Best Piano for Kids in 2020

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Pianos have been around for quite some time and have not stopped to awe and amaze us with the beautiful sounds they produce. If you want to get a piano for your kid and feel overwhelmed with the choices available on the market, we are here to simplify that choice. Here in this piece, we will highlight 25 of the best kids piano which you can choose from. Getting the perfect toy for a kid can be tedious and we know this which is why we have curated this killer list which covers children of all ages.

Considerations on Choosing Pianos for Kids


When shopping for pianos, you will need to consider some factors which will guide you into making the right choices. Although each child is unique from the other, there are one or two general factors which affect if a piano would be right for them or not and these are:

Age: This list contains a wide array of pianos for different ages of children it would be counter-intuitive to buy a toddler piano for a 7 year old boy or girl. Ensure you take note of the age requirement of each piano before you make up your mind or decide which piano to buy for your kid.

Play Area: Some pianos are significantly larger than others therefore it is harder for these pianos to fit into smaller spaces. If your child’s play area is small, ensure that you purchase a keyboard that will fit perfectly into that space. Buying a large keyboard without the corresponding space to fit it would defeat the purpose and prevent your child from having fun.

25 Best Piano for Kids

In this section, we have outlined the best pianos available on the market. You will see which of the pianos are just right for your child as we have curated this list to cater for children of all ages. We are sure that you will find something which your child will enjoy on this list. Ensure you do extra research into the piano you pick to confirm that it would be a suitable match for your child’s age and skill. Here are the 25 top kids pianos:

  1. Conomus Piano

The piano keyboard for kids by Conomus is an educational musical instrument that kids can use as a first step towards learning how to play the piano. It is the perfect toy gift for kids for special occasions such as birthdays and festive occasions such as Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations.

The pink mini toy piano is suitable for girls. It is a wonderful early musical experience for kids. It helps develop creativity, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills. The toy piano has over 22 cool and fun demo songs which can be played with the option of 4 musical and 8 percussion instruments.

This is the image of Conomus Piano for Kids


  1. ToyVelt Toy Piano

Kids love musical instruments, they love singing and dancing. The toy piano for toddler girls by Toyvelt is a cute piano toy for kids. It has a built-in microphone for singing while playing the musical instrument.

It is the best gift idea for girls. It is a lovely gift for special occasions such as birthdays and festive occasions such as New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations.

The pink mini piano toy for girls is an interactive educational tool that kids can use to learn their first musical instrument. It is never too early to give children musical education. Music helps improve hearing abilities.

This is the image of ToyVelt Toy Piano


  1. Nicknack Piano Toy

The piano toy keyboard for children by Nicknack is a lovely, fun and exciting toy that children will enjoy playing with. It is particularly suitable for a year old baby. The black mini keyboard is the perfect gift toy for kids. It can also serve as gifts for festive occasions such as New year, Christmas and Easter celebrations.

The mini piano is designed to give educational value to kids. It helps develop vital skills such as hand-eye coordination skills, cognition skills, hearing abilities, and memory. It comes with various external equipment such as the microphone and external cables.

This is the image of Nicknack Piano Toy


  1. aPerfectLife Keyboard for Kids

The mini keyboard for kids by perfect Life is a beautiful musical instrument for kids. It has 37 keys and it is portable. It is the perfect musical instrument to aid kids in early learning. It is fun and exciting to play with, kids love dancing and singing to its melodious tones.

It has 8 different kinds of musical instrument tones and 8 rhythms.

It helps kids develop vital skills such as healing abilities, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination skills. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic. It has a light blue attractive color design which kids love.

This is the image of aPerfectLife Keyboard for Kids


  1. Sommer Piano

The kids mini piano toy by Sommer is an exciting toy piano gift idea for kids. The pink piano toy is suitable for girls. It is a lovely musical instrument for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays and festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter celebrations.

It is the perfect music learning instrument for kids that are musically inclined.

It has 24 keys and encourages kids to express themselves through singing, dancing and playing. Kids are going to have a lot of awesome playing experience with this tool. It makes learning fun and engaging. Kids develop musical skills and fine motor skills with this pink toy piano.

This is the image of Sommer Kids Piano


  1. Reditmo Toy Keyboard

The kid’s keyboard toy by Reditmo is another exciting piano toy that kids are going to love playing with. The keyboard has 24 keys and a microphone for kids which they can use to enjoy the Karaoke experience. The pink and purple mini piano is an engaging educational toy music instrument that will give kids their first real piano lessons.

Inside the package are a drum toy with a mini keyboard, a microphone, 2 stands, and 2 lines. The mini piano can play over 8 kinds of musical instrument sounds violin, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, organ, synthesizer, vibraphone and music box. It helps stimulate kid’s musical intelligence from a young age.

This is the image of Reditmo Toy Keyboard


  1. Little Princess Keyboard

The kid’s keyboard toy by BAOLI is a lovely gift idea for little princesses. The mini keyboard for kids has 37 keys and a comfortable bench to sit while playing. It also has a microphone that kids can use to sing while playing the keyboard. The pink kids’ piano is suitable for girls.

It can connect to other devices such as MP3, iPad, and mobile phones.

It is the perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays and visitations, and festive occasions like Christmas, New York, and Easter celebrations. There are over 22 lovely pieces of demo music stored in the piano device for kids.

This is the image of Little Princess Keyboard


  1. LilPals’ Child Piano

The child prodigy piano by LilPal is a lovely piano learning tool for children that are blessed with musical skills. It makes four different musical instrument sounds: piano, trumpet, guitar, and violin. It is available in 3 colors: red, pink and blue.

The mini keyboard toy for kids is safe to play with, interactive and easy to use. The toy piano is the perfect learning piano for kids that show promise and interest in music. It can be gotten as a birthday gift, for a visit, Christmas and Easter celebrations. It helps develop vital skills such as musical skills, cognition skills, and hearing abilities.

This is the image of LilPals' Child Piano


  1. RenFox Portable Keyboard

The piano keyboard for kids by RenFox is the perfect musical companion for kids. The keyboard is designed to look as close to the adult keyboard as possible. The mini keyboard for kids has 61 keys which offer more musical sound options. The average kids toy keyboard. Despite its size, it is light and portable.

The toy keyboard for kids has a microphone for a sing-along. The mini keyboard can play 6 demo songs. The quality of the sound produced by the instrument is high and excellent. It also has 16 tones. The keyboard is a lovely educational tool for kids, it has 3 teaching modes.

This is the image of RenFox Portable Keyboard


  1. BIGFUN Electronic Piano

There are a number of pianos in the market but the best one that really takes the numero uno position is BIGFUN 61 Keys Multifunction Portable Electronic Kids Piano. This keyboard serves as an early learning educational toy to help them learn music and keyboard playing in an interesting way.

This keyboard can be used for multiple functions since it comes with several exciting features like a detachable microphone, keyboard drum, record playback function, and automatic standby sleep function. The keyboard is made of high-quality sturdy material, making it less prone to damage. This keyboard will surely help your kid in making melodious music and tunes.

This is the image of BIGFUN Electronic Piano


  1. WOSTOO Piano Keyboard

If your kid is a music lover, then you would want to buy him this piano. WOSTOO Piano Keyboard is a wonderful digital music piano that your kids can use to make music. This wonderful music intelligence toy comes with exciting features like 16 kinds of timbre, 8 kinds of percussion instrument recording,  6 demos and several others.

This piano comes with manual instructions that will guide your kids on its usage. Also, you can connect this musical piano with your mobile phone or MP3 to play music or stories with the keyboard. This is a perfect gift for your kid to start learning the keyboard.

This is the image of WOSTOO Piano Keyboard


  1. MagDurnus Portable Keyboard

Looking for the best piano that can help develop your kid’s music culture and literacy from an early age? Then go for MagDurnus 54-key Portable Electronic  Keyboard. This kids mini size electronic keyboard has several cool features that will stimulate your child’s interest in learning keyboard. These features include LED Digital Display, 28 Color Multifunction Buttons, an external speaker, a learning function record and several others.

The recording and playback function with a microphone and external speakers allow your kid to sing and record his voice. This 54-key standard keyboard is lightweight and portable, making it easy and convenient to carry around.

This is the image of MagDurnus Portable Keyboard


  1. ASTOTSELL Piano

One of the best portable pianos you can give your kids as a gift is ASTOTSELL Portable Kids Piano Keyboard. This is a 37-key electronic musical instrument that will serve as an early educational tool for your kid to learn keyboard. With this portable kid’s keyboard, your kid can l record and playback custom music and as well play for fun with 8 different instrument sounds such as trumpet, violin, piano and music box.

ASTOTSELL keyboard also features 8 rhythms that your kid can switch between such as samba, blues, rock, disco, and slow rock. With 24 demo songs and MP3 play function, your kid is in for hours of fun playing with this keyboard.

This is the image of ASTOTSELL Kids Piano


  1. M SANMERSEN Piano

Your kids deserve the best in everything. Even when giving them a piano.  SANMERSEN Piano for Kids is one of the best pianos in the market, that you can gift your kid. This 61-Key educational piano keyboard comes with certain features that make it a top choice of consumers. It comes with an LCD screen display, built-in record and playback function, 16 tones, 10 rhythms, 6 demos, 8 percussion kinds of melody.

The piano keyboard features demonstration songs for beginners to help them imitate and learn faster. The mini microphone feature allows kids to sing and record while playing the piano. This kid’s keyboard piano is made of high quality and ABS toxic-free material making it durable and safe for use.

This is the image of M SANMERSEN Kids Piano


  1. ROFAY Piano

A top kids piano should have several features that will keep your kid entertained while playing with it. One of the best pianos with exciting features is ROFAY Piano. This is a 37-Key Multi-function Electronic Organ for kids that will help them start practicing keyboards at an early age.

Some of the cool features of this teaching keyboard include MP3 music function, record, and playback mode.  and several others. The MP3 music and karaoke function allow your children to play and sing along to the music with the included wired microphone. With the record and playback mode, you can record and monitor your kid’s performance on the keyboard.

This is the image of ROFAY Kids Piano


  1. MUKIKIM Flexible Piano

Pianos can be very beautiful too, and  MUKIKIM Rock And Roll It – Rainbow Piano is just the perfect prove to that statement. This piano by MUKIKIM comes in a very beautiful rainbow color that your kids will fall in love with at first sight. It is a 49 standard keys piano that can be powered by batteries or USB.

An amazing perk of this keyboard is its flexibility and portability. When you are done playing with it, you can easily roll it back into its box and carry it anywhere. Its features include a unique Play-By-Color song booklet, multiple keyboard tones, and demo songs.

This is the image of MUKIKIM Flexible Piano


  1. Shayson

An affordable and multifunctional piano that you can give your kid on his/her next birthday is Shayson Piano. This 37 Keys portable kids piano has several likable features which include 8 tones, 8 rhythms, and 10  demos. The piano also has special sound effects like animal sounds and drum sounds to keep play fun.

The record and playback function of the piano allows your kids to record their songs and monitor their performances on the keyboard.  The piano keyboard has 2 special function keys- Conversion key and OKON. The conversion key is used for switching sound effects while OKON key is useful for playing background music from demos.

This is the image of Shayson Kids Piano


  1. Toonit Keyboard Set

Only one piano can give your kid all the fun he/she desires from a musical toy and that is Toonit Jamz Girls & Boys Keyboard & Drum Set with Children’s Musical Instrument. All the features you are looking for in a kid’s musical instrument is in Toonit Multi-functional instrument center. It comes with a Piano, Electronic Drum Set, Kid Microphone, Sing-Along Play, and Colorful Lights. It basically has everything your kids will need to rock and roll.

The Electronic keyboard is 8-labeled and comes with easy touch keys. Other features of this musical instrument include a built-in microphone, 4 music cards, 4 colorful lights that are activated by music play, 4 dance-rhythm buttons, and several other cool add-ons.

This is the image of Toonit Keyboard Set


  1. Costzon Toy Keyboard

Want to give your kid something classy for his/ her birthday then this top piano by Costin will do the job. Costin 37-key keyboard comes with 8 rhythms that switch between jazz, march, samba, disco, country, twist, waltz, and rock, giving your kid more fun ways to play along. It also features 8 kinds of instrument sounds, 4 kinds of percussion sounds and adjusted volume and speed to play freely.

This keyboard is durable and made with non-toxic ABS material that ensures your kid’s safety. What makes this keyboard special and classy is it’s an attractive pink and white color design and other cool features like a bench, detachable legs, built-in MP3 songs, microphone and record playback.

This is the image of Costzon Toy Keyboard


  1. Lightahead Electronic Keyboard

The HS-3211A electronic organ keyboard is a beautiful and exciting toy piano for kids. The keyboard is portable and can easily be moved from one position to another. The toy piano brings a lot of fun and excitement to kids’ play. It is available in 2 colors: black for boys and pink for girls.

The mini piano has 32 keys and a microphone that lets kids sing along as they play the piano. It is an engaging educational tool for kids and an interactive musical instrument. It helps develop kids’ musical talents from a young age. It is the perfect gift idea for kids.

This is the image of Lightahead Electronic Keyboard


  1. Liberty Imports Pink Piano 

This colorful and fun 32 key piano is great for singing and playing at the same time. It comes with a microphone and 32 different keys that your child can use. It is an awesome piano which any child would love to have. Although it is a kid’s piano, it could be a source of entertainment for the whole family.

Through continuous playing, your child will get exposed to different melodies, sounds, learn how to string various chords and more together, and create beautiful music. Bring out the musical genius in your child and encourage them to create music by buying this piano today.

This is the image of Liberty Imports Kids Piano


  1. WITKA Piano

This beautiful electronic piano for kids is a work of art. It comes with a durable microphone that your child can use to record new sounds. There are pre-recorded sounds and melodies which your kid can use to create new music. Imagination and creativity are two things that help your child’s brain develop and this piano allows your child to imagine and create.

It is suitable for first-time players as they can easily pick up the skill with this beginner-friendly piano. Playing the keyboard would also allow your child to develop motor skills and this is especially true in younger children. Allow your child to feel the rhythm and enjoy new sounds by purchasing this awesome piano.

This is the image of WITKA Kids Piano


  1. JINRUCHE Electronic Keyboard

Looking for a piano for a child? Looking for a topnotch kid’s electric piano? Look no further as this Piano will suit your child perfectly. It is multi-functional and has 8 rhythms, 6 tones, 4 percussion sounds, and other goodies. Your child will become a pro in no time at all playing with this piano. The piano would build motor skills and creativity within your child unlocking potentials you never knew existed.

The piano is made from top-grade plastic which will have no negative effect on your kid’s body or skin. It has a rounded edge design to protect your child from any falling accidents. It has 37 keys which make it a well sought after piano.

This is the image of JINRUCHE Electronic Keyboard


  1. Playkidz Electronic Keyboard

This is the best piano keyboard for beginners especially Little kids and toddlers. It comes with pre-recorded songs for each of the ten keys and is guaranteed to make your child very happy. It also helps them with pattern recognition and develops their cognitive abilities. This is also a good way to introduce your child to the world of music and entertainment.

Give your little one this gift of five rocking tunes that they can enjoy and play with. The piano is very kid-friendly as the edges are rounded and the keys are easy to use. Buy this piano and watch your child create and produce masterpieces.

This is the image of Playkidz Electronic Keyboard


  1. Fisher-Price Piano

If you have a baby, then this piano is a perfect fit for them. It is designed for toddlers and is a good way to introduce them to the world of music. This piano has pre-recorded tunes that your child would absolutely love as they play with it. The easy and soft keys allow even a toddler to play the piano successfully without any outside help.

The piano is made from the finest quality plastics and it meets all the safety requirements. The backlights which are proved to match the sound from the keyboard add an extra layer of engagement to the keyboard.

This is the image of Fisher-Price Piano


Overall Best Buy

Our overall best buy for this piano list is the RenFox portable keyboard. It comes with a microphone for recording but what really sets it apart is its portability and ability to fit into small spaces. When you buy this keyboard, it is relatively easy for you to use it even if your living area is small. Its extra microphone, sleek design, and portability make it our well deserved overall best buy.


Best Budget Buy

Our best budget buy for this list is aPerfectLife Keyboard for Kids which is a 37 key fun and useful keyboard. Children love to play with this keyboard because it’s useful to both beginners and advanced players. Buying this keyboard would greatly improve your child’s playing abilities and give them all-round fun indoors. The piano is very affordable to do if you are on a budget buy it to get more value for less money.


What are the different Pianos Suitable for kids?

Selecting a piano that will be suitable for your kid would require you to determine what exactly your kid would want. Some kids would prefer one piano over another for many different reasons. On this list, we have different pianos that are suitable for different ages and genders. You would also have to consider the unique qualities of your child and how proficient they already are with a keyboard because some pianos are more beginner-friendly than others.

How to play the piano for kids

Kids’ pianos come in different shapes and sizes. These pianos can all be played at different levels in different ways. Your kids would play the piano to the extent of their proficiency and skill. Typically to play the piano, they will need to press the keys to trigger the sound of certain notes. Combining these notes will create different melodies and rhythms which become music.

When to start piano lessons for kids

Different kids have different learning patterns and speeds. If your child begins to develop a liking for the piano at an early age and can use the keys to create sound, you can gradually begin to teach them until you hire a teacher to deliver structured learning. Children are different and you will need to study your child to determine when you think they are ready so you can begin formal instructions and teaching.