Best Camera for Teens into Photography

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The teenage stage comes with a lot of surprises. Most teenagers usually have a lot going on for them at every point in time. From trying to connect with family, socialize with friends and discover or rediscover oneself. This usually means that they have to explore and try out new things. Pick up new hobbies and investigate new interests.

With the world being so wonderful and colorful, it’s no surprise that teen children look into capturing and saving these moments. What better way to do so than with one of the best digital cameras for teenagers.

Considerations when purchasing cameras for teens


When buying cameras and other gadgets for your teenage children, some factors have to be considered. To ease and to further simplify your purchase choice, we have listed the factors below

Age: Teenage years fall between 13 and 19 years. All children with ages within this range are all in their teen years, but there’s still a wide gap between them. So their gadgets would need to show this age gap.

You would want to purchase easy to use cameras for the younger teens, and cameras that allow for more edits and customization for the older teens.

Available Memory: Memory is a very important factor when buying a camera. Some have in-built memory space but is not always enough to capture all the moments. So it is advised that you buy one that allows for external memory to be added.

Most of the soon to be listed cameras come with external memory, the bigger the memory space the more pleasurable the photography experience.

Battery Capacity: To bring out the best of your camera, you would need to be able to use it extensively after each charge. It would dampen spirits if you need to plug it in too frequently. So a camera with a large battery to handle all the tasks thrown at it would go a long way in maximizing performance and enjoying the whole experience.

Camera Resolution: The images and videos created by any camera or camcorder depend majorly on the resolution of the cameras. The higher the camera resolution, the clearer and more interesting the pictures and videos created. 

20 Best Digital camera for teenagers

If your teenage child is looking to get a camera. Just to explore the world around him, or a good starter camera to start photography. Look no further, below is a compiled list of the best camera gear around.

1. Fujifilm Instax Camera

Looking for a good camera that is suitable for teenagers? The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is a wonderful choice. The camera for teenagers is very easy to use and it is useful for teens that have some interests in photography but have very limited knowledge. This teen camera will make the learning experience easier.

The teen camera comes with 2 packs of Instant film and a colorful accessories bundle kit. You can get an instant print of your pictures with this camera. The icy blue teen camera will stand you out in the crowd and give you the wow factor.

This is an image of teen's instant mini camera pack in blue color


2. GoPro’s Hero 7

If you love adventure and you love pictures then this camera is on you’ll love. It is built to take the best pictures in the most rugged of environments. The Go Pro Hero 7 is an awesome camera for teenagers since they are usually the ones with the adventure spirit. It has an interactive touch screen, it is waterproof, has voice control and a host of other cool features.

The last thing you need to know about this camera is it shoots 4k video which is a big plus. You cannot go wrong with this camera.

This is an image of Teen's gopro hero7 in grey color

3. Yisence Digital Camera

This amazing camera offers a wide array of cool features that will intrigue and excite. It is waterproof, has a 16× zoom capacity and supports continuous shooting. You do not have to stop your fun when the battery goes low as this camera is equipped with a charge and use mode. It is a great companion on road trips and has an expandable memory of up to 128GB.

Taking pictures and storing them could sometimes be a hassle, this camera makes all those problems go away.

This is an image of Teen's Waterproof digital camera in black and blue colors

4. Kodak PIXPRO FZ43 Camera

This high-quality camera from Kodak that is suitable for teens will get you preoccupied and fascinated. If you are not a fan of the photography process, you will when your hands and eyes fall on this quality teen camera.

The camera for teenagers is extremely adaptive and can function in a variety of situations. Its output is of good quality, it produces high-resolution pictures and videos.

The red camera is a beauty and you can easily become the cynosure of all eyes just by holding it. It is the perfect camera for teenagers interested in photography and also useful for casual purposes.

This is an image of Teen's kodak Pixpro digital camera pack

5. AKASO EK7000 Touchscreen Camera

Enjoy this lovely teen camera from AKASO, it is built with touch screen functionality and a sleek design that will push you to own it. The 2-inch touch screen camera is a very sensitive and well-thought-out innovation.

The image stabilization feature makes your pictures and videos appear more smooth, stable and steady on delivery. The intelligent teen camera is swift to stabilize your images for the best quality.

You can also use the camera as far as 131 feet underwater. This ideal teenager’s camera comes with a powerful waterproof case. It also has a wireless remote control and a built-in Wi-Fi for greater camera control and photos and video sharing.

This is an image of Teen's akaso action camera in black color

6. Vmotal Starter Camera

This learning camera for teenagers is an excellent device for those with little photography knowhow. Instead of struggling with a more complicated camera as a beginner, why not start with an easier one? The Vmotal camera is dubbed the best starter camera for photography.

Nobody likes reading the long boring camera manuals that come with those advanced cameras, as a beginner, the Vmotal camera is just right for you. It is also recommended for kids, students and just about any beginner in photography.

It comes in two colors: red and black, the red slightly more expensive than the black. A major flaw is that when using the video playback on the device, the device does not play out the sound.

This is an image of Teen's digital camera in black color

7. Kodak PIXPRO Zoom FZ53

Another high-quality camera by Kodak, this camera device for teens is available in three colors: black, blue and red. The design of the FZ53 camera  is slim and attractive to the eyes. The camera is portable and can easily fit into the pocket. The pocket-size design helps you carry it around easily without having to carry a camera bag.

With the push of a button, you can take instant and high-quality photos and videos. One special feature of this device for teens is that it offers a 5x optical zoom capacity that helps you capture the perfect photos and videos. This is the ideal digital camera for teenagers.

This is an image of Teen's Kodak friendly zoom

8. Polaroid Instant Camera

This camera for teens that has an attractive and charming design is available in seven colors: black, blue, navy blue, pink, purple, red and white. The camera is fast, easy to use and fun; these three features make it the perfect camera choice for teens.

The Polaroid digital camera is a vintage classic and uses the Zink zero ink technology to print out photos. The technology takes care of messy inks and expensive toner situations for your physical photos. Take a picture now and you get the printed copy in a minute. All you got to do is point, snap and print and your 2×3″ print is ready.

This is an image of Teen's polaroid snap instant in purple color

9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Film Camera

Teenagers love taking pictures, whether it is a simple selfie or a group picture, pictures and videos are an everyday reality for teenagers. Surprise your teenagers today by getting them one of these digital cameras for teenagers by Fujifilm.

The Fujifilm Instant Mini 90 Instant Film Camera is available is easy to use and fun. The attractive design adds to the thrill and pride of ownership.

The Instant Mini 90 automatically detects the brightness in the surroundings and adjust the shutter speed and intensity of the flash for clearer, crisper images. It comes with kids mode that makes it ideal for capturing kids, your pets and other fast moving objects.

This is an image of Teen's fujifilm instant mini camera in silver and brown color


10. Canon Powershot ELPH 180 Camera

Canon is a powerful and reputable brand that is trusted worldwide to produce good quality camera devices. It is in this rich tradition of quality and trust that the Canon PowershotELPH 180 Digital Camera was created.

It is a suitable teens’ camera and helps enhance teenagers’awareness of life while impacting photographing skills. The camera comes in two exciting colors: red and silver. Some of the features of this teens’ camera include: Optical Image Stabilization for clear and smooth pictures and videos, an 8x optical zoom lens for a wider zooming range, a cleaning pen, Transcend 16GB Memory Card and 5 piece cleaning kit.

This is an image of Teen's canon powershot Digital Camera pack

11. Canon Powershot SX540 HS Camera

The Canon SX540 digital camera is not the cheapest on the market, it is ideal for older teenagers looking to take photography seriously. It is very easy to fall in love with the Canon Powershot SX540 Digital Camera, it’s sturdy build just makes it ideal for capturing moments. People who have bought this camera say it is love at first capture.

This camera has some amazing features. The 50x Optical Zoom, an Intelligent Image Stabilizer helps you capture clear images with relative ease. It also allows for full video recording and has built-in WiFi. Even if you are a novice in photography, the smart auto-detects the scene and adjusts the settings accordingly.

This is an image of Teen's canon powershot SX540 with Memory cards in black color

12. WONGKUO Action Camera

Capture amazing moments and great memories with WONGKUO upgraded action digital Camera. With built-in advanced electronic image stabilization, image and video can be stabilized when the camera is tilted, moved, and impacted, or when the subject is moving, giving you a great shooting experience.

It comes with an external microphone. This will help to reduce the noise and get better video sound, improves the quality of video and audio. It is the ideal Camera for YouTube Vloggers and Live Show as it makes your photography and videos more professional.

It is also equipped with a waterproof case, this waterproof camera can work deep into the water. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor sports such as diving, cycling, hiking, surfing, etc.

This is an image of Teen's

13. Nikon COOLPIX A10

Nikon is famous for its beauty and quality cameras; the Nikon COOLPIX A10 is another addition by Nikon to its famous collection. With this awesome camera for teens, you get to create wonderful memories and capture memorable moments and occasions with your friends, family and loved ones. Beyond capturing the picture, you can also record a quality HP 720p video.

The camera for teens comes with a good image sensor for capturing spectacular and wonderful photos and 5x Optical Zoom which allows you to zoom in and zoom out for better image and video captures. The lovely camera design is pocket-friendly and a cool gadget to own for teenagers.

This is an image of teen's nikon COOLPIX in silver color

14. KODAK Smile Instant Print Camera

Another awesome creation by KODAK, the KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera is available in five colors: black, blue, green, red and white. The camera for teens has a cool ergonomic design which allows you to slide open the camera with ease. This device makes capturing photos easy, all you have to do is slide open and snap or slide it shut and pocket the camera.

The camera for teens uses cool Zink paper to print physical images for you. The images print instantly after capture. It also uses Zink Zero Ink Technology which eliminates the use of messy ink that can get you stained.

This is an image of teen's instant digital camera in white color

15. MELCAM Digital Video Camera

Not many cameras are out there that can claim to be better than the MELCAM Digital Video Camera. It is an extremely useful camera for capturing high-quality photos and videos. It can also pass as a camera for teens.

The camera is made with social media networks in mind such as Youtube, it has a 1080P YouTube Camera with Wifi. If you own a YouTube channel, step up the video quality by using this powerful and quality camera. It has a high-quality image resolution of 24MP and an amazing 16x Digital Zoom which means you can zoom in and out a very long distance!

This is an image of teen's digital video camera with memory card in black color

16. Canon Powershot SX420 

The Canon PowerShot SX420 is a powerful and quality digital camera for teenagers. It is available in two classical colors: black and red. The teen camera is the perfect camera choice for young adults aspiring to become photographers. It has a 42x optical zoom feature which allows teenagers to take clear pictures of faraway images. Create lovely memories and capture unique and beautiful scenes with this camera.

The camera for young adults is portable and can be used to take pictures at events such as parties and official occasions. It has a built-in Wi-fi and NFC which allows easy sharing of the pictures taken on the camera.

This is an image of teen's canon SX420 in black color

17. Vlogging Digital Camera

Ever wonder what a digital camera with a flip screen looked like?, Nycetek Multifunction Digital Camera with Flip Screen is the right gadget to put an end to your imaginations.

With popular cameras in this age intended to be portable and particularly suitable for casual snapshots. This vlogging camera weighs only 415g, which is light and compact, ensuring the camera won’t get tired, even though one takes pictures/videos for a whole day.

It is quite easy to operate and user-friendly, you can press the “M” button to change from camera mode to video mode. It is a tailor-made perfect gift for Newbie/Students/Family to capture all memories.

This is an image of teen's digital camera in black color

18. EShake Digital Camera

Eshake HD Mini Digital Cameras for Kids and teenagers are a good bet for travel, camping, hiking, etc.

Take Good pictures by turning off macro mode, keep the camera steady making sure not to shake your hands until image finishes, and use the camera in full light places as it is not made for dark spaces.

With specifications as 2.7″ TFT LCD, 8X digital zoom, Anti-Shake, Face Detection, smile capture, continue shoot, Off/2s/5s/10s self-timer, SD Card support up to 32GB, Auto/Force/Red-eye reduction/Off flash, image sensor among others, but sure to get value for your money.

This is an image of teen's mini digital camera HD in gray color

19. Sony W800

The W800 by Sony is a portable and beautiful camera designed for adolescents. The camera comes with a 32GB Memory Card for memory storage of high-quality pictures and videos. It makes photography more fun and easier to do. It can also capture objects or images that are far away up to its 5x optical zoom range. T

he camera for adolescents can capture wide-angle images as a result of its awesome 26 mm lens. It is the perfect gift idea for teens either as a birthday gift or surprise gift. The camera comes with other accessories such as a brush pen, dust blower, camera case, and others.

This is an image of teen's sony W800 digital camera set in black color

20. Sony DSCW800

Another cool camera by Sony, the Sony DSCW800 20.1 MP digital camera is a silver camera that teenagers are going to love playing with. It has a 20.1-megapixel image sensor that aids the capturing of quality images. The camera for teens has a 5x optical zoom that captures far away images in a clear form as though it were close. It is the perfect camera for newbies with little or no photography skill or experience.

It has an easy mode which newbies can use to simplify the camera. The Sony camera has a cool smile detection and an intelligent auto mode that allows the camera to capture images automatically when it detects a smiling face.

This is an image of teen's Sony Digital camera 20 MP in silver color


Overall Best Buy

Our overall best digital camera for teenagers would be the GoPro Hero 7 white. You can do no wrong with this camera. The first thing that catches your attention is a simple, mature design. With two color variants to choose from, white and silver.

The GoPro 7 is the ideal indoor and outdoor camera, durably made, as it is waterproof. It comes with an intuitive touch screen that enables you to switch modes effortlessly. The GoPro cameras record videos in full HD and are also capable of shooting time-lapse videos.

The GoPro Hero 7 comes equipped with burst mode which allows you to take as much as 15 pictures in one second, so you do not miss any frame from your special moments.

This is an image of Teen's gopro hero7 in grey color


Best Budget Buy

Cameras are pricy gadgets, and not everybody is keen on spending a fortune to purchase on. If you would like to get a camera for your teenage child at home without putting a dent in your pocket, we have just the right one.

The EShake Mini digital camera has 8x digital zoom LCD, comes with a built-in flash and 720P for video recording. Which is more than enough firepower to take cool pictures of family and friends. An ideal gift idea for teenagers.

This is an image of teen's mini digital camera HD in gray color


Where to buy Cameras?

Cameras are in-demand gadgets, so you are sure to find it in every store you walk into. It’s best to only patronize reputable stores, so you do not end up buying cheap imitations of the product.

Another option would be to shop on the internet, make sure to read reviews from people that have bought the product, so you would have an idea of what to expect from the gadget.