Best Toys for 18 Month Old Baby in 2020

happy 18 month old child sitting on the floor with toys. Pretty little boy palying with wooden cubes at home

Wondering what are the best toys for 18 month old boys and girls? Trying to find appropriate toys can be tricky, which is why we have compared loads of toys for their stage of development.

As babies grow they become more active, they want to crawl everywhere. And you can see it in their eyes, they can not wait to run around and even fly into the skies. There is so much energy in their tiny hands and little feet, they want to eat, sleep and play all day. As they should be allowed to, the right amount of sleep, food and fun activities would enable them to grow and develop physically and mentally.

You already have the food and sleep sorted out, and you are wondering how to keep your 18 months old baby active. Don’t think too deep, the answer has been staring back at you all along. One or more of the best toys for toddlers 18 months old and your baby would be able to learn and grow all he wants.

Before you go all out and buy the store for your beautiful baby, there are a few things to keep in mind that would guide you into making the right choices.

Considerations when buying toys for 18 month old babies


The following are the factors to look into when you looking to get the perfect toy for your baby.

Age: How old your baby is matters a lot when picking what could be a favorite toy soon. You have to consider the ease of use, the technicality and the physicality demanded by the toy. All these things are age-specific, good toys for babies should have small features so they can be easily maneuvered.

Most toy makers have made this easy by putting toy labels on the package, so be on the lookout for this. One wrong choice and there could be a disaster on your hands

Size of the Play Area: Another factor that must be considered is the amount of play area available for use by the baby. Too small or too big would not allow for an immersive experience. If the baby is allowed to play outdoors more than an outdoor toy would be fine. But if only indoors, a bogus outdoor toy would not feel right as a gift.

Price: As with the purchase of everything else, how much it is sold is very important. The first thing you see when you shop online or walk into the store aside the items on sale is their price tags. It is best to have a budget in mind so you do not end up spending too much in the bid to buy a thoughtful gift. Keep in mind that for every budget, there is a fitting gift to be bought.

Toy Type: Toddler educational toys are different from 18 month old travel toys, so planning ahead can make your babies journey and playtime more enjoyable.


25 Best toys for 18 month babies

We hate to see you stress, that is why we have combed the internet for the best options for you and your beautiful baby. Here they are:

1. Fisher-Price Beatbo

Your 18 months old babies are at an important age in their lives when they need play and also skills that would help them in their developmental process. A great toy that can give your child a lot of fun and still teach him/her is Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo.

BeatBo comes with several features that help teach your baby such as fun songs that are played by pressing the LED grid tummy or buttons on BeatBo’s feet. The toy also comes with cool dance moves and learning content such as ABCs, colors, counting and more. BeatBo is perfect for exercising your baby’s gross motor skills.

This is an image of a colorful dance and move Beatbo toy by Fisher Price.


2. LeapFrog 100 words book

Looking for the best educational gift you can give your 1 year and 6 months old baby that would teach me and help him develop skills? Look no more. LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book is the gift you desire. This book features two colorful puppies -Scout and Violet that would help you explore new vocabulary of more than 100 age-appropriate words chosen by learning experts.

The exclusive Scout and Violet book feature colorful pages and beautiful illustrations. To hear the puppies speak, just touch each picture and you will hear them say toddler-appropriate words, as well as exciting sound effects and fun facts. This book promises a fun bilingual experience for the family with the words, songs, and instructions coming both in English and Spanish.

This is an image of a violet word book by LeapFrog.

3. First Builder’s Building Bag

Help your toddler build their first building by gifting him/her Mega Brands First Builders Big Building. This award winning block set toy comes with 80 big, colorful building blocks to ensure that your kid can use to build, stack and explore different construction possibilities. No matter the type of building your kid is willing to create, the blocks and special shapes that are included in this set will give him/her the ability to do so.

These mega blocks are specifically designed for little hands and they fit together and come apart easily. They are also easy to clean up since the set features a handy storage bag that you can easily put then in. This set is very ideal for developing fine motor skills and creativity.

This is an image of a blue building blocks in a bag by Mega Brands.


4. Fisher-Price Linkimals Sloth

Want an educational, yet fun and exciting toy for your kid? Get them this Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth moving Sloth toy. The toy is an interactive one that bobs its head and claps its hands when songs and music are being played from it. The buttons on the feet of the toy animal activate the songs or phrases about the alphabet, numbers, word, and opposites too while displaying exciting colors from its lights.

The toy sloth can be made to interact with other ones when they are bought and activated together. As mentioned earlier, the toy introduces your kid to counting, alphabet, colors, and opposites.

This is an image of a moving sloth toy by Fisher Price.

5. Melissa & Doug: Turtle Ball Pit

If you are looking for that ideal gift for your baby that would keep him/her engaged in hours of fun, then you would want to buy melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit. There are several features of this toy that you will love. It comes with a big and lovable turtle with 60 colorful balls that your bl your baby can easily play around with.

Specifically designed for little hands, the balls are easy to hold, throw and play with by your toddler. The Zipper and self-stick tabs feature of the turtle is good for different multi-functional purposes such as storing the balls, allowing your baby to sit inside, or even use it as a fun pillow. This toy is good for nurturing early childhood development.

This is an image of a little kid using a green turtle ball pit by Melissa and Doug.

6. Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Interactive toys are perfect to get your kids engaged with their toys and learn about reactions. This 13-inch Sesame Street Feed Me Cookie Monster Plush belly laughs and says silly phrases your toddler will find exciting. The stuffed animal comes with a pretend cookie that toddlers can feed to it and get a response after doing that.

Pressing the monster’s tummy will have him sing and utter silly phrases that your toddler will find funny. Despite the size, the stuffed animal is soft and huggable which children find entirely comfortable making it perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift.

This is an image of a 13 inch cookie monster plush toy by Sesame Street.

7. Fisher-Price Smart Scooter

Smart stages technology gives you the room to select the stage that best suits your child as children grow up and develop at different times.
With 3 distinct levels of play that can be changed as a baby grow up, the laugh and learn scooter provides boundless fun all through the toddler years.

This Laugh and learn scooter plays a major role in growing a baby’s motor skills as he or she is compensated with cute songs, sound effects, and phrases during scooting fun. Also, by hitting the horn, more sound effects and songs popped up to the listening pleasure of your kid.

On the dashboard are 3 buttons, that teach numbers, shapes, opposites and more when pressed.

This is an image of a baby riding a red scooter by Fisher Price.

8. LeapFrog LeapBuilders Smart House

LeapFrog LeapBuilders ABC Smart House Interactive Learning Blocks Playset comes with 20 smart blocks which when inserted into the smart star unit, can play 40 different phrases and sounds that introduce letters to the kids. The whole set comes with over 60 pieces that have all that is required to set up a beautiful looking house which includes characters, flower blocks, doors, windows, etc.

When pressed, the buttons on the sides of the Smart Star unit plays three melodies and three songs or makes a request to find specific blocks. This set is battery powered and recommends a new set of batteries for operation.

This is an image of a mutlicolor Leapbuilders playset by LeapFrog.

9. VTech Learning Walker

This VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker is unlike other regular walkers as it comes with a removable play panel and in frustration-free packaging. The play panel has a learning center that has 5 piano keys which not only plays music but also encourages creativity. The walker also comes with 3 shape sorters, 2 colorful spinning roller, and 3 light-up buttons – all of which are effective in developing a child’s motor skills.

For role-play fun, the handset and mechanical elements come in handy. The set is battery powered and includes 70+ songs, music, fun phrases and as expected, south effects.

This is an image of a blue learning baby walker by VTech.

10. VTech Smart Sports Center

Another interactive toy from the stable of VTech is the Smart Shots Sports Center. This 2-in-1 set comes with a football net and an accompanying hoop for scoring basketball shots. It also comes with the accompanying balls for both sports to imitate the props of the actual game. Just above the basketball hoop is an LED scoreboard that plays encouraging phrases, sounds and animations while counting to 10. The scoreboard can be reset using the purple lever on the side.

The shape buttons all around the set come with over 50 phrases, songs and sounds that excite and educate your child.

This is an image of a 2 in 1 basketball and soccer sports center for babies by VTech.


11. Sesame Street Guitar

It is not too early for your kid to start playing and learning music. With the Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Guitar, your kid’s fun is guaranteed. The Elmo guitar is beautifully designed with several colors adorning its frame, and a cool picture of Elmo on the board. Elmo’s Guitar toy comes with 3 popular rhymes that your kid can play along.

These songs include “This Old Man”, “Row Row, Row Your Boat” and “Elmo’s ABC Song.” Apart from the Play-Along Mode, this attractive guitar also features a Free-Play Mode in which your kids can create and play their own songs.

This is an image of a red sesame street guitar for toddler.

12. VTech Police Chase Tower

The best gifts for 18 month olds should help develop multiple skills like physical, social and cognitive skills in your baby. A toy that can do just that is VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch and Chase Police Tower. This adventure toy allows your toddler to pretend to play like a policeman and serve and protect with Po the Police Car and the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch & Chase Police Tower. The gameplay is simple and fun. You chase the getaway car around three track levels, launch down one of the two ramps or slide the switch to activate roadblocks.

This cute toy police car comes with several features that your child will love. They include switch tracks, hidden trap doors, road barriers, a non-electronic getaway car, and 5 SmartPoint locations. The police car also features fun sounds, phrases, three sing-along songs and six melodies that will encourage imaginative play.

This is an image of a smart wheels police tower toy for toddlers by VTech.

13. Step2 fun slide for toddlers

Want your little one to have a bit of “slide fun” without going to the park? Simply get this 2-step Fun climber with a slider for them. The 2 step enables them to climb easy and slide down the other side safely. They can also crawl under the climber and slide down as they wish.

This slide comes with a ball maze in which the ball zigs and zags around the maze before finally dropping into the pit. The balls available for the maze are over 10, meaning there is an opportunity for a lot of fun for the kids.

When playing hide and seek, they can also hide beneath the door for some extra fun.

This is an image of a colorful climber with slide by Step2.

14. Liberty Imports Remote Controlled Cars

Your baby deserves the best when it comes to gifts and that is why we recommend My First Cartoon R/C Race Car. This Radio Remote control car by Liberty Imports has a lot of fun in store for your kid. It comes with a cool design and sleek wheels that make it a fast and fun toy.

Some of its exciting features include honking sounds, music, and flashing headlights. Light and sound effects can be initiated by pressing the button on the remote-control car for a stimulating experience. The 2 channel remote control is used to move the car forward and reverse left. With a 2-button simple RC controller, this race car is designed specifically for easy control by children.

This is an image of a cartoon rc cars by Liberty Imports.


15. LEGO DUPLO Train Building Set

Are you in the market for the best 18 months gifts that you can give your toddler? This is it. LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train Building Set has all it takes to put smiles on the face of your kid. This is a number train that helps your kid to construct and learn how to count while having fun in the process.

The number train building set comes with colorful numbered LEGO DUPLO bricks, 3 wagons, and other assorted bricks that will encourage your kids to build and learn math skills. With the accessories from this train building set, your kids can create and build their imagined toddler-appropriate trains and other things like a dog house, tunnel and more.

This is an image of a LEGO DUPLO building set.


16. Fisher-Price Fun Food Truck

Using the Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck provides hours of playacting for your kids. It is a truck that can serve a kitchen while keeping your little wonder busy working on the register, preparing orders, among others.

Toddlers also gradually begin to learn how to associate, manners, patience needed in waiting for their turn, improved grammar and much more; all this taking place with beautiful sounds, songs, and phrases from the truck.

The Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck dashboard consists of a cash register, menu cards, bells, light-up grill, and many more fun initiative games features to keep your kid fascinated.

This is an image of a blue interactive food truck by Fisher Price.


17. Little Tikes Basketball Set

The Little Tikes easy score basketball loop encourages kids to participate in playing as the oversized rim and kid-sized basketball make for easy scoring and aid kids foster hand-eye coordination while proving to be worthy competition.

Made for kids between the ages of 18 months to 5 years old, it introduces kids of various backgrounds to the game of basketball. Having a unique set of 6 settings, the height can be tempered with between 2.5 – 4 feet, to make this easier for the most little of basketball lover.

To get a firm and stable basket where the little basketball lovers score with ease and fun, add sand to the base.

This is an image of a basketball hoot with 3 balls for toddlers by Little Tikes.


18. Sesame Street and Minnie Mouse Board Book Set

This is a double set of beginner’s board books.
Set one is the Sesame Street Books while set two are Mickey Mouse and friends.

A total of 8 colorful books that are very good and educational for every toddler, intended for kids ages 2 and up. The sesame books introduce your little one to Zoo animals, body parts such as eyes, nose, fingers, and toes as well as Bubbles Bubbles.

The Mickey books are for the alphabets, colors, counting, and shapes. Makes learning fun and a special time to spend reading together with your cute kid.

This is an image of an 8 piece board book for toddlers.

19. Learning Curve Stacking Cups

The stacking cup is a toy with plain bright and non-faded colors, which can help the baby develop visually.

The plastics are safe and non-toxic making them the perfect fit for the environment. The cups are arranged and stacked up according to the size of the cup. The base of every single cup has some signature bumps that allow your baby to identify numbers and improve memory.

Cultivate your baby’s understanding of life and things by giving them a special feel of Mo stacking cups.

This is an image of a 6 colorful stacking cups.


20. POCO Kids Tunnel Tent 

Consist of blue, yellow & red is the most popular multi-color tunnel. This 6 feet play tunnel is an adorable gift for all kids. The color tube is perfect for muscle development, stimulate the imagination for creative playtime.

With a fast and easy setup with no tools required. The play tent can be folded flat for convenient storage when it is not in use.

The lightweight tent with a carry bag is great for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for home, backyard, parks, parties, daycare and more. Easy to clean with a dampened cloth and mild soap. The tent also folds flat for convenient storage when not in use.

This is an image of a 6 ft pop up tunnel for kids by POCO DIVO.


21. VTech Zoo Piano

Zoo Jamz Piano is a 4 in 1 instrument that comes with more than 20 songs and melodies and gives kids the option to choose between saxophone, piano, xylophone or violin.

The microphone included as one of its features allows the kids to sing as they play so they can hear their voice. With several modes to choose from, the fun and thrill of owning this musical toy are without boundaries.

It also helps improve the motor skills of kids while using it as it comes with a scratch disc and tremolo arm. It is intended for kids age 1 to 4.

This is an image of a 4 in 1 instrument for toddlers by VTech.


22. Liberty Imports Kids Workbench

With lights flashing, this musical learning workbench tool toy creates wonderful musical tracks and sounds. It is a workbench that brings several developmental benefits to a child as the inclusion and removal of toy nails with other toy tools such as a hammer, wrench, toy drill, etc, improves a child’s hand-eye coordination.

It is also a toy that is ideal for early physical
and mental growth through massively engaging play and fun. The workbench comes with adjustable volume control buttons useful to alternate from mute to loud.

Having 8 unique interactive game modes to workout and enhance baby’s handling skills, the workbench is ideal for kids from 18 months and up.

This is an image of a colorful musical workbench toddler toy by Liberty Imports.


23. Aqua Magic Doodle Drawing Mat

The Meland aqua mat has 7 rainbow color zone, bright and cheerful surroundings and a themed alphabet and animal background that becomes visible when drawings are made over it.

The front of aqua mats uses a soft bent woven fabric, the back of the drawing mat is resistant to water because of the nylon material used in its production so there are no murmurs of kids wetting the floor.

The Mat is reusable, very durable, not heavy, soft easy and soft to pack when planning a road trip. It is a great educational tool to write and learn shapes and alphabets, to learn to draw; making it a good present for any kid age 1 to 12.

This is an image of a water drawing mat for toddler.


24. Melissa and Doug Bead Maze

This classic toy features 18 brightly colored wooden beads in a variety of shapes and sizes for children 12 months and up to swoop and slide along the 3 roller-coaster wires.

With 3 roller-coaster wires, children can swoop and slide as they learn a host of essential skills. Kids can race their beads across the wires, identify the different colors and patterns, count the shapes and sizes, and more.

Also, the high-quality wooden beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easy to grasp for little hands. It is a great toy to get for your kid as it encourages color and shape recognition and fine motor development.

This is an image of a colorful wooden bead maze by Melissa and Doug.


25. Narwhal Stuffed Animal

Jellycat Sea Sorbet Narwhals is always there for bedtime with its so soft, cuddly and pretty color. It is one of the best selections of soft plush stuffed animals and toys in the cutest and most luxurious of fabrics and textures.
This is a popular girl toy that would beautify your little girl’s room and would be her friend when she needs some company. This is one toddler girl toy you can not afford to not buy for your baby girl.

This amazing toy is nine inches tall, made from premium polyester, it is sure to give your baby the warmest hugs and create the fondest of memories.


This is an image of a pink sea coral stuffed toy for toddler.

Overall Best Buy

All the 25 toys listed are sure to bring joy to any toddler with the opportunity to play with one or more of them. But we realize that your baby is special and as such deserves only the best. That is why we have interviewed parents and guardians to find out which of them is the best of the best. And the unanimous choice is the LEGO DUPLO Train Building Set.

This toy tops the rest because it combines learning and fun perfectly. They get to build their fantasy trains and at the same time learn to count. It is made from durable, kid-friendly materials to ensure your child remains safe during play.

Best Budget Buy

If you want to buy a meaningful gift for your child and at the same time working with a budget. Then there is just one toy that fits this description perfectly and that is the sesame street and Minnie mouse book set.

Asides from being relatively affordable when compared to the other options on the list, this beautiful book sets unites family and enables your child to connect when the stories are read together. This elegantly designed book is one your child and the whole family would appreciate.

What different types of toys are suitable for 18 month olds?

Children have different preferences, and all have to be accounted for. The most popular toys are usually ones that feature different activities for 18 month old babies. A few include LEGO Sets, stuffed animals, workbenches, interactive books, remote-controlled cars among others.