25 Best Gifts For 17 Year Old girls

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Wondering what gift ideas to buy a 17 year girl on her birthday or Christmas? At the age of seventeen, it is no longer correct o call her a little princess; instead she is becoming a queen in her rights. She has her friends and has developed her social circle due to the many social interactions she would have had through the years. At this age, she demands some level of freedom to discover her being, her likes and dislikes, and other things that would essentially shape her into the strong woman she is growing into.

One thing that would not change no matter how much she matures or grows is she would always be your daughter or ward. And you still have to spoil her with love and affection. One of the many ways you can do this is through gifting.

Gifting most times if not done the right way, luckily for you, we have uncovered the secret recipe to gifting and have drafted a list of things to consider before getting her that boxed gift.

Considerations choosing gifts for 17 year old girl


Age: This usually is the most important factor; the age often determines to a large extent, the kind of gifts that would impress the person being gifted. The age determines the maturity of the gift, and also the dimensions.

Price: The general notion is that for children or people at least 17 years old, their gifts become unusually expensive. This is not always true; you can still pick up a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank. You need to take your time and check out the right stores.

25 Best Gifts for 17 year old girls

Below is a compilation of the best gifts that is sure to put a smile on her beautiful face:

  1. Kate Lynn Bracelets For Women

The perfect gift idea for a 17 year old girl can prove such a big deal and a tough task. You can never go wrong with a jewelry gift, which is why the phoenix crystal bracelet by Kate Lynn makes an excellent present. The bracelet for women, both young and old, is an attractive piece that will better the jewelry collection of any lady. The jewelry comes in a beautiful jewelry box that is just as attractive as the piece itself. The Pheonix is made from crystals. It’s flashy and impossible to miss. The Phoenix has always symbolized luck, and it can also be used as a lucky charm and confidence booster for young women.


This is an image of girl's bracelet jewelry with colorful crystal in silver color


2. Airpods Accessories

In this day and age, your day is rarely complete until you have heard sweet music serenade and gently massage your auditory senses. And one of the most rated and coveted pieces of musical technology and sensual is the Apple Airpod. These Airpods are state of the art and are relatively pricier than most other options on the market. Also, they do not come with protective casings, and as such, you must get one to protect it from the element. This is where the Accessories Set comes in.

Complete with a beautiful silicone case, AirPods ear hook, and other necessaries that would make this brilliant gadget a joy to use. Pick this up for your daughter, or girlfriend, and she’d be glad you did.


This is an image of girl's airpods accessories in green color by Filoto


3. Leather Journal For Women

Girls at this age have a lot of things they would rather keep to themselves, special moments that would remain special if it stays with them, the sweet moments she would want to forever immortalize in literature. For these reasons, and many more, is why she would need a personal journal or diary.

This journal is made from the best leather of premium quality and comes with a stylish pen to make the whole writing experience pleasurable.


This is an image of girl's leather journal with a heart flowers graphic in brown color


4. Dead Sea Mud Face Mask

Aria Starr’s Mud Face Mask is an all in one package with a combo of very positive effects for your face. The formula is excellent to battle face acne, it serves as a pore cleanser, and also a facial pore minimizer. The Aria Starr’s Face Mask formula is also unique for exfoliation, extraction of toxins, and other cleansing properties. And that’s not all. This product has also been noticed to moisturize and soothe the skin.

For people with sensitive skin, be sure to apply only a little on the skin to check for reactions before proceeding to use in as much quantity as required.

This is an image of girl's dead sea mud mask by Aria Starr


5. KAVU Sling Backpack

The Kavu shoulder backpack is ideal because the style and the beautiful patterns on the bag are sure to stand out whatever the occasion. The design of this bag is simple and stylish at the same time. This beautiful bag would go well with whatever attire she goes with. Not so small that it is not functional, not so big that it loses its style. This bag is just right.

This is every day, every occasion bag. Made from the best materials, so the bag stands the test of time.


This is an image of girl's bag cotton shoulder backpack in purple color


6. 3D Cat Themed Ankle Socks for Girls

Socks are cute, and they warm up your feet just lovely. It is generally believed that it is easier to sleep when you have socks on. But with these socks, it even becomes more relaxed, as they are just adorable to look at with those cute cat eyes staring back at you. The cat images are on the bottom and also the top of the socks.

The socks are made of cotton, spandex, and polyester formula that ensures the socks stretch to fit your feet, and at the same time, remain ever so comfortable.


This is an image of girl's 3D colorful socks pack with cat pictures in vari colors


7. Floral Satin Robe

This is not your usual bathrobe; at one glance, you would understand why. The robe looks stunning with the best prints and patterns on any robe out there. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes and made from spandex and polyester.

This beautiful floral robe would be a perfect birthday gift or would sit nicely in a box waiting to be opened on Christmas day.


This is an image of girl's floral short kimono in colorful colors


8. TriFold Touchscreen Vanity Mirror

Are you looking for gift ideas for your teenage daughter? Here is something that will blow her mind. Vanity mirrors are not just great, but they would make her feel like a star!
This gold tri-fold lighted vanity mirror looks like a gem, and your daughter would be super proud to own this. It is not just beautiful, but serves as a tool for her to be beautified, comes with other vanity accessories like a portable mirror and LEDs and is also foldable to one’s taste. It lights up the room and provides views from different angles as it can also be rotated.

Your 17 year old would be thrilled to have this magnificent piece, one befitting of a princess like her.


This is an image of girl's pink makeup mirror


9. Pedicure and Manicure Set

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. And one way to ensure you stay clean and spotless is by giving adequate attention to your nails, and getting a nail cutter does not accomplish the same result as getting a professional set like this. Included in the package is all you would ever need ranging from finger and tail now clipper, nail cleaner, tweezers, among other necessaries.

The 3 swords Germany kit is known to deliver a certain quality, durability, and bring to the table cutting edge German technology.


This is an image of girl's pedicure grooming kit


10. Handmade Leather Bracelet

Teenagers are known to be quite picky. They want a bit of everything but tend to have favorites. Looking for a present, you can’t go wrong with for your teenage daughter? Then this charm leather bracelet would be a catch for you. It is made from cotton, metal, ropes, and leather and also comes in different designs for each. So, is your daughter a lover of watches, is it hooks she likes, does she have a thing for charms and pendants or perhaps engraved metals because this bracelet has all in one. You would be getting more from one, and that’s a big catch.


This is an image of girl's union handmade infinity leather bracelet


11. Fuzzy Hoodies for Women

If there is anything we all love about sweatshirts, it’s that they never go out of date nor fashion. Initially made for cold weather or athletic activities, sweatshirts have now been normalized as a thing of trend amongst people, especially teenagers, because it looks good on everyone and goes on almost everything.
This fuzzy pullover hooded sweats is an excellent gift for your teenage girl. Could be gifted for her birthday, for Easter, Christmas or even Halloween as it is so comfortable, it can be worn any season of the year.
Tip; get an oversized one; the bigger, the cooler!.

This is an image of girl's sweatshirt hoddie in khaki color


12. Cuff Bangle for Girls

Something to make your daughter feel special? Nothing makes an accessory more unique than it being customized.

Absolutely gorgeous, classy, simple and sweet, unique, affordable, and topped with inspirational quotes, your girl would be thrilled to have this. The inspirational quotes scripted on it is enough to make her day bright and remind her that she is cherished. This is the kind of gift girls like to show off at given chances! Every girl wants to feel that kind of special. Coming in an exquisite package also, this could be gifted alongside side something else or could also be given alone either way; it’s a gift that would be appreciated.


This is an image of girl's personalized bracelet with quote in silver color


13. Four Treasures Customizable Necklace

This necklace allows you to do something magical. It will enable you to show the people that matter that you care by wearing their names close to your heart. On the pendant of this beautiful necklace, you can engrave four names of your choice. It can be the names of family members or your best friends forever. Either way, it brings you all closer and also makes you look drop-dead gorgeous when you go out.


This is an image of girl's four treasure personalized necklace in multi-colors


14. Lily Queen’s Lightweight Backpack

Probably every teen girl owns one of these, and the variety says it is the spice of life. It’s even best to have backpacks of all styles and manners for fashionable reasons, school items, extracurricular activities, trips, and even hangouts with friends and family.

Teenage girls enjoy matching outfits with bags, and this colorful strap lightweight backpack cannot be without use. She would love this since It is perfect for any occasion, spacious and has cute side pockets inside and outside and is washable, so there is no wearing out.

This bag spells out durability and would make your girl’s collection even more trendy.


This is an image of girl's purse backpack in brown color


15. 8″ Makeup Ring Light

Self-consciousness starts in the teenage years. Social media now has us trying to look good so bad that dresses and accessories are not enough anymore. Your photos these days says a lot about you, and of course, we want to create good impressions of ourselves in the mind of others.

Pictures without effects today is like a fish without scales, that’s right, very rare! To achieve taking good photos, you need a great phone, then next is unquestionably a ring light. Today, ring lights are showy necessities, and should your daughter not have one, get her this and watch her gush with appreciation and worship.


This is an image of girl's light ring tripod for phone


16. Bath Bomb Kit

Another excellent gift choice for age 17 girls is bath bomb soaps. These bath bombs are more than just the ordinary soap used for bathing. They help make bathing fun and bubbly while purifying the skin. The bath bomb gift can be packaged as an acceptable gift to mark a young lady’s birthdays, women’s day, valentine, and other special occasions.

The bath bomb kit is made of skin-friendly ingredients such as essential oils natural oils. The bath bomb has a pleasant scent and leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent when used. There are 12 bomb bombs shaped like cupcakes in the kit.


This is an image of girl's bath bomb kit making


17. White Snow Cone Machine

A machine that makes ice is lovely equipment that anyone would love to have at home. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice is cooling equipment that can be used to make lovely snow ice cones. The white shaved ice machine makes a cool toy for girls that are yet to celebrate 20 years on earth.

The machine has a beautiful design, and it is quite easy to assemble. The device allows for youths to enjoy a lot of fun. The machine can be used to make different kinds of I’ve such as snowballs, snowflakes, ice cones, and slushies. It is a useful tool for girls sleepovers and parties.


This is an image of girl's shaved ice snow machine


18. Spiral Sketch Pad

Art tools are excellent art choices for youths that love arts, especially drawing and sketching. It is an ideal present for young ladies who are artisans. The creative art set by U.S Art Supply is the right tool to help build creativity and skills such as drawing and sketching. It is suitable for girls at the age of 17. The art set contains two pads of 30 sheets in total. The sketch pad has a cute spiral-bound design.

The sketch pad is a joyful gift for young women who love sketching and drawing—this a fantastic gift for art lovers.


This is an image of girl's sketch pad with heavy weight paper


19. All In One Makeup Combo

Cosmetic Sets are brilliant fashion choices for young women. A cosmetic set is a gift that every teenage girl will gladly accept. The cosmetic collection by SHANY tagged the SHANY Holiday Surprise is quality and complete makeup set for girls. The set has the following cosmetic tools, such as lip gloss set, varieties of makeup brushes, eye shadow palette of varying colors, eye pencils, brush pouch, nail accessories, and more. It is a cool makeup set for teenage girls.

It is a lovely package for Christmas, Easter and other celebrations. The set contains every cosmetic tool a girl needs to look glamorous.


This is an image of girl's makeup set by Shany


20. Cashmere Knit Ballerina Slippers

Another great gift idea that is ideal for teenage girls is a cute and quality pair of slippers. Slippers are handy footwear for girls; they can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The Ballerina Slippers for a woman is one of the best gift items for ladies. It is comfortable, soft and socks like. The design is fantastic and eye-catching; it can quickly become a favorite pair of girls’ slippers. It is the best slippers to wear for carrying out daily activities from light to heavy. The slippers can be washed with hands. It has an anti-slid outsole which prevents slips. It is knit with the cool cashmere material.


This is an image of girl's soft slippers in brown color


21. SmartLab Spa Lab

Girls that have celebrated 17 birthdays on earth love a spa experience, and who won’t? Thanks to SmartLab Toys, teen girls can enjoy their own spa experience from their homes and any location with the brilliant All Natural Spa Lab toy. The kit contains 30 soothingly sweet spa recipes that the user is bound to enjoy and cherish. Girls can enjoy their beauty routines and treatment with this kit. The kit contains items such as bath bombs, spoons for stirring, four pots with covers (two small and two large), and powder. It also has a guide book that is full of helpful illustrations that girls can follow.


This is an image of girl's natural spa lab


22. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Cameras are useful gift items for age 17 girls. Girls and cams make a beautiful and complementary pair. Girls love taking pictures, getting them their camera is a surprise that not many other surprises can beat. The Instax Mini 9 Toy Camera for girls by Fujifilm is a topnotch toy camera choice for teenagers. The light blue camera is fashionable and takes high-quality pictures. It has cool frames and color filters. The camera for teen girls is easy to use. There are 20 sheets of films that can be used to create instant pictures almost immediately after the camera has captured the image.


This is an image of girl's fijifilm instant camera pack in Aquamarine blue color


23. 2 Seat Hanging Hammock

A hanging chair that can swing back and forth makes a good relaxation chair. It can be of good us for teenagers, both boys, and girls. The Hanging Rope Hammock Chair makes a cool swing seat for all, both young and old. The swinging seat can also be packaged as a cool birthday gift for teenage girls and also given during special and normal occasions. The swinging chair can be placed in the yard or the bedroom; it is cool for both indoor and outdoor locations. It is incredibly comfortable to recline on and has a flexibility that the occupier is bound to enjoy.


This is an image of girl's hanging rope hammock chair in white color


24. LED Cinema Lightbox

Lightboxes can be used to create cool words and sentences and even images. My Cinema Lightbox is an excellent gift idea for birthday parties, Easter, and Christmas celebrations. The Lightbox makes use of attractive LED lights to display its messages. There are over 100 numbers and letters included in the set that can be used to create any message of choice. It is a creative medium that girls can use to express their inner thoughts and just to be themselves. Lightbox helps build confidence levels and creativity.


This is an image of girl's cinema lightbox with LED and 100 letters


25. The Ultimate Makeup Kit

You don’t have to look any further because ‘this is it!’. Girls are all about beauty, and this gift is just about delivering that. This all in one makeup kit does not only have everything needed for start to finish the glam look, but it also comes in a beautiful staired box that could be used in holding other beauty items.

The colors are absolutely gorgeous and well pigmented. This is the kind of gift you get to boost her feminine side, it’s also great if she is a beginner as it comes with a lot of products. This gift is an absolute yes, and it can be presented to your teenage daughter for any occasion.


This is an image of girl's one makeup kit in pink color


Best overall

Many gifts are sure to please and excite most girls aged 17. All the above listed are many of such gifts. But if you are looking for the ultimate gift, one that is more likely to be appreciated than the others. It would be the Leather Journal.

Girls are known to keep private journals; it is like their imaginary, ever listening friend. This is why this journal would be our top pick, and the leather finish makes it more of a catch.

This is an image of girl's leather journal with a heart flowers graphic in brown color


Budget Buy

The Kate Lynn Phoenix bracelet is stunning and just gorgeous to look at. The Phoenix is known to bring good luck to the wearer, getting her this bracelet would make her day. And every time she wears it out, she would remember and appreciate you for getting it for her.


This is an image of girl's bracelet jewelry with colorful crystal in silver color


Where to buy gifts for girls aged 17?

You can walk into most stores near you, and you’d be met with a couple of options that might do the trick. But if you want the most options and want to get the best value for money, you should shop online.