Best Toys for 1 Month Old Baby in 2020

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Is there an addition to the family? Bouncing baby boy or girl, it makes no difference. It’s a beautiful feeling seeing new life, their tiny hands and cute little feet put smiles on all our faces. It is customary that when you visit that family member or friend, you go along with a gift for the mother and another for the baby especially.

It is not the easiest thing buying gifts, it is even more difficult when it involves buying the right gift for a baby only one-month-old. At one month old, babies begin to notice things around them, they begin to communicate with people and interact with objects around them. There is only a thin line between being bored and overstimulated, and the onus falls on the adults around to manage and see to the affairs of the baby.

One effective way to ensure that the baby is always stimulated and subconsciously learning from the environment is the introduction of baby-friendly toys.

Considerations when choosing toys for 1 month old babies


There are many factors to consider when buying toys for one-month-olds, we have made inquiries and inquisitions as to what the most important things to consider are. We have drafted the following to guide you in your choice of gift.

Safety: Most importantly is the safety of the baby, babies do not know enough to be afraid and as such need to be protected and looked after by an adult. The last thing the parent of the baby would need is a toy that threatens the safety and security of their baby.

When purchasing a gift for a month old baby, you must look out for toys made from non-toxic materials, the edges on the toy must be considerably blunt so as not to hurt the baby. You must avoid buying toys with little removable pieces, so our cute baby does not end up swallowing it.

Gender: Although babies can not tell much of a difference between color and texture of fabrics, the parents would. The color and texture of gifts have cultural relevance, as most parents expect their baby boys to be given cool colored gifts, most commonly blue and their daughters to be given gifts colored pink.

20 Best Toys for One Month Olds

Without further ado, we now present our detailed list of 20 of the best toys ideal for one-month-olds.

1. Blige Baby Sock Rattles

These socks are a great early development tool for your baby and would also make a perfect one-month-old gift. They have been developed after extensive research which has been carried out. The design of the socks is tailored to help your child develop eye, feet and hand coordination from a young age. The foot finder socks and baby rattles are safe and are of no risk to your baby. They are made from the finest materials which have been tested and retested by approved authorities.

The development of your child is important and it is good that you take it into account at a very early age. They come in different colors and sizes in case you are particular about colors. The rattle could also be a good toy and source of engagement for your baby while you engage in other activities.

a smiling baby wearing blige baby socks rattles



2. Gizmovine rattle sets

The Gizmovine Baby Toys Rattles Set is suitable for increasing the motor skills of infants and toddlers from age 0 upwards.

They come in different shapes and advanced designs with the ability to attract the baby’s attention through the aesthetic qualities of the toys and stimulate the baby’s curiosity through listening to the rattling sounds.

The toys are lightweight, thereby making it easy for the babies to grab and they come with a storage box for the guardian to clean and store in when they aren’t in use.

To top it all, they are made from heat-resistant materials, non-toxic and environmental-friendly.

Different Gizmovine rattle toys


3. Rattle Squeaker Sticks

A beautiful rattle made with soft premium velvet fabric, with high contrast patterns and colors with inviting, smiling animal faces on it encourages the baby to explore and develop a sense of touch.

The rattle squeaker set includes a lion rattle stick and an elephant rattle stick, with vibrant visual cues to help develop your baby’s focus and vision.

This hand toy can be easily carried around by the baby and poses no threat to the baby’s safety or security, and would make an ideal present for a newborn baby or an expectant mother.

lion and elephant rattle squeaker sticks


4. Soothe & Glow Seahorse

This friendly seahorse comes packed with many surprises. This soft, cuddly toy soothes your baby with a warm comforting glow. With a gentle squeeze, your baby activates the toy’s sounds which include about 5 minutes of music, ocean music and a pacifying lullaby.

This toy is designed to keep your baby calm and zen, and at the same time learning to sing along and develop visuals with the glow the Fischer-Price soothe and glow horse emits.

If you are looking to entertain and develop the senses of month old babies with soothing music and develop their visuals with a toy that offers a comforting glow. No other toy offers such unique features.

a blue sooth and glow seahorse


5. Infantino Wrist Rattles

If one month old held fashion contests, the Infantino wrist rattles would be their universal fashion statement. With two variants included in the pack, the ladybug wrist rattle, and the butterfly wrist rattle, your baby is sure to crawl around the carpet in style.

The rattles can be worn on the wrist and ankles, creating beautiful rattling noises as your baby moves. This is sure to stimulate your baby’s auditory senses and the vibrant colors would catch and keep your baby’s attention.

An ideal gift for expectant mothers and babies one month and above.

two infantino wrist rattles


6. Snuggle Baby Doll

What better gift to give a beautiful baby girl than a beautiful snuggle baby doll. The buddy snuggle baby doll line is made from high-quality materials, so your baby can have life long fun playing with her new friend.

No need to worry about her beautiful quality satin getting dirty, as the snuggle buddy dolls can be easily machine washed and back in the arms of your beautiful baby.
Asides being aesthetically pleasing, with friendly expressions to soothe your baby, the snuggle dolls also rattle to keep your baby girl excited and entertained.

For the new mom or that beautiful one-month-old girl, this is the perfect toy.

a beautiful pink snuggle baby doll


7. Winkel Rattle

Is it a toy, is it a puzzle? No, it is a blend of both, this is a puzzling toy that is sure to stimulate your baby. This maze of soft colorful tubes is a perfect baby teething toy. It is safe to put in their mouth as it is made from durable, soft, non-toxic materials.

A recipient of the Oppenheim Toy portfolio blue chip award and other newborn toy awards. This uniquely made toy is sure to have your baby smiling and engaged all day.

You want to make your baby happy, the beautiful colors would go a long way in brightening up your baby’s day.

rattle with colorful tubes


8. Baby GUND Elephant

Flappy the Elephant is a gray, 12-inch stuffed animal that is ultimately fun for kids to play with. This battery-powered toy is a very charming and singing stuffed animal with dual play modes.

When the left foot is pressed, an interactive peek-a-boo game with the elephant’s ears is activated – moving up and down in a flappy motion to the baby’s delight.

The second play mode which activates on pressing the right leg plays another song in a cute little child’s voice and includes the flappy movement of the elephant’s ears but this time, in sync with the tune of the music.

Beautiful grey baby gund elephant



9. Philips Avent Pacifier

Pacifiers are called many names, ranging from dummies, binkies, buttons, and soothies to name a few. It’s an accessory to have, as it allows you enjoy that sweet silence from time to time.

Philips Avent Pacifiers are one of the best in the business, made from highly durable, latex-free hospital grade silicone. The Philips Avent pacifier brand is distributed in hospitals worldwide and is encouraged to be used to pacify babies by medical practitioners.

The Philips Avent pacifiers are sculpted into the perfect shape and size to slip effortlessly into your baby’s mouth.

If you want your baby to go hush-hush in style, this brand of baby-friendly pacifiers should be your go-to.

pink and blue philips avent pacifiers


10. Teytoy Zoo Series

Bonding with your kid can never be as colorful as with the Teytoy Baby Toy Zoo series. The letters, words, colors, and patterns involved in the combination of the pieces improve parent-child interaction through the child’s reaction to voices, games, letters, and words.

This is one of the most suitable toys for newborns to 3 months because it helps stimulate crucial reading, language, sensory, communication, sensory and imagination skills from a very early age.

The cloth card and the softcover books are both designed for durability and are non-toxic, making them perfectly safe for the babies to play with.

teytoy alphabet cards with cloth bag


11. Fisher-Price Rocker

After the day’s stress, after all the fun playing with the other times, your baby might want to kick back and relax. This is where the Fisher-Price rocker comes in, this stable, sturdy, comfortable rocker can be used by infants and also toddlers.

The rocker has two recline positions and is fitted with gears that see it calmly vibrate as it soothes your baby in the comfy seat. Also fitted in this rocker is a toy bar to keep your baby excited and stimulated.

This is a very thoughtful gift as it not only ensures the child has fun, but the harnesses keep the baby secure and safe at all times.

a beautiful fisher-price rocker



12. FORESAST handbells rattle

FOREAST Kids Handbells Rattles Toy is a colorful, soft and plush rattle toy made from high-quality fabric. This rattle toy can also serve as a teether as it is designed to meet safety standards and causes no harm to babies.

Upon touching or pinching, the rattle toy makes amusing sounds which not only attracts the baby’s attention but also trains the baby’s hearing. The toy is lightweight and designed for easy grip by the necks and legs to engage the fingers in practicing control.

The toy is very mobile and can be hung on the crib, stroller or car seat handle.

a giraffe looking foreast handbell rattle


13. Vtech Musical Glow Gym

One of the best toys for newborns to 3 months, the colorful activity panel on the VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Musical Glow Gym is suited for babies’ entertainment when sitting, laying on their tummy or their back.

The panel houses piano keys and drum buttons which return the associated sound when pressed. The toy also has three electronic modes which ask questions, play vocabulary appropriate for a particular age group and also play sounds and music.

The tree features over 10 activities that stimulate visual awareness and motor skills with twinkling lights, voices, music, and sounds. The four characters that dangle have different colors and textures which include a rattle and a mirror.

a colorful baby play mat



14. The Fisher-Price Taco 

This adorable Fisher-price gift set comes with three food-themed toys in one pack. For shakin’ playtime, the citrus clackers and avocado rattle with rollerball come in handy. While the fabric taco affords your baby with several textures to explore. These textures provide sensory fun from the teeth-able tomato slices, soft lettuce, ribbon ‘cheese’ and ‘beans’ and a crinkly shell.

The rattles and clacker sound effects help foster a baby’s hearing skills and also improves their thinking through the rattling sound caused by shaking.

The tacos are perfectly mobile and come with convenient loops and detachable links so the baby’s play ‘snack’ can be moved wherever you go.

Three fisher-price taco pieces



15. Yoee Baby Rattle

Yoee Baby Newborn Toy for Early Development is a multi-purpose toy that comes with crinkles, rattle, and teether perfectly suited for sensory development of newborns and children up to 3 months old. This multipurpose toy which is also a stuffed animal helps parents with a lot of newborn essentials by converging them into one toy.

The toy is BPA free, extra soft, machine washable, tested to the highest international safety standards and made from a baby-safe fabric to keep your baby safe.

It also comes with a feather-like tail to gently calm the baby and also build body awareness and sensory development.

a beautiful lemon and blue baby rattle


16.  Einstein Star Symphony Toy

The Star Bright Symphony toy by Baby Einstein is a great toy to give a month old baby. The toy that is shaped in the form of a star with a yellow smiling face is a wonderful gift for keeping babies happy, excited and occupied. It can be attached to baby trolleys in a position where babies’ tiny hands can easily reach or it can simply be given to babies to play with.

The bright star symphony toy has a lot of bright and attractive colors such as green, yellow, purple, blue, red, pink and black. It is a nice toy to help babies express themselves. It is a musical toy that plays 6 classical melodies.

An Einstein Star Symphony Toy



17. JKronishtoys water playmat

INFLATABLE TUMMY TIME WATER PLAY MAT with bonus floating Duck toy is perfect for a delightful experience for parent and baby as it is crafted for health and development.

It is often used for infants around 6 months to build strength, develop coordination, increase motor control while spurring creativity and early problem-solving. This is the kind of daily experience that can help a baby stay clean and healthy while developing faster for a lifetime of happiness.

It is packed with endless benefits as it is built to help babies develop muscle control, learn to roll over, scoot on the belly and crawl.

It is also made to be a much-appreciated gift for anyone with a baby.

Jkronishtoys water play mat



18. HAKOL Jungle Playset

The Jungle Friends Talking Plushie Set is a fun toy for 30 days old babies. It is suitable for both boys and girls. Babies at this age are attracted to colours, animals and sounds, the Jungle Plushie Set has it all. The set contains a lot of stuffed animals which makes realistic sounds that excite babies.

The plush animals in the set includes: tiger, elephant, lion, monkey and zebra. Babies will get to listen to cool animal sounds like the roar of a lion and the trumpeting of the elephant. The toy offers a feel of the jungle to newborn babies.

different animals of the hakol jungle set



19. VTech’s Crinkle and Roar Lion

The Crinkle and Roar Lion toy by VTech is a suitable toy for 30 days old newborns. The adorable friendly lion toy makes a great companion and toy friend for babies. Both baby boys and girls can play with this toy. It has an educational value. By simply pressing the ABC button on the body of the toy lion, babies get to listen to the recitation of the English alphabets.

The lion toy aids the development of listening and hearing skills. There are over 50 songs that the Crinkle and Roar lion can offer when shook. It has a baby-friendly mirror babies can use to look at their images.

a yellow lion toy


20. Conzy Stuffed Baby Doll

It is a fascinating thing for kids to shake, explore and sing with the Crinkle and roar Lion. All the kid needs to do is press the colorful shape buttons on the lion’s side to learn shapes, colors, and letters.

When the lion is shaken, it activates the motion sensor and the kid can hear the lion roar and play other cheerful sounds. Your little one will love the crinkly feet, ribbon tags, and textured rings.

The Lion also includes a baby-safe mirror to build self-awareness. It is also the perfect take-along toy and can be attached to carriers, strollers among others. The toy is intended for kids age 3 and under.

a beautiful pink conzy stuffed doll




Overall Best Buy

All the beautiful toys listed above are sure to gladden any expectant mother and bring joy to all kids one month and above. But if you are looking to stand out and hoping to receive that “thank you” letter, then you would have to send in a gift that stands out.

Such a gift would be one that the baby would need and would also take some pressure off his mother and no gift suits that description better than the Vtech Musical Glow Gym.

The Vtech Musical Glow gym gives the baby a safe zone, free from dirt and other objects that might bring harm, to play and explore. It’s beautiful colors and patterns are sure to develop the baby’s visual senses. Introduce some other toys like teethers, dolls and stuffed animals and you would have the world’s happiest baby.

a colorful baby play mat


Best Budget Buy

If you are working on a budget, and still want to get a thoughtful gift any mom and her baby would appreciate without hurting your pocket. Look no further because we got you covered.

Sucking without feeding is non-nutritive feeding, and it is normal with newborns. Non-nutritive feeding is the reason pacifiers are popular with nursing mothers, they just slip the pacifier into the baby’s mouth and watch as he sucks on it.

A pacifier would be a thoughtful budget gift, and from research we realized that the Philips Avent brand is the one to beat, endorsed by mothers and medical practitioners. Made from durable, safe, non-toxic silicone.

pink and blue philips avent pacifiers


What are the best type of gifts for one month old babies?

One-month-old babies are as cute as they are fragile. So when getting them gifts, you have to make sure it requires little to no electricity to run, not too many detachable parts. Gifts that are brightly colored and emit sounds are more favored as it keeps the baby interested and excited.

Gifts for one-month-old babies that fit the profile include playmats, rattles, soft teether, snuggle dolls, stuffed animals to name a few.