Best Gifts for 8 Year old Girls

Outdoor portrait of cute little 8 year old girl with brown hair, wearing white jacket, standing against white background

Children all over the world love toys and there are so many different types, shapes, models and forms. This poses a problem for parents who would want to get these toys for their children. Most times, it becomes a hassle for parents to accurately buy toys that their children would like. We have heard your cry and come to the rescue with this killer list of toys that would be perfect for your daughter. In the next section, we will discuss some factors you need to consider before buying a toy for your daughter.

Considerations on Choosing Toys For Girls


Before buying a toy, there are some considerations you would need to take note of regarding your daughter. These considerations would determine the kind of toy you would buy and if she will love it or not. The quest to buy the perfect gift can sometimes be tedious and we know that so here are two things to consider before shopping:

Usage: The ease of use is a make or break factor for most kids as this determines the frequency with which they would use the toy. If a toy is too complex, they will usually not play with it as often as they play with other less complex toys.

Age: Buying age-appropriate toys is a must as anything less might be a huge letdown. Ensure you check the age grade of the toys you intend to purchase for your daughter before you buy it. Buying a toy recommended for a lower age grade would lead to disappointment.

25 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

In this section, we have outlined the best toys you can get your child. We have carefully picked these toys out for you because we want to simplify the process altogether. Having multiple choices can be overwhelming which can cause you to become indecisive. We have curated this list from among the thousands of truly amazing toys available and we hope you can get the one you like as soon as you see it. Here are the 25 best toys for girls aged 8 and above:

  1. ATOPDREAM Night Light

The Wonderful Quiet Rotating Star Night Light Projector Toys is a lovely gift for girls aged 8. The toy which makes use of the projector technology has a beautiful design, with designs of the stars and the moon to give it a universal appeal. Children aged 8 are curious and are already asking questions. Capture their interest with this lovely gift idea.

The projector toy brings fun into a dark environment. The beautiful LED lights are beautiful, and your kids are going to see seeing the stars and the moon moving all over their play area once the projector toy is switched on.


  1. Mini Q Doodle Board

The Colorful Doodle Board LCD Screen Writing Tablet by Mini Q is a wonderful toy idea for girls at the age of 8. The cool writing tablet comes with the Cute Penguin Pattern Electronic Erase Drawing Scribble Toys Pad for both girls and boys. It is available in two color formats: blue and pink.

The toy by Mini Q is an excellent learning resource for girls that have celebrated or are about to celebrate 8 years on earth. The writing toy can store any piece of writing; they can jot notes, make drawings, take notes and many more. Parents can also use it to teach their kids.

This is image of Mini Q Colorful Doodle Board


  1. Niskite Karaoke Microphone

Girls aged 8 love singing, dancing, and music in general. A good karaoke device as a birthday gift or a surprise gift is a lovely gift idea that they are going to cherish and appreciate. The Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone for Kids by Niskite is the perfect girls’ gift. The Karaoke microphone for kids is fun to play with.

Girls are going to love the opportunity to sing and show off their amazing voices. It is available in four color formats: blue, gold, rose gold and purple. It is a great toy gift for the holidays, Christmas, New Year and Easter celebration for girls.

This is image of Niskite Karaoke Microphone


  1. Ohuhu Girls Camera

The camera is another device that fascinates young girls. It is not uncommon for you to see them wanting to take a selfie or portrait image, or just simply taking pictures of their environment, family and friends. The Ohuhu Girls Camera toy is a lovely toy for 8 year old girls. The camera for girls comes with 2 beautiful Silicone Case. It can be used to capture high-quality images and to record high-quality videos. It is a great toy to generate or encourage kids’ interest in photography. It is also a great interactive tool that parents and children can use to bond.

This is image of Ohuhu Girls Camera


  1. Hopscotch Girls Coloring Book

Coloring books are great learning tools for children. They help build creativity, grow their imagination and their artistry skills. Hopscotch Girls have produced an excellent coloring book for girls called “I am confident, brave and beautiful”. The coloring book is not just designed to improve their coloring skills but also improves a girl’s self-confidence and self-esteem from a young age.

It is an excellent coloring book suitable for girls aged 8. The book is filled with fun coloring activities that kids are going to love. It is a good educational book for growing girls. It has hundreds of fun illustrations.

this is an image of a girls coloring book


  1. GirlZone Pencil Case

The Jumbo Arts and Crafts Filled Stationery Pencil Case for Girls by GirlZone is a lovely drawing and coloring gift for girls. You can trust GirlZone when it comes to building quality and engaging toys for girls. The Pencil Case for girls that have celebrated 8 birthdays is the perfect artistry toy set for girls.

It is a useful tool for building drawing and coloring skills for girls.  It is a gorgeous gift idea for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays or festive seasons such as Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations. The Pencil Case for girls helps improve their creativity and imagination skills.

This is the image of GirlZone Pencil Case


  1. Magic Clay

Girls the age of 8 love keeping their hands busy. The Modeling Clay Kit by Essenson is one of such toys that will keep your kids’ hands and mind busy and engaged. The Clay Kit is suitable for both boys and girls. The kit enables kids to experiment with different modeling options and build cool items.

The air-dry clay is not the same as the normal clay that stains and can mess up the whole place. The Modeling Clay Kit consists of 24 modeling clay in 24 colors, a project booklet, 3 small tools, 34 animal accessories, and 24 containers.

This is the image of Magic Clay


  1. Enhandled Art Kit

Arts and crafts are fun activities that girls love to engage in. The String Art Kit Craft for Kids by Enhandled is a beautiful art and crafts toy that your beautiful child will easily fall in love with. The Art Kit comes with the DIY Canvas, clear picture instructions, large frame 10”x10” pattern sheet, pins, cotton yarn, and colorful stones.

The toy for girls helps build creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in girls. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination skills. It is the perfect gift for girls for birthdays, Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

This is the image of Enhandled Art Kit


  1. 4M Tile Art

Another excellent art and craft toy for girls is the 4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art Kit. The toy is a useful toy for encouraging the curious and adventurous minds of children. It also helps develop imaginative and creative skills. The Art Kit for girls is designed to inspire them to become the best version of artists.

It is a fun and exciting tool for children where they get the opportunity to turn tiles into their own artwork. The complete art kit consists of the following: 2”x2” tiles, double-sided adhesive tape, rubber magnets, 1 paint strip, 1 paint brush, and an instruction manual.

This is the image of 4M Tile Art


  1. Flower Craft Kit for Girls

The Flower Crafts Kit for Kids by 3 Bees & Me is a lovely gift idea for girls is a great art and craft toy kit for girls that have celebrated 8 birthdays. The toy kit is fun and appeals to the soft side of children. Girls can make their own flower bouquet kit by using this kit. Girls can now create their favorite flowers.

It is an excellent gift for girls for special occasions such as birthdays and festive celebrations such as New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations. The kit contains buttons, flower petals, vase, strings, wire, and double-sided tape.

This is the image of Flower Craft Kit For Girls


  1. KipiPol Rock Painting Kit

The KipiPol Rock Painting Kit for Kids is another excellent arts and craft set for girls. It is also suitable for girls at the age of 8. The Rock Painting Kit makes a great outdoor toy for girls, they are sure to have a great outdoor experience playing with the kit. The kit helps develop creativity and art skills in girls.

The art set contains the following items: 10 smooth river rocks, 2 brushes, 12 waterproof vibrant color paint tubs, 2 transfer sticker sheets, 15 googly eyes, and a detailed instruction manual. The fun and educational tool help to inspire creativity in girls.

This is the image of KipiPol Rock Painting Kit


  1. Pinwheel Jewelry Kit

Jewelry is items that interest all females including girls. The Jewelry Making Kit for Girls by Pinwheel Crafts allows girls to make their own jewelry set! It is 100% fun to make and very easy to do. It also serves to divert their attention from video games to a more hand-eye coordination toy. It is an exciting toy that challenges girls to develop creative, imaginative and fine motor skills.

The Jewelry Kit includes the following items: 8 pendants in 4 different shapes (oval, round, heart and square), 8 glass covers, 8 chains, 200+ images, glue, and a detailed instruction manual.

This is the image of Pinwheel Jewelry Kit


  1. Happy Dueks Stencil Set

The drawing stencil set by Happy Dueks is a great toy gift for 8 year old girls. The fun and educational toy for girls is an excellent gift for birthdays, Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations. The drawing stencil set includes 13 stencils sheets, 12 colorful pencils, 1 pencil case, 1 mechanical pen, 3 instruction papers, 20 paper sheets, and 1 sharpener.

The stencil set is a great toy for parent-child interaction. It also helps develop vital skills such as recognition skills, artistry skills, and creativity and imagination skills. It is the perfect learning toy for girls and can be used anywhere.

This is the image of Happy Dueks Stencil Set


  1. Window Art for Kids

The Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art by Horizon Group USA is a great toy gift for girls at the age of 8. There are enough materials in this Window Art Kit to make about 20 art projects! Girls get to paint their own suncatchers. The kit includes the following items: 12 pre-printed suncatchers, DIY Acetate Sheet, Window Paint, Assorted Colors and Suction Cups.

The kit allows girls to turn the windows in the house into an art paradise. The Window Art Kit inspires creativity and imagination skills in girls. It is the perfect gift for birthdays, New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations.

This is the image of Window Art For Kids


  1. Sequin Backpack for Girls

Girl toys that are designed with mermaid themes are instant winning toys that will charm the hearts of girls of all ages, including girls of 8 years. GADGETS ENTREPOT has a lovely mermaid toy for girls called the mermaid reversible sequin drawstring backpack. The backpack is designed with two attractive colors: blue and pink.

The mermaid design backpack for girls can be used to store girls’ jewelry, coloring books, rhyme books, and other toys. It has an adjustable strap which makes it suitable for girls of all age grades. It is the perfect birthday gift for girls at the age of 8.

This is the image of Sequin Backpack for Girls


  1. JACHAM Slap Bracelets

Your beautiful girl deserves the best when it comes to gifts and that is why we have recommended JACHAM Slap Bracelets. This is a 2 color decorative charm reversible Sequin Mermaid Bracelet that will surely beautify your girl’s hands and makes her stand out in an event. The bracelet is lined with super-soft Velvet, which makes them plushy and comfy to wear.

Since this little mermaid bracelet is made of reversible Sequin, you can easily give your bracelet a new look. This bracelet is good as a family or sister’s bracelet. Its adjustable Velcro closure feature makes it fitting for both young adults and kids.

This is the image of JACHAM Slap Bracelets


  1. LovelyJewelry Bead Necklace

Want to give your girl something really cute and memorable on her birthday or valentine? Give her one of  Lovely Jewelry Pink Letter A-Z Alphabet Initial Charms Bead Necklace Pendant and you would have made her day. This is an ideal gift for your girl on any special event that would surely put smiles on her face.

This beautiful pink necklace is perfect and matching with any outfit. The chain and pendant are silver-plated, adding to the overall exquisiteness of the necklace. The lovely jewelry is very shiny and sparkly and will fit well with other pendants. It is made of high-quality metal alloy, so you rest assured of its durability.

this is an image of an initial necklace


  1. MUGIT Sketch Kit

Engage the love of art and creativity in your child by gifting her  Unicorn Scratch & Sketch Art Activity Kit. This Sketch Art Activity Kit by MUGIT has several features that will help bring out of the creative and imaginative skill of your child. Some of the features of the all-inclusive scratch kit include four Unicorn Scratch books, a stencil, a pink pen, a brush, and four wooden styluses.

This wonderful paper art kit allows your girl to easily and quickly draw beautiful patterns and images. As a result of its handy size, it is convenient to carry around and use whenever you feel like drawing.

This is the image of MUGIT Sketch Kit


  1. Unicorn Journal for Girls

At age 8, your girl has ideas of her own. The best gifts that you can give your daughter at this age are gifts that would help her express her ideas. One of such gifts is Unicorn I am 8 & Magical Journal. Perfect for your beautiful princess. This is a cute Unicorn Activity journal that your kid can write and draw in.

It is beautifully designed with colorful images of a unicorn, stars, and flowers on the cover page and more unicorns and flowers decorating each page. The pages alternate between lined for writing and blank for drawing, so your girl has different options in expressing her thoughts. This journal helps your kid get started on journaling at an early age.

this is an image of a unicorn journal for 8 year olds


  1. Standie Drawstring Backpack

There are some gifts that really tell your kids how special they mean to you. One of these gifts that will surely put a smile on the face of your girl is Standie Drawstring Unicorn Backpack. There are several reasons why your girl will love this cute backpack.

It comes with 7 Kinds of themed gifts like a set of hair ties with five different patterns, two-color necklaces, a random color makeup bag, a bracelet and a keychain. This is indeed a great gift for your kid on her birthday. It is a suitable, beautiful and cute gift for your unicorn loving daughter.

This is the image of Standie Drawstring Backpack


  1. Luwint LED Gloves

Do you have a daughter who loves dancing? Are you looking for a perfect git for 8 year old girls? These LED Gloves would add spice to your child’s life by giving it a bit of spice. She can use these gloves at dance parties, presentations, outdoor play and so much more. The gloves have six different modes that come with different colors to add to the fun.

They each make use of long-lasting batteries which they can use for long periods. The glove is made of high-quality materials so you can be rest assured there are no risks involved when using these gloves. Light up your child’s life today and buy her this amazing gift.

This is the image of Luwint LED Gloves


  1. ESSENSON Slime Kit

This kit would make a good gift for 8 year old girls. It’s not a secret that kids love to play with slime and have fun while they do so. This slime kit would allow your daughter to explore her creativity to the maximum while enjoying a fun time with friends. With an assortment of 12 different colors and a good number of charms to decorate, you can be sure your daughter would be well occupied with this kit.

The Slime is made with 100% safe material for kids but kids are strongly warned not to eat or put in their mouths. Make your child a slime champion today and get her this awesome kit. She will love you forever.

This is the image of ESSENSON Slime Kit


  1. IQ Builder for Kids

This arts and craft builder for kids is a highly recommended gift for girls who love art. The ability to create improves the imagination and develops the cognitive and eye-hand coordination of your child. These 3D coloring puzzles will keep your daughter occupied and having fun for long periods. If you have a daughter who is constantly looking at screens (T.V or smartphones) this would make a great distraction.

This 3D set includes four design options per pack and ten coloring options. They also offer a 30 days money-back guarantee if you do not enjoy the product within that time. Give your daughter a gift to remember with this amazing toy.

This is the image of IQ Builder for Kids


  1. Pipe cleaners for kids

This is one toy that really packs a punch. It is fun and challenging and would bring a whole new dimension to your kid’s playtime. If you have a daughter who prefers to spend the majority of her time indoors, this gift would make her have way more fun. The pope cleaners come in 25 different colors with each having twelve stems per color. The colorful stems can be molded into almost can’t shape hence the capacity to create is limitless.

This toy will definitely improve your daughter’s ability to create as she will be making so many different objects in no time. She will also have more fun when playing with friends or having bonding time with you.

This is the image of Pipe cleaners for kids


  1. Mocai Kids Clay

This quick-dry clay is a unique present for 8 year old girls. The clay set comes with 24 different colors of clay and it is not toxic. A new world of creation will open for your daughter when she begins to mix and match different combinations of the clay to create amazing pieces. Develop the artist in your daughter by giving her the platform to create and imagine to her heart’s content.

You do not need to bake the clay once your child is done sculpting. The unique technology which was used when developing the clay allows for it to be air-dried. You might have another Michelangelo in your home, find out and order this clay set.

This is the image of Mocai Kids Clay


Overall Best Buy

Our overall best buy on this list is the ESSENSON Slime Kit. The kit comes with 24 different slime packs and other accessories which are sure to keep your daughter occupied and entertained. This product will definitely give you value for your money. Your daughter’s playtime will never be the same again with this slime kit.


This is the image of ESSENSON Slime Kit



Best Budget Buy

We understand that money may sometimes be a constraint. If you are on a budget but still want to get something nice for your daughter, you should get the Lovely Jewelry Bead Necklace. It is really nice and you can also get a matching pair for you and your child. If your daughter loves jewelry or neckpieces, you can’t go wrong with this gift.


this is an image of an initial necklace


What are the different kinds of Toys Suitable for Kids

There is no general way to determine the most suitable toys for kids as no two kids have the same preferences or tastes. There are some factors you might consider which will highlight which toys are more suitable than others for your kid. You would want to study your child’s behaviors and preferences before deciding on a toy to buy for her. If your daughter already has some toys at home, observe the ones she plays with the most and this will guide you towards the kind of toy to purchase.