Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids in 2020

excited kid having fun, sitting on yellow bean bag at home

Beanbags are an unusual but popular piece of furniture. They come in different colors and patters, each guaranteed to brighten up whichever room it is put in. It does not take as much space as regular furniture. And seeing as it is made from soft materials, they are less likely to cause any form of injury to your children.

Beanbags are very stylish pieces of furniture, but that does not make the process of buying one any easy. There are many brands producing different types, with different textures and fillings. To ensure you buy the right beanbag for kids, we have drafted the following for you to consider when making your choice.

Considerations when buying beanbag chairs for your kids


Size: As with any piece of furniture, how much space to be taken is sure to be considered. You have to keep an eye on the dimensions of the room and the dimension of the kid beanbags. You should see to it that it does not take too much living space and at the same time fills up the room and can be easily accessed by your child, friends or family that come visiting.

Price: When making a purchase of whatsoever, how much the item would cost you is definitely something to keep an eye on. You have to make sure that you get the right value for your moneys spent. The beanbag bought must be worth every penny, and you can realize this by comparing offers from different stores and going for the choice that offers the most for less.

Comfortabilty: There is no point to buying a piece of furniture for just the aesthetics alone. If it looks good but does not feel good, it can not be seen as money well spent. Reading reviews and comments from people that have bought similar or the same item would give you an idea of what to expect when making such a purchase.

20 Best Kid Bean Bag Chairs

We like to ease you of all stress and burden, so we have gone a step further and carried out detailed investigations. The investigations revealed that the followingchairs for kids are the best money can buy. Here they are:

1. Stuffed Animal Kiddies Chair

The stuffed animal storage chair for kids by Jorbest serves as both a comfortable rest toy and a storage compartment for kids to store all their toys. The luxury velvet stuffie seat is soft and comfortable to recline on. When kids are tired, it can be their new rest place after a hard day’s work playing with toys or studying in school.

It is available in 17 fun colors and shapes: arrow grey, blue Chevron, canvas panels, canvas, and velvet or gray, canvas and velvet or gray Chevron, dinosaur, gray Chevron and Pink Chevron. It can be used to store over 200 small plush toys for kids.

This is image of Stuffed Animal Kiddies Chair


2. Big Joe Cuddle Chair

Chair bags are lovely and fun toys for kids. The cuddle chair by Big Joe is a comfortable chair that kids will enjoy playing and resting on. It is available in 6 exciting and fun colors: flaming red, radiant orchid, sapphire blue, spicy lime, stretch limo black and black. The bean chair bag is one type of furniture that will enhance the beauty of any room it is put in.

The chair is awesomely designed for kids; it is far more than a boring piece of furniture. It is portable and can be easily moved both indoors and outdoors. It can be used at the beach.

This is the image of Big Joe Cuddle Chair


3. Big Joe Basketball pick

The beanbag by Big Joe is a super comfortable chair rest for kids. It is designed in the shape and color of a basketball. It is the perfect gift to give a basketball-loving kid either as a birthday gift or a visiting gift. It is available in 2 other sports designs: a football and soccer ball.

The boy beanbag kiddies chair for children is made of polyester material. The beanbag is tough, easy to clean with the aid of a damp clothing material and stain-resistant. It is also very difficult for water to penetrate it.

This is the image of Big Joe Bean Bag Basketball Chair


4. Delmach Chair Cover

The Bean Bag Kiddies Chair Cover by Delmach is an exciting toy for kids. It serves as stuffed animal storage and can be used as a resting spot for kids. It is available in three colors: blue corduroy, blue and red.

It helps better manage space and helps kids to learn organizational skills by encouraging them to store their toys in the beanbag instead of littering the whole house with toys. The quality and durable beanbag help decorate the kid’s bedroom and playroom. It is made of 100% cotton material. It is a lovely gift idea for kids’ birthday celebrations.

This is the image of Delmach Chair Cover


5. Lmeison Animal Storage Chair

The animal storage chair by Lmeison is another comfortable beanbag and storage tool for children. The beanbag helps children to learn how to properly organic use their toys. It is available in 2 colors: blue for boys and pink for girls.

The material is durable and easy to wash either by hand or machine. The shark design makes it suitable for both boys and girls that love sea animals. The beanbag will encourage kids to keep their rooms near and tidy. It has a comfortable backrest which children can use to relax, read books and even play games on it.

This is the image of Lmeison Animal Storage Chair


6. 5 STAR United Animal Bean Bag

The stuffed animal storage beanbag by 5 Stars United is a lovely chair for kids to play and rest on, and for storage of kids’ toys, clothing items, and other accessories. The beanbag can hold a lot of plush toys and it helps girls and boys to organize their shape better.

With the beanbag in girls’ bedroom or playroom, the mess caused by toys scattered all over the place will reduce. It is available in 9 colors and shapes: American stars, beige roses, gray roses, hatch stars, holiday stars, mint roses, Paris, pink Princess, and pink roses.

This is the image of 5 STAR United Animal Bean Bag


7. Big Joe White Unicorn Kids Chair

The Big Joe Lux Wild Bunch Unicorn is one of many kid beanbags on the market but this one stands out. This white, super soft and plush beanbag is designed for maximum comfort and relaxation for your kids. Aside from these perks, it is definitely beyond cozy and unbelievably cute which would get your child blushing when gifted to them.

This beanbag is perfect for every kid’s bedroom as it is cushiony and lightweight giving them that cozy feeling anytime they sit or snuggle on it as it is made from a soft and nice fabric.

This is the image of Big Joe White Unicorn Kids Chair


8. WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Chair

38 Inches bean bag is not a small deal compared to the regular ones. Wekapo Stuffed Animal Storage Kiddies Chair Cover for Kids is a zipper beanbag that can be filled up with plush toys to encourage the orderliness. Instead of the regular chaos formed by a litter of stuffed animals, this zipper beanbag can be stuffed with soft toys, making it ideal for lounging, reading or snuggling.

The material is made up of cozy, comfortable and soft cotton canvas equipped with reinforced seams that are top-stitched, giving the product an even nicer look. The product also comes with a handle that makes it easy to be moved around.

This is the image of WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Chair


9. Small Light Dot Kids Chair

The Small Light Pint Dot Kids Bean Bag by Flash Furniture is an example of cool furniture for kids. It is available in 16 color formats: brown, camouflage, denim, gray, green, hot pink, lavender dot, light pink, light pink dot, mint green, navy blue, purple, royal blue, white furry, green and red.

The furniture has a light weight which makes it portable and encourages easy movement. It uses cotton twill upholstery and polyurethane foam beads, materials that can easily be cleaned with the aid of a damp piece of cloth. It is a lovely gift idea for children birthday celebrations.This is the image of Small Light Dot Kids Chair


10. Nobildonna Bird’s Nest Chair

Looking for a little creativity to add to your child’s bean bag or possibly yours? Then Nobildonna Stuffed Storage Bird’s Nest Kiddies Chair Cover is the right pick for you. The product has undergone a material upgrade that does not include the use of a filler but a softer, thicker, double-stitched but more luxurious and durable material built to last.

The beanbag is pretty large and not for kids only but also for adults to relax in and can be a piece of additional furniture placed in any bedroom, dorm, basement or family room either for gaming or relaxation.

This is the image of Nobildonna Bird’s Nest Chair


11. Posh beanbag for kids

Big comfy beanbag are a lovely companion for kids. Kids can play games with their toys on the beanbag and when tired they can rest on it. It serves as a storage bag for kids’ toys, clothes, and accessories. It is available in an amazing 48 colors patterns.

The Posh Beanbag is made up of 100% polyester material. It is the ideal size for kids. The beanbag for children is fun furniture for children which decorates the bedroom or/and playroom. Its cover is removable which makes it easier to wash it and replace the old cover with a new one.

This is the image of Posh beanbag for kids



12. Butterfly Craze Stuff N Sit Bag

This Butterfly Craze Stunned animal storage beanbag and chair comes in several attractive colors to the delight of your children. Apart from being a comfortable chair that your kids relax in, it also helps reduce the dispersion of stuffed animals all over the house. This small beanbag chair helps to store and keep the house organized with its space for lots of stuffed animals, giant teddy bear or small comfy animals.

For maximum durability, the material used in making this beanbag is of sterling quality and double stitched. It also comes with metal zippers, is flame retardant, dryable and hypoallergenic.

This is the image of Butterfly Craze Stuff N Sit Bag


13. Frozen’s Nylon beanbag

The movie Frozen 2 by Disney is an exciting and fantastic movie that millions of kids all over the world have watched. Imagine their excitement and joy when you gift them the Frozen 2 Kids Nylon Chair bean bag. I can imagine the feeling, absolutely glorious.

The beanbag is more than just a lovely design themed around the movie Frozen 2, it is high quality and durable beanbag which is fun to play with. It encourages kids to tidy up their space by storing their toys into the beanbag. The beanbag for kids is light and easy to move around.

This is the image of Frozen's Nylon beanbag


14. Unicorn storage bean bag for kids

Girls love unicorn, they are the dream pet every little girl wants to have. The Unicorn Bean Bag with built-in storage by Square Poseidon is a beautiful and fun girl bean bag chair. The built-in storage of the beanbag can store up to 90 stuffed animal toys.

The unicorn-themed choice also has pockets that can be used to store hard objects such as books, dolls, and other hard toys. It is an excellent organizational tool to help girls better organize their space. It is the perfect gift for children for special occasions such as birthdays and festive celebrations such as New Year, Christmas and Easter.

This is the image of Unicorn storage bean bag for kids


15. Inflatable highback beanbag chair

This Inflatable bag bed chair is not like other beanbags as it can be used as a kids’ beanbag or as an adult high back beanbag, as the case may be. This inflatable beanbag is made from high-quality PVC polyester and is not only water and stain resistant but also comes with a fire retardant back coating. This piece is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use whether relaxing in a living room or use at a garden.

Apart from the aesthetical appeal which this bag gives, it is also very comfortable too with the sizing of 110cm by 85cm to accommodate people of different height and sizes.

This is the image of Inflatable highback beanbag chair


16. CALA Cotton canvas chair for kids

The stuffed animal storage beanbag chair by CALA is the perfect toy storage bag for kids. It is made up of 100% cotton material and suitable for kids of all ages (it comes in different sizes). There are 10 color formats available: yellow stripe, animal print, blue ripple, blue stripe, camouflage, cow print, dog color, star color, triangle print, and yellow ripple.

The storage beanbag by CALA is the extra motivation needed by kids to tidy up their rooms. It is a lovely gift idea for kids for birthday celebrations, visitation gifts and festive celebrations such as Easter and Christmas.

This is the image of CALA Cotton canvas chair for kids


17. BROLEX Extra large beanbag chair 

The stuffed animals’ bean bag chair by BROLEX made up of stuffed animals, pillows and cushions, towels and blankets and dress-up clothes. All these items are inside the chair which makes it extra comfortable and soft for children to play on. The size of the chair made of stuffed animals is extra large and it has an attractive blue covering which has images of animals and plants on it.

It can be used as a storage bag for keeping stuffed animals, towels and blankets, pillows and cushions and other children clothing. It is a cool unisex toy for both boys and girls.

This is the image of BROLEX Extra large beanbag chair 


18. Disney’s Minnie Mouse Toddler Beanbag

Children are fans of Disney’s famous Minnie Mouse, it is one of the cartoons on TV that excites kids. Getting them a nice option that has a Minnie Mouse design will score you high approval rating by kids. The Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Sofa Chair is a lovely gift idea for toddler girls. The pink color toddler bean bag is super comfortable for girls to sit on and play with.

Little girls can do a variety of activities on this cool furniture such as reading interesting books, watching television and playing video games. It is lightweight which makes it easy to move it from one place to another.

This is the image of Disney’s Minnie Mouse Toddler Beanbag


19. Jordan Jr. Sports Print toddlers chair

This junior print collection chair features a durable spun polyester cover and is stuffed with 100% polystyrene beads. Your child will enjoy reading, studying, watching a movie or playing video games in comfort and style. It comes in a variety of fun, vibrant colors.

This isn’t boring furniture; the chairs are created for spaces that need awesome comfort. The bottom line is, they are made to care for your buttocks.

Take the beanbag anywhere; the beach, the golf course, your kids’ parent-teacher conference. There is no such thing as too much seating and the chairs are made to see the world. If things start to get a little flat, don’t worry.

This is the image of Jordan Jr. Sports Print toddlers chair


20. Gomoji Emoji themed chair for kids

The Emoji Simply Relax Bean Bag Chair by GoMoji is a cool chair for children; it is designed in a popular emoji. The smiling emoji which has a super friendly face can make kids also smile and be comfortable around it. It has a velvety texture which makes it suitable for relaxation. Kids get the opportunity to sit and play with their favorite emoji. Like other stuffed animals’ chairs, this one is light in weight and easily portable.

The chair for children can be used anywhere, it can be used in the playroom, bedroom, living room, daycare, classroom and even outdoors.

This is the image of Gomoji Emoji themed chair for kids


Overall Best Buy

Your kids deserve the best, that is why we carefully compiles the list above to feature the best beanbags for younger and older kids. In the list are kid beanbag chairs that are ideal for both boy and girl children. But of all the above, one stands out as the ultimate comfy snuggly kid’s chair.

The Inflatable highback beanbag is the best of the best, as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Another reason this is our top choice is because of the durable construct with non-hazardous materials. It’s comfortable and stylish gives the room a vibrant color, it is water-resistant and as such is versatile.


Best Budget Buy

If you are looking to add some vibrancy to your kid’s room with the addition of a small kids chair, without compromising the financial position of the family. Then we have just the right one for you, the WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Chair.

For a fraction of the price of most of the other beanbags on this list, you get a comfortable chair that is generously sized and made from premium cotton fabric. This chair will turn the chaos formed with littered stuff animals into a comfortable seat for kids and adults alike.


Where to buy bean bag chairs for kids?

These comfortable chairs for both adults and kids are highly sought after. As such, you can walk into any store and be baffled with a lot of choices to choose from. Most stores would have a sizeable amount with different patterns and designs to choose from.

To ease the stress of having to go around stores, you can shop online. Most online stores would give you many choices at competitive prices. But make sure you check reviews by other shoppers that have ordered similar items.

How to make kid’s bean bags

In less than 30 minutes you can have your home made little kiddies chair ready, and this is how:

Step 1: Choose the right material. It has to be high-quality, durable and easy to wash.

Step 2: Cut 2 fabrics to 45″ x 32″. The fabrics can be complimentary patterned to give a two-toned look.

Step 3: Turn the right sides together, and use a zigzag stitch to avoid fraying. Then go ahead to straight stitch the same edges.

Step 4: Proceed to fold the fabrics in half, and match up the sewn edges.

Step 5: From the side folded, round one of the ends and remove 6″ of material from corner.

Step 6: Open the fabric up to expose a symmetrical curve on one side. Zigzag the raw edge and close again with a straight stitch.

Step 7: Open the unsewn egde and fold in half.

Step 8: Into the center of the opening, sew a 22″ zipper. preferably an invisible zipper.

Step 9: Close the zipper edge with a straight stitch on both sides.

Step 10: Turn the beanbag right side out and fill with just enough beans!

Why kid’s benefit from bean bag chairs

These chairs are more mobile than most furniture. They are easy to customize and much more mobile, they add an extra texture to the room. Beanbag chairs are another level of comfort, kids have fun playing with them. And unlike other furniture, it is easier to wash them when they get dirty.