Best Gifts for 6 Year old Girls

6 year old girl wearing sun glasses, pearl neckless and a pretty dress,

Wondering what gifts to buy a 6 year old girl? Trying to find a gift that will make a little girls birthday special? With many different types of toys to choose from these days it can challenging settling and picking one gift. Girls aged six year old can be fun to buy presents for and if you enjoy shopping then check out the huge list of toys and gifts below.

Gift giving is a tradition between parents and children that has been in existence for quite some time. It is a way for you as a parent to show your love and affection for your child and this can sometimes be a tough situation. Picking out a toy which your child will love can be sometimes difficult. As children, they have different interests and tastes which makes them easily outgrow trends and preferences. We have curated 25 of the best gifts which you can get for your six year old daughter. This best toys list has been selected from the best of the best leaving only these top tier products.

Considerations Choosing Gifts for Girls


Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact factors which might be peculiar to each and every child, there are some general factors which must be considered before any gift is bought. These factors are blanket determinants to consider if a gift would be a good fit with your child.

Age: The first thing you will need to consider is the age of your child. If your daughter is above a certain age, it would be wrong to buy her gifts which are recommended for that age range. For example, if your daughter is six and you buy gifts which are meant for three year olds, she is definitely not going to like the toy very much.

Ease of Use: The ease of operating the gift would be another important factor to consider. How easy is it to use will determine if the will stick with a gift or not. If a toy is too complex to understand and operate, she will drop it after a while due to boredom. Always ensure you buy gifts which are easy to use.

25 Best Gifts for 6 Year old Girls

  1. Hasbro Candy Land Board Game

At age 6, the gifts your girl desires now are gifts that she can relate with, give her a lot of fun and also help her develop skills. Board games generally fall into this category. One of the best kids board games you will find in the market is Candy Land Kingdom of Sweet Adventures Board Game.

This classic board game by Hasbro gaming comes with a game board, 4 pawns, card deck and instructions on how to play. The main objective of this board game is to get the cute gingerbread man safely to the castle as he faces several delicious surprises on the path. This top gift game features fun illustrations that your kid will love.

This is an image of kid's Gaming candy land board game


  1. Unicorn Drawstring Backpack

A beautiful gift that would really put smiles on the face of your girl and be really useful for her is Doctor Unicorn Package for girls. The Unicorn package includes a Unicorn Drawstring bag, a Unicorn makeup bag, a Unicorn charm bracelet jewelry, a pendant necklace and five pieces of Unicorn hair ties.

The Unicorn bag, which housed the bother accessories is designed with the preference of the girl child in mind. The bag is attractive and designed with several colors including white and pink. It features the artistic image of a flower and unicorn horn. The items of the Unicorn gift package are made with high-quality materials and very durable and one of the cool gift ideas.

This is an image of girl's unicorn play set


  1. Melissa & Doug Fleece Quilt

The best gifts for 6 year old girls are gifts that encourage interaction and inspire engagement and imagination. One of such gifts that you can give your little girl is Melissa & Doug Flower Fleece Quilt.

The Flower Fleece Quilt is a knot-together, no-sew fleece quilt craft kit featuring flower patterns and coordinating colors, that promises hours of creative and imaginative play for your girl.

This no-sew fleece quilt is easy to assemble with slotted fringes for easy trying. Made of high- quality material, this fleece quilt also comes with detailed instructions and lots of ideas to guide your girl and encourage creativity.

This is an image of girl's Flower fleece quilt by Melissa and doug in colorful colors


  1. Kiddey Princess Castle

Every little girl aspires to be a princess. Inspire their imagination by giving them a castle. The best girls toy that offers this feature is Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent. This play tent has some exciting features that would make your girl fall in love with it. The playhouse is designed nicely with a pink color making it cool and adorable.

It is also lightweight and comes with glows in the dark stars, that makes it great for evening play.

This play tent is easy and quick to set up, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor door use. Every order of this princess playhouse comes with other accessories such as fiberglass rods for stability, a rod storage bag, a carry bag, and 4 ground stakes to keep it firm on windy days.

This is an image of girl's castle tent set in pink color


  1. Basic Fun Classic Toy

The Lite Brute Ultimate Class Toy by Basic Fun is a beautiful and adorable gift you to get a six year old girl. The toy created art by using lights. It has 6 cool template designs for kids to pick from. The toy which uses LED light brings life to your artwork in a dark spot. By simply pressing a button, your artwork on the Lite-Brite brightens up in an astonishing form.

The toy helps develop skills such as hand-eye coordination skills and fine motor skills. It helps enhance creativity and imagination in the girl child. It is the perfect gift for girls’ birthdays or just casual visitations.

This is an image of girl's lite brite classic toy, multi-colors


  1. Jewelkeeper Musical Box

Give your girl a memorable childhood by gifting her Jewelkeeper Musical Jewelry Storage Box.  This musical jewelry storage box offers several benefits for your kid. The storage box comes with plenty of storage space that you can use to keep your kid’s charm bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories.

It has a smooth soft pink lining that keeps your child’s accessories safe and prevents them from getting scratched. The storage box has a cute design that encourages creativity and fun. It also features a friendly unicorn that twirls to “The Unicorn Tune” when you wind the back key and open the lid. This cute gift is perfect for creating childhood memories.

This is an image of girl's jewelry storafe box in purple color


  1. FYHAP Mermaid Blanket

The FYHAP Mermaid Blanket is one of the best clothing toys for six year old girls. The Mermaid Tail Blanket is made up of super soft and comfy materials and can be used as sleeping bags for girls. It is available in 9 colors: kid blue, kid lace light pink, kid pink, kid scale blue, kid scale green, kid scale pink, kid scale red, adult pink and adult Rainbow.

It is the perfect gift for girls that love the sea and are fans of cartoons and movies that evolve around mermaids and sea creatures. It is designed to keep kids warm during the cold seasons.

This is an image of kid's mermaid blanket in pink color


  1. IBTOM Floral Lace

Girls at the age of six love playing dress up games and are attracted to pretty dresses. The Girls Flower Vintage Floral Lace 3/4 Sleeves Floor-Length Dress is an example of such pretty dresses young girls are attracted to.

It is suitable to wear for many occasions such as wedding party, birthday party, school party, church service, first communion, baptism, prom, casual, daily wear, carnival, vacation and even at performances and shows such as beauty pageant.

The gown makes young girls love more beautiful and princess-like. It is made up of three quality materials: cotton, polyester, and lace. The gorgeous dress will earn your child the attention and compliments.

This is an image of kid's Flower vintage purple color


  1. My Magical Words

The Magic of Me Series written by Becky Cummings is a wonderful learning resource tool for girls. The fun book encouraged children to build self-confidence and introduces them to new vocabulary that are easy to learn. The book which is suitable for girls who have celebrated six birthdays is a book of positive affirmations that kids can pick up and learn.

The book has a lot of interesting illustrations that promote strong self-esteem in girls. The book is loaded with positive affirmations for children helps teach how to drain away negative words and situations through the power of positivity and self-confession.

This is an image of girl's my magical words book


  1. Melissa & Doug Fashion Activity Kit

The fashion design activity set kit from Melissa and Doug is another arts toy suitable for girls of 6 years of age. The same arts and crafts toy is suitable for girls. The fashion design kit is designed to help develop or promote fashion design skills in girls that belong to this age group. Young fashion designers can use the abundance of fashion materials in this kit to draw their trends

.It is the perfect gift for occasions such as birthdays, New Year and Easter celebrations. The kit is portable and can be easily moved by girls.

This is an image of kiçd's Design activity kit in colorful colors


  1. Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

The Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear Matching Doll is a lovely gift for girls that are six years old. Cesriter had made the perfect girls wear which every young girl is going to love and want. Creatures have designed a beautiful unicorn hooded bathrobe sleepwear for a girl and a matching outfit for a little doll!

It is made up of high-quality polyester and it is perfect for a unicorn themed party. Get this lovely dress and watch your young girl blossom and glitter in the outfit. It is the perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays and festive celebrations such as New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations.

This is an image of kid's hooded bathrobe in colorful colors


12. Enchanted Forest Game

The Enchanted Forest activity pack by Ravensburger is an exciting, adventurous and fun toy for girls that have marked 6 birthdays. The activity pack is set in America enchanted forest where magical treasures are hidden. Girls have to play the role of treasure seekers. Some of the hidden items include the famous glass slippers of Cinderella and the legendary wheel that spins which belong to Rumpelstiltskin and many other treasures.

Inside the activity pack are: a game board, 2 dice, 13 trees, and 6 wooden movers. This pack makes a great birthday gift or for an occasion such as visitation and Thanksgiving.

This is an image of girl's enchanted forest board game


  1. VTech KidiZoom Camera

The VTech Kids Zoom Camera Pic is a beautiful and exciting gift to give a girl of six years. Kids love pictures and the Kids Zoom Camera will keep fuel their photography passion. It’s available in two colors: blue and pink. The Kids Camera for girls has a lot of features such as real 2.0 megapixel camera, 4X digital zoom, over 35 fun photo effects, 4 photo collage templates and easy to use finders.

The Kids Camera is designed to cultivate imagination and creativity in kids. It helps them recognize and appreciate the beauty of nature. It also has a voice and video recorder function, and four inbuilt games for more fun.

This is an image of kid's VTech kidizoom in pink color


  1. Little Live Pets

The Little Live Pets Unicorn toy is a great toy gift for girls aged 6. The toy is built around the concept of the unicorn, an imaginary animal every girl is familiar with and love. Since it is not possible to get a real-life unicorn (because they do not exist), you can get your little princess this toy. Unicorn toys for 6 year old girls go down well!

The design of the unicorn is an attractive and colorful rainbow. Excite and surprise your six year old girl with this lovely unicorn toy which is sure to leave the ‘WOW’ and ‘OMG’ effect on them. The unicorn is interactive and responds to touch by changing colors and making cute unicorn sounds.

This is an image of Unicorn pet by Little Live Pets in white and pink colors


  1. Melissa & Doug Art Box

Another wonderful gift toy by Melissa & Doug, the Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes makes great surprise birthday gifts for young girls that have marked six birthdays. The Scratch Art Box includes over 125 rainbow mini notes and a wooden stylus.

The toy is fun and by scratching off the matte coating on the wooden stylus, bright colors are revealed. It is wonderful for learning because of the interactive features. This toy helps develop a child’s imagination. It can also be used for jotting, drawing and creating cool illustrations. It is a great gift for young artists in the making.

This is an image of Scratch art box by Melissa & Doug


  1. Hasbro Multi color Game

The Perfection Game by Hasbro Gaming is a wonderful gift idea for six year old girls. The multicolored toy has 25 empty spaces which have to be filed with 24 shape icons. Each empty space has a unique shape icon that matches it, putting a wrong shape in the wrong hole will not fit.

The game is exciting and has a timer that is used to record the fastest player.

It is a great game for multiplayer. The winner of the game is the person that completes the game in the shortest time. It teaches practical skills such as hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, teamwork, and focus.

This is an image of Gaming perfection board game


  1. PROGRACE Kids Camera

The PROGRACE Children Camera is a great gift idea for girls that are six years of age. The device is waterproof which makes it suitable for kids to play with. It is available in five colors: blue, green, pink, red and yellow. The digital camera for kids is the perfect starter camera gift for young girls as birthday gifts and presents during Christmas, Easter and New Year celebrations.

It helps reduce the screen time kids spend on their phones. The camera produces high-quality photos and videos. It all makes use of automatic face recognition and 4X Digital Zoom. It is the perfect camera for girls to learn photography.

This is an image of girl's digital Action Camera in pink color


  1. Dodosky Waterproof Watch

A perfect gift idea that you can give your girl on her 6 year birthday is Dodosky watch. Specially designed for kids, this watch comes in diverse beautiful color combinations with attractive lifelike cute cartoon images on the dial and strap of the watch.

This watch is made with a high-quality silicone strap and is very comfortable and safe to wear. Dodosky watch is waterproof and shock-resistant. It can withstand rain, and splashes of water and covered with a stainless steel case back that makes it more tough and durable. These cute kids watch help your kids develop the habit of valuing time and time reading.

This is an image of kid's Waterproof watch in pink color


  1. Click N Play Pretend Purse

Little girls love to pretend to be their mommies. The best pretend imaginative play set that you can give your girl child that will assist her in imaginative play and help boost creativity is  Click N’ Play 8Piece Girls Pretend Play Purse.

This cute purse bag comes complete with accessories that are similar to those in mommies purse such as brush, a fake credit card, makeup with an applicator, pretend pink lipstick and car keys that actually make real-life sounds! These accessories are contained in a decorative pink purse. They are also made with the best quality material, durable and safe to use.

This is an image of girl's pretend purse set in pink color


20. National Geographic Kid’s Magazine

Wanna give your girl a really cool gift for her sixth birthday? Think of something educational, a gift with a lot of interesting facts in it. A gift that helps your kid know amazing things about animals in the world with the aid of colorful pictures and illustrations. Think all these and your answer will be National Geographic Kids Meet The Parents Magazine.

This is another National Geographic Kids magazine that helps inspire young adventurers to explore the world. Meet The Parents focuses on the interesting life and stories of Penguin families and other ice animals. This magazine will improve your girl reading skills and world knowledge.

This is an image of kid's National geographic kids


  1. Razor Kick Scooter

Since 2000 this durable and fun scooter has been bringing fun to kids around the world. If you want an awesome gift to your daughter, you cannot go wrong with this scooter. There are many different colors so you can satisfy her preference easily. The scooters are made from durable material, therefore, they are safe and are of no health hazard.

Buy this scooter for your child so she can enjoy outdoor play and engage meaningfully with her peers. Your child will develop better mentally and physically with more time outdoors. Try and promote outdoor play at least every three to five days

This is an image of kid's Razor Scooter in pink color


  1. ABC Jewelry Kit

Created by the Horizon Group, the ABC jewelry making kit is one your child would love to play with. There are over 1,100 different combinations your daughter can try while using the beads to spell anything she wants. The beads are a fun toy to share with friends as your child could make friendship and BFF bracelets with this beautiful jewelry kit.

Your child would be able to customize, remodel, remake and create almost any design she thinks of. The kit comes with 216 alphabet beads, 84 charms, elastic cording, and satin cords. Give your child a gift she will always cherish and buy her this jewelry kit today.

This is an image of Jewelry Making Kit in colorful colors


  1. Obuby Walkie Talkie

What’s better than talking with your kid? Talking with her over a longer distance. This pair of powerful walkie talkies will unlock a bee bond between you and your daughter and your daughter and her friends. This gift is good for six year olds and will surely be loved by your daughter. You could tell your daughter good night all without leaving your room and even read bedtime stories to her while she does off.

The walkie talkie comes in various colors and you can buy the one your daughter would love the most. It supports distances as long as three miles apart and it is highly safe and secure. Your daughter would never let this go once you buy it for her.

This is an image of girl's walkie talkies pack in colorful colors


  1. Kid’s Mermaid Pendant

Kijiasiw manufactured this lovely mermaid pendant which we are sure will do wonders for your kid’s neck. If you have a daughter who really likes jewelry and mermaids, she will definitely love this super combination of the two. This mermaid jewelry is made from the finest and safest materials so rest assured that your child will not react to the materials.

To increase the fun, you can buy matching pairs for yourself and your daughter and watch her enjoy wearing hers when you wear yours. Buying a matching set will increase her bond with you and will make sure she cherishes the gift forever.

This is an image of girl's mermaid necklace jewelry crystal


  1. SUNNYPIG Karaoke Microphone

Singing, singing and more singing. You will get none stop singing action from your daughter when you get her this lovely karaoke microphone which is a popular toy. If you have a child who is passionate about music and would love to be a pop star someday, this is a perfect gift for the young girl. This microphone will encourage your daughter to follow her dreams and sing along to her favorite stars.

The microphone comes with Bluetooth, powerful battery life, built-in speakers and so much more. Your daughter is going to be really in love with this toy for a long time. You can also buy the microphone in her favorite color to up the ante.

This is an image of kid's Microphone with bluetooth wireless in pink color



Overall Best Gift

Dodosky Waterproof Watch is our overall best buy among these popular gift ideas. You get a waterproof lovable watch which your daughter would be able to use for various occasions while pairing them with multiple dresses. This watch is versatile and can quickly become an indispensable part of your daughter’s life.


This is an image of kid's Waterproof watch in pink color


Best Budget Toy

Our best budget buys among these gifts is the ABC Jewelry Kit which. The kit is affordable, contains a lot of items and can be used and reused a number of times. This product would definitely be one to buy is you are on a tight budget but need to deliver something that would make your child smile all through the day.


This is an image of Jewelry Making Kit in colorful colors


What are the Different Kinds of Gifts Suitable for Kids

There is no one method of analyzing the best gift which is suitable for a child. Although there are some considerations which could be made including how your child interacts with the world around them. If you have an outdoor inclined daughter, it would make sense to buy a gift which she would enjoy using outside. The same is true if you have a daughter who enjoys being indoors.