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Best Indoor Slide for Toddlers

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Looking to find an indoor slide for your little toddler? Wondering what different types of slides are available? Are you that parent that is determined to choose a great slide? We have loads of different options and some great deals.

We know children like playing outside most of the time because that is usually where all the fun is. The grass, rain, snow, their friends and many other things to catch their eye and attention. As parents or guardians, we want them to have all the fun in the world, but most times we can not adequately supervise them when they are playing outside. So we end up trying to lure them inside with food, treats, and many other things. It works some times but most times they are too caught up in the fun and merry to have time for treats. Here is a solution, how about you take the fun and merry inside the house and they are sure to come with. 

How can you do this? Indoor toddler slides. They are safe, they are easy to store, they do not take too much space and they bring kids unlimited joy. But before you go to the store to purchase baby slides for your kid. There are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Considerations choosing indoor toy slides for kids


Safety: We all want our kids and wards to play, unwind and have a good time on their own. That is why we venture out to purchase gifts and toys for them. But the whole idea would be defeated if the very toy we buy for them causes them harm. So when shopping for slides for toddlers, their safety should be the priority. Check the strength of the materials from which it is made and the structural integrity of the construct.

Size: Another important factor to consider is the size of the toy you want to buy in comparison to the weight and height of your kid. You should see to it that the dimensions are compatible and a perfect fit for your kid. It would ruin the experience if your kid breaks the toy, or keeps falling off.

Age: How old your child is would determine what kind of material the slides are made of, the height of the slides, the ease of climb and the level of protection in the case of falls. So when you are in your favorite store, keep an eye out for the labels that indicate the age suitability.

Price: When making purchases, whether toys or not. The price for which it is being sold is very important. You want to make sure that you are getting the best out of your money. So make sure you compare prices from different vendors in a bid to save some money and get good quality items.

25 Best Indoor Slides for kids

We know there’s too many to choose from. So much it could confuse you and make your choice difficult, that is why we simplified the whole process for you by compiling this detailed list of the best toddler slide sets.

1. Step2 slide with sports extensions

Kids are the dreamers, the storytellers, the athletes, artists, and actors. They are the playtime visionaries ready to explore, think, and learn through uninhibited play. That is why this Step2 game time sports climber and slide was crafted to make playtime fun and educative.

Use the crawl-through space to make a quick getaway during a friendly game of tag. Large, smooth play slide allows little ones a quick ride down from the sports climber platform.

This slide is sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

This is the image of Step2 slide with sports extensions

2. Little Tikes Play Slide

The Little tikes slide although with a simple design is guaranteed to introduce your child to a whole lot of fun. To ensure the stability and the safety of the structure, it is constructed with wide bases and steps. The design makes it easy for your little child to gently but surely climb up the steps and slide down with the widest smile you can imagine.

The simplicity of the design also sees to it that the little tikes slide is relatively easy to set up and store as it requires no tools for neither. Getting this toy for your child would see his balance develop, and his coordination would get better.

This is the image of Little Tikes Play Slide

3. Sdoveb Basket Slide and Swing Combination

This product from sdoveb is a great toy choice for your toddler. The toy is a combo, featuring a slide, a swing, and a basketball hoop. It is wholly made from plastic, a great choice of material for children’s toys. It is perfectly built for the child’s maximum comfort, safety, as well as for the child’s exciting play adventures and entertainment.

The toy is not a complicated piece. It is pretty easy to assemble once purchased. It can be used indoors, and also outdoors. Purchase one of these today for your child’s maximum comfort and convenient indoor fun.

This is the image of Sdoveb Basket Slide and Swing Combination

4. Radio Flyer Ride On Ramp

This is a unique slide as it combines two things children like more, sliding around and wheels. Unlike other toddler slides, your child first sits on a car-sized to fit little children and then safely rolls down a 6-foot track. There are no safety problems as guardrails have been included in the construct.

This beautiful toy enables your child to develop socially as he gets to play with his car slide toy with friends and family while developing his motor and coordination skills.

This is the image of Radio Flyer Ride On Ramp

5. LAZY BUDDY Toddler Slides

This gift is a bundle of joy and would excite any kid at first sight. It’s beautiful and attractive color helps kids develop their visual senses. Asides its aesthetics, the slide is multifunctional as the toddler playset comes with a slide, a basketball hoop, and space beneath where your child can explore and have even more fun.

Made from kid-friendly, non-hazardous materials. Your child would be safe as he plays, learns and develops his motor and social skills.

This is the image of LAZY BUDDY Toddler Slides

6. Step2 Sport-Tastic Playset

The step 2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center is the perfect toy for your little kids between 12 months and 3 years to engage their motor skills while having fun.

The toy comes with two junior steps that the kids could climb up to the top, before receiving the reward of a slide down the slide.
It also comes with a mini sports center for your little one to practice three different sports. There is a soccer goal, a basketball hoop(with a toddler size basketball), and a tethered baseball with a toddler size bat.

With this toy and all of the fun involved, your kid could never grow bored.

This is the image of Step2 Sport-Tastic Playset

7. Little Tikes Slides with musical dashboard

This toy comes with more than a few surprises, not only does it have a slide your toddler can enjoy. But it is also a car when your child wants it to be. And for the most immersive of experiences makes sounds when the horn is honked. It is an ideal toy indoor and outdoors, owing to its waterproof quality.

This beautiful sturdy slide is durable and made from kid-friendly materials. Your child is sure to have fun playing with this toy, as he develops his social skills playing with his peers.

This is the image of Little Tikes Slides with musical dashboard

8. Baby Joy Folding Plastic Slide

This elegantly designed toddler slide is designed to help you manage your house space and free up your kid’s play area when not in use as it can be folded up and kept in storage. The steps are designed to allow your kid to climb easy and gently roll down the slide. The structure is designed for stability to ensure your kid’s safety.

Playing with this toy helps improve your kid’s motor skills and coordination. And also develop social skills when the slide is shared with friends.

This is the image of Baby Joy Folding Plastic Slide

9. Kealive Slides for Toddlers

The 2 in 1 kid play slide climber by Kealive is the perfect indoor slide toy for toddlers. The play slide is easy to assemble and disassemble. It creates a lot of fun and excitement for little boys and girls. The colorful play slide has the following attractive colors: green, yellow, red and light blue. It helps kids learn hand-eye coordination skills and balance skills.

It is made up of non-toxic materials which makes it safer for kids. It is light in weight and can easily be moved around. Toddlers can easily climb the slide with the aid of the handrail.

This is the image of Kealive Slides for Toddlers

10. Baby Joy 4-in-1 Kids Slide

This kids’ slide comes fully packed with an assortment of adventures for your kids. The multifunctional slide is equipped with a basketball hoop and ring game, a climbing ladder and the slide. This variety of events encourages them to love and pick interest in sports. And at the same time improves their balance and coordination. It is beautifully crafted and adds an extra layer of beauty to your kid’s play area.

The Baby Joy kids slide is specially crafted from durable, non-toxic, kid-friendly materials to ensure that your kid has all the fun in the world in the safest environment possible.

This is the image of Baby Joy 4-in-1 Kids Slide

11. Activity toddler’s playhouse for kids

You literarily bring the park and all its fun home to the kids when you purchase the ECR4Kids Activity Park Playhouse for Kids. This toy is suitable for 3 years old and above. It can carry a weight of 66 pounds.
This toy creates the avenue for kids to play together thus aiding their physical, cognitive and social development.

The toy is weather and fade resistant, durable, safe to use, easy to assemble, and a world of fun for the kids.

Its features include a convertible slide/ staircase for climbing and sliding, cut-outs and windows for peeping and climbing. There is no limit to the fun that can occur when you bring the park home.

This is the image of Activity toddler’s playhouse for kids

12. American Plastic Toy Slide for Kids

Help the kids reach new heights as they learn to climb. This toy is built to aid the kid as he or she learns to climb. Getting to the top is rewarded with a slide down.

The climbing area is built well to accommodate the child’s feet, as well as keep them safe from falling. The slide is built strong to carry the child’s weight.

The toy is easy to assemble, and can be used both in indoor and outdoor sceneries. This toy is suitable for 2-5 year old kids and can hold over 84 pounds.

This is the image of American Plastic Toy Slide for Kids

13. Costzon 4-in-1 Toddler Slide

This toy presents your kid with never-ending fun. A 4 in 1 toddler slide featuring a basketball hoop, a telescope, a crawl through space, a football goal, and an easy to climb stairs.

This toy creates the perfect experience for your kid to play tirelessly without getting bored, as there are several activities to engage in.
The toy is built sturdy and is a safe space for play. It is durable and will not wear off easily. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

This toy is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years.

This is the image of Costzon 4-in-1 Toddler Slide

14. Indoor Jungle Gym Playground

This is everything a kid would need to have fun and keep in shape at the same time. With the monkey bar, slide, and climbing ladder net. There’s a host of activities to satisfy more than one child at a time. This toddler playset can be used by kids between the ages of 2 and 5. And from the reviews we have got, it is guaranteed to keep your children safe.

The playset is made with natural wood, well polished and varnished for it to be long-lasting and keep your children entertained for a very long time. The Indoor Jungle Gym Playground is one of the best indoor slides for children.

This is the image of Indoor Jungle Gym Playground

15. Simplay3 Young Explorer Playset

This toy from simplay3 is built to help your kids run off into their adventures. The colorful toy features a sturdy ladder, a 2 tier platform, a hide away with a play steering and dash board, and a slide.

This toy which won the 2019 parents choice is a perfect choice for your children’s adventure. They can climb, stand on the high platue, slide down to the ground, and then steal away in their little car.

The toy is built to standard and is weather resistant. It can be used for a long time without wearing or fading.

The toy is built for children between 18 months and 6 years.

This is the image of Simplay3 Young Explorer Playset

16. Step2 Panda Activity Playset

The Panda Climber by Step 2 is another lovely and fun slide that is well suited for indoor play. It is the perfect slide for boys’ playrooms. It can also be used outdoors. The Panda Climber is an exciting and cool gift for children, you can surprise them during their birthday celebrations or Christmas, Easter and New Year celebrations.

The panda climber slide for indoors has the following exciting colors: white, red, blue and green. Kids can perform a lot of fun and high energy activities on and around the slide such as crawling, sliding, climbing and hiding. It is the perfect size for kids.

This is the image of Step2 Panda Activity Playset

17. Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym Playset

This slide is packed with features that children will love.   The play pit is ideal for kids and packed with colorful balls that they can play with. Your child is sure to have a lot of fun with friends while they take turns enjoying the slide. Sharing this fun slide with friends will teach your kids teamwork and develop people skills which he will need later in life.

The set comes with 50 colored balls for the play pit, a slide and a toss target for play. The slide is made from durable materials and meets all safety standards recommended by the approved bodies.

This is the image of Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym Playset

18. Supreme Savings Plastic Playhouse

This toy by Supreme Savings is a source of multiple fun for kids.
Built strong and durable, this outdoor Playset is a good choice toy for your toddlers. It features a ladder, a well built inner space, a roof with a periscope, and a slide.

This is a perfect space for your toddlers to go off into one of their adventures. Its realistic build makes it easy for toddlers to feel at home in this toy.This toy is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. It is suitable for children of 24 months upward.

This is the image of Supreme Savings Plastic Playhouse

19. Step2 Activity Center with Ball Game Accessories 

This slide has a variety of sports options that you can choose for your kid. It is especially suitable for boys due to its sporty outlook. The basketball, soccer, and baseball add on toys give your child an extra activity they can do outside of using the slide. This product is most suitable for smaller babies as the weight limitation is 42 Lbs. Your baby would enjoy this slide especially when learning how to walk.

Each of the sports accessories can be stored on the slide which can be folded and kept neatly out of sight. The slide will be a big addition to your kid’s playtime and would help them improve their locomotive skills faster.

This is the image of Step2 Activity Center with Ball Game Accessories

20. Bieay Swing Set and Climber

This beautiful swing set offers your children four different interesting functions to choose from, it can be a smooth slide, an interesting toy swing, a ferrule and a fun basketball hoop. An ideal toy both indoors and outdoors, with easy to climb steps and safe slopes for your child to enjoy the sweet ride down.

This bright, colorful four-in-one game set is made from durable, non-toxic material so your child can slide safely. This game can be assembled quickly. According to the instructions, components can be easily assembled in just a few steps.

This is the image of Bieay Swing Set and Climber

21. Jupiduu Unique Wood Slides for Kids

With its brilliant, all-white finish, and one of a kind design, this slide for kids is more than just a toy for your kid. With its pleasing eye-catching aesthetics, it could double as a decorative piece of furniture in your child’s play area. This slide is ideal for children between the ages of 1 and 4 and would make a perfect birthday gift or Christmas present for your lovely kid.

It is made from quality wood, treated to ensure it is structurally stable and long-lasting. Your kid would have fun playing with this elegant slide indoors.

This is the image of Jupiduu Unique Wood Slides for Kids

22. Soft foam climb and slide

If you want your child to learn and master how to move their body parts fast, then this product is for you. It encourages your kid to climb, roll, and perform all other physical activities which help develop locomotor skills and abilities. Its portable size makes it adaptable to smaller spaces so if you do not have ample room at your place, you will be able to fit this slide perfectly into your space.

The slide is made from foam materials that are used to ensure your child’s safety while climbing and playing. Always ensure that your child does not use shoes when climbing or playing with the slide to avoid damage.

This is the image of Soft foam climb and slide

23. Step2 Pirate Climber Playset

This product is a fun fusion of the excitement of slides with the adventure of pirates. This slide will be a boost to your child’s playtime and will encourage them to play with friends. For extra bonding, you could also participate in playtime as you make up the finest characters and go on an epic treasure hunt with your kids. Allow your child the opportunity to play with their imagination and develop their mind.

The slide comes with a pirates wheel, easy to climb steps, and a beautiful slide. Your child will totally love this fun addition to their playtime and will enjoy sharing the slide with those they care about. It is made with the best grade plastic which meets all required safety standards.

This is the image of Step2 Pirate Climber Playset

24. Toddler Swing Set and Slide for kids

This toy by Supreme Savings is a perfect fit for your toddlers. It features a rock wall for beginners, a steady slide for landing, easy to peak through clubhouse window, swings with a safety belt and a ladder for climbing.

The toy is a strong and durable choice. It is easy to put together and dismantle as well. It is just the perfect weight for one person to carry without difficulty.

This toy is perfect for kids from 12 months old and up. It can be used both indoor and outdoor.

This is the image of Toddler Swing Set and Slide for kids

25. AmazonBasics Soft Corner Climber

This four-piece slide for babies is an Amazon masterpiece. The slide makes use of cutting edge foam technology to create the ultimate slide for your baby. This slide will encourage your child to improve their locomotor skills through play. The slide is also made with various attractive colors that will naturally draw your child in.

Avoid your child while wearing shoes as this may damage the Slide foam and lead to injury. It is certified safe and comes with a full year’s warranty from Amazon. Get this today and watch your child grow and develop at a fantastic rate.

This is the image of AmazonBasics Soft Corner Climber


Overall Best Buy

Boys and Girls of all ages would feel lucky and would be delighted to have one or more of the toys listed above. But there can only be one ultimate indoor slide for children. And based on the feedback we got from people who have used at least one of these toys, we gathered that the Little Tikes Play Slide is the best of the best.

It is designed with wide steps and even wider bases for stability, and with no tools required to set up has a friendly user experience. This toy would help your kid improve balance, fitness, and coordination.

Best Budget Buy

You would need to have a budget when choosing the right slide for your kid, but at the same time keeping an eye on the finances. The best budget slide has to be one that served its purpose but is relatively affordable. And no other fits that description better than the Step2 Sport-Tastic playset.

It features a soccer ball, a baseball, and a basketball hoop. It can be easily stored and is designed beautifully with attractive colors to catch the attention of your kid. On a budget, this is the best choice for your kid.


When can a toddler go down a slide?

With a small plastic slide, toddlers 18 – 24 months old should be able to safely climb up and safely slide down without much help. Before this time, they would not have balance or body control and could fall and hurt themselves.

How to teach a toddler to go down a slide?

The best way to teach a toddler to go down the slide is to show them. You can begin by rolling your kid down the slide yourself, repeat this process for a while. Then watch as he attempts, guard him for the first few tries. And in not too long, it would become clear what needs to be done and your child would be rolling effortlessly down the slide.