Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls in 2020

Group Of Young Children aged 2 years old Playing With Water Table In Garden

Looking for the right gift for your little sister or niece? Is it her birthday or you just want her to feel like a little princess. Or are you visiting your two-year-old niece in a while and do not want to turn up empty-handed. Well, we have got a list of the best toys for 2 year old girls.

Considerations choosing gifts for little girls


Buying gifts generally is not the simplest or easiest of tasks, as people have different preferences and might not appreciate some gifts to the fullest. In the case of two-year-old girls, careful study and discussions with mothers have shown that little girls are often little caregivers. Often favoring stuffed animals and dolls over most things else, and whatever color you would be picking must be shiny and pretty.

25 Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls

We have scoured the internet and raided stores to compile the list of gift ideas for 2 year old girls. Here they are

1. Magna Doodle Board

This drawing board is an excellent gift for two-year-old girls. The board gives your children room to create and have fun while learning. Unlike traditional writing materials, the board allows your child to easily clean of what they are working off if they make a mistake. This erasing ability gives your kid limitless opportunities to explore.

The board has been specially designed to boost your child’s cognitive abilities by allowing them to learn more about their environment while interacting with and drawing it. Our board also boosts your child’s creativity by literally giving them a blank canvas to create whatever their imagination can fathom. We have scoured the internet and raided stored to compile the list of the best gifts and toys you can give girls at the age of 2.

pink doodle board

2. Glow in dark princess castle

This quick and easy to assemble tent makes every little girl’s dreaming of living in a castle become a reality. This beautiful outdoor toy encourages imagination and creativity and gives your child her personal space to close her eyes and dream.

With sturdy shock-absorbing fiberglass poles, no wind or monster would be strong enough to blow down this castle. Be rest assured that your beautiful princess is as safe as can be.

This castle has a little secret. It is Magical! With hearts and stars that glow in the dark to brighten and comfort your child. For your princess, we present you to her castle.

pink princess castle


3. Toddler Garden Set

Teach your kids to save the planet, as she learns how to care and tend to plants with this amazing garden set. Playing with this toy would develop and sharpen her imagination and social skills. It would keep her busy as she plays pretend farmer.

The pieces are easy to grip, they are durable, made from non-toxic materials and are of beautiful colors to excite and attract your child. Is she always bored, does she like to play with flowers and other plants? Then a kiddies garden set would be the right toy to encourage her love for mother nature.


kiddies garden equipment

4. LeapFrog, her leaptop

Does your baby watch dad or mum as they go click-clack on their computer systems? Does she play with the keyboard or mouse and interrupt important business? It simply means she needs a laptop of her own. Or rather a ‘leaptop’ of her own.

With the cutting edge LeapFrog leaptops, your daughter is sure to learn new amazing things as she clicks clacks on this beautiful device. Designed to aid and improve children’s vocabulary as they learn new things and learn to put names to certain objects around them.

With her new laptop, she can learn her ABCs, different messages, dance and sing along to different songs and melodies. Awaken the inner career woman in your daughter and buy her a leaptop today.

pink kiddies computer


5. JC Toys Playdoll

Girls even at tender ages are known to be excellent caregivers. They just love to take care of every and anything in sight. Your baby girl at home is no different, so get her a friend for her and her alone, that she can shower with all the love and attention her world has to offer.

No one would listen and return all that love to your daughter better than the JC play doll. This 11 inches realistic-looking soft to the touch, the detailed baby doll is an explosion of fun waiting to catch your daughter by surprise.

This cute baby doll comes with a travel case and other accessories for the doll’s care by your daughter. Did I tell you that JC dolls are excellent huggers? Wouldn’t your daughter love a hug?

beautiful pink jc playdoll

6. Fisher-Price Barbie Trike

Before diamonds, a girl’s best friend was her barbie collection. From the Barbie dolls to stickers and other collectibles. But when she wants to play outdoors and needs to play with a ride-on toy. There is nothing she would love more than to pull up in the backyard on a Fisher-Price Barbie Tricycle.

With a maximum weight of 55 lbs (25 kg), a wide wheelbase for support and rugged tires to pedal your daughter anywhere she wants to go. You’d be rest assured that wherever she is, she’s safe.

With a secret compartment under the seat to keep whatever she wants, your daughter is ready for her barbie adventure.

pink barbie tricycle

7. Alphabet Puzzles

What other way to start nurturing your little one to be a genius than to get them the WOOD CITY ABC Letter Puzzles for Toddlers. All 26 letters in this puzzle are carved from smooth wood and fit perfectly onto the wooden board when completing the puzzle.

The aim of the puzzle is to match each uppercase letter with its corresponding lowercase letter which has been imprinted onto the columns where the uppercase letters fit into.

This puzzle is one of the numerous 2-year-old birthday gift ideas one can think of but the fact that it is just as fun as it is educational makes it an optimal choice – different from the regular noisy toys.

colorful letters of the alphabet

8. Gizmovine Pretend Makeup Set

Camera! Lights! Action! Your baby girl is going to be a superstar with her new Gizmovine pretend makeup set. With her brush, comb, pretend makeup, perfume, and other accessories, she is sure to make herself, her mother and her many beautiful dolls look glam.

All accessories of the makeup set are realistically made to ensure she has many hours to play and be whoever she wants to be, wherever and whenever she wants to be. The Gizmovine makeup set is made fro non-toxic, children friendly materials to ensure the safety of your beautiful daughter.

kiddies makeup box

9. LeapFrog Musical Teaset

With these magical singing teacups, your kid can invite her friends around to discuss how they would be raiding the kitchen cabinets for cereal. Something is brewing, something fun, with this teaset your daughter would learn colors and sing along. As the teapot light up in 6 different colors and sings 7 different tea songs.

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, your kid can play peek-a-boo with the teapot lid to hear fun noises. She is sure to have loads of fun as she organizes tea parties with friends and family. It would teach her organization and nurture her social skills.

beautiful teaset


10. First Tea Party Gift Set

Complete with a 9 piece tin tea set, an illustrated storybook, and a beautiful pink hat. This is the Gift tea set to beat. The tea set comes with a teapot, 4 saucers, and 4 teacups, all adorning a pink floral print that matches the one in the storybook.

Contained in the illustrated storybook is a beautiful Rhyming Story by Jennifer Driscoll and the illustration done by Daryna Pazenko about a girl who has her first tea party and all she did to plan and host her wonderful event.

The Tea Party gift set is safe for food and free of lead. Your daughter would love to unwrap this on her birthday.

beautiful tin tea set


11. Disney’s Minnie Mouse LCD Watch

The first thing that pops in my mind when I hear Disney’s Minnie Mouse is Classic! This is one of those animations that give us goosebumps and reminds us of times when we were babies or toddlers ourselves. Gifting this beautiful watch would be sharing a part of you, a memory with her. 

Asides from the sentimental value, mickey mouse toys are beautifully made, durable and the perfect gift for your little girl.


12. Violet and Scout: 100 words book

Containing over 100 words chosen by learning experts to be age-appropriate, the LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book is a perfect learning toy for toddlers. The book comes in different exciting colors which stimulate the brain for learning. The book has several categories namely: activities, animals, my body, clothes, colors, food, fruit, mealtime, opposites, outside, pets, vehicle.

By simply touching the words on the pages of the book, the words get played with exciting sound effects and facts. The light-up star button, when pressed, plays two learning songs related to the words. The audio delivered by this book comes in two languages – English and Spanish.

violet and scout word book


13. Chillafish Quadbike

With four balance wheels, and adjustable height and a variety of fun colours, your kids would love this. The bike is safe, fun, and a good way for your child to develop locomotor skills. These skills will be useful in everyday life and help them navigate the world with ease. The adjustable nature of the bike means it can grow as your child grows. This means it’ll be a part of your child’s life which makes it a long term investment into your child.

The bike is lightweight and comes with a hidden compartment built into the seat. Your child can carry whatever items they might need without any obstruction to their riding. As a tip, younger girls aged 2 to 3 years would appreciate this bike as a gift, especially when it comes in pink.

pink chillafish quadbike

14. VTech Walker

The Sit to Stand Learning Walker is a cool toy for 2 year old girls designed by VTech. The pink toy for little girls is a useful toy to prepare little girls under the age of 2 for their first walking experience. The toy for kids is available in four color formats: pink, blue, lavender, and orange. The toy is a fun and exciting one for little girls yet to walk, they can grab on to it for balance.

It has a detachable activity panel that girls can play with and enjoy discovering animals and shapes, learning to music melodies and animal sounds.

a beautiful pink walker

15. iPlay Bouncy Unicorn

Unicorns are animals girls are naturally inclined to love, unicorn toys are a safe bet for parents and adults who want to impress baby girls under the age of 2. The Unicorn Bouncy Horse Plush is a cool riding toy for both outdoors and indoor rides. The unicorn toy which is a product of iPlay and iLearn is a wonderful and beautiful gift idea for little girls for special occasions such as birthdays and festive seasons like Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

The unicorn toy is designed to maintain the child’s balance on it when riding. It helps develop creativity in girls

pink bouncy unicorn

16. SKYFIELD Jigsaw Animal Puzzles

We believe every parent would want nothing but the best for their child, this is why we have crafted this jigsaw after research and proper experimentation, we have arrived at this perfect educational and fun toy. This jigsaw puzzle is made with well-rounded edges for safety, bright colors to keep your child engaged, and fun pieces that will build your child’s cognitive abilities and also develop hand-eye coordination.

Studies have shown that allowing your child to learn through play is one of the fastest ways to help them develop. We have adopted this principle and built them into our simple but efficient puzzle. It is great for boys and girls between the ages of 2-3.

animal jigsaw pieces


17. The Unicorn Toddler Backpack

This Kids’ Unicorn Backpack comes in various sizes with a plush doll toy and is a pretty nice gift to give a child. This bag comes in a pretty attractive color and made from high-quality materials which give the bag is durable quality. The bag is also made soft and with adjustable straps so the kid wearing it can feel comfortable even if it is worn for a long time.

The bag is designed to meet international safety standards – designed in a safe environment and made from PP cotton filler so it doesn’t cause any discomfort to the skin.

beautiful unicorn backpack


18. Story Collection for 2 year olds

There are several storybooks for children, especially for bedtime but this book – A Collection of Stories for 2-Year-Olds, as the name implies contains carefully selected stories for 2-year-old girls and boys which contain attractive illustrations on every page with texts that are easy to read.

These stories feature nursery rhymes and classic fairy tales for toddlers’ delight. This gift is perfect for holidays, birthdays, etc and would be a delight to the child every time the stories are being read.

With a total of 10 classic stories, these stories excite children whether they are being read to them for the first time or the 10thtime.

book of 2 year old stories


19. VTech Learn Color Flashlight

This multipurpose flashlight is a good and functional toy that every child should have. It has various adaptable features that your kids would love and is educational and playful all in a bunch. The toy has five distinct light beams, plays exciting songs, has number buttons that your child can count along with when pressed and a collection of animal sounds which your child can use to learn about the immediate environment.

This multipurpose toy is affordable and would be a great gift for any child but due to this model’s peculiar pink color, it would be most suitable for girls aged between two and four years. Allow your child to develop rapidly and boost their knowledge. Purchase this toy today.

a pink flashlight

20. LeapFrog Count and Chat Smartphone 

Looking for the perfect gift for your child? Look no further than our toy phone. It comes preloaded with a lot of fun features for your kid to enjoy including a music key that plays different songs when pressed, press buttons on the phone to see different animations of violet on the screen. The phone can also be connected to the internet so you can receive additional options in case you need instructions and learning paths for your child.

Our toy phone is a unique one that any kid would love and it will make a great gift for young two-year-old girls to play and engage with. The toy would also boost the cognitive abilities of your child as they will learn to differentiate between various sounds and songs while pressing different buttons.

pink toy smartphone

21. Disney Frozen’s Watch

This watch is a dream for every girl. Most girls have various Disney characters as their favorite. Buying this watch for your child is an excellent way to brighten up your kid’s day. They would be able to wear their favorite character everywhere they go carrying them along on all their play adventures. This watch is accurate in telling the time and could easily be an easy way to get your child acquainted with telling the time.

The watch is also versatile for a wide range of activities including swimming because it is waterproof. The watch is lightweight as it is made using plastic and very delicate craftsmanship. With the plethora of Disney characters available, wouldn’t you rather your child had a character they would call their own?


22. Find Unicorn Horns

In this fun where is wally style book, you will travel through parks, fairyland, supermarkets, parties, under the sea, a sunny beach and many more locations in the hunt for some beautiful and sparkling horns. You will have to spot Glitter and Diamond’s horn and that of Starlight and Fluffy too.

14 horns, they shine so brightly… but surely they are not totally out of sight…
A great search and find the book as nice gifts for cute adorable kids.

images of unicorns

23. Snuggle Baby Doll

The Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll by Baby Starters is a lovely gift idea for girls that have marked two birthdays on earth. The Sugar and Spice Marisa doll is a toy girls’ the age of 2 will love playing with, carrying it around like a best friend and sleeping in bed with it. It has an attractive pink and white color with a black sandal.

It is a super cute birthday gift for little girls who just clocked 2. The doll is made up of 100% high-quality polyester material. It is easy to care for and provides entertainment for girls.

pink baby doll

24. ToyVelt Musical Toy

Now your baby can enjoy 6 different yet equally entertaining and educative activities for the price of one music toy with the ToyVelt premium developmental learning toys for kids.

Being a gender-neutral activity toy, it is ideal for both sexes as it promotes the development of fine motor skills, creative problem-solving skills, social skills, hand-eye coordination and communication skills.

Even if your toddler gets easily distracted, the ToyVelt 6-In-1 musical toy for kids will keep her engaged for hours through the use of the shape matching side to develop spatial and shape recognition skills.

a green musical toy


25. Boogie Doodle Magnetic Doodle

LCD writing tablet doodle board for kids is an electronic writing pad for children to show their unconstrained imagination, enjoy happy and healthy entertainment while learning as it can stimulate children’s creative thinking and interest.

It is a creative toy for girls between the ages of 2 and 10. LCD is more suitable for children with no blue light, no light, eye protection features.
Children will like it very much as a birthday present, Christmas gift among others.


Overall Best Buy

From the detailed list of the best toys and gifts to buy 2-year-old girls. We have chosen the one that is most likely to win the little girl over. The ultimate gift for princesses would have to be a princess castle.

The Glow in the dark princess castle is the single best gift you can get a two-year-old girl, as it makes her feel special and gives her own space. Where she can make the rules and is in control. Who would not want one of that?

pink princess castle

Best Budget Buy

When considering cost and the affordability of gifts for girls that are two years old. Only one gist comes to mind. The Minnie Mouse classic, because of the history that surrounds the franchise, simplicity, and elegance. And the fact that she can wear the watch wherever she goes. Makes this the best gift to get your little angel when considering your pocket.

Gift for two year old who has everything

At first glance, this might seem a difficult or tricky question. But it is quite simple, girls can never have too many dolls. A new doll is an extra friend to have many tea parties with. So when in doubt, just go to a store or check online and pick out a beautiful doll for your angel.

Things to consider when buying on a budget

The only thing to consider when buying on a budget is your budget. The reason is that no matter the choice or option you end up going with, there would be variants of different price ranges.

So don’t worry about what gift to buy, just make up your mind about what you want or you could ask your kid what she would like and walk into a store or shop online, and choose from their many options the one that works with your budget.