26 Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Girls

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It is that special day of the year, and you want it to be even more special. What do you do? What would be the ideal birthday present for your daughter, friend, or girlfriend who is just turning 19 years old? You are thinking of getting a gift that shows you care, and she matters every second of the day, but you are swamped with too many options. If you are thinking of a way to sieve through these many options and arrive at the best gifts for 19 year old girl, then you have come to the right place. We would be going through the top picks according to interviews we have had with friends, parents, guardians, and loved ones who have at one time been in the same situation. 

Considerations choosing Gifts for 19 Year Old girls


There are a lot of gifts to choose from for 19 bday ideas. But not all of them would go down well with her. You do not want her opening her box with a wry smile. You want her to see the gift and be over the moon; you want your gift to be the best thing about her birthday or Christmas, whichever time you choose to give her. And for this to happen, you have to factor in the following:

Age: You may have known her all your life. She could have been your childhood friend, or maybe you were in kindergarten together. All that time spent together is beautiful, but she is no longer that child you used to know. She is a beautiful young woman, and it needs to be reflected in your choice of gift. You need to ensure that the gift is meaningful and productive. It would be nice if it eases her day, and every day she sees or uses it, she would remember and appreciate you.

Preference: Not everyone would know what she likes and how she likes it, but for you who has known her long enough to be privy to such knowledge, you can score some bonus points. You could also find out the things that interest her as the days lead up to her birthday. Such as her favorite color, her favorite author, favorite chocolates, and her most preferred style of clothing. 

Space: Most people tend to believe that how big the big gift is would influence how well it would be received, and this is true some times. But for other times when her living space is not so big, a big gift might be an inconvenience. So you need to have an idea of how much space she has to herself before you opt-in for a relatively bigger present.

Immediate Need: The most appreciated gifts are often the ones that settle a particular need if you have heard her talk about a new bag, juicer, or a new shade of lip gloss she would like to have. That then is what you need to pick up for her. If an item like this comes from a boyfriend, she would appreciate that you listen and would further strengthen your bond. 

Budget: You do not have to break the bank to get her a meaningful present. Just understand her being, and from the things she has, you would have an idea of the things she would like to have. And when you find out what, with the right shopping practices, you would be able to get her one or more presents that fit into your budget perfectly.


26 Best Gift Ideas for 19 Year Old Girls

Now that we have breezed through the important things that need to be considered when shopping for your princess. Each of the following is an exciting gift idea she is sure to love. Let’s take a look at some of the top 19th birthday ideas for her.

  1.  Hannay Birthstone Bracelet

One thing girls can not stand is when their birthdays are forgotten, you can show her you respect and appreciate her by showing that you would always remember her birthday and how precious it is to both of you by getting her this bracelet. This beautiful bracelet has a birthstone attached for whichever month her birthday falls. Besides the gorgeous stone, the bracelet has the words ‘ You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.’ These words show confidence and believe in her and would, in turn, make her confident and believe in herself. It’s one of the best gifts for 19 year old daughter and she is sure to treasure it for years to come.

This is an image of girl's braver than you believe birthday gift bracelet with a quote and a heart. Silver color


2. Reef’s Cushy Flip Flops for Women

Second on our list of gifts for 19 yr old girl are these cool sandals. These handcrafted women’s flip flops are popular because of their simple but comfortable designs. The aesthetic and simple black finish makes it ideal footwear for when you are going to be dipping in water. You can wear it in the shower, or by the poolside with friends. This footwear is durable and comfortable to wear. 


This is an image of girl's reef womens flip flop. Black color


3.  Mainstay’s Pink Saucer Chair

If she has been complaining about the lack of furniture in her living space, or maybe she just wants one chair to herself where she can work her magic. If her living area is not so spacious, you would need to get her a chair that does the job without eating up floor space. There are many such options on the market, but none looks quite as good as this does. The Mainstay Chair fits perfectly into any room, and the soft fur fabric would put a smile on any woman’s face. The chair can be set up without any use for tools; it is lightweight and can be easily installed anywhere she wants. This chair is one of the top birthday gifts for 19 year old female and she’s sure to use it every day!

This is an image of girl's faux saucer chair. pink color


4.  MISSKY’s Knee Length Hoodie Dress

Next on our list of 19 birthday ideas is this lovely dress. Never before has a dress tried to blend styles from all worlds and get it right. The gown length and style is to appeal to women of class, and the hoodie adds a simple, casual touch. Making the gown more delightful is the black finish. Put all these together, and you have one beautiful piece of clothing any lady would be lucky to have grace her wardrobe. The material is made from a blend of premium cotton and spandex to give the most comfortable experience when wearing this gown.

This is an image of girl's women stripes length hoodie dress. Black color


5.  Women’s Leather Journal

Girls like to share the details of their days with their friends, but when they look to immortalize a memory, they do so in pictures and more commonly in their journals or diaries. Girls take their diaries seriously, and every time she holds up this beautiful journal, she would remember who gifted her the journal. This journal is made from the highest quality, the leather is handcrafted, and the paper is recycled from wool. This would make an excellent 19th birthday gift ideas for poets, journalists, and people that constantly need to put down things.

This is an image of girl's handmade leather journal notebook. Brown color


6.  Rancilio Stainless Steel Espresso Machine

This is the perfect 19 year old birthday ideas for coffee lovers. This coffee machine is as efficient as the commercial machines with the same ergonomic filter handle. It is small and stylish, as such, would fit into any space. If she always grabs a cup of coffee on her way out every day, you could get her this beautiful product to ease her off some stress on her daily commute. It is made from premium materials and is sure to stand the test of time.

This is an image of Espresso machine with stainless steel and panels. Silver Color


7.  Cat Themed Purse with Zipper

If you’re looking for gifts for 19 years old girl who loves cats, this could be the answer! This purse is the answer to occasions she wants to grace without carrying a big bag. If she wants something handy that can fit all her necessaries, she would need to get this stylish purse. The purse has a premium leather exterior and a polyester lining; it is designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The purse has enough space to fit about eight credit cards, a mobile phone, and cash, with a durable zipper to ensure her valuables are kept safely. 

This is an image of girl's cute cat wallet. black color


8.  Leaf-Themed Dangle Earrings 

Jewelry is one of the most popular 19th birthday gifts. For nature lovers, the leaf design would be a nice touch. These earrings are simple, elegant, and stylish and would make her look every bit the princess she is, and they can work on formal and informal occasions. They are lightweight and, as such, very comfortable to wear. Girls like shiny gifts, why not get her this one and watch her beam with joy.

This is an image of girl's leaf earrings. Golden color


9.  Dosoni Winter Snowflake Beanie

Winter has come! But thanks to you, she is ready, with her snowflake themes beanie. This line of winter hats is made from the right blend of acrylic, cotton, and polyester to keep her warm during the winter. And you do not need to worry about the fitting, as one size fits all. Don’t forget that the little things matter. 

This is an image of girl's hat earflap with coloful graphics.


10.  Curling Iron and Hair Dryer Combo

You would think that finding the best hair tools would be easy? Not with so many varieties and reviews, you don’t even know which is good. Introducing the cool care heat resistant hair curling/straightening iron and hairdryer, it is so good as a gift for your daughter or female friend’s 19th birthday. It can even be gifted at any time, reasons being that this is one of a girl’s essential needs, and it’s durable, of course. As an extra, it comes with wall-mount stainless steel, which makes it easy to store. Hairstyling is about getting better!

This is an image of girl's flat iron hair holder stainless steel. pink and gray colors


11.  Fun Coffee Mug

Nothing she ever does should be boring, not even when she sips coffee or tea. And you can ensure this never happens by getting her this mug with this fun inscription. This coffee mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean after use. 

This is an image of girl's classy mug coffee with funny quote. White Color


12. Wooden Jewelry Chest

Girls like to bring order to chaos; this is why she would fall in love with this present at first sight. This beautiful jewelry box would help her keep her room or living space tidy; it would help her sort and keep a better track of her jewelry. The collapsible design sees that this elegant box only takes a fraction of the space a regular box would. It has two side compartments with four hooks, each crafted to hold necklaces and bracelets in place. Also, it has five wooden drawers and a lock to keep her loot safe.

This is an image of girl's handcrafted wooden jewlery box. Expresso color


13. Cooking Through College

Not all of us have the stomach to order food day in, day out. I do not have a problem with that, you probably do not mind either, but she does, doesn’t she? Or maybe she occasionally wants to dazzle with her culinary skills; then, she would need a book like this to help her practice simple meals that can fill her as she manages her time with the busy schedule that college throws at her. This way, she gets to eat healthily, pick up a new skill, and save money at the same time. Win-Win! 

This is an image of girl's Through college when you can't stand instant noodels Cook book


14.  Fox Styled Crossbody bag or Handbag

I know you have looked at this bag and want it for yourself, if you are a beautiful 19 yr old girl, then that is fine. But if you know one, you are going to have to spend the big bucks to get this for her, because this bag is in high demand. And you can see why the bag is small enough to carry around and still spacious enough to hold all her necessaries for the day. The cute fox is fitted on the bag as a coin pouch. 

This is an image of girl's Cross body bags with coin purse and zipper


15.  18” LED Ring Light

A ring light is an ideal gift for your friend, sister, or daughter, who is invested in photography or the makeup business. It allows her to take pictures of better, crisper qualities. This brand of ring lights is very popular with people in the business because of its exciting features, that range from the ease with which the brightness levels are adjusted. The light emanating from this device is soft on the eyes, allowing you to take amazing pictures and shoot the best videos. The package comes with a carry bag and a light stand, the stand can be easily folded to be stored in the bag, making this a portable piece of equipment.

This is an image of girl's Ring light With LED. White color


16.  Women’s Gold-Tone Watch by Michael Kors

You are never fully dressed without a smile and a watch on your wrist. If you are looking to pick a watch that highlights class, and yet is so simple, you can wear it on most dresses and to most occasions, look no further. This Micheal Kors brand of women watches has been designed to tend to both your fashion and functional needs. It is water-resistant for up to 100m, making it suitable for snorkeling and swimming, but not ideal for scuba diving. 

This is an image of girl's Classic watch. Gold Color


17.  Hydrate with YETI Bottles

Everyday bottles get the job done, but they are usually boring. Why not get the best of both worlds with this gorgeous looking bottle. The bottle is durable as it features a DuraCoat that does not peel, crack, or fade. It has a double-wall vacuum that sees your hot coffee stay hot till the last sip or your ice-cold water stay cold for as long as you would need. This is one tough bottle, and it is designed to last. Get yours today!

This is an image of girl's Rambler bottle 18 OZ by Yeti. Turquoise and silver colors


18.  Hand Selected Succulent Plants

Some people do not just love nature and appreciate it from afar; they want to feel it around them; they want it in their space. If you are one of such people, or if you know anyone like that, this is the gift they would want to unwrap come Christmas or birthday. The plants come in square pots that are deeply rooted in soil. The plants need to be watered once weekly, and at least twice during their dormancy period. 

This is an image of girl's succulent plants pack of 20 collections


19.  Adjustable Vintage Leather Bag

This is one crossbody bag with some style and attitude. The bag is designed to appeal to vintage lovers without compromising the modern standards for quality and appeal. The bag is made from 100% genuine leather, with quality zipper fasteners that can withstand daily use. This handmade quality women’s purse would add some depth and character to her wardrobe.

This is an image of girl's Vintage Crossbody bag. Brown color


20. LULU Scented Candles

The wax from this brand of scented candles is eco-friendly, paraben, and vegan free, as they are made from soy wax. Lulu candles are top picks in the scented candle market because of their long-lasting burns, which is as a result of their 100% cotton, slow-burning wicks. They produce the best candles with the most alluring scents. Every time her room smells like heaven, she would remember who gifted this to her, let that person be you. 

This is an image of girl's Luxury fresh soy jar candle.


21.  Dead Sea Mud Mask with Lavender Oil

The majestic pure dead sea mud mask is an exfoliating face and body product made from the purest organic products. Removing dead skin cells and unclogging your pores, it will leave your skin looking and feeling like that of a baby’s, and it has no future or side effect. It’s also suitable for all skin types.

This is an image of girl's pure dead sea mask 8.8Oz


22.  DIY Kombucha Tea

The fermehntaholics kombucha tea treated and grown from advanced science labs helps with health and body growth. Preferably brewed at home by people, this gallon would help you in choosing your preferred mixtures and flavors. It is also very fun to make with friends and family, especially children who would see it as a form of experimentation.

This is an image of girl's kombucha Tea in 12 Oz


23.  Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

Selfie sticks are assistant mechanical photographers, boosting your selfie game to A and capturing every moment and angle better than if taken normally. This selfie stick comes with a tripod stand and wireless remote control, Which is favorable for group pictures. Portable and lightweight, makes it very easy to carry. It’s one of the best 19 yr old birthday ideas and is sure to get used often.

This is an image of girl's selfie stick tripod with wireless and remote.


24.  Oversized Women’s Hoodies

The love for fluffy cardigans cannot be overemphasized, how much more when it is hooded. This cozy cardigan is so beautiful; your young lady would cherish and not even get tired of it. Made with woolly material, warm-colored, opened at the front, and large pockets by the side fit the description of a safe haven.

This is an image of girl's oversized hooded coat


25.  Polaroid Mini Photo Printer

Pocket-friendly Polaroid printer for everyone, even kids! Bringing your photos to life by yourself without a major camera, with your android or iPhone, you can now print out memorable moments with this. A meaningful and thoughtful gift for your teenager or youth. It is perfectly sized to be carried around and provides high-quality prints.

This is an image of girl's wireless mobile printer by Polaroid. Blue color


26.  Kate Spade Cat Eye Sunglasses

Kate-spade never disappoints with her products, and these sunglasses won’t disappoint you too. Nicely shaped and Wide enough to protect your eyes and it’s areas from penetrating sunrays, comfortable on the nose and ears, beautiful mild colors that still give this feminine statement, can be worn over casuals and corporate dresses.

This is an image of girl's Cat ey sunglasses by Kate Spade. Brown and turquoise Colors


Overall Best Buy

All the gifts listed above are awesome and would make any girl smile and feel special. But of all of them, there is one that stands out, the best among the rest if you may, and that is the LED Ring Light. 

We can not deny the fact that women like to take pictures and look glam, and this ring light would help her do just that. Besides the fact that it can make her look even more beautiful, there is also the angle where it can help her develop her business if she runs a makeup blog, if she is a YouTuber or if she is into photography.

This is an image of girl's Ring light With LED. White color


Best Budget Buy

There are times where you would mean to get the best possible gift for a loved one, but due to circumstances unforeseen, you would not be able. Times like this, you would have to settle for something budget, and most times, they are not ideal gifts, but this is not the case with these Scented Candles by LULU.

They are designed to burn slowly, so her living space would smell nice for as long as possible. They are a beautiful and functional piece, and she would love to have one or two.

This is an image of girl's Luxury fresh soy jar candle.


Where to buy gifts for girls aged 19?

You can walk into most stores, and you would be met with a variety of ideal gift items for girls aged 19. But if you are looking for variety and competitive prices, you would find that by shopping online. Make sure you shop only at reputable stores, so you are not sold cheap knock offs.