25 Best Gifts for 4 Year old Girls

4 year old girl child pilot flying a cardboard box in kid rooms surrounded by toys

Wondering what types of gifts 4 year old girls might like for their birthday? Maybe you’re trying to find presents that are age-appropriate and really fun! Finding gift ideas for girls can be challenging sometimes and that’s why we have a huge list of gifts and toys to compare.

As time passes by, your little girl begins to grow. As she develops and changes, so would her needs. Your little girl would develop different tastes that would need to be met. She might like a different color or a different kind of toy. As parents or guardians, we have to ensure that we provide everything they need for her to enjoy her life as a child and the incredible changes that come with growing up.

If you are looking to make your little girl happy, you would need to get her one or more of the best toys for your little girl. And if you are looking to buy a gift or a toy for your daughter, then the compiled list contains excellent gift ideas for a four year old girl.

Considerations choosing gifts for little girls


Age: One of the important things to look out for is the age specification of the toy. Usually written boldly on the package as it informs parents and guardians of the theme of the gift and what it is likely to expose your daughter to.

 As children grow they mature and get smarter, their toys would need to mature and advance too.

Size: She is no more that small girl you can cradle in your arms, she’s a big girl now. And as such, she needs big girl toys. The gifts or toys being bought must be able to withstand her ever-increasing weight and must leave room for growth.

Price: When buying gifts or anything else for that matter. The price of the item is very important. As parents, we need to balance the importance of the toy and the financial situation of the family. But whatever your budget might be, we have just the toy for you.


25 Best gifts for 4 Year old Girls

For your daughter, we have compiled a thorough list of all kinds of gifts and toys for little girls. The list consists of different types of toy to satisfy the different tastes of your beautiful girls.

1. Girls skirt with unicorn horn

This colorful many-layered colored skirt is as beautiful as they come. With its bright attractive child-friendly colors, your daughter would love it at first sight. The skirt is made from polyester tulle and satin. The skirt can be hand-washed and air-dried due to the quality of the durable materials from which it is made.

This beautiful skirt would light up and ass dome spark to your daughter’s wardrobe can be worn during Halloween, to her ballet classes and regular outings.


This is an image of kid's skirts with unicorn in colorful colors


2. Omzer’s camera for kids

Is she playing with her dolls and wants to savor the moment another time? Or is she playing with her friends from school and would like to capture and share those memories. Well, she can. With the Omzer kid’s camera, she can do all that and more.

With a powerful 16 megapixel camera, and the capability to record in full HD. This camera is the first step to your daughter becoming a superstar. With its durable, child-friendly and non-toxic material from which it is made, your daughter would be safe when she operates her awesome new camera.


This is an image of kid's camera gift in pink color


3. Pinksheep jewellry rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and included in this package are diamonds and other stones. Not real diamonds, but I am sure they would do the trick. With 24 pieces having different colors and designs, it would be fun every day with this ring set.

The rings are made from high-quality metal, it is skin-friendly and nickel free. Which sees these rings being durable and easy to maintain.


This is an image of kid's jewel rings in box, colorful colors


4. Disney Minnie Hoodies

Disney’s brand of hoodies is super cozy. Complete with a bow and funny ears, your daughter would look cute and funny at the same time. For rain and sunshine, she needs this kind of clothing to protect her from the elements. While other hoodies do not take styling into account, this does and would have your little girl looking awesome.

The Disney Minnie hoodies are made of 40%polyester and 60% cotton, this sees that the fabric is durable and can be machine washed, Your daughter would love to see this in her wardrobe.

This is an image of kid's minnie hoodie with bow and ear in white and pink colors


5. How to catch a mermaid

It is every girl’s dream to have her magical adventure. And with 40 pages, with each page telling your daughter beautiful stories on how to catch a mermaid. She would be going along on the epic quest.

To catch a mermaid, your girl must be very clever. She would need to find her magical crown, mirrors and pearls. Your beautiful daughter would not need a mirror on the wall to tell her she’s the fairest of them all.

This is an image of kid's catch a mermaid book


6. Melissa and doug priness wand

The Decorate Your Own Wooden Princess Wand is lovely arts and crafts toy for 4 year old Princesses. The kit is designed to help young girls build their magical wand from scratch to finish. It is a great gift for girls. It is perfect for a birthday surprise or festive season presents during Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

The toy kit helps girls develop art skills. Inside the kit are a wooden star, 2 satin ribbons, a paintbrush, 2 glitter tubes of glue, 19 gem stickers, 4 pots of paint and white glue. It helps to develop fine motor skills in girls.

This an image of kid's wooden princess wand kit


7. Disney Princess Nail Polish Set

Every little girl always tries to dress up and emulate their Disney Princess idols. Help your little girl achieve that royal princess look by gifting her Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set. This polish set by Townley Girl includes toe separators, nail file, and 15 colorful nail polish bottles.

Some of the shades you will see in this polish set are yellow, green, sky blue, pink and more. The nail polish formula dries quickly and is easy to apply. The formula in this polish set is non-toxic, water-based and bubble gum scented, giving it a nice scent and making it safe to use for your young girl.

This is an image of kid's disney princess nail polish set


8. Disney’s Frozen Electronic Reader

Looking for the best educational toys for four year old girls? Don’t look too far. Your answer is in the Disney – Frozen Me Reader Electronic Reader and 8 Book Library. This Disney Electronic reader and library has so many amazing features that make it the perfect educational toy for your kid.

Designed with the Frozen movie in mind, the reader features several Frozen characters like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. The toy comes with eight illustrated books that are packaged with a cool Me Reader Module that reads each book aloud. This Electronic Reader Library helps stimulate the imagination and confidence of young readers.


This is an image of kid's frozen electronic reader in blue color


9. Rhinestone Glitter Stickers

The best gift that can bring out the creativity and decorative ability of your little girl is the Purple Ladybug Novelty bottle and gem stickers. These Rhinestone Glitter Gem stickers enable your girl to decorate her water bottle in different ways.

This kid’s water bottle comes with seven sheets of rhinestone stickers with hundreds of sparkly glitter gem stickers that help bling out the bottle. This water bottle is made with high-quality material and can be easily carried around by your kid. It is also packed with a carabiner that can be used for hanging the bottle once you are done decorating it.


This is an image of kid's decorate your own water bottles kit


10. FoxPrint Princess Castle

A best seller in the 4 year old girl toys category is the FoxPrintPrincess Castle Play Tent. Positively reviewed as one of the best toys for little girls in the market, this play tent promises a lot of fun for your girl with its exciting features. This play tent glows in the dark, conveniently folds into a carrying case and is perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

The play tent is colorful and designed with hearts and stars that glow in the dark. It is very safe to use as it comes with sturdy shock-corded fiberglass poles to prevent it from falling. It doesn’t require assembly or accessories to fix properly. This colorful play tent is great for encouraging fun and adventure.


This is an image of kid's castle play tent in pink color


11. VTech Kids’ Camera

The VTech Kids Zoom Camera Pix is a lovely and beautiful gift for little girls. It is available in two colors: pink and blue. The camera is designed to be kid-friendly. It had a lovely of girls themed templates that will get your little girl excited and happy.

The little camera for girls inspires the spirit of creativity and it is a wonderful tool to use to build their photography skills. It also has a selfie mode that automatically detects the face and takes cool pictures. Four games are included in the VTech Kids Camera to add to its fun and appeal. The camera is a wonderful gift idea for four year old girls.


This is an image of kid's Kidizoom camera by VTech in pink color


12. ATOPDREAM Light Projector

Lights are a fun fancy that grabs the attention of little kids. This explains why most kid toys are colorful and have some form of light.
The amusing moon star projector light by ATOPDREAM is a wonderful light toy for girls aged 4. The design filled with the moon and stars is attractive to the eyes.

Your princess girl gets her first education about the universe and its bodies. The Moon Star Projector Light for kids is available in 9 colors: violet, light pink, blueness, yellow, white, pink, orange, blue and black. It is the best gift for kids when trying to figure out their interests.


This is an image of kid's moon star projector light in pink color


13. Niskite Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Children love to sing, dance and listen to music, in general, they love entertainment. Getting kids a karaoke device is a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, New Year, Easter and Christmas celebrations. Niskite produces a beautiful wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for kids that is interactive and pure fun. It is available in four colors: rose gold, purple, gold and blue.

The toy for 4 year old girls produces powerful and quality sounds. It has a rich array of vocal options. You kids can select to sound like a rocket or a singing lady or even an old man. These voice options make the device even more engaging, fun and interesting to play with.


This is an image of kid's wireless microphone in pînk color


14. TOSING Wireless Microphone

Karaoke is a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea for little girls that love singing, dancing, and music in general. TOSING offers a quality karaoke device which it calls the Wireless Karaoke Microphone for kids.
Your kids can sing through the Wireless Microphone freely without any of the disadvantages of the wired microphone. It is available in three colors: pink, yellow and blue.

The toy for kids produces quality sounds and uses noise reduction technology. The user experience I awesome and your little four year old girl child is sure to love it. It is easy to use and enhances musical skills and self-confidence in girls.


This is an image of kid's wireless microphone in pink color


15. Drawing Stencil Set

Kids at the age of 4 have this raw creativity about them that needs to be developed. Help then develop this creativity by getting them the Drawing Stencil Set for kids. Open up your kid’s imagination and watch them bring it to life through the use of this drawing stencil set.

The toy for four year old girls has over 300 plus design templates that will keep them entertained and busy. In the process of using this set, they develop drawing and coloring skills. Their imaginative capacity is also broadened and their creativity is further developed. The set makes for safe learning and play toy for kids.


This is an image of kid's drawing stencils kit


16. Click N’ Play Pretend Set

This toy is made to be after a girl’s heart. It contains pieces that will aid your child’s mental development and improve cognitive abilities. The purse is a pretend playset that includes a phone, a pink bag, a set of car keys, a credit card, a hairbrush, and some other fun items which your daughter can play with.

The pink color and finish of the bag makes it most attractive to girls and would make a beautiful gift for a young girl. The smartphone and car keys are interactive; hence they make realistic sounds and produce lights too, and Batteries will be needed to operate them.


This is an image of kid's pretend play purse in pink color


17. Sunany LCD Writing Tablet

This children’s tablet is beautifully and durably made from substances that pose no threats to kids. The 8.5-inch screen allows much work to be done and gives more room for your child’s creativity. This tablet would allow your child to develop artistically, she can practice and develop her handwriting skills.

The perfect gadget to improve the parent-daughter relationship, as the family can use the tablet as a score-sheet to record events and data. It can also be used to communicate with your daughter. The extent to which this tablet can be used is only limited by one’s imagination.



18. LEGO Frozen Adventure

There is almost no girl who doesn’t love Disney these days. Take advantage of this love for Disney and get your daughter the toy of a lifetime. These LEGO blocks will allow her to play with her favorite frozen characters and be fun and imaginative while doing so. These LEGO blocks will also allow her to let her imagination loose and create.

Although it is a great toy, avoid buying for girls younger than four years of age as it has small parts, which could be a choking hazard. The pieces are easy to put together and will give your daughter so many fun play adventures.


This is an image of kid's LEGO Frozen building kit


19. LeapFrog Scribble and Write

This toy has mastered the art of combining play and learning in a fun, controlled environment. The scribble toy has different interactive modes with which your daughter can learn how to write, how to draw, how to trace letters and other educational games. If you would love a gift that brings fun and excitement while developing your child, then this gift is a must.

The animated screen makes the toy all the more fun and interactive. Your daughter can press buttons to listen to the pronunciation, learn how to spell, and also learn the names of things and animals. Get this for your child today and watch how it lights up their life.


This is an image of kid's scriblle write in pink color


20. Toysical Girl Makeup Kit

Makeup is one thing we know girls are attracted to even from a young age. They watch their mothers and see how they apply these products and want to try on these products too. This makeup kit makes it possible for your child to engage in pretend play and use the makeup to pretty themselves up. This is, without a doubt, an excellent gift for four-year-old girls, and we are sure your daughter would live it.

Ensure you test the makeup properly on a small area before you proceed to avoid any reactions. This product is made with 100% certified natural ingredients so you can be sure your child would be safe.


This is an image of kid's makeup kit


21. Selieve Walkie-Talkies

If your cute girl is an adventure lover and you want to compliment her, the best gift you can give her is Selieve Walkie Talkies. SelieveWalkie Talkies are great for both indoor and outdoor activities and has several cool features that make them a darling of many.

Some of these features include A nice pink design that is surely going to attract your kids, and the ability of the walkie talkies to handle long-range conversation of up to 3 miles. These high-end kids walkie talkies are also fitted with an audio headset which makes it easier to have conversations with them. They come equipped with 22 channels, reinforced by 99 CTCSS sub-codes so you can be sure of privacy while communicating with your daughter.


This is an image of kid's Walkie talkies in pink color



22. Disney Frozen Watch

Looking for the perfect gift idea to give your little girl that will turn four in a couple of days? Give her a gift that would be beautiful and as well useful. Give her Disney Kids’ W000970 Frozen Snow Queen Watch. Disney kids’ watch is beautifully designed with a pink color and a display of your favorite Disney characters on the face.

This classic timepiece is designed with labeled “hour” and “minute” hands to help young ones learn how to tell time. It features a polished and matte steel finish, as well as a precision Japan movement that helps ensure durability and accuracy.


This is an image of kid's Disney frozen watch in pink color


23. A four year old story collection

It is time to have some prime family moments and story reading with your kid, with Parragon Books- A Collection of Stories for 4 Year Olds. This collection of stories features several interesting new and classic stories to excite and captivate the attention of your little girl. These stories include Jack and the Beanstalk, The Ugly Duckling, and The Princess and The Pea.

This collection of stories includes nursery rhymes that you can sing along with your child and enchanting illustrations filling every page. Written in a simple style and sturdy collectible format, these stories are easy to read by kids.


This is an image of kid's 4 collection of stories book


24. Crayola coloring set

The amazing Crayola coloring set is a beautiful gift. Included in the package are 20 short pencil colors, 64 crayons, 15 large-sized papers, and 40 washable markers. The most common problem faced by artists is where to keep their supplies to avoid losing them. But the Crayola set comes with a sturdy case to ensure everything stays in the right place and your little artist does not lose her pencils.

Included in the package is everything she needs to work her magic, with the strokes of her coloring pencils she can bring her world to life. Immortalize memories and express her artistic self.


This is an image of kid's Art case coloring set


25. Tickle and Main unicorn set

Calling all unicorn lovers! We have got just the right toy for you. This gift is a 3 in 1 combo. And this in no time is sure to be her favorite, as it comes with a storybook with an imagination as big as your daughter’s that becomes a beautiful plush unicorn. Also included in the package is a child-sized unicorn-themed hairband and a cute soft unicorn toy.

This toy is sure to put a smile on her face when she plays with it, she can close her eyes and imagine herself to be whoever she wants to be. A unicorn queen, a unicorn princess? It is all up to her.


This is an image of kid's Unicorn book with plush set


Overall Best Buy

Yeah, there are a lot to choose from. And yes your four year old beauty would appreciate all the above-listed toys. But for the best daughter in the world, we have to recommend the best toy for her. The Click N’ Play pretend set.

This little girl purse comes loaded with all kinds of goodies. Included in the beautiful pink purse is her smartphone, her car keys, credit card, lipstick among other things. Your girl gets to play grown-up, and trains to look good. Just like her mother.


This is an image of kid's pretend play purse in pink color


Best Budget Buy

We realize that as parents we might want to buy a gift for your daughter, but might be financially constrained. To show that angel that you care and at the same time factor in the price of the toy, we have considered the ‘How to catch your mermaid’ to be the best choice.

With an interesting child-friendly interface, your daughter can make all her wishes come true as she goes along on this adventure. This amazing gift would put the widest, happiest smile on your daughter’s face.


This is an image of kid's catch a mermaid book


Where to buy toys for girls 48 months old and above?

You can walk into any store, and inspect for toys with the 4year plus tag on it, to make sure it is suitable for your daughter. Ensure to only make purchases at reputable stores so you get your money’s worth.

There’s also the easier option of shopping online, which comes with the advantage of having many options. Whichever choice you make, we are sure it would make your little daughter happy.