25 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Girls

Happy Teenage Girl aged 18 years old with Friends at the Park

Looking to find a gift or something to give a teenage girl turning 18 years old? We all know 18th birthday gifts for girls are abundant and there is lots to choose from. Finding gifts that are well received is what every parent wants for their girl, especially as they are getting older with more responsibility.

18 is known by all and sundry as a milestone age. It is the bridge that connects your teen years with your adult years. This age comes with a lot of responsibilities and often weigh most people down; being an adult overnight is not easy and needs to be eased in. If you have a daughter, cousin, niece, or friend that is turning 18 and you want to show her that you care about her, you can do this with gifting. You are thinking, “what to buy an 18 year old girl?” or “where to buy gifts for girls aged 18?”. Well, not to worry, you have come to the right place, as we would be answering those questions, as well as other pertinent ones, while showing you a list of gift items that are sure to put a smile on her lovely face.

Considerations choosing gifts for 18 Year old Girls


There are a lot of things to keep in mind when buying such gifts; there is a skill and art to gifting. You’d understand as you continue reading why the following are things that must not be overlooked. Here they are:

Age: Even though just one year separates being 17 and 18, the amount of responsibility that would be shouldered is a different ball game. In most countries, at the age of 18, you become your own person. You can make decisions for yourself, run for public office, vote, and be voted for. There are other such important things that she needs to attend to, so gifts that would be gotten for her must call her to these responsibilities.

Preference: Girls at this age know what they want and exactly how they want it; they have had a lifetime of experiences picking what they like and what they do not like. Show that you have paid attention to her by picking her favorite flowers, favorite clothing brand in the right style and color.

25 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Girls

Now that we understand how important it is to gift, what to consider when gifting, let us then have a look at the top gift picks. They are:

1. SABRE Keychain with Pepper Spray

The world is not all unicorns and lollipops; there is a lot of evil in the world, and girls need some form of protection against people that might have malicious intent. This pepper spray brand is trusted by consumers and police worldwide; it has a shelf life of about four years. The Sabre Pepper Spray has a 10-foot stopping distance with maximum heat that is sure to dissuade any attacker.

The Sabre pepper spray brand ensures the protection of its users as it comes with links to free training videos in its packaging.

This is an image of SABRE Keychain with Pepper Spray


2. 18th Birthday Swarovski Pearl

The Swarovski pearl is a thoughtful gift any girl would appreciate, jewelry is a girl’s best friend, and it does not get any prettier than this pearl necklace. Every time she goes for an event and has that beautiful necklace around her neck, she would remember you who gave it to her, and the thought that went into getting her something so special.

Asides the beautiful piece of jewelry, it comes with a blank message card that allows you to capture what you feel for her in your own words and writing. And a hand-tied bow to complete this sweet package.

This is an image of 18th Birthday Swarovski Pearl


3. HACOOL Custom Name Necklace

Looking for a gift that is truly special and custom, then this should be on the top of your list. Hacool necklaces allow you to choose the color, the length of the necklace, and to stylize the name in the most beautiful way possible. The length of the necklace can be easily adjusted for a better fit.

This beautiful product is made from premium plated gold and quality brass to give you that sparkle that would not deform easily.

This is an image of HACOOL Custom Name Necklace


4. Animal Themed Socks for Women

This would be an excellent gift for girls that are animal lovers, lovers of goof fashion, and looking cozy and sweet with not much effort. These pair of socks are elegant and just gorgeous to look at, for those days when she wants to stay home and see a movie, or relax, she would slip these on.

The BALMOA sock pairs are made from a unique mix of quality spandex, cotton, and acrylic for the perfect stretch and optimum comfort.

This is an image of Animal Themed Socks for Women


5. The Driving Book

The driving book covers every imaginable driving scenario, explains it in the simplest of terms, and instructs on how to avoid such sticky situations or to get out of it. It is an excellent book for girls looking to learn to drive, or new to driving. There are some things that would not be covered by the driving tests that this book would bring to her notice. Some uncommon road laws, how to handle road rage, and other safety instructions.

This is an image of The Driving Book


6. Hoodie Jumpsuit for Women

This hoodie jumpsuit combo is fashionable one-piece streetwear worn especially by teenagers. 100% cotton, super fluffy, can be worn out, worn for fun even for costume parties, during any season, and can even be converted into bedtime wear. Super comfortable, very cute, hooded, stylish, and cozy, a great gift for your 18 year old girl for Christmas and few occasions.

This is an image of Hoodie Jumpsuit for Women


7. Ponytail Beanie for Girls

C.C knitted beanie hat is woolly and stretchy, also comes with a hole at the top to put out your hair, which makes it comfortable for wearing, keeping your whole head warm without your hair or bun getting in the way.

Mild, pretty colors to go with any outfit, small and stretchy, versatile too, handy, you can never go wrong with it.

This is an image of Ponytail Beanie for Girls


8. “OMG. I’m an adult now” Coffee Mug

Cute birthday present for your daughter that she would not forget. Mycozycups coffee mugs come with writings on both sides of the mug, depending on the occasion. It is very affordable, so it can come along with another gift. It holds both hot and cold liquids and is made from quality materials, so it is very durable.

This is an image of "OMG. I'm an adult now" Coffee Mug


9. Cookbook for Teens

Baking and cooking book for teenage girls with over 70 recipes and simple instructions on how to achieve them. Nothing makes a statement more than initiating or rather welcoming your teenage daughter into adulthood than getting her a cookbook like this one. In no time, your teenager is a kitchen master and can prepare a three-course meal without assistance.

This is an image of Cookbook for Teens


10. “EIGHTEEN” Print T-Shirt

To make your daughter’s birthday much significant, this cotton T-shirt is perfect. Comes in plain colors with the word ‘eighteen’ written on it, your daughter would love this as this would serve as a perfect memento. Simple yet beautiful, very comfortable, casual T-shirt, very symbolic, quite chic and can be worn anytime to or for any occasion your daughter would love and appreciate this.

This is an image of "EIGHTEEN" Print T-Shirt


11. Adidas Women Sneakers

Sneakers are one of the best gifts for teenage girls. The Superstar Sneaker by Adidas is comfortable sports footwear for girls that love sports. The sneaker is an original product by Adidas, built to be comfortable and has a lovely grip. The black and white sneaker is multipurpose footwear that can be used for jogging and playing sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, and others. It is made of leather material, and its soles are made from rubber. The sneaker makes a lovely gift item for girls’ birthday parties, Easter and Christmas celebrations. It is delightful sporting wear for all sporting occasions.

This is an image of Adidas Women Sneakers


12. Coffee Mug for Your Sister

A cool birthday gift package for teenage girls is the mug by Umabum, which is customized for 18 years old birthday celebrations. The mug has a cool birthday message designed on it, which is, “Happy Birthday! 18 Years Young! To The Greatest Sister In The Whole Wide World XOXO.” The mug is white in color. It is the perfect present for the siblings’ gift exchange. The message on the mug is designed for siblings to gift their age 18 sisters the cup as a birthday gift. The mug is a cool gift for girls; they get to enjoy coffee, tea, and other liquid delights with the cup while remembering their loved ones.

This is an image of Coffee Mug for Your Sister


13. Dabbing Unicorn Notebook

The perfect gift for a teenage girl’s 18th birthday celebration is a unicorn themed gift. The rainbow unicorn imaginary animal is a gift pick that all girls from a very young age enjoy playing with. The unicorn notebook, which is named “I am 18 and Fantabulous!” and has a unicorn image drawn on its cover, is a fantastic birthday package for girls. The notebook gift can be used as a journal, scribble pad, to-do lists, activity, pad, and many other uses. The 100-page notebook is an awesome present. It can also be gifted on casual occasions outside official birthday celebrations.

This is an image of Dabbing Unicorn Notebook


14. Campus Guide to College Life

Concerned about your girl’s safety on campus, how she is going to deal with peer pressure, how she will manage her relationships, and other campus-related issues? Get the “Her Campus Guide to College Life” by Stephanie Kaplan Lewis and two other authors. The book is the guide every teenage girl that is about to enter campus needs to read or take along as a sort of weapon for the campus. The book contains quality and good advice on managing relationships on campus, tips to stay safe and healthy while on campus, how to handle academic, emotional, and other related stress, and how to make the campus experience the best ones of her life.

This is an image of Campus Guide to College Life


15. NIV Teen Girls’ Bible

The New International Version Bible for Teen Girls by Zondervan is a great gift for teenage girls who share the Christian faith. It is a guide book to help them grow their Christian faith. The eBook bible for teens is written in a language that teenagers can easily understand and relate to. The bible has a lot of tips chipped inside that helps teenagers deal with peer pressure, questions about religion, hope, love, and faith. The book has 1728 pages, and it is a bulky read; teen girls will never run out of quality advice with this book. The bible contains profiles of women heroines that teenage girls can learn from.

This is an image of NIV Teen Girls' Bible


16. What do you meme? – Girls only

Feeling a little bit distanced from your girls? trying to take a break from boys and have a little girls fun, then there is no better way to get the party started than having this awesome girls only adult party game. ” For The Girls” is perfect for any and all girls only events as long as there are no boys in sight, and all players are aged 18 and above. This game is packed with a beautiful cubed die and 100 cards each for adult games like Truth or Dare, I Have Never, Best of the Best, and Most Likely To. It might be just the gift to reconnect with the girls.

This is an image of What do you meme? - Girls only


17. Buzzed – A drinking game

It isn’t a party yet if the music isn’t banging, and the booze isn’t flowing. A shortcut to fun comes with this drinking game “Buzzed,” which can be played by at least 3- 20 players. It comes with 180 thick glossy cards in a custom box, and it is super easy to play. You draw cards from the top of the deck in turns and read what is on the card out loud, then depending on what is on the card, either you or the group would take a shot. It is a great gift for 18 year old girls as alcohol can be replaced with any other type of drink allowed and available.

This is an image of Buzzed - A drinking game


18. College Girl Survival Guide

College can and has been challenging for many girls out there, So many questions left unanswered, and many plans left unfulfilled. But with this survival guide by Hanna Seymour, you don’t have to be unprepared anymore for this new phase of your life. “The College Girl’s Survival Guide” is filled with a lot of advice based on experience on how to deal with a tasking schedule, the pressure to win, dealing with various social challenges, and how to make the best out of this phase of life. It would be invaluable for 18-year old girls preparing for or already in college.

This is an image of College Girl Survival Guide


19. Adulting 101

The transition from being a teenager to being an adult has never been easy. Frankly, become a respectable adult is not for the faint-hearted. So many things are left untaught as classroom lectures do not really cover the basic life skills needed to achieve success. Preparing your child for adulthood can get better if she is equipped with this book. “Adulting 101” comes in handy in teaching various life lessons such as Money and Time management, effective and professional communication techniques, managing relationships either personal or professional, set goals and learning how to prioritize, and so much more. It is a wonderful gift for 18-year old girls.

This is an image of Adulting 101


20. 3D Print Sweatpants

Looking good has never been so easy as it is with this cool casual pair of joggers sweatpants. Whether you’re going for a morning jog or just sitting in front of your TV watching others jog, these sweatpants are sure to make as comfortable as possible with the precise cotton, polyester, spandex ratio. It is a perfect gift for any girl with its silky smooth essence. The material is soft and friendly to the skin, and it is designed to handle a lot of outdoor exercises. It comes with a 3D graphic printed uniquely all over the fabric. The elastic waist and drawstring back pockets are also top-notch features of this stylish yet comfy sweatpants.

This is an image of 3D Print Sweatpants


21. Cuff Bangle Jewelry

A bracelet is one fascinating gift you can give to a teenager because it’s part of their daily dressing, this is however not an ordinary bracelet because of the inscription on it which says “You are Braver than you Believe Stronger than you Seem and Smarter than you Think” and this passes a message of courage, strength, and intellect, it says never to give up and keep pushing. The bracelets are made with good quality stainless that does not erode or rust. It’s an adjustable size for a teenager between ages 8 to 14 years, a perfect gift for someone going through a hard time.

This is an image of Cuff Bangle Jewelry


22. Baking Cookbook for Women

The Baking Cookbook for Teens by Robin Donovan, a renowned recipe developer makes it simple to introduce a teenager into the act of baking; this cookbook is a definitive manual for learning basic baking skills and how to prepare baked foods. There are 75 simple-to-follow plans in the making of different kinds of baked foods like treats, brownies, tarts, bread, and pizza. The book also explains basic key concepts and important keywords in baking, with about three different cooking levels. It is a good book for baking recipes and will bring the best out of any teenager interested in baking.

This is an image of Baking Cookbook for Women


23. Fossil Carlie Mini

Fossil Carlie mini wrist watch for teenage girls is a top-notch watch made with distinctive features. Teenage girls fancy wristwatch and will find this very interesting, the watch is of good quality leather, durable stainless steel, and it’s water-resistant, which makes it suitable for swimming and bathing. The watch displays are in Roman numerals, it is 28mm in size and comes with 12mm bands that can be easily replaced. The Fossil Carlie Mini watch looks classy and elegant to wear; it is suitable for all outfits. It comes in a presentation box, which makes it perfect as gifts at any kind of ceremony.

This is an image of Fossil Carlie Mini


24. Leather Writing Pad with Lock

Finding the right toy choice for an 18-year-old girl can be a difficult task to accomplish. The journal, which is made up of leather material, is a useful tool for jotting down ideas and information. The writing pad is a lovely present for girls. It is available in 9 colors: blue, black, bumblebee, candy red, green, indigo, orange, rosewood, and shamrock. The writing pad is a multipurpose journal which can be used as a journal and sketchbook. It can be gotten for girls’ birthday parties and makes a perfect gift for girlfriends, daughters, and friends. The stylishly designed writing pad is made of 120 sheets.

This is an image of Leather Writing Pad with Lock


25. 7 Habits for Teens Workbook

The book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workbook” by Sean Covey is a must-read a d book for teenage girls that just crossed the legal age. The best selling teenage guide book helps teens to become better and make better-informed decisions. The book has many fun and essential activities that are targeted at making teens better versions of themselves. Some of the information that will be found in the book is ideas on friendship, building self-esteem, ideas on avoiding peer pressure effectively, goal setting and achievement, parent-teen relations, and many more. It is a fantastic gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, and Easter celebrations.

This is an image of 7 Habits for Teens Workbook


Overall Best Gift

All the above-listed gifts are awesome; they all would bring value to whoever they are bought for. But our top pick from them all would be the SABRE Pepper Spray because it is a must-have in this day and age. Owning one would serve as a deterrent to any person or group of persons that might want to foment trouble.


Best Budget Gift

The budget gift does not necessarily mean the cheapest. In this case, it means a gift that you would give you the best value for your money spent. And that is the Leather Writing Pad that comes with a lock. Girls like their journals, it is that friend that always listens and never ever judges. This is why it would make an ideal gift for girls aged 18. Imagine how happy she would be when she sees this gorgeous leather journal when she unwraps her gift box. 


Where to buy gifts for girls aged 18?

If you walk into a nearby store, you would see many gift options to choose from. But if you are looking for even more options and competitive prices, it is best to shop in online stores. Ensure to shop only at reputable store with an active online community, so you would have an idea of how it all works. Also, you get to hear from people that have made similar purchases and in the event that you would need to return the item or ask for a refund.