Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Girls

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Nothing makes a mother or father happier than seeing their little girl grow and flourish into a beautiful young woman. At the age of 9, she knows what she wants, the kinds of gifts or toys, what colors they should come in.

 Through the years buying her all she wants, as parents and guardians we would be tuned in to what she most likely would appreciate, and the onus is on us to get her age-appropriate toys. And with her new age, she needs a couple of things new. 

We understand that getting her the gift or toy of her dreams in a world where there re too many options is not that easy, with many companies and factories producing very similar products, we took it on ourselves to compile a list of the best toys for your 9 year old girl. But before you are ready to raid the store, there are a few things you have to put in mind. And they are as follows:

Considerations choosing gifts for girls aged 9


Age: The most important factor would be your daughter’s age, whatever gift you are buying must factor her mental and physical development. Toymakers usually sort this problem out for you by putting stickers indicating what age range their products are best suited for. If you want to buy a meaningful gift for your daughter, and you want her to have all the fun in the world playing with it, remember to look out for these age stickers.

Size: The size of the toy has to be just right, too big or too small and the gift would not have the anticipated effect. It has to be just right. To ensure you get it just right, you have to factor your daughter’s weight and height, and also how much space she has to play. If she spends most of her time outdoors, you can get her something relatively bigger. But if she spends her time in her room with friends, something small like a cuddle pillow, stuffed animal or tea playset. 

Price: As with anything currently on sale in any market, the price for which it is being sold is a factor that can not be overlooked. When shopping for a toy or gift for your beautiful daughter, it is advised that you shop on a budget. So you do not end up overspending. For whatever budget you have, we assure you that you would find a meaningful gift your beautiful girl would appreciate the same.

25 Best gifts for 9 year old girls

There are many options to choose from, but for the best gifts or toys that money can buy, choose from this carefully compiled list.

1. Exploding Kittens Party Card Game

Does a group of young female kids need something fun that they can all participate in? Lovers of cats and explosions have a game created for them, Exploding kittens card game! Exploding Kittens card game involves two to five different players and this is on for about fifteen minutes. This process can be repeated a lot of times because the players never get bored of it.

For most girls between seven and nine, Exploding kittens card game is most suitable and it makes your teens wear smiling faces always. It is very understandable and easy to learn, it also enhances the intellectual strength of your girls.

This is is the image of Exploding Kittens Party Card Game


2. The Fairy Garden Playset

Girls are known to be caregivers, wanting to love and nurture anything and everything in sight. With this fairy cottage, you get a magical flowerpot, which doubles as fairy Isla’s home and also home to whatever plant your baby girl would like to culture and nurture.

Included in the pack are seeds and soil for your daughter to design and grow her garden. She has the option of introducing water to the mix to create her very own soothing and calming stream. If your daughter loves ladybugs, then she is in luck, as this playset comes with a beautifully crafted bug house to shelter her ladybug friends.

This would be the perfect gift for hands-on fun, to improve and develop her creativity, and at the same time have loads of fun with friends and family.

This is the image of The Fairy Garden Playset


3. Glow N’ Grow Science Kit for Kids

Girls are known to be caregivers, wanting to love and nurture anything and everything in sight. With this fairy cottage, you get a magical flowerpot, which doubles as fairy Isla’s home and also home to whatever plant your baby girl would like to culture and nurture.

Included in the pack are seeds and soil for your daughter to design and grow her garden. She has the option of introducing water to the mix to create her very own soothing and calming stream. If your daughter loves ladybugs, then she is in luck, as this playset comes with a beautifully crafted bug house to shelter her ladybug friends.

This would be the perfect gift for hands-on fun, to improve and develop her creativity, and at the same time have loads of fun with friends and family.

This is the image of Glow N' Grow Science Kit for Kids


4. Ballerina Jewelry Box

This elegantly designed gift serves as both a music box and a jewelry box. It has two tiny side drawers and a large bottom drawer for your baby girl to safely store her valuables. It serves as her personal space, where she can keep all the treasure she finds. The music box has a beautiful ballerina that twists and turns as the music box entertains your daughter with the “Swan Lake” melody.

This interesting gift is a part of the Enchantments collection and is sized 6”x4”x6”. Just the right size for any room, does not take more than enough space and yet delivers all the fun she can need.

No girl’s toy collection is ever complete without her very own dancing ballerina, complete her toy collection today with this beautiful piece.

This is the image of Ballerina Jewelry Box


5. Darice Premium Art Supplies

With the Darice 131 Piece Premium Art Set, artists are made. Not only can it be used for the amusement of your child, but it also sparks creativity and imagination. It is also suitable for adults looking to delve into and explore art.

This art set comes with several supplies, including 36 markers, 24 oil pastels and 12 watercolor cakes among other accessories that make the art experience fun. Armed with a portable wooden case that allows you to make your art wherever and whenever you want to, it includes small parts and is not suitable for children under three years.

This is the image of Darice Premium Art Supplies


6. Crayola Pink Tracing Pad

This tracing pad is the ideal Christmas or birthday gift for girls ages 6 and up. It encourages them to be creative and expressive. With over 90 traceable images, your daughter is going to have her hands full tracing and coloring all the exciting images in this pad with the dozen short colored pencils, a graphite pencil, and about 10 blank sheets.

When your daughter has company over, either friends or family. They can take turns coloring the different images in the Crayola tracing pad, the surfaces are evenly lit up and it makes the lines very much easy to see and as such easier to trace out. Made with non-toxic and safe materials, your child’s safety is assured as she plays with this creative toy.

This is the image of Crayola Pink Tracing Pad


7. Mattel’s Apples to Apples Junior Comparison Game

The Mattel’s comparison game is an award-winning party and card game for children at least aged 9. Included in the pack are exciting comparisons, the 576 different unique cards provide unlimited hours of fun, and at the same time help them improve and develop their vocabulary and other cognitive skills.

This gift would be appreciated by kids as it gives them an avenue to play with their peers, have fun while learning, and effectively develop their social skills. For the perfect blend of fun and learning, this is one gift you can not afford to not buy.

This is the image of Mattel's Apples to Apples Junior Comparison Game


8. Pink Binoculars for Kids

The first thing that strikes you when you see this toy is how beautifully designed it is. Its striking shade of pink is sure to win any girl’s heart. Asides the exciting aesthetics, the binoculars were designed with the safety of your child at heart. With large rubber eyepieces to avoid any eye injury whatsoever and a quick-release buckle for the neck strap to ensure her safety.

The binoculars are also durably made as the body is built with shock-proof coating and anti-friction plastic. For the best individual experience, the binoculars can be tuned to fit a range of eye distances. These binoculars create crisp, clear high-resolution images, with a zoom feature that does not allow for blurry images.

Bring out the inner explorer in your daughter with this perfect adventurer’s binoculars for kids ages 6 and above.

This is the image of Pink Binoculars for Kids


9. Creative Fashion Headband Kits

Your beautiful girl is special and she deserves items that are one of a kind. It even gets better, with this gift set she can make special personalized headbands however way she wants them. With plenty of fun decorations and accessories, she gets to create up to 10 unique headbands. She can wear one for each day of the week and she would still have 3 left.

Everything she needs to create these headbands and have loads of fun at the same time is included in the pack, these include yards of ribbon, a butterfly, feathers, flowers, satin headbands and lots more. The headbands foster unity and social development as they can be shared with friends and family, these fashionable headbands would be the center of attraction at any small group event.

This award-winning craft kit would see your child develop in more ways than one, so put a smile on her pretty face with this awesome gift.

This is the image of Creative Fashion Headband Kits


10. Wind Chime DIY Kit

This craft set teaches your daughter to appreciate science and be awed by the beauty of the arts as it combines the power of the wind with the artistic intent it takes to create such a beauty. Included in the pack are lines, brush and paint strip, terra cotta pots and chime rods. Don’t be discouraged, all the items mentioned are easy to set up and in no time, your daughter would create her state of the art wind chime.

This kit encourages self-realization, as it teaches your daughter to do things for herself. It also sees her develop her cognitive skills and develop creativity.

This is the image of Wind Chime DIY Kit


11. Hair Chalk Gift Set for Girls

The fear encountered by most parents and guardians that are looking to buy this product is safety and the health implication. From actual tests, conversations with people that have bought the item and reviews on social networks, we have been able to determine that the hair chalks are temporary and pose no threat to your daughter.

Included in the pack are 10 hair chalks that can be easily washed off, with each being able to last up to 80 applications. The hair chalks can serve as face paint and is also easy to wash off after use. With each pack containing 5 metallic colors and 5 vibrant colors, she has a lot of options to choose from.

This is the ideal gift for a 9 year old, and your daughter would appreciate this when she unwraps it.

This is the image of Hair Chalk Gift Set for Girls


12. VTech Smartwatch for Girls

The dressing of your young girls is not complete without a complementing watch, Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch DX. It does not only add to their fashion but also comes in a desirable purple color. This smartwatch enables your young girls to take selfies and make videos and most importantly the watch’s motion sensor, which can be used to keep account of daily steps and movement.

Vtech kidizoom smartwatch is not only durable but can also be recharged. One unavoidable advantage of this smartwatch is the analog form in which it is designed as it helps in easy learning and telling of time by your kids.

This is the image of VTech Smartwatch for Girls


13. PixieCrush Pretend Play Purse Set

Fast-growing young girls want to feel like their mothers. This is normal, one best gift you can give to them is a pixiecrush pretend purse set. Pixiecrush Pretend Set is a collection of young girls’ stuff. This can be a list of pretend plays like makeup, purse and Unicorn collection. This set feels magical and thereby helps in developing a wide range of imaginations by young girls.

Pixiecrush Playset also helps in building a confidence level in young girls because it teaches your daughter to model after you, her mother or any woman close to your girls. Make your girls feel special by getting them similar copies of what you own as a woman, pixiecrush purse set would do the job just fine.

This is the image of PixieCrush Pretend Play Purse Set


14. Klutz Craft Kit

Soap making has gotten easier and anyone can make their soap with this soap making kit by Klutz. Forget mixing chemicals, the Make Your Soap kit has made soap making an enjoyable process. Young girls around the age of 9 can use this kit to make 10 soap bars. It is a lovely science experiment that can be carried out in the house.

The following items are included in the kit: 6 shapes soap mold, coconut fragrance, 20 color tablets, 20 blocks of soap base, ribbon, a gift box, and others. It also has a 36-page instruction box filled with easy to follow instructions.

This is an image of Klutz Craft Kit


15. Doctor Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

The clouds are dark and the eyes are now heavy. Have you heard of the best way your young girls can have a better night? Soft unicorn hooded bathrobe sleepwear is not only beautifully designed uniquely but also ensures a sound and comfortable sleep for your young girls in them. Remember the success of a new day is the awesome night that precedes it.

Soft unicorn hooded bathrobe sleepwear is easy to wear likewise to remove, most importantly, tender to your girls’ skins. Put an end to those uncomfortable night sleep and complaints when the morning has come.

this is an image of a unicorn bathrobe


16. Fashion design kit for girls

Girls and fashion can not be separated from each other. The best gift idea for 9 year old girls is fashion toys. The fashion designer kit Is the ultimate kit for young and aspiring fashion designers. It contributes essential fashion know-how to girls even if they do not end up becoming entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.

The kit contains items such as a sketchbook, mannequin covered in a lace dress, ribbon, and other tools. The kit also teaches girls how to create their designs, sketch it out and then apply it on the mannequin. The fashion kit is easy to understand, it is written in clear and concise language.

This is the image of Fashion design kit for girls


17. Fashion Deluxe Kit

A fashion plate is one that shows a summary of fashionable styles of clothing. Fashion plates basically can be in the forms of portraits that explain the different styles of clothes that a dressmaker can put together. This is one great deal for young girls who have interests in creativity in a fashion line. Fashion plates also show how various materials can be made into clothes.

Locally, fashion plates are made through whittling, engraving or lithography and eventually colored with hands. These plates are majorly found in ladies’ fashion magazines and can be used for primary origin elements for the research on historical fashions.

This is the image of Fashion Deluxe Kit


18. Cookbook for Young Girls

Cooking is a skill everyone should learn. Get this Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs for girls. The cookbook is filled with over 100 plus recipes. The book teaches girls cooking skills and introduces them to new cuisines they are not familiar with. It is also a useful cooking book for adults, to guide them on preparing some meals.

The award-winning book is the perfect gift for children birthdays. The cookbook covers all kinds of dishes be it breakfast, dessert, appetizers, lunch or supper. It is a must get for girls who show interest in cooking and becoming chefs.

this is an image of the complete cookbook for young chefs


19. Imhotep Egypt Themed Board Game

History is a tricky subject to teach girls that have marked 9 birthdays and other age groups. They either find it too bulky, too boring or both. Thames & Kosmos have a solution to the problem and have created an interesting and rich board game for children. The board game is called “Imhotep Builder of Egypt.”

The award-winning board game involves 2 to 4 players and takes you on a journey around ancient Egypt, through old Egyptian architectures such as the pyramid. The game is an interesting brain teaser for girls. They develop skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.

This is the image of Imhotep Egypt Themed Board Game


20. National Geographic Learning Guide

This STEM toy by National Geographic is an ample toy for boisterous girls and boys that involves breaking open rocks to find hidden treasures. It is an adventure game that is suitable for children. There are treasures hidden in the rocks and all it takes to get them out is to break open the rock with the tools in the National Geographic Kit.

It is a lovely science experiment for age 9 girls. The kit comes with 10/rocks, safety goggles, a colorful learning guide, and three display stands. The 6-page colorful learning guide teaches kids about some facts about geology.

This is the image of National Geographic Learning Guide


21. Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game

The Double Ditto board game which is suited for family games is another toy for 9 year old girls. The award-winning game is well sought after and one of the top family games of 2016. Create and share beautiful moments with your family and 9 year old girls with this board game.

The rules of the game are quite simple to grasp, a player picks a card and reads it in the hearing of other players, the player then makes two guesses on a paper to know if he guesses what the others wrote as their answer or not. It is a great game for family bonding.

This is the image of Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game


22. Litti City Girl’s Doctor Kit

The Doctor Kit for children by Litti City is one of the best togs for both boys and gis that are 9 years of age. The kit does not just come with a toy medical kit but it comes with complete doctor wear that is a perfect fit for children the age of 9. Girls and about do not just have to play the part of doctors, they now look the part with the doctor coat.

This kit helps spark your kid’s imagination and interest in the medical profession. It even had an ID badge that makes the whole pretend to play look official. The box contains cool medical tools such as a stethoscope.

This is the image of Litti City Girl's Doctor Kit


23. Battat Pretend Play Doctor Kit

The Deluxe Doctor Kit by Battat is the perfect doctor play kit that every young aspiring doctor child should have in their toy collection. The kit is suitable for girls that had celebrated 9 birthday on earth. It teaches the basics of the medical profession and allows kids to play with different equipment doctors use.

With this doctor set for kids, children do not have to wait to grow up and get into medical school before they can begin to experiment with toy medical tools. It helps both girls and boys sustain their initial interests in the medical profession.

This is the image of Battat Pretend Play Doctor Kit


24. Mood Lab Girl’s Fairy Garden

A fairy garden with miniature figurines and a seeing set is one of the best toys for 9 year old girls. Girls get to play with their favorite fairies and recreate scenes from their favorite fairy movies or cartoon. The fairy garden pushes girls to use their creativity and imagination.

The miniature fairies are made of quality resin materials which are protected from the effect of sunburns and water by special coating placed on them. It is the best gift idea for girls, it can be gotten as a surprise or as part of their toy collection. It is a great fit for indoor and outdoor.

This is the image of Mood Lab Girl's Fairy Garden


25. Enchanted Garden Craft Kit

An Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft kit is a wonderful way to develop creativity in kids. This craft kit is particularly suited to girls at the age of 9. The kit involves girls in the art of gardening in which they learn the basics of planting and growing plants in the garden. It is a great gift idea for girls’ birthday celebrations and special occasions such as Valentine Day, Xmas, Easter and New Year celebrations.

The indoor garden craft kit contains everything needed to make a fairy garden. It contains items such as garden dish, resin fairy house, sparkling gems, seeds, flower bouquets, and other items.

This is the image of Enchanted Garden Craft Kit


Overall Best gift

When buying a gift or toy for your beautiful girl we understand that nothing would make you, and her happier than getting the best toy available. The above-listed toys are awesome and sure to make any girl happy and beaming with joy, but the ultimate girl’s toy would be the Cookbook for young girls.

We all love food, but even more important than our love for food is our love for who makes the food. Girls naturally like to nurture and care for things and people, this special ability would allow them to appreciate the cookbook as it teaches them the different ways to develop and advance their culinary skills.


this is an image of the complete cookbook for young chefs


Best Budget gift

We all wish we could get the best gift for people we love, for some reason or the other we end up getting the next best thing, an equally thoughtful gift all the same. Most of the time the reason for cutting back is when purchasing on a budget. Well, no matter what budget you work with you would get a toy your daughter would love. Talking of budget toys your daughter would love to have, why not buy the Battat Doctor Kit.

This playset would teach your daughter to care for her stuffed animals and dolls, an attribute she soon would extend to her friends and family. This ideal gift for 9 year old girls would see your little girl develop socially and polish her cognitive skills.


This is the image of Battat Pretend Play Doctor Kit

Where to buy the best toys for girls 9 years old?

Walk into any store and you are sure to find toys that would be just right. Make sure to look out for the age stickers, so you do not end up buying an inappropriate toy. Be sure to shop at stores with a good reputation, so you do not end up buying fake products.

Buying on the internet is not a bad idea, parents these days prefer to make their purchases on the world wide web, as it usually saves them money and time.