set by Playz. The set helps teenagers develop STEM tools in the area of science. The cool science experiment can be used to make delicious candies and chocolates for teenagers. The set is loaded with 40 different experiments. A 56 pages guide book is made available to guide the experiments. There are 27 ingredients included in the set.


This is an image of girl's candy science STEM DIY game


  1. Apple iPad

Do you have a daughter who loves gadgets? Or does your daughter love to spend time online? As an undisputed sweet 16 gift, you can give your daughter this wonderful Apple iPad that she would love. The iPad can be used for various purposes including personal computing, taking awesome photos, and going online through an internet connection. The iPad is a perfect bridge between a phone and a full-sized computer. Small enough to be portable but not as small as a phone. Your daughter will love this gift.


This is an image of girl's Ipad with 32GB by Apple in silver color


  1. Deluxe Art Set

If your daughter is an art lover she will definitely love this pristine art set. It contains almost everything she needs to start her journey to becoming the next DaVinci. You can pair this gift with other art supplies like a canvas or art sketchbook so she can delve right into creating once she gets the art set. Unleashing the creative genius in your child is perhaps one of the most thoughtful things you can do for her sweet 16 birthday. Buy this art set and make her dream come true.


This is an image of girl's deluxe art set in wooden case


  1. Sweet 16 Pillow Cover

What’s the one thing girls love to hug and play with the most? Yes, you are right, pillows. This awesome pillow cover is a suitable gift for 16 year old girls. This gift is great because it will be with her almost every night and she will fall asleep in it happy. The pillow cover is washable and is made from skin-friendly materials. There are various colors and designs available if you are looking for a pillow cover that your child will become attached to.


This is an image of girl's 16th birthday pillow with awesome graphics


  1. Rose Flower Desk Lamp

This wonderful desk lamp is a great gift because it suits many occasions. The desk lamp will be a lovable and thoughtful gift for 16 year old girls. It is chargeable and also uses batteries depending on your daughter’s choice. It has a two-year warranty and it suits so many occasions. Make your daughter smile each time she sees the lamp because it will remind her fondly of you. As a plus, you can customize your own lamp down to color so that it is exclusive for your wonderful daughter.


This is an image of girl's rose lamp for desk or table in white and pink colors


  1. Niskite Karaoke Microphone

If your child would love to be a pop star when she grows up, then this is the gift for her. This karaoke microphone will turn your 16 year old daughter into the next pop sensation. The Bluetooth function can be used to connect the device to a music source that your daughter can sing along to. The volume is adjustable and she can use this to control the experience she gets from the gift. This microphone is a treasure and you can’t go wrong with it.


This is an image of girl's karaoke microphone in pink color


Best overall

The Casual Leather Backpack is our overall best buy for this list. The bag is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. If you want a gift that will be useful to your daughter on so many levels then this is the gift for you. If you’re looking to personalize this gift, even more, get the gift i her favorite color. 


This is an image of girl's leather shopping casual backpack in purple color



Best Buy

Our best budget buy is the Joycuff Bracelet for Women. If you are looking for a gift that is affordable yet thoughtful, this is the gift for you. Your daughter will appreciate this adjustable metal bracelet and as a plus, have her name customized on to make it even more personal.


This is an image of girl's bracelets with personalized quote in silver color

What are the Different Kinds of Gifts Suitable for Kids

The suitability of gifts isn’t universal and it varies from child to child. If you are trying to determine the best gifts for your 16 year old daughter, you will need to take her into account. The personalities of children differ from each other so it will be almost impossible to get a one size fits all suitability for gifts. If you want to get a gift suitable for your child, you should consider her preferences such as her hobbies, favorite colors, and leisure time activities. This would enable you to get a gift that will be suitable for her.