Best Personalised Enamel Mugs for Kids

image of white mug with marvel superheroes printed

Enamel Mugs are the perfect do-it-all tableware. Not too heavy or too light, very nimble and considerably more durable than ceramic or plastic mugs. It is suitable for everyday use, but even more ideal for outdoor events like camping, as the mug can be placed over an open fire.

These mugs for children are even more interesting as personalized kids mugs. The difference is that the mug is customized and stand out from the rest, making them personalized gifts, signature and distinct for your special one.

Before you are ready to go shopping and purchase one or more of these beautiful kids’ mugs, there are a couple of things you need to consider. These factors would see to it that you buy the right one, and at the end of the day make of your little one a happy child.

Considerations when buying Enamel Mugs


The following are the things that must be put in mind to ensure that you get just the right one for your kid.

Age: This is a beautiful gift, as it usually comes with a lot of detail. With beautiful patterns and interesting wordings, this gift can only truly be appreciated by kids aged 2 and above. The beautiful patterns stimulate their visual senses and develop their artistic senses.

Your Kid’s Preferences: The personalized mugs although beautiful are above all else gifts and they must be to the taste of the person being gifted. Your child would have said some things, or have a favorite TV show. Information like this would come in handy when choosing the right mug.

5 Best Personalized Kids Enamel Mugs

For you to buy only the best for your kid, and for your child to get the very best gift. This list has been compiled with 5 awesome mugs for you to choose from and make your little child very happy.

1. Marvel Retro Enamel Collection

We kick things off with something kids can not get enough of. Heroes! Coffee would taste better drinking out of this kids’ coffee mug. Kids love to feel closer to their heroes, and this Marvel Retro Mug would do just that. Measuring just about three and a half inches tall, with pictures of comic classics like Captain America, Hulk and Spider-Man featured. This would be some gift your child would not forget in a hurry.

Although this mug can not be used in dishwashers and microwaves, this beautifully made tableware would excite and interest all children aged 13 and above.

image of white mug with marvel superheroes printed

2. The DIY Customized Mugs

Sometimes you just want the mug to say something precise, and be signed to someone special. Maybe you want to surprise your baby girl or boy after an achievement. Maybe he got good grades and she did so well in her ballet class. And it could be that you want them to feel special and get them thoughtful gifts. Whichever the reason is if you want your kid’s mug to read exactly what you want it to. You would do good to check, where you would be treated to an assortment of laser-printed quality mugs that would serve the warmest coffee and tea, and at the same time share the love with your kids with every sip.

A sample image of the DIY customized mug with "Freddie, the Joker" printed

3. Andaz Press Enamel Camp Mug

Looking for the perfect Christmas enamel mug? Look no further, as this beautiful mug would put the widest smile on the face of all children. Printed beautifully on this mug is a trusty, smiley snowman with a carrot nose. This child-friendly image is sure to put your kid in a good mood. It would be a lot of fun drinking cold or hot beverages with this carefully crafted mug.

This mug is dishwasher safe, lightweight and just beautiful to look at. Get this mug for your children and watch them beam with joy.

image of a white enamel mug with the face of a snowman

4. The Adventure Begins

Actions speak louder than words, sometimes you do not need to talk about it. The right gift would do the trick. If your child is looking to go on a trip, camping or just exploring the outdoors. This small enamel mug sends a message of confidence and at the same time appreciation. Gifting this mug would build confidence and encourage your child to take on adventures and be self-reliant.

Aside from the sentimental value attached, the mugs are made from quality material and would keep all beverages as hot or cold as needed.

image of black enamel mug with 'adventure begins' printed

5. Molly & Rex Retro Mug

Cameras are interesting gadgets, they capture different moments and allow those moments to be relived over and over. This mug has stylish retro cameras printed on it, giving a nostalgic feeling to whoever is being gifted and at the same time full appreciation of how technology as advanced with trusty cameras changing through the times but still enabling us to capture beautiful moments all the same.

This mug can not be used in a dishwasher and can only be hand washed. This mug is interesting and at the same time functional, your kid would be gladdened when presented with this personalized enamel mug.

image of white mug with retro cameras printed on it

Overall Best Buy

All the mugs listed above are of the best quality and would make awesome gift ideas or Christmas presents for kids. The above list was collated with quality in mind and the happiness of the children too. But of all the mugs ideal for kids, one stands out as the best of the best. The DIY Personalized Mugs.

Why? Easy! It does not get more personalized than being able to choose exactly what would be printed on the mug. You could decide to write your child’s name or pet name, write whatever feat has been accomplished or just simply appreciate your kid, and show that he or she is being loved. And that truly sets this enamel mug aside.

Best Budget Buy

A lot of people would love to get the perfect gift, and at the same time get the best value from their purchase. This does not necessarily mean cheap in all cases, just getting the best from the money spent. And in this case, the best budget option without any doubt is the ‘Adventure Begins’ Mug.

It is relatively affordable compared to other mugs on this list, and also blends, beauty, and functionality just fine. To get the right mug at an awesome price, look no further than this elegantly designed mug.

Can Kids Drink Out of Enamel Mugs?

Yes! The mugs are safe, there is no need to worry about any sort of contamination. As the porcelain protects the steel and as such can rest assured that there is no metal making contact with your tea, coffee or any other beverage being served.