Best Gifts for 5 Year old Girls

group of young kids smiling and looking into the camera. 5 year old kids

Want to find a gift for a girl turning 5 years old? Maybe its a little girls birthday and you want to find a great gift. There are loads of good toys to choose from here and in this review of the best gifts we compare a selection of presents to make finding a birthday gift easy.

We all know parenting is never easy, we all need a guide from time to time to help us in the right path to follow. Buying a gift for your daughter can sometimes be confusing. You will be overwhelmed with so many choices and would need to pick the best out of them for your child.

These multitudes of toys for 5 year old girls available can sometimes be a paralyzer and make us unable to respond properly. If you are having trouble picking out the perfect gift for your daughter, we have got you covered as we have gone through the available gifts and picked 25 of the best gifts available.

Considerations Choosing gifts for girls


When choosing gifts for kids, there are some key things you would need to consider before making the final purchase. We know you wouldn’t want to buy a gift that your child will reject or neglect. Putting these factors into consideration will ensure that you get the perfect gift for your little girl.


The ease of operation will largely determine if a toy is used or not. If you buy a toy that is quite complex and delicate for a child who isn’t patient enough to learn these processes, the toy won’t be used that much. Ensure that you are buying the age-appropriate gift for your child. Most toys tend to get more complex as the recommended age increases, hence, this would pose a problem if you bought a higher grade tog for your daughter.

Play Area

The available area your child has to move around and play is an important determiner to if she will make use of the gift you buy or not. If your child plays outdoors, buying an outdoor toy would make more sense because you are sure the toy will be used to the fullest. Buying the same toy for a child who mostly plays indoors could easily be seen as a waste of money because your child is sure to abandon the toy.

25 Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

We have curated the best toys for your daughter in this section. These toys have been carefully selected by us after examining a wide array of toys that were recommended for girls. We have gone through the pros and cons of each hot to figure out which is picks are the best of the best. Here are the 25 gifts which we believe would be great for five year old girls:

  1. Crayola Tracing Pad

A beautiful, fun and perfect learning resource for a five-year-old girl is the Light Up Tracing Pad by Crayola. The design is attractive and suitable for girls up to the age of five. It is available in four colors: teal, blue, pink and trolls.

The tracing pad helps sharpen young girls drawing, shading, tracing and coloring skills. The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad comes with a coloring board and other lovely art materials such as 10 short colored pencils. It has over 100 traceable images for kids to busy and entertain themselves with. It is a wonderful gift idea for little artists in the making.

This is an image of girl's Headbands craft

  1. PROGRACE Kids Camera

A wonderful gift for five year old girls is the Waterproof Kids Camera by PROGRACE. Girls love taking pictures and it is not strange for girls to play with the camera on their phones. This camera helps feed that craving for pictures and it is also an effective means used to reduce young girls’ screen time.

The camera for girls is waterproof and easy to use. It is great for birthdays and Christmas gifts for girls. It is available in five colors: blue, green, pink, red and yellow. The camera automatic face recognition feature and a 4X Digital Zoom function. It is an excellent tool for learning photography.

This is an image of girl's HD Action camera in pink color by PROGRACE

  1. LEGO Disney Toy

Disney is renowned for creating many kids cartoons and characters that are suitable and loved by kids, including girls up to the age of five. LEGO has created Disney star characters (Frozen Anna and Elsa) into princess toys that your little princess can play with all day long.

The Disney Princess Toy is a gorgeous and the perfect gift to give little princesses that have marked five birthdays. Inside this toy pack are: a pair of skis, polar bear cookies, ice skates, two cups, and a bottle, two snowballs and two ice crystal. Your little princess can play an ice princess all day long with these items.

This is an image of girl's LEGO frozen by Desney

  1. Window Art Kit

Your little girl can create her own window art with this lovely art toy collection. Inside this kit includes twelve pre-printed sun catchers, DIY Acetate Sheet, Window Paint, Suction Cup, and different assorted colors. The materials in this kit are enough for a little girl of five years to use to make twenty projects of their own making.

The Window Art toy is easy to work with for your kids. The toy helps build skills such as creative skills and imaginative skills. It can also build children’s teamwork and collaboration skills, children can team up to make lovely window arts that stick to the window surface.

This is an image of girl's Window art craft

  1. Hachi’s Choice Camera

This kid’s camera toy by Hachi’s Choice is a wonderful gift idea for girls that are five years of age. It is available in three colors: advanced pink, advanced green and advanced blue.  It is the perfect gift to get little girls for birthdays or during the festive season.

If you are considered about your kid’s addiction to their phones, then getting them this kid’s camera toy is a way to help them break free from their addiction. It is a toy to use; it helps improve your kid’s awareness of nature, stimulates their imagination and photography skills. It is also a fun tool for a parent to child interactions.

This is an image of girl's digital camera with memory card in pink color

  1. FunzBo Pop Beads

Your five year old girl deserves the best when it comes to gifts and one of the best gifts you can give her is FunzBo Snap Pop Beads. This is a DIY jewelry making kit containing 520 assortments of Snap pop beads with which your girl can make different pieces of jewelry. The FunzBo snap pop beads are very easy to use.

All your girl needs to do is to snap the beads together to make beautiful jewelry combinations. These beads help to bring out and enhance your girl’s creativity skills. The best part is that as nice as  FunzBo Snap Pop beads kit is, it is very affordable as you can purchase it under $20.

This is an image of girl's Beads for girls in colorful colors

  1. Happytime Flower Garden

Looking for a unique and excellent gift for your little girl? Look no more. Happytime Flower Garden Building Toy Set is just what you are looking for. This is a 148 pieces flower building set your girl can use to build and assemble her own flowers and garden.

The flower set features 29 different but interchangeable shapes in 11 beautiful colors that your kids can use to design and make flowers. This unique flower gift will keep your girl for hours as she makes flowers and builds a colorful garden by stacking and sorting the 148 pieces in the set. The flowers are easy to clean and safe to use.

This is an image of girl's farden building toy in colorful colors

  1. CARLORBO Play Kitchen

The first adult little girls always want to emulate is their moms. Therefore a gift that can really put a smile on your girl’s face is a toy that allows her to pretend play like her mom. A good toy that can help you achieve that is CARLORBO Pretend Play Kitchen.

This pretend to play food set comes with an assorted and careful selection of pretend play food like sliceable fruits and vegetables including peach and sweet potato. This realistic food set allows your kid to pretend to cook in the kitchen like her mom and also help her learn creatively. The items in this food set are made from the highest quality materials and are safe and durable.

This is an image of girl's Food toys

  1. Yilequi Mermaid Figurines

Creativity is in every child, but to bring it out, you need to give your kids the right set of tools and toys. One such toy that will develop the creativity and imaginative ability of your little girl is Yilequi Paint Your Own Mermaid Figurines. As its name implies, this is a DIY painting kit for girls that allows them to paint their own mermaid figurines.

This painting kit helps to teach your kids about Mermaid and color combinations while recognizing colors. The Mermaid painting kit comes with a 3D Mermaid, brushes, and paints. This painting set contains non-toxic art supplies and such, it is very safe for your kids.

This is an image of girl's mermaid figurines

  1. Craft-tastic Charm Bracelets

The Arts and Crafts get your kids engaged and also improves their creativity. The best craft toy that can you can get on the market for your five year old girl is Craft-tastic DIY sparkle charm bracelet kit. This bracelet kit is great for your kids as it enables them to make 4 cool charm bracelets that can be worn anywhere.

The jewelry-making kit comes with enough supplies for your girl to make her bracelet and still host four friends for a fun bracelet-making party. Some of the items in the kit include four metal bracelets, 240 puffy stickers, 75 metal rings, and detailed instructions.

This is an image of girl's Craft bracelets

  1. Newbrights Karaoke Microphone

Who says you need a stage to sing? Launch your girl into a whole new world of fun and entertainment with Newbrights Karaoke Microphone. This Bluetooth karaoke Microphone is designed with a professional audio processor and tuning system that allows your kid to sing after their favorite songs and have fun while doing it.

The Karaoke Microphone is multifunctional. Apart from being a normal microphone, microphone, it can also be used as a speaker and a recorder. This microphone is packed with a micro USB cable and instruction manual. It comes with a built-in clear audio and vivid sound effects that will make your kids enjoy listening and singing with the toy.

This is an image of girl's Wireless karoake microphone in light blue color

  1. Crayola coloring Set

A perfect gift idea you can give your little girl on her five year birthday is Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set. The Crayola Inspiration Art Case is an all-in-one portable art studio with dozens of markers, pencils, crayons, and sheets of drawing paper that can keep your kids creating for hours.

The box comes with 64 crayons, 20 short colored pencils, 40 washable markers and 15 sheets of paper. Specially designed for girls, it features a  pretty pink art case that has a special compartment for each drawing tool, so you won’t misplace anything. This Coloring set is good for bringing out the creativity in your child.

This is an image of girl's Art case coloring set

  1. Enchantmint Jewelry Box

Think of fantasy, Melody, and enchantment in one toy and your answer will be Enchantmints  Unicorn Music Jewelry Box. Decorated with delightful artwork of unicorns in a fantastical forest, this musical treasure box is designed with your kid’s fun in mind. The box features a hinged top with interior mirror, and an inside compartment that contains a twirling unicorn figurine, and a beautiful velvet-flocked paper lining.

The music box has four compartments that can be used to keep your girl’s little accessories like earrings and bracelets. The Unicorn music jewelry box is easy to play. All your kid has to do is simply wind it up to play the Unicorn theme song, and watch the unicorn figure pirouette.

This is an image of girl's Unicron music jewelry box

  1. Pixie Crush Make-Up Kit

There are several toy makeup kits for little girls in the market but the best one that really promises a lot of fun for your daughter is Pixie Crush Pretend Make-Up. Pixie Pretend Makeup is a fake pretend makeup set that does not apply to the skin. This makeup is the perfect option for little girls willing to do makeup like their moms.

This 100% pretend to play makeup enables your girl to play with makeup as much as she likes without making a mess that might have ensured with real makeup. The makeup set comes with  Pink and Purple Nail Polish, Pink Blush, Silver Glitter Pots, and so on. All contained in a beautiful Pink Polka Dot Makeup handbag.

This is an image of girl's pretend Makeup kit

  1. Wonder Forge Disney Board Game

Are you looking for a fun family game to gift your child that she would want to play again and again, and develop skills in the process? There is only one answer to that need and that is Ravensburger World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game. This is a jumbo 6-foot game board that offers several playing opportunities for players to discover and explore together.

The main objective of the players in this game is to get to Cinderella’s castle before the clock strikes midnight. The board is beautifully illustrated with rich artwork and favorite Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Pooh, and Alice. This game helps children develop critical skills like cooperation, teamwork, and focus.

This is an image of girl's Eye found it board game

  1. Toptrend Puzzle Toy

The best toys for a five year old girl are toys that will give a lot of fun time, help develop skills and also encourage parents- children interaction. A toy with these features and more is Toptrend Magnetic Ring Board Game.

This is an educational puzzle game for children to learn about how magnets work and develop children’s social skills hand-eye flexibility and enhance children’s overall ability.

The board game comes with  54 cards, 32 magnetic rings, and 1 game board. Through its gameplay, this board game encourages turn-taking and playing together, making it a great game for family bonding and interaction.

This is an image of girl's Magnetic puzzle game in colorful colors

  1. Vanstarry Binoculars

Binoculars are great toys for kids. It is a great learning tool for kids, it makes things that appear so far off to appear clearer. The Shockproof Compact Binoculars Toy for kids is the perfect gift to give a child age 5 who has shown some interest in science and nature.

The Binoculars toy that is suitable for five year old girls is a great outdoor toy that can be useful during trips to zoos and safari, for watching beautiful birds flying and for general adventure. It is available in three colors: green, blue and pink. It is surrounded by rubber to make it safer for kids to use.

This is an image of girl's Binoculars toy in green color

  1. Morwant Building Blocks

The Bristle Interlocking Building Blocks by Morwant is an excellent toy for kids that are around the age of 5, both boys and girls can make use of the toy. It is a STEM toy that encourages learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The building blocks toy helps develop your child’s mind and prepares her to undertake more complex learning activities.

The creative sensory toy which is made up of 126 pieces of interlocking building blocks helps build motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills. It is the perfect gift idea for kids’ birthdays and for festive celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and New Year celebrations.

This is an image of girl's STEM Building blocks in colorful colors

  1. Wonder Forge Princess Party

The Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game for girls by Wonder Forge is a fun and interesting party game for girls that have seen five birthday celebrations. The toy encourages little girls at the age of 5 to find other friends to play the game with. It is a useful toy that encourages girls to socialize with one another and it helps builds teamwork and collaboration skills.

The Cupcake Party Game is sure to generate many amazing and pleasing moments for girls when they play with it in groups. It helps encourage creative skills as girls hurry to make as many cupcakes as possible.

This is an image of girl's cupcake party game by Disney

  1. Sand Art DIY Kit

The Made by Me Create Your Own Sand Art is another wonderful gift idea for five year old girls. Inside the kit includes the following creative and fun items: 4 Sand Bottles, Pendant Bottles, 8 Bright Sand Colors, 1 satin cord, 1 plastic funnel, 1 design tool and an instruction guide that is easy to understand.

Girls can make their favorite sand art with the use of this toy kit and the multicolor designs appeal to the eyes. It helps build creative skills, imaginative skills, and design skills in little girls. Girls can make many super cool designs with this toy kit.

This is an image of girl's DIY Sand Art by Made By Me

  1. ESSENSON Modeling Clay Kit

One good way to build character and the right skills in your child is to so through play. This modeling kit would enable your child to create things straight from her imagination. It will boost her hand-eye coordination and improve critical thinking and imaginative processes. The kit is fun and easy to use and is a fun-filled way to engage and satisfy your child.

The set comes with 24 different cat types of different colors, different molding tools, and Accessories which will make playtime so much fun. Engage your child the right way and train your child’s brain in the process. The kit is a good gift if you’d like to keep your child indoors more often.

This is an image of girl's diy clay magic by ESSENSON

  1. Sambro Dough Playset

Looking for a nice and calm gift for a five year old girl? This dough cutter set with 44 different pieces could be your answer. It is fun, easy to use and will encourage group play and interaction. Studies have shown that children who interact with their peers more often are better developed than those who don’t. Allow your daughter to enjoy her playtime today, get this playset for her.

The toy is made from top quality plastic which is of no danger to your child. There is also no choking hazard as all parts are suitable for kids and pose no immediate danger. It contains 20 cans of dough, 18 dough cutters, one knife, one play mat, and some other supporting Accessories.

This is an image of girl's minnie play set by Sambro


  1. Tagitary Princess Set

This princess set brings your daughter to live in the most unimaginable ways. Your child can play dress up and be the princes she has always wanted to be complete with a tiara and nice fitting shoes. This playset will encourage your child to be bold and decisive as being in a princess costume is always an ego boost to kids. It would also add a new layer of realism to imaginative play with a friend as they can is the costume for princess roles when playing.

The costume is made with the best materials and meets all required safety standards. The fabric is washable and reusable so your child can wear it as long as she wants. Treat your daughter like the princess she is and get her this playset today.

This is an image of girl's jewelry pretend toys in pink color

  1. IQ Music Player

As young people, children enjoy the freedom and power to express themselves. Get your daughter this karaoke machine and watch her sing her heart out. The music machine can be fitted with any song of your choice, therefore, you can easily have your child sing to some of her favorite songs. Have a nice time with your daughter if you want to engage in some singing too and create awesome memories.

The toy comes with expandable storage space, Bluetooth, MP3 capabilities and two microphones. If your child isn’t interested in singing, she can connect headphones to the player to listen silently and hum along to the groove.

This is an image of girl's karoake microphones and adapter in white and green color

  1. Vtech Kidistudio

Do you want to create the next musical sensation? This toy will take your child halfway there. The mini-studio toy is equipped with a microphone, keyboard, and recording capabilities so they can save and playback their best work. Your daughter would love this musical set as she tries to produce music like her favorite musical idol.

This toy is good for your child’s cognitive and creative e abilities as they would receive significant boosts while she creates music. The toy is safe for kids and does not require much complexity to operate. Get your daughter this toy today and put a smile on her face.

This is an image of girl's keyboard kidistudio by VTech



Overall Best Gift

Among these great gifts, our pick for overall best buy is the Sambro Dough Playset. The playset is very versatile and would give your child the most value for the money spent. This gift is sure to provide your child with the maximum available pleasure which she can also share with friends and family.

This is an image of girl's minnie play set by Sambro



Best Budget Toy

Without any doubt, our best budget buy is the IQ Music Player. It is affordable and full of well-packaged fun. The music player is one gift we know you can’t go wrong with as it encompasses some of the features young children love the most, expressions and music. If you are on a budget, you can get this toy for your kid without breaking the bank.

This is an image of girl's karoake microphones and adapter in white and green color


What are the Different Kinds of Gifts Suitable for Kids

There are so many different gifts that suit different children. The general factors that determine the suitability of a toy include their behavioral patterns and personal preferences. For example, if your child prefers to play outdoors or is more adventurous, toys that encourage outdoor play would be more suitable for this child. On the other hand, if your child is reserved and prefers playing indoors, toys that fit this profile would be more suitable. Other major factors that influence suitability includes the toy’s color and functions.