Best Sticker Books for 1 to 3 Year Olds

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A sticker book is a great way to help your toddler develop some important skills, as well as keeping them entertained. There are many different themes of these books, so you can find one which features their favorite characters, or perhaps something like trucks or animals, whatever interests them the most. These sticker books are also ideal for helping toddlers learn and develop some important skills such as hand-eye coordination, imagination, and critical thinking, depending on the activities featured in the book. You can find out more about choosing sticker activity books at whooopsadaisy. 


Considerations When Choosing Sticker Books for Toddlers


There are a few things worth considering to ensure you pick the perfect book which your toddler will enjoy using. First, think about what they are interested in – this is one of the most important considerations. Choose a book that features their favorite things and it is sure to keep them interested. Also, ensure you pick a sticker book for toddler, rather than one that is aimed at older kids. That is, check the age guidelines before buying it to ensure it will be suitable for your child’s current stage. You might also wish to choose a reusable sticker book so that it will last for longer and can be used over and over again, giving great value for money.


Top 10 Stickers Books for Toddlers

Now we know a little more about choosing the best stickers, it’s time to take a look at some reviews of ten of the best. You are sure to find something here your toddler will love!

1. Peppa Pig Dress-Up Stickers

Our first pick of the best stickers for kids is this dress-up book featuring Peppa Pig. If your toddler is a fan of Peppa, as most are, they are sure to love this! Each page has different themes, so toddlers can find outfits that match the themes, or use their imagination to create their own crazy combinations! Some of the themes include rainy days, fire stations, princesses and of course, muddy puddles. There are eight full pages of stickers included, and the stickers are of great quality so they won’t tear easily, making this a great choice for younger children.

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2. Disney Princess Stickers

This one is a great choice for girls who love princesses, and it comes with a massive 60 fully-colored stickers with nine Disney Princesses. This reuseable sticker book can be done over and over again, or the stickers can be repositioned if they are put in the wrong place. Toddlers will love placing all the characters on their corresponding spots and learning all about them.

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3. Crazy Monsters Stickers

This fun book allows toddlers to create their own silly and funny monster faces using the 250+ included stickers. There are more than 30 different faces to place the stickers on, with monsters, dragons, birds, and many more different types of creatures to choose from. Toddlers will have a great time using their imagination to create some crazy faces, and they can even draw their own faces and use some of the spare stickers to make their own creations too.

This is an image of kid's Monsters sticker book with 255 pieces


4. First 100 Animals

Our next sticker book for toddlers is all about learning the names of 100 first animals, so it’s great for expanding your toddler’s vocabulary. There are more than 500 stickers inside, so completing this book is sure to keep your toddler engaged for a long time. By working through this book, toddlers can develop early reading skills as well as improving their hand-eye coordination. Each page is sorted into groups of animal types, so toddlers can learn how to categorize them, for example, pets, under the sea, and farmyard animals.

This is an image of kid's 100 animals sticker book with 500 pieces


5. Melissa & Doug Habitats Stickers

Melissa & Doug is one of the best brands when it comes to toys and craft products for toddlers and children. This sticker pad all about different animals’ habitats is no exception, and it has five different scenes and over 150 stickers to place on them. The different scenes are a desert, farm, sea, jungle and prehistoric landscape for toddlers to fill with their dinosaur stickers. The stickers are reusable, so toddlers can make a different scene over and over again, if they wish. This set is great for toddlers to explore their creative side, and the stickers are high-quality, so it is easy to reuse them time and time again.

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6. The Gruffalo Stickers

The Gruffalo is a classic children’s book, so if it’s one of your toddler’s favorites, they are sure to enjoy doing these stickers. It comes with a massive 400+ stickers, which are used to complete the various activities printed inside the book. The stickers are not overly sticky, which means they are easy to reposition if they are not placed correctly the first time. This is a great quality, glossy book, which is sure to bring joy to toddlers everywhere. They will love using their favorite character stickers to decorate the blank scenes, as well as working on the activities as they get a bit older.

This is an image of kid's The gruffalo sticker book


7. Maisy at the Seaside

Next on our list of fun stickers for toddlers is this Maisy Mouse book. Many toddlers love these stories and the simple, cute illustrations they have. That’s why this sticker activity book is sure to appeal – toddlers will love the simplicity and the bright colors of the stickers. There are more than 120 stickers inside, so they are sure to keep your little one busy for hours. Once the scenes are finished, they look great, as the backgrounds of the stickers are colored to blend in, so you can hardly tell it is a sticker on the page.

This is an image of kid's Maisy at the seaside sticker book


8. Peppa Pig Super Stickers

Next up we have a bumper book with a whopping 1000+ stickers, so it’s sure to keep your little one occupied for a long time! It’s one of the best sticker books for 2 year olds who love Peppa, and it has around 70 pages to work through. The stickers are organized well, so it’s clear to see which ones are needed for each page. There are also plenty of spare ones so toddlers can use them to decorate something, wear them on their t-shirt, or make their own pictures with them. There are pages to color and many activities in the book, with and without the stickers, so it’s sure to keep them busy for hours.

This is an image of kid's peppa pig super stickers book


9. Usborne Dressing Dogs & Puppies

Our penultimate pick is this lovely book from Usborne, which is all about dressing up dolls and their puppies. The stickers can be reused in this book, so toddlers can easily make new outfits if they change their mind. There are different themes and activities the dolls and pups can be dressed for, such as a trip to the vets or a nice walk. There are many different outfits and accessories for the girls and the dogs, so it’s great for your child’s imagination.

This is an image of kid's dolly dressing dogs and puppies sticker


10. Trains, Trucks, and Tractors

Last on our list of toddler stickers we have another pick from Usborne, but this time it’s all about different vehicles. There are loads of stickers in this book, over 300 in fact, so toddlers are sure to love looking at and naming all the different vehicles they see. It’s one of the best books for 1 year old boy, as at this age, boys tend to love trucks and tractors. The book features all different kinds of trucks, including monster trucks, steam trains, and everything in between. The pages allow kids to create their own scenes, so it is ideal for the youngest toddlers who are not yet able to complete puzzles and activities.

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Our Best Buy

After looking at some of the best child stickers, it is time to decide which is the best overall. We have decided to go with the Melissa & Doug Habitats sheets as the best buy in this case, for many reasons. It comes with a good number of stickers, and there are no activities to do, so it’s easy for younger toddlers if they are not yet able to understand the activities in some of the other books. Melissa & Doug is a great brand, so parents can be sure of the quality of this product, too. The stickers are also reusable so it offers great value for money, as it can be used time and time again.

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What Can my Toddler Learn From These Books?

Doing sticker activities can help toddlers learn and develop in many ways. For a start, they will learn to focus on the task at hand, as all parents of toddlers know how their attention span can sometimes be lacking! Placing stickers within a designated spot is useful for developing hand-eye coordination, and thankfully many of the books above have stickers that can be repositioned if this skill needs to be worked on a little more. Toddlers can also learn skills based on whichever activity they are working on, such as matching, counting, or perhaps something else. Finally, they can use their imagination when creating a scene and develop their vocabulary as they talk about what they have made with mom or dad.