25 Best Toys for 6 Month Old Baby

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Looking to find a suitable toy for a little baby boy or girl? Wondering what are the best toys for 6 month old babies? There are loads of different types of learning toys for development. Choosing educational toys is crucial for healthy development. Babies development is rapid in those early stages of life. Every month in a baby’s world is a whole new load of discoveries. Toys are a fun way for little babies to explore their environment and learn through play.

Babies really are the cutest little beings you can set your eyes upon, their tiny cute feet and soft snugly arms would put a smile on your face. So it is only fair that you put a smile on their faces too. At 6 months old, babies that taking note of things around them, they start recognizing family and friends. 

Who better but the friends and family to treat the 6 month old baby to one or more of the best toys suitable. Most of the gifts soon to be listed also serve as ideal gift ideas for the baby or the mother. 

Considerations choosing toys for 6 month old babies


Babies at this age are as fragile as they are cute, and as such must be protected and shielded from all harm. So when buying gifts or toys for your little nephew or niece, you have to put the following in mind.

Age: Six months might sound like a pretty long time, but in reality, your baby still has a lot of growing to do. Babies this age do not know their left from their right and their main concerns are usually food and sleep. As parents, guardians or friends we have to factor in their fragility when getting them anything.

Safety: The best toys for babies 6 months old must be safe to use. The toys must be devoid of plastic bags and other parts that can cause suffocation. The gift or toy must not have too many removable parts, so it does not get swallowed. The toy should be mechanically powered and not electric, so there are no shocking surprises.

Size: Babies without any doubt are small, and have even smaller features. The gifts bought for them must also be relatively small, so they can fit in their arms or feet. So the toys can be used most pleasurably by the baby.

Price: When buying anything, the price is one of the important things to consider. You have to be able to strike a balance between the value of the gift and the money being spent on it. The gift being bought for the baby should not be too expensive as they could inadvertently damage it. 


25 Best Toys for 6 Month Old Baby

We have carefully compiled the list below from suggestions and reviews we got from parents and guardians that have themselves bought one or more of the toys.

1. Sassy Bumpy Ball

At 6 months old, your baby has started developing motor movements, and the best toys you can buy for him or her are toys that aid this motor development. One such toy is Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball. The sassy developmental bumpy ball is designed with boldly patterned and easy to grasp bumps that make this ball perfect for your baby.

It features high contrast colors, that help in the strengthening of the baby’s vision. The big-sized bumps of the ball make it easy for your baby to reach, grasp and transfer the ball from one hand to another thereby, developing fine baby motor skills.


This is an image of kid's sassy ball in colorful colors


2. Splashin’ Inflatable Water Mat

You are never too young to have fun. Give your baby a fun time with the Splashin’kids Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat. Specifically designed for infants and toddlers, this water mat serves as a play activity center for your baby and helps stimulate the process of your child development.

The splashing kids water fill playmat is constructed from high quality PVC that has been tested and found out to be environmentally-friendly. This playmat is a vital tool for developing your kid’s body muscles as well as improving hand-eye coordination. The premium water mat is made of lasting and highly durable material and wont easily wear from your baby’s use.


This is an image of kid's water mat


3. VTech Wiggle & Crawl Ball

The best educational toy you can get for your 6 month old baby is Vtech Wiggle and Crawl Ball. This is an interactive ball by VTech, that wiggles and wobbles on its own thereby encouraging your baby to chase after it. The ball affords your baby the chance to move and crawl with the animal friends illustrated on the ball.

There are other features of the Wiggle and Crawl Ball by VTech that make it a top customer’s choice. Some of them are 45+ playful songs, melodies and tunes that your little ones can listen too as well as five flashing lights that attract your little ones and encourages them to play.


This is an image of kid's crawl ball in colorful colors


4. VTech Kid’s Walker

Help your toddler start learning how to walk without the frustration that is usually known with this process with. The Sit-to-Stand learning walker by VTech. This learning walker helps your toddler develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. This Sit-to-Stand learning walker comes with a removable play panel, 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, 3 light-up buttons, and a removable play panel.

All these features help in giving your baby a fun time. There are over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects and phrases featured on this interactive baby learning toy.


This is an image of kid's learning walker in colorful colors


5. Baby Einstein musical toy

Inspire and promote music appreciation in your children even at a little age by gifting your toddler the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy. Perfect for infants, the musical toy has 10 total melodies that babies can switch from, and it is powered by 2 AA Batteries.

This baby’s version of an MP3 player has colorful lights that dance across the screen which further enhances the melody and attracts the baby. The toy is lightweight and easy to use and a top gift for a 6 month old baby.


This is an image of kid's musical toy in white color


6. HOMOFY Learning table toy

Looking for the best toys that could keep ensure your 6 months old’s development, keep your baby engaged and entertained? Then go for HOMOFY BabyToys Musical Learning Table. This is a learning and educational toddler toy that lights up and allows for free play, classic melodies and introduces baby to colors.

The musical learning table comes with colorful images and a do re mi fa buttons that launch your baby into the early stages of musical learning.

The table features a book of animals along with their voices that increase your baby’s knowledge of the animal world. This learning table can also be modified to fit your baby’s comfortably such as tieing the music table on your kid’s bed for easy play.


This is an image of kid's Baby musical learning tablet in colorful colors


7. Skip Hop Crawl Toy

Are you looking for toys that will help your baby crawl better and faster? Look no more! Skip Hop Bee 3-Stage Developmental Learning Crawl Toy will give you want. This is a two-in-one developmental toy that encourages crawling with lights, music, and movement.

This toy is designed to help your baby grow through three stages, motorized crawl toy challenges, nice sounds and so on. The three stages of play include a pre-crawling stage, a beginner crawler stage and an Advanced crawlers stage depending on the crawl level of your baby.
However, these stages help to improve your baby’s sensory development.


This is an image of kid's crawl toy in white color


8. VTech Pull & Sing Puppy

Give your 6 months old baby a sweet and fun experience with VTech Pull and Sing Puppy. This is a push or pull playful toy that your baby operates by pulling its cord. The toy also comes with nice music and sounds that works by pulling the cord on the Puppy.

This interactive toy features several colorful buttons that carry out multiple functions such as introducing numbers, colors, and parts of the body. This helps in the promotion of language development playfully. Tested and trusted for its durability, this playful interactive puppy requires 2 AAA batteries to run.


This is an image of kid's pull and sing puppy dog in white and black colors


This is an image of kid's learning walker in colorful colors



9. VTech kids learn to drive

VTech has several toys perfect for your child’s early developmental growth and Turn and Learn Driver is just one of them. Launch your baby into the amazing world of pretend play with the turn and learn driver by VTech. This toy enables your kid to pretend to drive using the steering wheel and causing the fine dog character to move back and forth.

The toy also comes with more than 60 songs and phrases about animals and vehicles. It features five colorful buttons on its interface that play melodious songs when pressed. Playing with this toy will encourage imaginative play and improve the fine motor skills of your baby.


This is an image of kid's Turn and learn driver by VTech in yellow and red colors


10. Baby Einstein Musical Toy

Help your kid appreciate good music at a young age by gifting him/her Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra Musical Toy. Perfect for 6 months old, the friendly musical octopus allows you to easily choose between music discovery and music-making. It features two modes of play which are the Discovery and the Composer mode.

The Discovery mode allows your baby to hear the names of different instruments and the sounds they make. With the Composer mode, your baby can create their songs as they add and remove instruments.The musical toy comes with large buttons that are specifically designed for little hands.


This is an image of kid's octopus musical toy in blue color


11. iPlay iLearn Musical Rattle Toys

This 10piece Baby Rattles Teether, Shaker, Grab and Spin Rattle is an excellent toy for toddlers. It is fun to play with and your six month old baby is going to love playing with it.

The toy is interactive and complete with lovely music that will make your child happy and stop them when they are in a crying mode. It is one of the best toys that gives an early education to toddlers not up to a year old.

The toy will cause them to giggle, smile and be happy. They are safe to play with and do not carry any health issues. The toy for toddlers teaches valuable skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, imagination, and creativity.


This is an image of babie's rattles teether 10pieces


12. VTech Learner’s Activity Cube

The Busy Learners Activity Cube by VTech is a quality and exciting toy idea for a six months old child. It is available in two types: purple and red.

The toy brings out the adventurous side of babies. It is an interactive toy that little kids are sure to love. It consists of sing-along songs and phrases that build the early vocabulary set of little children. The toy for infants not up to a year old is safe to play with.
It helps to develop vital skills like teamwork, and creativity.

The Activity Cube is the complete learning package for little infants.


This is an image of kid's activity cube in purple color


13. Fisher-Price Blocks Bundle

The Rock-a-Stack and Baby’s First Blocks Bundle by Fisher-Price are toys that are designed for the development of your infant child not up to 180 days old. The double toy offer is an exciting gift for little kids.

The toys are engaging and will keep your child busy while at the same time help them develop their imagination, creativity, critical thinking and their problem solving skills.

The toy set offers a variety of actions to your little children: grasping, shaking, sorting and stacking. The colorful blocks and rings produce tons of fun for toddlers.

This is an image of kid's fisher price block bundel in colorful colors


14. Blige baby socks rattle

Little infant not up to 180 days old love patterns, especially attractive and colorful ones. Blige offers a wonderful toy bundle that contains its SMTF Cute Animal Soft Baby Sock, Toys Wrist Rattles, and Foot Finder.

The attractive butterfly and ladybug designs on these toy items are sure to excite your little kids.

The colorful patterned socks for infants are a great fit for your kids not up to a year old. The set helps enhance the sensory development of the child.

It is recommended by scientists for optimal child development. It also helps the eyes and hands coordination of the child.


This is an image of kid's Cute animal socks pack


15. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Another brilliant infant toy by VTech, the Rhyme, and Discover Book is a wonderful gift idea and toy to get a child of six months. It supports all forms of learning in the child. It is an interactive toy for kids in preschool and complements the learning done in preschool.

It is loaded with tons of developmental benefits for these preschoolers, some of them include language and cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, and physical and motor skills.

Rhymes are a great way for your kids to learn new phrases and vocabulary. It also has some exciting sing-along songs and phrases that will boost your little kid’s vocabulary.


This is an image of kid's rhyme and discover book in colorful colors


16. VTech peek and play baby toy

The Peek and Play Baby Book Toy by VTech is a fun baby book that children of six months old are going to love and enjoy reading. The musical baby book has cool songs (over 50 plus songs) which aids little children hearing abilities. The music book for babies contains lovely melodies and tones that little children can dance to.

The baby book toy is an interesting book that will keep your kids turning the six-page book until they get to the end and read again. The book has fun and beautiful pictures which captivates the interests of little kids.

This is an image of kid's baby book toy by VTech in colorful colors


17. Sassy wheel suction cup

The Whimsical Wheel Suction Cup by Sassy is a fun and interesting STEM learning toy for 6 plus month old babies. The STEM learning toy helps develop youngsters from a young age in the following areas: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The bright colored spinning wheels are a lovely attraction for little children, they can spin the wheel and stop it, and in the process, they develop further their hand-eye coordination skills.

It also helps develop fine motor skills. The wheels spin on their own accord, keeping little kids entertained and encourage good visual development. It is a nice gift for little children.


This is an image of kid's wheel STEM in colorful colors


18. Baby Einstein Light Bar

The Glow and Discover Light Bar Activity Station by Baby Einstein is an example of kids’ toys that are suitable for 180 days old kids. The toy brings laughter, joy, and happiness to little children who find it fun, interactive and exciting to play with. The toy makes sweet melodies and xylophone sounds, has fun colors, makes animal sounds and flashes light, all these are ideal qualities every toy for little kids under six months of age should have.

The toy is multilingual and allows kids to pick different language options: English, French or Spanish. The toy for babies is designed for the mental development of children.


This is an image of kid's glow discover light bar in white color


19. Infantino Activity Toy set

The Infantino balls, blocks and buddies activity toy set is a cool toy set for infants. The colorful and kid-friendly toy set is designed to keep kids happy and entertained at all times. This toy set by Infantino has the entire essential baby toys which infants love; it has balls, building blocks, and animal toys.

It is more than just a play toy; it is also designed to provide learning opportunities for babies as they play with the toy. Six months old infants get to learn how to count numbers properly, color recognition skills and shape recognition skills.


This is an image of babie's balls blocks buddies activity in colorful colors


20. VTech rattle and sing puppy

The Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy toy is another amazing and exciting toy for children by VTech. The toy is suited for infants who have lived under six months on earth. The toy for infants is designed to develop infants in the following areas: language skills, cognitive skills, social skills, emotional skills, physical skills, and motor skills.

The toy is designed for your kids to enjoy. It is a great gift for babies. The operation of the toy is simple, all little children have to do is to rattle the toy and enjoy excellent music when you press the buttons on the toy.


This is an image of babie's rattle puppy in colorful colors


21. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy

As parents, we want our babies to learn and at the same time have fun. This was before unachievable but with this Fisher-Price puppy. Your baby can now enjoy the best of both worlds. With over 75 songs to listen to, and interesting phrases and tunes to excite and interest your baby.

This toy helps your baby learn up to 100 words, and teaches him about the different body parts. It also introduces him to the letters of the alphabets and to count numbers.

For your baby’s mental development, this is one toy you have to get.

This is an image of babie's smart puppy in colorful colors


22. LeapFrog Musical Table

The Learn and Groove Musical Table is an ideal toy for children that have seen 180 days on earth. The multifunctional musical table is available in 2 colors: green for boys and pink for girls. The toy for babies has so many cool musical features and fun activities that little children can easily learn from. It helps develop skills such as motor skills, vocabulary and music skills.

It has two modes, music mode, and learning mode; both modes can easily be switched to babies’ comfort and wish. The musical table has cool and amazing musical instrument sounds such as the drum, guitar, and piano.

This is an image of babie's musical table in blue color


23. VTech Baby Laptop

Another lovely and brilliant infant toy by VTech, the Baby Laptop is a cool and exciting toy for babies to play it. It is a lovely preparation tool for kids younger than 181 days to use with the view of the real laptop in sight. Kids at this tender age cannot handle a real laptop and will damage it. Get this toy laptop by VTech which is more suited to little kids.

The baby laptop has 9 colorful buttons and a moveable mouse. It is portable and kids can carry it with them. It has over 100 plus songs to play and helps develop motor skills.


This is an image of babie's laptop toy by VTech in colorful colors


24. Munchkin Bubble Bath Toys

The Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy is a lovely gift idea for six month old babies. The bath toy which is a superb bathing companion for babies has four counts that spin, rattles, bobbles and shines. It is a delightful toy that gives your kids so much joy as they enjoy the floating bath bubbles around their skin.

The toy is designed to suit little hands and it dries fast when wet. It helps teach hand-eye coordination. It is a lovely toy for kids who are over 4 months old. The bath toy helps stimulate little kid’s senses.


This is an image of babie's bubbles bath toy set in colorful colors


25. VTech Pretty Party Playset

The Learn and Discover Pretty Playset is another lovely toy by VTech which is suited for baby girls. It is the perfect gift idea for little princesses. Girls love the idea of a tea party which gives this tea party playset a high approval rating among little girls. It can also be gotten for baby boys.

The playset for a tea party contains the following items: two cups, one pitcher and four delicious looking treats of different colors and shapes. The toy set encourages imagination and creativity for youngsters. It has six cool songs that youngsters can sing along to.


This is an image of babie's discover playset by VTech in colorful colors

Overall Best Buy

All the gifts and toys listed above have been certified and would bring an unlimited amount of fun to any kid who owns them. Your baby’s safety is also assured as long as you read the instructions that are included in the package. But from our research, which includes talking to parents and guardians who also purchases the toys, we have concluded that the best infant toy is the VTech Kid’s walker.

The interactive easy to use walker comes with piano keys that play music and other sounds. It also features 3 shape sorters, 2 beautiful colored spinning rollers and 3 buttons that light up. A salad of fun activities for your 6 month old baby.


This is an image of kid's learning walker in colorful colors


Best Budget Buy

If you are looking to buy one of the best baby toys listed above, with a budget in mind. If you want to get a meaningful gift or toy without breaking the bank. We have just the one for you. The VTech Rhyme and discover book.

This is a baby boy toy and also a quite popular girl’s toy, the VTech Rhyme book blends fun perfectly with learning. As you buy this toy, you are certain that your little boy or girl would be active and entertained by this beautifully designed toy.


This is an image of kid's rhyme and discover book in colorful colors


Where to buy toys for kids six months of age?

Any store you walk into would have toys for children in this age range. Just ensure you shop at a reputable store to avoid being sold fake and hazardous items. To further reduce risk and stress, you should make your purchases on the internet. But like the store, you must also read reviews of people that have bought on that platform, and so people who bought the toy you are looking to purchase.