Best Gifts for 7 Year old Girls

6 year old girl holding up a wrapped gift

Wondering what do 7 year old girls like as gifts? Trying to decide on the ideal present or toy for a little girls birthday? Picking gifts does not have to be hard, especially today with so many gift ideas to choose from. We have loads of different types of Christmas gifts and toys to pick from.

We know your little girl is no longer so little, she is growing up into a beautiful young girl. She deserves to be treated like the princess she is. Everything she wants at her fingertips, and for children what they want is usually gifts and toys. Girls want their own princess castles, stuffed animals, doll friends and to organize their own tea parties with friends.

As parents and guardians, it is our duty to ensure all their dreams and wishes come true. But most times this is not so easy as there are too many choices to choose from. We have simplified this choice, bringing to you the best toys for 7 year old girls that can serve as an ideal birthday or Christmas gift.

But before you go on a shopping spree for your deserving daughter, we felt it is important to bring to your notice some pointers to consider when buying toys for your 7 year old girl.

Considerations when choosing gifts for girls


Age: Your daughter is all grown up, smarter, and as such her tastes matter now. You can not just walk into a store and pick up things you feel she would be interested in. You have to take into account her tastes, her preferences, her favorite color and what kind of toy she would love to have.

Also, toy-makers have age labels on their packages to help you narrow down which gifts and toys would be ideal for your daughter. Be sure to keep an eye out for that. 

Price: When you walk into any store, the first thing you notice on anything being sold is the price tag. That’s because this influences most of our purchase choices. As adults, we have a responsibility to keep our finances in check. So when buying girly toys for your princess make sure to work with a budget. Keep in mind that whatever your budget, there would be toys that would fit into it. 

Size: Here, there are two things to consider. The size of the toy you are looking to buy and the size of your daughter, more accurately her height and her weight. You have to ensure there’s a synergy between both weights. So she can have the best experience playing with her toys.

25 Best Gifts for 7 Year old Girls

We know your daughter is precious to you and only deserves the best. That is why we have gone to all lengths, combed the internet and asked people who have used one or more of the toys listed below to compile a detailed list of the best gifts for a 7 year old girl. Here they are

1. Crayola Tracing Pad

The CRAYOLA LIGHT UP TRACING PAD is a pad that can be the perfect holiday or birthday gift for your child. It can be used to trace a page, with its evenly lit surface keeping your child engaged for hours on end. The pad’s surface ensures that even in low lighting, traced lines would be easy to spot and can even be used in camping tents.

The glowing pad comes with 1 graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, and 10 blank sheets. It would be sure to delight kids 7 years and older with its lighted up surface.

This is an image of girl's Tracing pad by Crayola


2. My Fairy Garden: Magical Cottage

My Fairy Garden is a toy that can be used by children to grow their gardens. With the set comes several tools that can be used to grow plants and in the process, have fun. There are also added features in the toy set such as moving doors and trickling water.

The magical cottage is the perfect gift for your 7 year old girl and above. Kids can play with Freya the fairy and make her fly with an attachable cord. Ultimately, My Fairy Garden is a toy that encourages your child to embrace the reality of a green lifestyle.

This is an image of girl's Fairy Garden cottage


3. OMway kid’s camera for girls

The OMWay Kids Digital Camera is a toy that allows your child to take several pictures and videos. The camera possesses front and rear dual-lens that support 8MP photos and the recording of videos in 1080p quality.

It comes with a 32GB memory card to ensure your child has enough space to take enough videos and pictures. It is super-portable, easy to carry and comes in different colors. The toy helps to develop your child’s skill in photography and encourages him or her to get off the TV and take photos of nature. It is recommended for children aged 3 to 7 years old.

This is an image of girl's camera with memory card in pink color


4. DIY Girl’s Slime Kit

The DIY Crystal Slime Kit is a set of fixtures that come in varying colors. Your 7 year old girl or boy can catch fun with the slime kit by modifying the slime into different shapes and sizes.

This grows his or her imagination at the same time. It also improves brain development, hand-eye coordination, and identification of a wide range of colors. The slime kit which includes a color slime adorned with crystals and a glitter jar is safe and is made of eco-friendly materials. Handing this kit as a gift will be sure to brighten up your kid’s day.

This is an image of girl's DIY slime kit in colorful colors


5. AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket 

The AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket is the perfect gift to your little girl. The material for the blanket was made by hand and allows for a more elegant look and exquisite feel. Its design is unique as the back and bottom of the mermaid blanket are open, allowing for easy access into and out of the blanket.

The blanket also has extended health benefits as it can prevent your child from getting a chill in air-conditioned rooms in the summer. It’s also perfect for warming your child up in winter. The package includes a mermaid tail blanket and a Sequin Mermaid Keychain.

This is an image of girl's Mermaid Blanket in pink color


6. Monopoly Junior Board Game

The Monopoly Junior Board Game is the best option for your child to become a pro at the game. It contains junior tokens that can be played with. During the game, different cool assets can be bought like the pet store, the candy store, and the video game arcade.

The game is made easy to play as kids can use single dollar bills for ease of transactions. The board game includes the Gameboard, 4 tokens, 20 chance cards, 48 sold signs, 90 banknotes, 4 character cards, and 1 die. It is suitable for children aged 5 and above. It can be played by two to four players.

This is an image of girl's Monopoly board game


7. JOYSTAR Girl’s Bicycle with training wheels

The JOYSTAR Kids Bike possesses a solid steel frame to provide your child with enjoyable riding experience and is one of the top toys to choose. It is even suitable for rough terrain and allows for breathtaking impact resistance. It has brakes to give enough power when needed to stop the bike, allowing your child full control.

The bike has an enclosed chain guard to prevent injuries for your child, rubber off-road tires for firm grip and stability in varying types of weather. It comes in different sizes suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 7. It is the perfect gift to encourage your child to get out of the home and play.

This is an image of kid's Bike with training wheels in blue color


8. GirlZone: Girls Hair Chalk Set

The GirlZone: Hair Chalk Set is a temporary hair chalk color kit for girls. It contains 10 fantastic temporary hair chalks that can be used for 80 applications per pen. The kit’s hair chalk pens can be used by your kid to create great face paints. These paints are soft on the skin and can be removed with ease.

It is divided into 5 vibrant and 5 metallic colors that comply with safety guidelines. It is the perfect gift your child aged 4 to 18 and can help improve designs and allow for creative imagination on paint patterns that can be discovered.

This is an image of girl's chalk set in colorful colors


9. Simple Joys Girl’s 4 piece pajama set

The Simple Joys Little Kid and Toddler Girls’ 4-Piece Pajama Set are wears that possess total fabric content. The collection of pajamas that are imported can be worn and removed simply and be cleaned up in a washing machine. The item has cozy, fitting tops and loose bottoms that can repel flames. It also contains two long sleeve cotton tops that come lightweight fleece pajama pants.

They are comfortable and its superb quality could be what calms your child to sleep when worn. The pajama pants have covered elastic waistband and allover prints. The pajama set comes in varying colors and sizes.

This is an image of girl's 4-Piece Pajama Set


10. Ravensburger Labyrinth game

The Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game is a very popular board game that can be played by children and adults alike. It involves plotting the shortest route through the labyrinth to become the winner. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players from ages 7 upwards.

Your mission throughout the game would be to get to all treasures while moving through the labyrinth. The board game includes a playing board, 34 maze cards, 24 treasure cards, and 4 playing pieces. The game is simple to learn and comes with instructions. Gameplay takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes.


This is an image of girl's Labyrinth board game


11. Girl’s Coloring Book

Building your children’s confidence at every point in their life is very crucial. To effect this, the ‘I am Confident, Brave & Beautiful’ book remains the perfect book for parents to gift their girls in order to give them a confidence boost.

This astonishing book not only builds a girl’s confidence but also her imagination and spirit. The book contains over 22 coloring pages that inspire girls to think outside the box and invite conversations on the key principles the book is made up of – confidence, bravery, and beauty.
The book contains several illustrations that capture not only the aforementioned but also creativity, independence, and morals.

This is an image of girl's I am Confident brave beautiful book


12. Unicorn Music Box and Jewelry Set

The Memory Building Company Unicorn Music Box is one like none other that comes with 3 Unicorn Gifts for girls. The set isn’t just a music box but also a little jewelry set that unlike others, offers a well-designed unicorn music box and other accessories– all for the price of a single jewelry box. This helps save a lot of trouble searching for different birthday gifts as this set pretty much covers a 3-in-1 package.

All the products are of sterling quality and are aesthetically designed to blow the minds of your little girls away while they admire their new present.

This is an image of girl's unicorn music box with necklace gift in multi-colors


13. Craft-Tastic Unicorn Craft Kit

Unicorns are known to give little girls the butterflies and that is why Craft-tastic – I love Unicorns kit is the perfect gift for 7 year old girls and above especially on their birthdays. This craft kit comes with 6 projects whose themes center around unicorns.

The projects include the making of a magical necklace, sewing of an attractive stuffed animal, crafting of a unicorn headband, design of a colorful unicorn tail and the creation of a rainbow garland.

All the projects in this set contain everything needed to create the projects – all of which encourage creativity and learning of new crafting skills which are essential for children’s development.

This is an image of girl's unicron kit in colorful colors


14. Klutz Soap Craft and Science Kit

Nothing would excite your daughter like this thought out meaningful gift. The Klutz soap craft kit encourages children to tap into their artistic and creative sides. Recipient of the 2017 National parenting award, this is the toy most parents turn to when looking to add some excitement to their daughter’s lives, educate them in the crafts and also leave a good impression on their children.

The kit is cat and star-shaped to ensure it appeals and invites all to join in the fun. This gift enables your daughter to build bonds and manage connections, as in the bid to play with this gift with friends and family. She builds up her social skills, this indeed is one of the best gifts out there.

This is an image of kid's Make your own soap craft kit in colorful colors


15. PROGRACE Kid’s Camera for Girls

Does your daughter have the flair for capturing beautiful moments, does she see the world in an unusual but beautiful perspective? Do pictures and still images excite and call to her. Then a camera just might be the perfect Christmas or birthday gift. But why gift her any camera, why not the PROGRACE Camera for kids. This is dubbed one of the best cameras for kids interested in photography.

It is love at first snap, as she would be blown away with its many color modes, crisp 5MP photos, its ability to record in full HD and a mini-game to pass time. Its long-lasting battery and its waterproof ability just go to show how durable this camera is made, and why you should purchase one for your beautiful daughter.

This is an image of girl's waterproof action camera in pink color


16. Monobeach Girl’s Play Tent

You have a princess living with you at home, but you are yet to get her castle. You could go castle shopping or wait for her prince charming to get her a castle. Or, you could get her this beautiful princess castle up for sale. Every girl dreams of having her own space, where she can do as she wants, this castle can serve as that and teach her to be responsible for herself and to manage her affairs.

This beautiful castle is made with the best quality polyester, it is designed for comfortability and durability. It is also spacious, so she has more than enough space to direct the affairs of her loyal subjects.

This is an image of kid's playhouse tent in pink color


17. 6 Pack Knee High Girl Socks

Nothing comes in handy like a pair of warm socks on a cold night. But from experience, they are not exactly stylish. And in this day and age, clothes and accessories must blend functionality and style perfectly. For those cold nights, we have the right warm pair of socks for your daughter. 6 pairs to be accurate.

These knee-high socks are made mostly of cotton with a bit of spandex to see to it that it is soft, expands and still durable. These socks are made with the utmost care and with a certain standard in mind to ensure your daughter gets nothing but the best.

This is an image of girl's knee high socks pack


18. LUWINT LED Light Up Gloves

Your daughter lights up everywhere she goes, that usually is a figurative speech. Now you have the chance to make that claim literal. With this beautiful LED Finger Gloves, she can truly light up the world. The gift is perfect for Halloween outings, an interesting Christmas day accessory and for everyday goofing around.

It is powered by a battery set of 4 and does not fault on safety. As it is lined with soft synthetic wool which insulates your daughter from any electric shock and also keeps her warm. This is a fun toy your daughter would appreciate having.

This is an image of girl's LED gloves


19. Tara Disney Princess Activity Necklace

What is a princess without her enchanted magical necklace? We know your daughter is precious and special, that is why she needs to have this kit. It allows her to make a beautiful one of a kind necklace, she can match the different charms and beads however way she pleases to create her own magic.

And when she is not in the mood to create any magic, she can easily store all the beads and charms in the plastic case that comes with. This beautiful gift set encourages creativity and ingenuity, it teaches kids to think for themselves and develop an identity. Your beautiful princess would have all the fun in the world playing with this toy.

This is an image of girl's Princess necklace by Disney


20. Melissa & Doug Girls’s 3D Puzzle Kit

Dolls like humans need a place to stay. That is why your daughter needs to get her a dollhouse to house her miniature friends if she does not already have dolls that can fit. Not to worry, as this beautiful gift set comes with princesses that fit in the house, also included in the package is a horse-drawn carriage and beautiful piano to entertain your daughter and her tiny friends.

This toy would help your daughter develop socially as she relates and cares for her miniature friends, and when her friends come around they can playact with the gift set and strengthen their bonds of friendship.

This is an image of girl's 3D puzzle set in colorful colors


21. Alex Craft Sewing Kit for Girls

Girls like to learn new things and pick up new skills. Popular with girls is the art of sewing, it fascinates them how dresses are made with a couple of cuts and stitches. This kit trains your daughter in the beautiful art, it primes and prepares her, it teaches her to be artistic and creative.

Included in the package are sewing supplies like scissors, pin, cushion, measuring tape, and other things she would need to develop her new exciting hobby.

This is an image of girl's Sewing art and craft kit


22. Kahootz Fashion Plate Kit

Before clothes are sewn, they are first created in the imagination and rendered on paper, before being sewn into the masterpieces we end up buying. This kit is all your daughter would need to bring those marvelous designs to life before she sews with her sewing kit. Ideal for girls aged 6 and up, this gift is sure to put a smile on her face.

In the package are all the supplies she would need, ranging from an idea guide, crayons and their holders, and other things to bring her many imaginations to life. If you are looking to foster your daughter’s creativity and help her develop mentally and socialize. This is the ideal gift to get her.

This is an image of girl's Plates deluxe kit in blue color


23. Disney: The Never Girls Collection

It is a popular belief that readers are leaders. And the earlier you teach and encourage your daughter to pick up books and enjoy reading, the better it would be for her. We advise that you inculcate this reading habit by introducing her to the Disney Never girls collection.

This well-written book talks about the adventure of four best friends getting their biggest wishes answered and being whisked off to Never Land, which is home to the magical Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. This is an interesting read and a perfect gift for girls ages 6-10. In the package are the four books in the series. In a blink, A Dandelion Wish, The Space between, and From the Mist.

This is an image of girl's never girls collection set


24. Melissa & Doug: Craft your bracelets

For more than 30 years Melissa & Doug have created excellent toys to bring joy and excite children. And this beautifully designed craft set is no different. The set includes 4 double-sided bracelets and more than 100 glitter stickers and sparkle gems. This enables your daughter to customize the bracelets to her taste. Encouraging creativity and developing her sense of self.

The Melissa & Doug Craft set also helps your daughter develop her social skills, as she gets to create her magic with friends and family.

This is an image of girl's DIY bracelets by Melissa and doug


25. VTech Pink Kidizoom Smartwatch

This state of the art kid’s smartwatch has two cameras fitted that allow your daughter to take pictures and record videos. The pictures she takes can then be used to personalize the watch, as she can make them into new Watch faces. This smartwatch helps children learn to tell time. it is not waterproof and should not be submerged, but can handle the occasional splash just fine and is also sweatproof.

The Vtech kidizoom smartwatch comes fitted with a motion sensor for active play events, fun sound effects, and a pedometer to count your daughter’s steps. If you think she is playing too much and for too long with this device, there is a parental control setting that allows you to limit her playtime.


This is an image of girl's smartwatch kidizoom in pink color


Overall Best Buy

All the toys listed above are the best of the best. And buying one or more would surely make your daughter happy. She would have fun with all and learn with most, but of all of them the JOYSTAR Bicycle for girls stands out.

Asides from the fact that the bicycle is beautifully made, safe and comes with training wheels to assist her to learn. At age 7, your daughter would want to be around her friends, she would want to take rides with her friends to school and back. It would be fun when she gets to ride her bicycle in the company of her friends who very likely have bicycles too.

Best Budget Buy

All parents and guardians want to make their children or wards feel special. They would go to the end of the world to buy her all she wants, but some times we have to work with a budget. You have to cut costs and also get her something meaningful, something she will appreciate. And the gift that best fits this description is the 6 pack knee-high socks.

These socks are beautifully designed with attractive colors and fun animal patterns on them. With 85% cotton and 15% spandex, they are the most comfortable and breathable fashion socks in the market. Your daughter would love to have a set of these.

Where can you buy toys for your 7 year old daughter?

You can walk into any store and you would find one or more toys that she would love. But make sure you only shop at stores with a reputation, so you do not end up buying cheap knock offs.

To ease the stress and potentially save money, it is advised that you shop online. You are more likely to see more options at competitive prices. Just like the physical stores, be on the lookout for reviews by people that have bought the same or similar items from the online store.