Best Walkie Talkies for Kids in 2020

Cute 4 year old mixed race Asian Caucasian boy plays outside in a playground with a toy walkie talkie radio

Children like to have fun, whether indoors or outdoors. But to make the best of either situation, they would need to perfect gear. Out in the backyard or camping with friends, walkie talkies are popular with kids, as they use it to share secrets and communicate plans to outgun their rivals during a paintball contest.

There are many brands to choose from, each with different colors, shapes and degree of functionality, to get the right one for your kid or the event the device would be used for, you would need to know a little about walkie-talkie lingo. So you do not end up buying the wrong one.

They might all look the same but they all have different components and are better suited for different outdoor games and events. Some are perfect little playthings for the much younger kids and the perfect spy gear for older kids. But either way, 2-way radios are perfect gift items for all kids. So you would have an idea of which type which your kid and the event it would be used. We have the common types of walkies listed below.

The common types of Walkie Talkies:

1. Two-Way, Mulitple handhelds

These are perfect for communication among members of large families. It enables many people to talk at the same time on the same channel. Although two can be paired for private conversations.

2. Two-Way, Handheld 

These are directly paired. And a push of a button on either device would create a direct link to communicate with your child, or your child with his friend.

3. Two-Way, touchless 

These are directly paired. But unlike the two-way handheld types, both devices do not have buttons with buttons being on the adult unit and the child unit not having any. Creating an open line of communication with your child at all times.

20 Best Walkie Talkie for Kids


We have inquired from parents who have bought the following devices for their kids. And with the information, compiled a list of multipurpose communications radio for boys and girls of all ages.

1. 2Pack Motorola T100

This Motorola 2 way radio is state of the art. With 22 available channels to choose from, your kid is sure to always find one to communicate and share important messages with you or their friends.

This elegantly mature designed device is compatible with any radio. This means you can communicate with FRS/GMRS radios of similar and even other brands as long as you are on the same channel and privacy codes.

Other features include call tones, keypad lock and a flashing light to indicate a low battery. This premium gadget is a cool gift for kids of the age 7 and above and would bridge the distance between friends on the playground or a camping trip. There are loads of variety of Motorola walkies on which also offer great review guides for olds kids into outdoor stuff.


two blue motorola walkie talkies


2. Retevis 2 Way Radio

The Retevis 2 way radio is a small, lightweight, easy to carry radio. Powered by 3 AA batteries for your kids to have the most fun playing with. Fitted with a keypad lock feature to prevent unintentional selections by your kids.

This kid-friendly device supports one to one communication, as well as one to many communication on the same channel. Just punch the very obvious talk button and you are good to go.

This, without a doubt, is one of the best walkies for kids. And would make an ideal gift for kids playing in the background or camping with friends.

two red walkie talkies

3. Obuby Kids Walkies

The perfect toy for adventurous kids. Suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 12. The ideal gear for indoor and outdoor games works perfectly for camp events and spring outings.

The Obuby Kids walkie talkie has a fashionable, portable design. It is fitted with a flashlight and with its long-range capability, allows you to monitor your children if they wander off. This is the ideal outdoorsman’s communications device as it is waterproof.

Very simple to use with its push to talk operation. It can broadcast to one or multiple units and can use up to 22 channels.


three colorful walkie talkies

4. Selieve Walkies for Kids

This kid walkie-talkie has a clear crisp sound. Small and lightweight, easy to carry around as a result of the modern compact design. The perfect device for indoor and outdoor activities like shopping, outings in the spring and camping in the summer.

The Selieve walkies for kids are fitted with noise reduction technology to enhance and improve communication between the kids using this elegantly designed communications device. It is easy to operate and can broadcast to one or more units at the same time.

This beautiful communication device is an awesome gift for both boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 11.

5. The Rugged NERF

The rugged nerf walkie-talkie is for kids on the go, running on two 9 volts batteries which are not included in the pack. Ideal for communications in a thousand feet radius and has a morse code button on each device.

The rugged design of the NERF walkies makes it perfect for sports, outdoor games, tag and a whole bunch of other outdoor events.

If you are looking to make any kid about 5 years old and above happy to explore the woods and go in search of adventure. This is the right gift to awaken that sense of exploration and adventure.

two blue nerf walkie talkies


6. Paw Patrol Radio

Paw patrol is in town for their amazing adventures and they would love your kid to join in their fun-filled events. With a push of a button, your child would summon his rescue team and in turn join Chase and Marshall to save the day.

The Paw Patrol walkie talkies are sculpted after Chase and Marshall of paw patrol. And within 1000 feet, your kid can bark orders over this wonderful 2-way radio with super clear sound, so communication is maintained.

It can get rough on missions, that is why paw patrol radios are designed from durable materials to stick with your kid in every condition.
Awaken the adventurer in your kid today with the perfect gift.

chase and marshall walkie talkies


7. Power Rangers Walkie Talkies

Calling all rangers! Battle Stations! Your kid is being summoned, does he have his power rangers walkie talkie with him? His long-range, static-free, 2-way radio ranger gear.

If you have not already bought your child one, you should. All boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 9 have one, and they are having all the fun. You would not want your child left out.

With an eye-catching design, it is no wonder that it is so popular with the kids. Every hero needs his gear.

Gift your kid one today

red and black ranger walkie talkies



8. Disney’s Cars Character Radios


Lightning McQueen is on the verge of winning a race but needs one very important piece of information. Does anyone have a Lightning McQueen Walkie -talkie around? Here comes your kid to the rescue with his Lightening McQueen simple push to talk Disney cars themed radio.

These kiddies toy and communication gear are built elegantly to ensure that your kid has fun as he communicates with family and friends. With a switch to adjust the volume to enhance the listening experience.

If your son or daughter is a huge fan of Disney and is planning an outdoor trip. Surprise that kid with the Disney Cars themed radio.

disney pixar walkie talkies


9. Retevis Owl Easy Walkies

Walkie talkies for kids are expected to be small, portable, compact and to fit effortlessly in their tiny hands. And with its kid-friendly design, the Retevis owl-themed portable radio delivers.

The Owl inspired communications gear is easy to operate, as it has one channel for endless streams of communication between the kids, or between the kid and parent. It comes fitted with a belt clip to keep out of sight when not in use and automatically powers off after 30 minutes to save battery life.

The rugged design and silky shell combine to give your kid a taste of both worlds.

the owl shaped walkie talkies


10. Zizwe Outdoor Radio Watch

Looking to wow your little ones with an exquisite gift? look no further. Walkie Talkies for kids provide the perfect outdoor & indoor adventure activities for your adorable bundle of joy.

With seven special functions such as; walkie talkie, watch, magnifying lens, a nightlight, compass, speculum, safe-drop capsules which are just for parents to guide the children to learn, nothing else was put into consideration but to release the happiness of your kids for soothing comfort.

They are kids friendly with durable and safe environmental materials. The unique voice, made of hundreds of synthesized sounds like on the battlefield makes it great for fun.

2 camo zizwe watches


11. eKids Black Panther Radio

Walkie Talkies are great communication devices for kids. The FRS Walkie Talkies (a pair of two) by eKids is a great birthday gift for kids. It can also make a special gift for Christmas, New Year and Easter celebrations. The communication device for kids is designed in a Black Panther theme which makes it more suitable for boys.

The device is kids friendly and its operations are quite easy for kids to understand and figure out by themselves. It has lights and cool sounds which makes communication more fun and interesting for children. It helps develop teamwork skills in kids.

two black panther walkie talkies


12. Pokemon Pikachu Radios

The Pokemon Pikachu FRS Walkie Talkie for children is another great communication device for children. The design has a lovely Pokemon design which makes it an attractive and exciting toy for children to play with. The device is easy to use and kids can learn how to use them through the trial and error method.

It is suitable for long-range communication and it has an adjustable volume which you can increase or decrease for more fun. The toy for children is suitable for adventure games. It helps kids develop vital social skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and team coordination skills.

two pikachu walkie talkies


13. Funkprofi 22 channel radio

Let your kids explore the world freely while still communicating. Funkprofi walkie talkies for kids is the best choice of toy gift. Cute colors, mini size, and easy operation make it an ideal gift for kids between 3-12 years of age.

Connect with your kids at any time and always keep them safe. Kids will enjoy using this gadget as part of their role-play; with its very simple push-to-talk function, compact and lightweight alongside keypad lock feature to prevent accidental switches married with backlight LCD, channel scan and monitor features, be sure to have the most fun with your kids without even trying.

two red walkie talkies


14. Wes Tayin rechargeable walkies

WESTAYIN Rechargeable Walkie Talkies are the Perfect adventure toys for kids, perfect gear for hiking, camping, travel, outdoor games, these special designed communications gear have one to one/ one to more calling by setting in the same channels.

It is suitable for teamwork in a mall, garden or any outdoor activities like playing games in your backyard such as hiking, fishing, camping, etc.
They are a great 2-way radio for boys and girls as your special gifts for kids during festivals, birthdays or visits. Its small and exquisite size is part of a list of important features, so no child will refuse it.

two blue colored walkie talkies


15. eKids Avengers Radio

The eKids Avengers Endgame FRS Walkie Talkies with Lights & Sounds is a perfect gift for little ones as they are not only trendy but also have amazing Avengers Endgame graphics design, in-built sound, and speech effects and also actually transmit voices, sound defects, and character phrases. They come with a light-up power indicator and do light up during character speech.

This amazing toy is perfect for outdoor adventures involving adults and kids with its push to talk feature and the colorful light-up from toy during transmission. The toy is battery powered and suitable for kids from 3 months upwards.

ironman and captain america walkie talkies


16. Green Camo kids walkies

This outdoor adventure gift set contains binoculars, outdoor compass and camo walkies for kids – all of which are perfect for camping or outdoor activities.

When you do not want to have your kids stuck on electronic devices during hiking or have to track them using electronic products when outdoors, this set is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

The walkie talkie works perfectly and helps parents keep in touch with their kids provided they are on the same channel when they are outdoors and is also suited for games with other kids. The binoculars and compass whistle are also useful in tracking and engaging the kids in outdoor games.

walkie talkies, binoculars and compasses


17. iKsee 2 way radio

Unlike other regular communication devices, the iKsee Walkie Talkies for Kids comes with several amazing features such as a compass, LED flashlight and even a bright LCD making the toy more engaging and sophisticated.

It comes with a variety of 22 channels allowing connecting with several units over an impressive 3-mile range in open field.
The ergonomics of this product ensure it is child-friendly, easy to grasp and comes with an intuitive push-to-talk button that makes the toy easy to use by any age range. As expected, it delivers sterling sound quality and mutes background noises to deliver clear and crisp sound.

two blue iksee radios


18. Veroyi Walkies

Kids’ walkies should have a way to prevent children from messing with the settings on the delicate device especially if the child is little and needs to be monitored.

Veroyi Walkies for Kids affords not only this luxury but comes with 22 different channels, 99 sub-channels and a 2-way radio system that can transmit clearly over a 3-mile range making this toy perfectly suited for outdoor activities.

The toy comes with a push-to-talk button for easy operation and a backlit LCD screen to enable visibility in dark areas. The built-in flashlight also helps as an emergency light in necessary situations.

blue and pink walkie talkies


19. BATURU 2 way radio

The 2 pack Walkie talkie for girls by Baturu is a pretty and exciting toy gift for girls. The pink communication device toy for girls can be gotten for special occasions such as birthdays, for casual occasions such as visitations and festive celebrations such as Thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations.

The device is suitable for girls between the age ranges of 5 and 10. It has a 3 mile range which allows kids to still communicate and play across a safe distance. It has a built-in flashlight for dark situations. The package also contains 2 lanyards and 2 whistles.

two pink walkie talkies


20. Groot and Rocket 2 way walkies

The Guardian of the Galaxy Groot and Rocket Raccoon Walkie Talkie is another fun and lively communication device for kids. The design of this toy is not the usual walkie talkie type of design, it is different and unique, and a design which kids will love.

The toy for children which is shaped to resemble the hand of the Groot and raccoon with two long antennas is the perfect gift idea for birthdays and other kid’s celebrations. It is a lovely communication tool for group fun. It encourages children to play games with their mates and build their social skills.

groot and rocket walkie talkies


Best Overall Buy

Our number one handheld two way communication radio has to be one that embodies all all the necessary feature. From a sleek, relatively light weight, efficient design, must include voice clarity and noise cancellation. The two way radio must be effective over a long range and must have on it more than enough channels for one-to-one or one-to-many communications.

Putting all the above listed factors and the data gathered from the research we carried in-house from relentlessly testing all the gadgets above. We came to realize that the ultimate gift for kids is the Motorola T100.

With it’s mature design and durable configuration, it is sure to survive anything you throw at it. Multiple channels for seamless crisp communications.

so if you are looking to have fun with your kids, go camping, mountain climbing or just playing in the backyard. This is the right one to buy.

two blue motorola walkie talkies


Best Budget Buy

If you got kids running around at home, playing hide and seek or intend to go on an adventure with friends. They would need a two-way radio to enhance their outdoor experience. If you are looking to pick up one of the many gadgets listed above that would serves its function, aid communication but at the same time not cost as much as the others. Then the NERF walkies are just what you need.

With a considerable wide range, rugged durable body. On and off switch to conserve its two 9 volt batteries and a belt clip for safe keeping. Considering how relatively affordable it is, you’d have to agree that it is a good bargain.

two blue nerf walkie talkies


What to look for when buying walkie-talkies?

Range: Whether you are camping or hiking with your kids, the range within which you can effectively communicate is very important. You might become separated for many reasons, so you should know the distance for clear, crisp, optimum communication.

Durability: Most of them are phone-sized or in some cases slightly bigger. This means they could easily drop like phones, but unlike phones should be rugged and durable. Seeing as you would be using them outdoors and more likely in rough terrain. They should be able to withstand some battering and should be waterproof to an extent.

Charge Capability: During you and your kid’s adventure, you might need to take a lot of time away from civilization and would be away from electricity. You would need to purchase a device that holds as much juice as possible and also works on easy-to-replace batteries.

Ease of Use: For younger kids, you do not want to buy a walkie talkie with too many buttons. The fewer the buttons, the easier it would be to teach them to use the radios.

Where to buy Walkie-Talkies?

There are many knock-offs 2-way radio sets To ensure that you purchase original products, it is advisable that you patronize stores that are tested and trusted. As they would vouch for goods sold in their stores and if something goes wrong. You can easily return it.

But if you want an easier approach, there’s always the option of buying online. Just like the physical stores, you have to make sure you buy from a reputable online store. Read reviews and comments about the store and the product you are looking to buy, so you would have an idea of what to expect.

Also, online stores offer a wider range of products. So you end buying exactly what you want and not settling for whatever is sold in the physical stores.