25 Best Gifts for 3 Year old Girls

three year old girl playing with a toy car at home. Girl playing game. The child is 3 years

Birthdays, Holidays and special occasions are all times when you give gifts and share your love and happiness with your kids. As parents, you must know the right things to buy, so your child is happy and satisfied. It is usually not comfortable picking out what your daughter might like because at a young age, children are experimenting and trying new things, so their tastes are always changing. Fear not as we have curated 25 of the best three year old birthday gift ideas.

Considerations Buying and Choosing Gifts for Little Girls


It is sometimes a burden trying to consider all your options when choosing a gift to buy for your daughter. Knowing how to select a gift is a skill that you can learn as you will need it always to satisfy your child when shopping for them.

What other toy does she need: The first significant thing to consider is their already existing toys. What does your child talk about the most? What does she seem interested in? Does she like to play with makeup, or is she partial towards plush and soft animals? You will need to consider all these clearly before picking out a gift.

Her Personality: You will also need to consider the personality of your child. Does she get bored quickly? If she does, you will need to get her something that keeps her engaged as long as possible. This would most definitely be a gift which has multiple functions that she can never get tired of. Also, is she introverted or extroverted? Extroverts tend to prefer gifts that will involve more than one person to participate.

Safety: Last but not least important is the safety of the kid. The gift or toy being purchased must in no way pose a threat to the little girl. It must be known that it is not made from any harmful material and no parts should pose a choking hazard.

25 Top Gift Ideas for 3 year old Girls

Here are our top 25 picks, which we know you will love. We have taken our time to pick out these gifts, which cut across multiple segments to satisfy various desires of little girls around the world. Take your time browsing before you pick the one most suitable for your daughter.

  1. Flybar pogo jumper

Jumping is one activity kids love to do for fun. At this age group, their spirit of adventure, curiosity and excitement level can be a struggle for you to match. Flybar has bridged this gap and made jumping more fun and more comfortable. The Pogo Jumper for kids two and above by Flybar is a lovely gift idea.

The Pogo Jumper for girls aged 3 are available in 13 color types: blue, frog, orange, pink, red, blue led, fire, fox, monkey, panda, police, red led, and unicorn.

The toy improves body balance, enhances motor skills, and healthy growth.


This is an image of kid's flybar jumper in pink and purple colors


  1. Betheaces Drawing mat

Experts recommend healthy, educational, and interactive toys for kids to help in their overall development. Betheaces, a company known for producing quality and impactful educational toys for kids, puts this expert advice into good use. The water doodle mat by Betheaces is an educational toy suitable for girls at least three years old.

The fantastic water doodle mat turns water into color. Keep your kids imagination on a free flow by gifting them one of these toys by Betheaces. The toy for girls aged 3 helps to develop their writing and painting skills. It does not use ink or crayon, so you don’t have to worry about any possible mess.

This is an image of kid's drawing mat set


  1. Tara princess necklace

The Disney Princess Necklace Activity by Tara Toys is perfect for your beautiful little girl. Girls at this age are fond of jewelry they regularly see their older females put on. They are naturally attracted to jewelry boxes and safes. To avoid them rummaging your jewellery box apart from hiding it from their reach, get them the Disney Princess Necklace Activity by Tara Toys to keep them occupied and satisfied.

It is a beautiful toy for girls 36 months old, and they get to create their jewelry with this activity set. The set is made up of 150 beads, which is enough to make five necklaces!

This is an image of kid's necklace activity by disney


  1. Cute toddler backpack

A backpack is not just a great gift idea for girls aged 3. It is a necessity and extremely useful for school. Get the best bag that is suitable for your beautiful girl, one that is comfortable and fun to wear and play with.

Excellent Choice has produced a beautiful backpack suitable for girls at least aged 3.

The backpack is designed to be a unicorn, an imaginative animal little girls love and are fond of. They also have other backpacks designs shaped in other popular animals and cartoon characters. The backpack is made of plush material for comfort, and it has two adjustable shoulder straps.

This is an image of kid's backpack with unicorn design in white color


  1. Jewelkeeper musical storage box

Another brilliant gift idea for girls aged 3 and above, is a girl’s musical jewelry storage box. Gifting them, this gift will increase their affection for you. The girls’ musical jewelry storage box by Jewelkeeper is beautifully designed and among one of the best toys for three girls 3 and above.

The box serves many purposes: it can serve as a toy, it can help as a jewelry box used to store jewelers for three-year-old girls such as necklaces, earrings, hair combs, bracelets, and many more, and it can also serve as a music box with a spinning unicorn.

Inside the box are a matching tea set which girls aged 3 and above can play with and host tea parties.

This is an image of kid's jewelkeeper musical box in colorful colors


  1. Melissa & Doug pretend playset

Three year old girls love to watch Disney channel’s and are fond of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows on Disney. You can take their source of fascination a step closer to them by getting the Melissa & Doug Disney Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll as a toy for girls at least 36 months old.

The toy set for little girls is made up of 40 magnetic pieces, which they have to put together to make up their favorite characters (Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck). The toy for three year olds  is an ideal tool for learning. It stimulates the imagination of your little girl.

This is an image of kid's minnie mouse dress up


  1. LeapFrog musical tea party

Three-year-old girls love tea parties and will favor toy sets that are flexible enough and designed for tea parties with imaginary friends and characters. LeapFrog offers a musical rainbow tea party set, which is a beautiful toy for girls aged 36 months and above.

The LeapFrog musical rainbow tea party set is made up of ten attractive and interactive pieces. Three-year-old girls get to listen to fresh music up to 50+ songs and realistic tea party sounds. The set is also a learning tool, and it helps improve their vocabularies, teaches color identification and matching, and social skills such as courtesy, proper manners, and greetings.

This is an image of kid's musical rainbow tea party toy


  1. Fisher-Price Barbie trike

There are not many gift ideas out there that beats the idea of getting a bike as a gift. A bike is something of a universally accepted gift standard for kids.

You can get the Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike as a gift for your beautiful daughter. You can get them this beautiful gift on their birthdays or on special and festive occasions such as New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and on reaching a milestone.

The sturdy trike, which has a big front wheel and two smaller back wheels, is designed to be firm and safe for three little girls to ride on. It also develops motor skills.

This is an image of kid's babie tough trike in colorful colors


  1. Mermaid Tail blanket

Every girl, after watching a collection of Barbie movies, wants to dress up like a mermaid. Make that wish come true by purchasing Softan kids mermaid tail blanket for girls at the age of 3. It is available in four colors: rainbow embossed blue tail, rainbow foil blue tail, rainbow foil body and purple sequin tail, and rainbow foil pink tail.

The material used to make the Softan kid’s mermaid tail is extra thick flannel fleece fabric, which is incredibly soft and warm. It is a perfect companion for your beautiful gir in all situations, whether it is bedtime or harsh weather conditions such as winter.

This is an image of kid's mermaid blanket in multi colors


  1. M SANMERSEN piano set

Get your daughter a musical gift she will cherish, the M SANMERSEN piano mat. It is exciting and fun for girls aged 3 and above. It is made up of 19 piano keys, eight different instruments, and ten classical store songs. Your kid will be able to record her music and listen to it with the record and playback function. The light effect makes the piano mat more exciting and fun for kids.

This toy is engaging, watch your daughter play with the mat, and dance to its tunes. It is large enough for you to join in the fun and bond with your beautiful daughter.

This is an image of kid's musical keyboard play mat


  1. Monobeach Princess playhouse

Looking for a beautiful and safe outdoor toy for young girls? Get her the Monobeach Princess Tent, which can also serve as a large playhouse for girls and castle play tent for kids. It can also be used indoors. It is made with polyester taffeta material. This material is known for its stain resistance capacity and for being easy to clean.

To set up the Monobeach Princess Tent, the following is included in the package when you order it are needed: tent with carrying bag, instruction, 1 set of poles, 1x starlight, and 1 set of connectors. Make her princess dream come true with this princess tent.

This is an image of kid's princess tent playhouse in pink color


  1. Magblock STEM toy

The Magblock Magnetic Building block is an excellent STEM educational toy for three-year-old girls. It is made up of the following contents: 24 magnetic triangles, 44 magnetic squares, six magnetic triangles, two hexagon, two wheelsets, 24 castle cards, and one idea booklet.

The toy builds a three-year-old girl’s imagination, inspires creativity, coordination skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It is a great way to reduce the minutes spent on screens such as TV and phones by little kids. It helps them develop primary STEM education in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also comes with a year warranty.

This is an image of kid's magnetic building blocks in colorful colors


  1. ToyVelt princess boutique

Every little girl has fantasies about being a princess. For your daughter, the best gift you can give her to help her actualize this fantasy is the ToyVelt Princess Dress Up & Play Shoe and Jewelry Boutique. From its name, Toyvelt is a dress-up shoe and jewelry kit that makes your daughter feel and look like Cinderella or Snow-white.

This gift is perfect for your little girl because it helps increase her imagination as well as encourage creative play. The kit comes with items like beautiful rings, adorable dress-up shoes, princess tiara crown, and cute bangles. The best part about the ToyVelt package is that its boutique can also serve as your girl’s toys and accessories storage box.

This is an image of kid's dress up shoe and jewelry


  1. Click N play pretend purse

Pretend play is one of the most favorite games played by little girls. The best toy in the market that can help your three-year-old girl play this game better is Click N’ Play. Click N’ Play is a toy kit that allows your girl to pretend to play as an adult lady, especially her mother, thereby improving the imaginary cognitive skills of your child as well as your girl’s ability to think.

It is an 8-piece pretend play purse that comes with everyday accessories such as a toy smartphone, car keys, a credit card, lipstick, and comb. The smartphone and car keys make real-life sounds that will surely make your girl ecstatic.

This is an image of kid's pretend play purse with 8 pieces in pink color


  1. Disney kids watch

Your little girl is going to be three on her next birthday, and you want to make her happy? The most memorable gift you can give her on her birthday is the Disney kids watch. Disney is a trendy brand in the world, and you can expect their products to be just as perfect. Disney watch is a beautiful analog watch that comes in white and purple colors.

There are several features unique to this watch that will make your little girl loves it. It is beautifully designed with the character of Elsa from the Disney “Frozen” movie on the frame. The watch is water-resistant up to 90 feet and comes with a hook and loop Nylon strap.

This is an image of kid's disney watch in purple color


  1. Vtech Kidizoom camera

VTech KidiZoom camera pix Is the perfect gift idea for you to give your adventurous three-year-old little girl. The Vtech Kidizoom camera pix is a kid-friendly camera that includes new tools that make photography much fun. With this camera, your little girl can take pictures, edit and enhance them, as well as create photo collages.

The camera comes in a beautiful pink color and has attractive flowery designs on it that will surely catch the fancy of your child. The camera also serves as a voice and video recorder and can be used to play different exciting games.

This is an image of kid's VTech Kidizoom in pink color


  1. LEGO DUPLO Playset

Looking for the best gift for your little girl that is turning three on her next birthday? Look no more! LEGO DUPLO Building Blocks is what you need. As the name implies, LEGO DUPLO 1 is a toy construction kit that comes with 21 block pieces, which is easy to build.

There is no doubt that your kid is going to have fun with the classic Disney character Minnie Mouse that comes with the toy kit. The LEGO DUPLO birthday party set will help your girl learn through creative and imaginative play. It will also help develop verbal and construction skills as she plays with it.

This is an image of kid's LEGO duplo building kit


  1. Crayola scribble toy

One of the best gifts for your daughter on the market is the Crayola Scribble and scrabble toy set. This is a lovely toy kit that keeps your child occupied and helps bring their crafts and decorative ability to life. The Crayola scribble and scrabble toy kit comes with four washable miniature animal figures that can be customized over and over again.

The kit also features several non – toxic colored markers in different colors like yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple. With the scrub tub and brush that comes packed with the toy set, washing the figures is easy and quick.

This is an image of kid's pets scrub


  1. Melissa & Doug playhouse

This gift will give your child a fun experience and also help her develop skills and learn in the process. No donation is better capable of doing that than Melissa & Doug cleaning set. This is an excellent gift for girls that help them pretend to play cleaning the house.

The 6-piece pretend cleaning set features a wooden kid-sized broom, mop, duster, brush, organizing stand, and a red dustpan. The housekeeping tools help your children play creatively, and they also learn the importance of having a clean house. This is an excellent way for your kids to develop confidence and responsibility for their surroundings.

This is an image of teen's let's play house toys


  1. Soft Unicorn Bathrobe

The cutest and coolest gift idea that you can get for your three-year-old girl and will put a smile on her face is no other gift than Doctor Unicorn hooded bathrobe sleepwear. Rated as a number one top seller on Amazon, Doctor Unicorn has several positive reviews trailing it online.

The bathrobe sleepwear is lovely, super cute, and made with premium polyester. Your little girl will find it very snugly and comfy in any weather. The colors of the sleepwear are so fresh and pretty that your kid will surely fall in love with it at first sight.

This is an image of teen's soft unicorn hooded bathrobe in colorful colors


  1. Selieve walkie talkies

We know you must love talking and interacting with your child. This long-range walkie talkie would allow you to play and interact with your daughter over longer distances. If you are worried about security, we assure you of the best-secured channels for communications. The manufacturers of this toy keep privacy on the top of their list. The walkie talkie is also voice-activated, and this adds more fun and excitement for your kids. The talkie has a range of over 3 miles long which is astounding for a toy.

This is an image of kid's walkie talkies in pink color


  1. Vtech creative center

Teach your daughter how to read and write by buying her this thoughtful, creative center. With a smooth erase function, you can allow your child to make mistakes while learning to write and read. The board also allows the low child to refine their motor skills. They can draw, create, engage in the musical writing games, and so much more. There are different drawing modes which you can choose for your child and each of them would allow your child to work to develop better and healthier mentally.

This is an image of kid's magnetic board in white color


  1. Brian Flower Bouquet

This well made flower bouquet allows your child to create and design Different flower patterns with these artificial flowers. They are made from non-harmful plastic so you can rest assured that your child is safe. It comes with 42 stem and leaf pieces, which can be used to create an almost limitless amount of combinations your daughter will enjoy. Some of the artificial flowers include daisies, morning glory, and lilies. This toy will improve your child’s motor skills while they play and create.

This is an image of kid's flower garden building toys


  1. Gund Princess Castle

Indoor play is equally as important as outdoor play, and this five-piece playset emphasizes that. Its color and choice of set pieces place it squarely as a toy for girls. It comes with a dollhouse, Unicorn, magic mirror, and two more fabulous toys as a part of the set. Allow your child to play and explore the magical world of imagination while experiencing the environment. The toys are machine washable, so you have no problem keeping it clean.

This is an image of kid's princess castle plush playset


  1. Tikes T-ball set

This toy is excellent for the physical and mental well being of your daughter. From the color to the design, it is quite easy to see that this toy set was designed with girls in mind. It boosts hand to eye coordination, improves reasoning abilities, and encourages partnership and outdoor play. The adjustable T allows the toy to grow as your child grows, so it is part of her life for a long time. The bat, balls, and T shaped stand all come together as a set.

This is an image of kid's T-ball toy set in pink and purple colors

Overall best buy

We pick an overall best buy, which we consider to be the best gift idea for a three-year-old girl. This gift will be beneficial for your kid and has the most features with the least amount spent. The LEGO DUPLO fits this category perfectly as it offers your daughter limitless creative ability with its many pieces as it is truly a gift she can enjoy.


This is an image of kid's LEGO duplo building kit


Best budget buy

Our best budget buys for this piece is the Vtech Kidizoom camera. It has so many cool features and is sure to give you value for your money. With its expandable memory, crystal clear images, and the different fun modes, your child is sure to have a swell time playing with this affordable gift.


This is an image of kid's VTech Kidizoom in pink color


What types of gifts are suitable for three year old girls?

I know you are probably thinking to go with ‘anything shiny’. Although this is true most times, girls like other things too. Dolls and stuffed animals would be a very good place to start. If she already has many of those, you can get her a playtent or a pretend set. Girls like playing ‘grown up’.