Best Piano Toys for Toddlers

2 young kids playing piano and looking into the camera smiling

Do you have a kid at home with a knack for music? Does your daughter or son hit all the high-notes? You may have a music prodigy running around in your house. The next Beethoven or maybe Mozart is more your style. Either way, you have to cultivate and nurture that ability. And one good way to do this is with the introduction of one or more musical instruments. The Piano is usually a good place to start. The piano is iconic and classy, and your child would be happy to have one of these at home to play with, learn and develop skills.

Before you go piano shopping, there are a few things you have to bear in mind. These factors would ensure you buy the right one and have you a happy child.

Considerations when choosing the right piano toy for your child


Age: The age of your child would determine the level of difficulty and complexity of the lessons they would be taught. You want to get this just right because you do not want your child being overwhelmed and losing interest. 

Also, make sure the toy is more colorful and appealing to the eyes of younger children. The aesthetics would be a strong pull for younger children. And for older ones, the piano should have a more classic and elegant look.

Size: Pianos tend to be quite big. But there are smaller sizes if you would like. You need to make sure the one you end up going for does not take too much space in your child’s room, the living room or wherever you would be putting the piano.

Price: When you are looking to purchase anything, one thing that is constantly at the back of your mind is how much it would cost. So compare prices from different outlets, to get the best value for your money.

20 Best Toy Piano for Toddlers

We know your little musical genius needs a piano to learn and practice. That is why we have combed all the corners of the internet especially for you and came up with this detailed list of pianos for kids. Here they are:

1. ANTAPRCIS Piano Keyboard with microphone

Toddlers are excited by the sound of music. The ANTAPRICS 31 keys piano keyboard is an exciting gift idea for toddlers. The keyboard you for toddlers comes with a microphone. It can also do audio links with mobile phones, IPads, and MP3. It is available in 3 colors: black, white and pink.

It is a lovely educational tool for toddlers to learn their first lessons in music and dubbed the best piano for beginners. The adjustable microphone allows toddlers to sing along as they play the piano. The keyboard for toddlers also plays other instrument sounds such as the organ and guitar. It also does playback for recorded tunes.

This is the image of ANTAPRCIS Piano Keyboard with microphone


2. Melissa & Doug Color Coded Piano

The Learn to Play Piano by Melissa & Doug is one of the best learners’ keyboards for babies. The toy piano has 25 keys and 2 full octaves, and a color-coded songbook for toddlers. The piano plays exciting sounds that babies are going to smile and giggle to.

The piano has 9 default songs already stored in it, these 9 songs are classics that are powerful enough to change your toddler mood from a negative to a positive one. Some of the songs are: “Row, Row, Row your boat”, Mary has a little lamb” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.This is the image of Melissa & Doug Color Coded Piano


3. Melissa & Doug Classic Grand Piano

For fun, entertainment and learning – all in one gift, the Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Classic Grand Piano will be the ultimate gift to achieve this purpose. With its 30 hand-tuned keys, easy-to-play songbook, and color-coded key chart, your kid should definitely get all the excitement they can from this toy. Getting your kid away from the screen once in a while is great for their development and this piece, made from high-quality materials makes sure of that.

As per safety standards, this toddler keyboard comes with a safety-hinged lid that can easily be opened and closed along with a non-tipping bench that is comfortable and safe for use.

This is the image of Melissa & Doug Classic Grand Piano


4. Kiddie Play Electronic Toy Piano

The toy piano keyboard for kids by Kiddie Play is a lovely, fun and exciting piano for babies not up to a year old. It has 37 keys and a functional microphone. The toy piano displays colorful lights that are attractive to the toddlers. It comes with stool toddlers can sit on while playing the piano. The piano allows kids to record and has a playback option.

The piano can also play the sounds of other musical instruments such as guitar and organ. It has multiple rhyming songs that little kids find exciting. Kids can also attach earphones for better music experience.

This is the image of Kiddie Play Electronic Toy Piano


5. Baby Einstein Musical Toy Piano

The Magic Touch Piano by Baby Einstein is the perfect toy idea for kids not more than 24 months old. The piano is made of wood. Toddlers can play many tones, the limit to the number of sounds they can create with this piano is in thousands.

The piano for little kids not up to 2 years old has two modes: the first mode plays classical songs and the second mode allows toddlers to create their songs. The piano toy comes with 3 sheets of music which helps young children practice color coordination by matching the right color notes to the right keys on the wooden keyboard.

This is the image of Baby Einstein Musical Toy Piano


6. PicassoTiles Kids Electric Piano

The Learn to Play Piano by Melissa and Doug is the perfect piano for little children. The piano instrument is constructed with solid wood. It has 25 keys and 2 octaves which toddlers can combine and use to create their music. It is a beautiful musical toy instrument for girls and boys.

The musical instrument for toddlers helps develop musical skills. It is a musical toy piano that can help spark children’s interest in learning the piano. It is fun to play with and has a lovely tool for musical learning. It has useful songbook for kids.

This is the image of PicassoTiles Kids Electric Piano


7. Amy & Benton Girl’s Piano

The Amy & Benton Toddler Piano is a toy that is recommended to give your child that first experience with music as it improves your child’s memory retention, hand-eye coordination, and hearing ability. It is a suitable gift for your kid to aid in the development of musical talent from a young age.

The toddler piano contains 4 musical activities, 22 demo songs, 3 guide modes, external MP3, 8 percussion instruments, 4 accompaniment style, 31 keys, different volume and rhythms, 4 rhythm lights, Karaoke, LED, and mobile phone, equipped with a microphone and a “play & record” mode. It possesses an elegant design adorned with a pink color.

This is the image of Amy & Benton Girl's Piano


8. Melissa & Doug Pink Girl’s Piano

The Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Pink Piano is a wooden child’s piano with two full octaves and 25 keys. The piano can be gifted to your child at Christmas, New Year, or birthday celebrations. It can serve as the premier introduction to music for your child who displays a penchant for sound. The piano comes with an illustrated songbook and color-coded key chart.

Handing this musical instrument as a gift will be sure to brighten up your kid’s day as he or she repeatedly gets excited from pressing keys on the piano. The instrument is recommended for children aged 4 and above.

This is the image of Melissa & Doug Pink Girl's Piano


9. Best Choice Classic Wooden Piano

The 30 Key Miniature Mini Baby Grand Piano is a small-sized piano specifically tailored to bring out the musical prowess in children from an early age. The piano comes with 30 keys and prides in a well-polished, hardwood top to complete its exquisite design. It also features a classy design made small for toddlers which can double as both a centerpiece and a toy.

The piano set includes a stool made of hardwood for the children to sit on as well as a beautiful note holder. It is a very suitable gift for children who show love for music early on in life or kids who want to stimulate musical development from an early age.This is the image of Best Choice Classic Wooden Piano


10. VTech Kidistudio

The VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio is a toy that develops and improves the creativity of your child’s mind in terms of pretend play. It also gives kids the freedom to try out different sounds including a scratch disc, a whammy bar and drums. It also allows kids to record their music and listen to the playback later. It is a toy that teaches kids at an early age and comes with a real microphone and voice changer.

It contains over 40 sound effects and songs with a kids keyboard that lights up to teach children to play along, in line with different genres of music. It is the perfect gift to give your child aged 3-6 years.

This is an image of VTech Kidistudio


11. Mochoog Piano for toddlers

The Mochoog Toy Piano is a toy that will help your child boost concentration, improve hand-eye coordination and in the end, develop their musical capabilities. It is designed with its own microphone, has 4 preset music modes and a function will allow your kid to record his or her songs and replay them thereafter.

The piano also contains cognitive cards that can be heard in English and Spanish for a full experience with both languages. When presented as a gift to your child, it would serve as a toy-making awesome tone. It is made of high-quality plastic material and is safe for your kids. The toy comes in random colors.

This is the image of Mochoog Piano for toddlers


12. Amy & Benton Toddler Piano

The baby piano toy for girls by Amy & Benton is a lovely gift for baby girls. It is the perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays and festive occasions such as New Year, Christmas and Easter celebrations. The baby piano instrument is portable and can be moved easily by parents to desired locations.

The piano has 24 musical keys and it is color purple. It makes lovely tones for piano beginners. It is a good learning keyboard to develop music talents in baby girls from a very tender age. The toy helps enhance hearing abilities, tone recognition, and hand-eye coordination.This is the image of Amy & Benton Toddler Piano


13. Best Choice Electronic Musical Instrument

Music is loved by all toddlers both boys and girls. It is not uncommon for toddlers to dance to melodious tones. The Electronic Instrument keyboard by Best Choice Products brings more fun, joy and happy moments to little kids yet to close 2 years of age.

The electronic piano toy has 37 keys, a microphone for babies to sing along and test their Karaoke skills, synthesizer for quality doing output and stool for toddlers to sit and enjoy the piano. It is available in 2 colors: blue and pink. It helps inspire creativity and early music development in toddlers.This is the image of Best Choice Electronic Musical Instrument


14. aPerfectLife Kid’s Keyboard

The Keyboard for kids by aPerfectLife is a nice, cute and quality instrument for toddlers. The keyboard has 37 keys from which toddlers can combine to create sweet music. It is a lovely musical activity that aids the early musical development. Music is an essential tool for little kids learning development. Little ones can develop skills as a result of hours of fun interaction with the keyboard such as motor skills, musical skills, and hand-eye coordination skills.

These skills are vital for little children’s development. The blue keyboard for kids is made of non-toxic ABS plastic material.This is the image of aPerfectLife Kid's Keyboard


15. Reditmo Electric Organ, Microphone and Stool

The Kids Piano Keyboard by Reditmo is an exciting musical instrument designed and well suited for toddlers. The Reditmo piano for kids has 31 keys. It is an educational toy that produces the first musical lessons for young kids. It also has a microphone that allows toddlers to express their singing abilities while playing the toy keyboard.

The piano for kids is rich in melodious rhymes that babies love and enjoy dancing to. There are 15 built-in demo music that will excite toddlers. The toy piano comes with a firm stool which is a comfortable seat for toddlers to use when playing.

This is the image of Reditmo Electric Organ, Microphone and Stool


16. Little Tikes Sing along Piano

The little baby bump sing-along piano is another innovative musical instrument by Little Tikes. The piano is comfortable, fun and designed specifically for little ones. The toy piano had its keyboard for kids, a microphone that little kids can sing with and a comfortable chair to sit on while playing the keyboard. It has a karaoke mood that encourages toddlers to test their singing abilities and an animal sound mood that helps them learn animal sounds.

The piano toy for toddlers has 4 in-built popular nursery rhymes that toddlers can hum and sing along to. It helps aid hearing skills.

This is the image of Little Tikes Sing along Piano


17. Shayson Electronic Piano

This aesthetically pleasing keyboard from Melissa & Doug takes the win for one of the most educational, yet fun and exciting toddlers music toy. This upright and brightly painted piano is manufactured with 2 full octaves comprised of 25 different keys.

The gift set also comes with a color-coded key chart and a songbook that is illustrated to teach your kids how to play the piano – with a little tutoring. This toy helps give your kids some away-time from the screen but still engaging them in a lot of fun.
The keyboard is made sturdy and durable with the use of high quality materials for its construction.

This is the image of Shayson Electronic Piano


18. Toysery Musical Toyset

The Toysery 2 in 1 Piano Xylophone Kids Toy is a musical instrument that has aesthetically pleasing keys and notes on its xylophone. This assists your kids in identifying individual keys so their favorite music can be played right. It improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination for your child and betters finger flexibility.

The piano is made of safe, non-toxic materials and possesses a smooth design to prevent your child from having injuries while using the toy. It also comes with a songbook with songs like “Happy Birthday” and several other renowned musicals. It is perfect for promoting parent-child interaction so that your baby can have a happy childhood.

This is the image of Toysery Musical Toyset


19. Toysery Multifunctional Drum and Keyboard set

Toysery Battery Operated Drum Kit with piano keyboard sound effects is made from premium quality plastic, strong and durable to contribute to a child’s ability to innovate and also help intellectual development without harming your adorable kids. Creating music by tapping on the musical drum with built-in melodies will be a fun experience for toddlers.

This drum set for kids comes with a pair of drumsticks that can be used to tap the four different electronic drums. Your child can drum freestyle or play melodies in a variety of musical styles. This toddler piano with its delightful colors and attractive styling drum kit make a charming addition to any playroom.

This is the image of Toysery Multifunctional Drum and Keyboard set


20. Costzon Musical Toy

The 4 in 1 educational piano drum toy set by Costzon is an exciting and intriguing musical instrument set for kids. The piano drug toy set which has both the keyboard and drums attached to it is a lovely education and entertainment combination for little kids. The piano has 8 keys and about 6 different drum beats.

This music set is sure to spark your kids’interest in music. The set is not complete which allows toddlers to show and develop their singing abilities. It is built with the ABS plastic which makes it durable and healthy for little kids to play with.

This is the image of Costzon Musical Toy


Overall Best Buy

All the pianos listed above are the best for boys and girls of all ages. Any of them would do the trick if used well would inspire your kid to want to advance and better their piano and keyboarding skills. But if you are looking to buy the best beginner keyboard or piano for your kid. That would be the Melissa & Doug Color-coded piano.

The Melissa & Doug piano features 25 keys with 2 full octaves. It comes with a color-coded songbook pre-installed with 9 songs. The songs include ‘Mary had a little lamb’ among others, your kid would have all the fun in the world playing and learning with this piano.



Best Budget Buy

If you are working on a budget and still intend to buy a piano for your kid. Then look no further than the aPerfectLife Kid’s Keyboard.

This piano does the job expected of a piano just fine, it would be blasting the beautiful music produced by your child through 2 quality speakers. It also comes fitted with a detachable microphone. This durable toy is a bundle of joy and would make a perfect birthday present or Christmas gift for your kid.



How to play the piano for kids?

There was a time this would have been a difficult task. Where you would need to put out various ads to hire a piano lesson’s teacher that can communicate and be warm with kids. But with the invention of the internet, such things have become easy. 

If you checked your app store, there would be many applications that would teach your kid to play the piano at the desired pace. You can go ahead to hire a tutor all the same to complement the teachings from the app.

When to start piano lessons for kids? 

It all depends on your child. Some children learn things faster than other children, and the level of interest exhibited by your child would show when the right time to start learning would be. But whenever your kid is ready to learn, make sure to take it slowly, so you do not end up pressuring them. In due time your kids would be able to play the piano with their eyes closed.