Best Unicorn Toys for Girls

unicorn image of a girl

No fantasy or story with magic is complete without a princess, some dragons, potions, rainbows and of course, Unicorns. A unicorn play toy is a must-have for most girls as it allows them to dream and wonder. Your daughter’s toy collection is incomplete until you add a few unicorn gifts and toys. We have compiled a list of such toys for you. But before you go on a shopping spree, there are a few things you have to consider before you purchase toy unicorns for your daughter.

Things to consider Choosing unicorn toys for kids


When buying gifts and toys for your kids, there are some factors you have to keep in mind so you do not end up getting them the wrong thing. To ensure you buy appropriate gifts, take note of the following

Age: As your daughter grows, her tastes change too. You have to make sure that whatever you buy for her allows for such growth and is ideal for who she currently is. Whatever toy you are getting her must be an extension of herself, you have to know what her preferences her and let it reflect in the choices you would be making.

Also, most toys have age labels on their packages, make sure to look out for that. As that helps hone in on the suitable toys.

Size: When buying toys for your daughter or niece, you have to consider her current size and weight. Also, the size of the toy, so you can ensure that they fit like a glove. For her to enjoy playing with her toy, she must not weigh beyond what the toy can take.

So when buying any gift or toy, be on the lookout for the dimensions of the toy, and it’s limitations.

Price: As with everything else that is for sale on shelves, you have to check how much they are sold. In the bid to buy a thoughtful gift, it would be counterproductive in the long run to buy gifts too expensive. Making such poor choices can put the family in a bad way financially.

You should work with a budget. Knowing full well that if you take your time and shop wisely, you would find a toy she would love within your budget.

20 Best Unicorn Toys for Girls

Below are the 20 best unicorn gifts you can buy for your daughter. We went with the following 20 after talking to parents and guardians and comparing reviews we got for all the gifts and toys.

1. Doctor Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

If you want your daughter’s wardrobe to sparkle. If you want a touch of magic in her room if you want her looking like a princess even when wearing a bathrobe. Then the Doctor Unicorn hooded bathrobe is made just for you.

The perfect Christmas present is a magical unicorn bathrobe. Imagine how happy she would be, grinning from cheek to cheek when she opens her box to find this beautiful present.

It is durably made from premium quality polyester. Only the best for your beautiful princess.

This is an image of a girl wearing a Doctor Unicorn bathrobe.


2. Unicorn Gift Set for Girls

This gift set is a bundle of joy waiting to explode and wrap your daughter up with unlimited happiness. Included in the package are a unicorn drawstring bag, one unicorn charm bracelet, 5 pieces of unicorn hair ties, a pendant necklace and a makeup bag. She would have more than enough to do with this Unicorn gift set.

The unicorn bag is made of a premium polyester and the attention to detail can be seen in the hand-made bracelet. This is the best unicorn present for any unicorn lover.

This is an image of a unicorn gifts set for girl by Doctor Uniform.


3. Craft-Tastic Unicorn Craft Kit

This is the ultimate unicorn toy for girls aged 7 and above. The unicorn craft kit encourages children to be creative and self- reliant. In the package are materials required to craft 6 magical unicorn accessories. With the Craft-Tastic unicorn set, your kids would be able to craft a unicorn headband, make a magical necklace, design a beautiful colorful unicorn tail among other things.

This award-winning unicorn craft kit teaching your children crafting skills they can share and experience with friends and family. Enabling them to develop their social skills.

This is an image of a colorful unicorn craft kit for girls.


4.  Focusky Kid’s Unicorn Night Light

Focusky Unicorn Night Light for kids is a great idea for unicorn gifts with its very stylish, multiple and vibrant 16 colors and 7 color changing pattern, your ward sure to enjoy various options for colors.

She can either stay on one color or rotate through all of them with the optical Acrylic flat panel and special design of the electric circuit, they are guaranteed to have an amazing visual illusion.

Your little girl will definitely love the unicorn gifts. Touch the power button on the base to change colors or turn on/off the light, or use the remote control to adjust the brightness or change colors.

This is an image of a violet unicorn night light for girls.


5.  Unicorn Music Box and Jewelry Set

Unicorns are pretty mystical animals that girls love to play with. Films or cartoons featuring the unicorn are an almost irresistible treat for young girls. The Memory Building Company has a lovely 2 in 1 unicorn toy for girls: the unicorn music box and lite girls jewelry set. Girls can listen to cute unicorn music and also use the same box to store their lite jewelry collection.

The design of the unicorn toy set is simply magical. The toy set comes with some cool pieces of jewelry such as a necklace that has an inspirational quote on it “She believed she could and she did” and a bracelet.

This is an image of a unicorn music box for girls.


6. Zmart Unicorn Girl’s Socks

The 5 pack girls novelty cute unicorn socks is a lovely unicorn toy for girls. The socks which are designed in fun and the colorful animal pattern is guaranteed to beautify the legs of girls and make them stand out in public. The five-pack unicorn-themed socks by Zmart are made of soft cotton, polyamide and Spandex materials.

It is a fit for girls between the ages of 2 and 15. The socks are stretchy and it does not give any itchy feeling. It is the perfect unicorn gift for girls for special occasions such as birthdays and festive celebrations.This is an image of a pack of 5 unicorn socks for girls.


7. How to catch a Unicorn

Another exciting gift idea for girls to surprise them during birthdays and the festive season is the “How to Catch a Unicorn” book by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton. The fun and interesting book which made the New York Times Bestseller list tells a lovely story about how to go about getting the world’s most elusive mystical creature called the Unicorn.

It is an interesting book which girls will enjoy reading over and over again. It is also filled with a lot of new words for children to learn. It also encouraged imaginative and creative skills. It is a fun learning resource for kids.

This is an image of a book on how to catch a unicorn for girls.


8. Girlzone: Paint your unicorn money box

GirlZone has a cool and fun toy gift for girls. It is called the Paint Your Own Unicorn Money Box for girls. The unicorn-themed toy for girls is a great gift set for birthday celebrations and to mark special occasions such as graduation, baptism, and performances. It can also be given during the holiday periods.

Girls love the unicorn and the cute DIY ceramic unicorn is going to keep you happy and entertained. It is cool arts and crafts set for girls. It helps build creative art skills in girls. The unicorn also serves as a piggy bank for girls which helps encourage a healthy saving habit.

 This is an image of a unicorn money box art and craft kit for girls.


9. Girl’s Unicorn Costume

Celebrate your girl’s birthday party or graduation with style by getting the cool unicorn costume for girls by Rainbow Estrella. The pretty unicorn costume comes with the Rainbow Unicorn Tutu with Headband. Girls can also use the beautiful rainbow unicorn outfit for a dress-up play and as a Halloween costume.

If you are undecided on what to get your girl child for her birthday, a lovely dress designed in the rainbow color of the unicorn is a great gift idea for girls. The dress is made of polyester material and it is the dream outfit every gift wants in her wardrobe.

 This is an image of a colorful unicorn dress with headband for girl.


10. Princess Doll and Magic Light Unicorn

The unicorn is the number one most loved animal among girls. The Magic Light Unicorn and Princess Doll put into an attractive gift package by Bettina is the perfect unicorn toy for girls. The unicorn is not complete without her Princess, this double combination makes it one of the most complete and thoughtful unicorn toys around.

The unicorn is interactive and by pressing the pink saddle on its back, the horn of the unicorn flashes attractive light. It is a wonderful toy to make girls playtime more exciting and fun-filled.The Bettina gift pack contains the magic light unicorn, 11″ doll, comb and hair clips. This is an image of a unicorn and princess doll toy for girls.


11. Little Live Unicorn Vet Set

The Little Live Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set is the perfect interactive unicorn toy set that will keep girls fascinated and excited. Rainglow is the name of the unicorn contained in this toy set and all other accessories in the set are designed for Rainglow wellbeing.
The vet set is an interactive toy set in which girls have the opportunity to play a vet doctor to treat a sick Rainglow back to full health.

The expression on Rainglow face changes and her horn lights up once she receives treatment with the tools in the vet set. The set has five magical accessories that include the sparkle scope, the furmometer, dream cream, magical bandage, and magical unidrops.This is an image of an interactive unicorn vet set for little girls.


12. Unicorn Gift Set by Tickle & Main

Looking for the complete rainbow unicorn gift stuff for girls? Tickle & Main have got you covered. They have the complete unicorn toy set for girls which is sure to bring happiness and joy to their daily play routine. The Tickle & Main Unicorn toy set contains the “If I were a magical unicorn” book, headband for girls and stuffed plush unicorn toy.

It is a wonderful gift for birthday, Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations. It is a lovely learning tool that helps enhance girls’ imagination and creativity. The book has lovely rhyme schemes and 24 water colors illustrate pages that girls are going to love.

 This is an image of a little girl with her unicorn set.


13. Barbie Unicorn Head

Unicorns are mystical animals that feature in many classic girls cartoon. It is almost impossible to convince a girl that they do not exist. The Barbie unicorn is easy to fall in love with. The Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Head is an excellent toy gift for girls. The toy can completely transform their play activities, making it more fun.

Girls love to dress up toys and they can experiment brushing, braiding and other interesting styles with a long beautiful rainbow hair of the unicorn. The unicorn toy for girls has a glittering design, it is hard to miss its golden glittering horn.

 This is an image of a Dreamtopia styling unicorn head for girls.


14. Unicorn magic storage bag

The unicorn stuffed animal storage toy by Yoweenton is an excellent gift idea for young girls. It makes a wonderful birthday, Christmas, New Year or Easter present. It is available in 8 colors: black and white, brown-bear, coral-round, cyan-unicorn, green-watermelon, light brown-kiwis, pink-unicorn, and yellow-dog. It has a beautiful bean bag cover.

It is the perfect organizational toy storage for girls. Girls can put all animal toys in their possession into the toy storage instead of scattering them in different locations. It can also be used as a chair. This velvet toy storage is the perfect fashion gift for kids.

This is an image of a girl using a unicorn bean bag for girls.


15. Dodosky Unicorn Themed Watch

The waterproof watch for kids by Dodosky which has a lovely and attractive unicorn cartoon design is a great watch gift for young girls. The watch is designed in unicorn colors and has cartoon images of a unicorn on it.

The watch is made of high-quality silicone strap. The watch has a glittering spark and it is the perfect toy accessory for kids’ hands. The watch is shock-resistant and when it falls on the ground it will not easily shatter.

The battery power is quite good and the unicorn watch fits all outfits. It is a very useful toy to help children learn how to read and value time.

This is an image of a pink unicorn watch by Dodosky .


16. USA Toyz Unicorn Play Tent

The unicorn kids play tent which is both suitable for boys and girls by USA Toys is an exciting and amazing gift idea for special occasions such as birthdays and visitations, and festive celebrations such as Easter, New Year and Christmas celebrations. The play tent can be used by kids to play and mingle with each other.

It makes the perfect princess castle for girls looking to have the ultimate unicorn experience. The tent is spacious enough to accommodate 3 kids at a go. It is portable and can easily be moved, dismantled and setup again. It can be set up either indoors or outdoors.

 This is an image of a unicorn playhouse for girls.


17. Jewelkeeper Music Jewelry Box

The musical jewelry box by Jewel keeper is another exciting unicorn toy for kids. The box is designed when the unicorn in mind has the rainbow color of the unicorn. When the jewelry box is opened, the spinning unicorn comes out to render cool unicorn melodies.

The jewelry box can also be used as safe storage for pieces of jewelry and other valuables. Girls can store their jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches, rings, leg chains and other valuables in the box. It can also serve as a fun toy for kids to keep them occupied. The toy makes a nice surprise birthday gift.

 This is an image of a unicorn musical jewelry box for girls.


18. Kids’ Unicorn Activity Book

Let your children’s imagination run free by gifting them a book that promotes practicing brain games, and motor skills with Peanut Prodigy’s Unicorn Activity Book for Kids ages 6 to 10. This book guarantees hours of “screen-free” fun.

Every page can be colored to the taste of your child. All that is required is for the kid to finish the activities and color the picture to make the book as unique as he or she wants it to be.

Activities lined up in this book involve Mazes, guided doodle pages, spot the difference, dot to dot and coloring pages.This is an image of a unicorn work book for girls.


19. Houwsbaby Glow Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Houwsbaby LED Series can inspire children’s imagination to build up a kingdom of fairy tales, make children feel safe and comfortable, providing them with the courage to face the darkness by themselves. They have various animal images of different sizes, including Unicorn, Dinosaur, Teddy Bear, and many more.

The Stuffed Unicorn in the LED Series is a mysterious creature in the legend. It is described as a slender white horse with a spiral horn in front of its forehead.  This is an image of a purple unicorn plush night light.


20. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper

My first foam pogo jumper by Flybar (the unicorn design) is a cool unicorn toy for kids from age 3 upwards. It is a safe pogo hopper, incidents of falling off the pogo jumper by kids and sustaining injuries won’t occur because of its grip. Kids love activities that burn energy and jumping is one of such activities. It is a fun experience.

The jumping toy is built to high quality, has a built-in speaker for a more valued experience. The unicorn jumper has a lot of beneficial health benefits for kids such as helping them stay healthy, improving balance and enhancing motor skills.

 This is an image of a pink unicorn jumber by Flybar.


Where to buy unicorn gifts for your kids?

Unicorn gifts and toys are very popular with stores. So you are very likely to get nice options in most stores near you. But make sure you only shop at reputable stores, so you do not end up buying cheap knock offs.

You could also shop for unicorn stuff for girls online, this is the less stressful option. Also, make sure to check reviews from people that bought from the online store the same product you are looking to buy.

How to make your unicorn gift bag?

It would be much easier to just buy a unicorn gift set, we have a couple on the list above. But if for the sentimental value you are looking to make your unicorn gift set for your daughter, it is quite easy.

Firstly, you would need to get a carry bag that can fit everything easily, so she would be able to store them when she is not playing with them. Then you would have to buy her a variety of unicorn toys for kids. Ranging from pretend sets, stuffed play things, clothes and other things you know she would like.

What are the best unicorn gifts for girls?

Seeing as we are different people, raised by different people in different places. It is only normal that we like different things. So your daughter might like things differently, so it is your job as parents or guardians to know what she would like.

Although, girls generally like unicorn themed pretend sets and unicorn themed dresses.